Young Journalist & The Handsome Politician

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Young Journalist & The Handsome Politician

“Sss…..Aaahh….yeaahh….” I screamed as the orgasm hit me. My head was banging against the headboard hard with his each hard, forceful stroke.
“Yeahhh…Yeahhh…take it….yeaahhh.” He grunted as he realised that I had orgasmed and that provoked him to stroke harder. For a man his age, he was surprisingly virile and strong.
“Ohhhaaa….yeaaahhhhh.” I screamed as my pussy spasmed and clenched hard from the orgasm.
“Aaaahhh…yeahhhh….that’s it bitch..yeah…” He moaned as my pussy tightened around his cock.
My screams, his grunts, the loud thuds of my head hitting against the headboard, the slapping sounds of his balls against my pussy and the squishy sound of our squeezing and convulsing genitals filled the room, creating a vulgar melody of lust. The smell of sex difused across the room and filed it soon.
The windows were closed, the curtains drawn, the air condition wasn’t switched on and neither was the ceiling fan which made the stench of sex even more pungent and prominent. The first rays of dawn were piercing through the curtains and in between the grunts, moans and the bangs, I could hear birds chirping as the day began. It was still dark inside the room, the night lamp next to the bed shone on our humping naked bodies but the farthest corners stayed in the dark.
Lying on my back, I could see his sweating, wincing face and grinding teeth a feet above mine; his stomach tightening and loosening with each hard thrust. His eyes were open and staring deep into mine; his eyes were filed with lust and I could also sense some anger and frustration in those eyes. I could sense how he was enjoying each and every stroke not just physically but also mentally as if drawing vulgar vengence.
My legs were in the air, pointing straight upwards, my toes curled, my eyes wide open in sheer lust, pleasure and some shock. His salt and pepper hair which had been neetly oiled and combed minutes ago were now dishelved. His upper lip and forehead was covered with beads of sweat which occasionally would trickle down and fall on my face and lips, which I like a wanton slut would lick and relish.
The bed shook violently accompanied by the loud creeking as its joints quaked and its legs screeched against the floor. I pushed my palms against the head rest, resting them flat on it to prevent my head from hiting them. My body stretched as a result and my back arched, making my supple breasts and the crowing, hard, brown nipples shoot upward.
He lowered his head and latched his mouth to my nipple, biting and sucking my nipple hard, making me squeal louder. I locked my feet on his lower back, just above his butt, pulling him closer and deeper inside me. This wasn’t love making but everything apart from it. This was a business transaction and the currency of exchange was lust. I was a somewhat unwilling party to the transaction but just minutes into it I was far from being unwilling.
He lowered himself, bringing his face close to mine and kept staring at me, his body moving foward and backward as he pummled my soaking cunt but his eyes never broke contact with mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss.
Our lips locked, frantically opening and closing on each other, tongues clashing and slithering around each other. His body stretched as he lowered himself and as his hip lowered onto mine, my ass rose a little in the air, allowing him to go deeper and hit the right spots.
Above, we were kissing madly, but below, our hands were inching lower and lower. He slipped his hands under my back and grabbed my butt, pulling my hip closer to his and I too grabbed his butt, pushing it down into me.
“Yeahhh…Yeaahhhhh….Fuck me…Fuck me…Fuckkkkk….” I screamed as another massive orgasm hit me, harder and longer than the previous one. My mind went blank but my body just didn’t stop, continuing to match his violent thrusts, making my orgasm far more intense and better.
“Haaa…” He sighed as he slowed down before stopping. I opened my eyes and looked at him. I thought he was done and would pull out now but he kept looking at me, his cheast rising and falling with each deep breath. I stared back at him blankly, waiting for him to pull out. My freshly orgasmed pussy was numb and I could barely feel him inside me.
“If you’re done, can you get off me?” I asked him as a minute of inactivity passed by.
“Who said I am done?” He looked at me, smiling devilshly.
I stared at him in shock and disbelief but in my mind I was suprised and frankly, impressed. He sat up and pulled out his cock and placed it on my abdomen, just above my pussy. He was right, he wasn’t done.
His cock was as erect as it was minutes ago, glistening from our juices smeared over it, occasionally twitching up and down. It’s piss slit was big and spewed drops of pre cum which trickled down to my stomach. His cock was resting on my stomach, stretching from my pussy almost to my navel. Fuck….that is big, I thought, impressed not just at his size but also my ability to take such a monster inside me.
I hesitated for a second but then touched it delicately. It twitched at my touch and seemed to harden as my fingers gingerly moved on it. I felt the slick juices stick to my fingers which in turn i smeared on the shaft as I felt the length of the monster.
“Haha…I told you I wasn’t done.!” He smirked. I kept quite, ignoring his comment and delicately held the shaft with my fingers before placing the cock at my pussy. I looked up at him and I saw a sense of elation and satisfaction on his face as his cock rested at the mouth of my gaping pussy.
He looked at me and a staring match of sorts ensued before he lunged forward, ramming his cock deep the depths of my pussy.
“Haaaaaa….” I sighed and my back arched as his cock buried itself to the hilt. He placed my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me, this time leisurely, modertating the pace and the depth of penetration for the perfect build up. He lowered his body, pushing my legs back onto me, my thighs brushing my chest as he steadily picked up pace. Our breathing quickened and our pulses increased rapidly as we fucked in unison.
“Aaahhh…Aaahhhh…” I moaned as he kept on fucking me and the now familiar sounds of the creeking bed, slapping balls and grunting, moaning mouths filed the room. I raised my legs off his shoulder, pointing them straight in the air and spreading them in a perfect V before he grabbed the ankles and carried on fucking me.
He placed my legs behind his back and lowered himself on to my tits, squeezing them with his hands and sucking them with his mouth. I wrapped my around his shoulder before I pushed him to the side and rolled him over so that I was now on top of him.
I placed my hands on his chest, running my fingers through the hair. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as I felt his cock poking the deepest corners of my pussy. I felt his hands on my tits, mauling them as I moved back and forth, grinding my crotch against his. I moved faster now, making his cock rub the walls of my pussy, sending pulse after pulse of orgasmic pleasure through my body.
He pushed my hands off his chest, making me collapse on to him. He locked his lips on mine and grabbed my ass with his hands as he took charge of the proceedings. I raised my chest as a loud moan escaped my mouth. My raised chest allowed his mouth access to my delicious and inviting tits and he started sucking on them.
He raised his knees and spread them a little, making my ass cheeks rest on his upper thigh, his cock was still buried inside me but he had stopped stroking. He was manuevering for the final assault. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard, evoking a moan from me. He raised me a little by my ass before I felt his cock slide upwards into my pussy and then slide back down a couple of times. A few more upward and downward strokes later, he went into overdrive as he started fucking me hard from under. I kept my ass raised a little giving him space to push up and down my pussy.
“Aaahahhhh….yeah..yeahh….yeaaahh…..” I screamed as he locked his hands behind my back and continued thrusting upwards. My body shook violently and my convulsing pussy signalled an inevitable orgasm. His twitching cock too signalled his fast arriving orgasm.
“Thap Thap Thap Thap…..Aaahh…Aaahhh…Aaaaahhh.” I screamed in perfect co-ordination with the hard strokes I was being subjected to.
“I am gonna cum…I am gonna cum…Aaahhhh…” He screamed as he continued fucking me hard. My hair bounced around and almost covered my face but did nothing to cover my screams as I came violently the next second. In the midst of my orgasm, I could feel his cock twitch violently before he pulled out his cock and started cumming on my lower back, just above my butt
“Haaaa…..” He screamed as he emptied his nut sack on my back. I collapsed on him, resting my head on his chest, listening to his thumping heart beat and his expanding and contracting lung. I was still shivering from the orgasm and I could feel the cum trickling down my butt cheeks.
I got off him and collapsed on the bed on my back. I couldn’t believe what I had become and what I had done all these days. From being a honours student and rising journalist I had tumbled down a dark path from which I could see no escape. As the momentary pleasure and lust receded I could feel the implication of what I had done and started wondering of the consequences of what I was about to do. My life wasn’t the same and it would be far different from now on.
“Have you brough what you promised?” I asked Rajneesh as I wiped his cum off my ass.
“Yes…a deal is a deal.” He replied as he grabbed the towel from me and started wiping off the cum off his cock. His cock had now shrunk to a flacid state and didn’t look as impressive as it did a few minutes ago.
“Give it to me then.” I said to him as I wore my panties before wrapping my body in a bath robe.
He walked over to the couch completely naked before beding over to fetch something from his back. I was a little repulsed at the sight and looked away. He walked over to me a moment later and handed me a pen drive.
“This has everything you need. E-mails, tapped telephone conscripts, details of his off shore bank accounts and also the audio & video clips of his meetings with the middle men. The rest is for you to figure out and piece together.” He said as he started getting dressed.
I connected the pen drive to my laptop and glanced through the folders. As he said, it had everything I needed to nail the bastard.
Rajneesh walked over to the door of my apartment and I walked behind him. He stood at the door with his hand on the latch before turning around to look at me.
“I hope this would be enough for you. Take care and be careful. Things are going to get a lot worse before they even start looking better. I hope you can take it girl.” He said, sounding genuienly concerned.
“I still don’t understand why you are trying to help the daughter of a man who fucked your happiness. There is a part of me that still doesn’t trust you.” I replied.
“Haha…That’s a surprising thing to say, especially after what we just did.” He replied, his face clearly showing signs of victory.
I chose not to reply to his comment and Rajneesh opened the door and walked out. His words kept playing in my mind. Things would get a lot worse he said. I knew that but I was prepared for it.
I walked into my bedroom and opened the curtains and looked out of the window at the rising sun.
“Ms. Mira Chauhan….what brings you here.” Viraj said as soon as he saw me after opening the door. The tone of his voice was not welcoming but dripped of sarcasm. My annoyed expression made him stop and he signalled me to step inside his house.
“I had called you 2 days ago. This is why I am here.” I replied as I sat on the couch and Viraj sat on the one opposite to me.
“Yeahh…you wanted to leak a story.” Viraj asked inquisitively, trying to recall our conversation.
“Yess…and I have that story with me.” I replied.
“Why haven’t you gone to any other news channel or paper?” He asked. He was right, anyone with a news so important would approach a large media house than an underground, shady news blog.
“I am sure they will not break the story, not at this time.” I replied dryly.
“Why wouldn’t they break it?” He asked.
“The media has been bought. You are one of the very few who speaks the truth.” I replied.
“Huh…you called me a hack and a phony on your blog and in your articles and now you’re calling me the guardian of truth..what the fuck!” He said sounding clearly agitated.
“Will you let by gones be by gones or should I walk away with this. There are many others like you who’d like to get their hands on this.” I replied as I stood up and stepped forward to leave.
“No No..stay back.. relax…I was kidding.” He said as he grabbed my hand and pushed me down on the couch.
“Hmmm…what is it about?” He asked.
“Uday Singh.” I replied as my lips spread into a very devilish smile. I saw his eyes widen as I uttered those words.
“You have something against Uday Singh…are you fucking kidding me?” He replied with a tone of total disbelief and excitement of a toddler.
“And it’s not something ordinary that won’t stick. This will stick…and stick so far up his ass he won’t know the difference between this and his throat.” I said sounding clearly angry but at the same time a little elated at the sense of revenge and justice that I was about to bring down on that sly bastard.
“Where is it?” He asked.
“Here…it is all in here.” I said as I dangled the pen drive in front him.
“Bring your laptop and I’ll show you.” I said and he got up at that very instance and ran inside the house to fetch his laptop.

Two years ago….
“Ladies and Gentlemen, honored guest, parents and students, welcome to the convocation of the batch of 2012.” The princpal addressed the audience.
It was my convocation ceremony. I had graduated as an honors student from the top journalism school and this was my time to shine in the limelight. Dressed in the typical black and loose convocation gown, I sat in the 4th row of the auditorium waiting for my name to be called.
“Our esteemed guest tonight is a prominent personality in India and the world. He is an Indian with a global perspective, a man known for his scholarly pursuits and also his humanitarian efforts. He is the former Defence Minister and also a successful businessman…Ladies and Gentlemen…please welcome Mr. Uday Singh.” The MC announced the guest of honor and the crown burst into applause.
Mr. Uday Singh stood up from his seat in the first row from the front and waved to the crowd before walking up to the stage.
“And now..I request Mr. Uday Singh to present the award form excellence in acaemics and extra curricular activies, the student of the course to Ms. Mira Chauhan.” The MC announced my name before the crowd erupted into applause.
I stood up, smiling and beaming with happiness. My years of hard work had paid off. I had passed out the most prestigious journalism school and was also declared the the best student from tens who were my classmate. I knew this moment, this award was the push I needed to succeed in my career.
I walked up to the stage and stood in front of Mr. Uday Singh who handed me the award and also my degree certificate; a few photos were clicked, hands shaken and I then presented my speech to the audience.
“Mira….come here child.” My principal called for me.
“Yes ma’am.” I replied and started walking across the banquet hall to her. The ceremony was over and now the dinner was served. The parents and the guests indulged in the delicious food on offer and most students, including me got busy getting our photographs taken as the last memories of college days.
“Mr. Singh, you met her a few minutes ago but now I would personally introduce you to Mira Chauhan.” My principal said as she introduced me to Mr. Singh. I smiled and lowered my head in courtesy. Mr. Singh smiled back and bowed down himself.
“Are you related to Mr. Brijlal Chauhan?” Mr. Singh asked.
“Yes…he is my father.” I replied.
“Aaahhh…now I remember you. We have met before at the party back in the good old days.” He replied with a sense of nostalgia.
“You see her father Mr. Chauhan was the secretary of my department back when we were in power.” He said in turn introducing me to the rest of the group.
“How is your father? Enjoying the retirement.” He asked muching on some chicken tikkas served to him.
“Yes he is; he couldn’t make it here today. He is in the states with my sister; she just had a baby.” I replied. I knew my father would be happy to meet his former boss, I thought.
“Aaahh..that is nice. Give him my regards. So the college topper must have received quite a few job offers.” he asked quizzingly.
“Aahh…not quiet a few…just a couple….the economy has taken it’s toll on every sector, including ours.” I replied with slight sense of disappointment.
“Hmmm…that is the sad. This government and it’s high handed methods of handling the economy has taken our nation to the dogs. When we were in power, the world suffered the worst economic crisis but our economy was still clocking an impressive growth rate.” He swung into delivering a poltical speech as if in a rally or a news debate. The crowd simply smiled and nodded and so did I along with him, not caring much for his criticism of the government.
The rest of the evening I spent with my classmates, taking pictures and signing the year books and then eating a sumptous meal. After a couple of hours, I was about to catch a cab and go home. I had taken off the convocation gown long ago and was now dressed in the cyan colored chudidar and matching leggings. I walked to the college campus, hoping to find a cab at the gate.
“Ms. Chauhan, Mr. Singh wants to see you.” A man walked up to me. Dressed in a crisp white shirt and grey trousers with a diary in his hands, he asked me to follow him to the Mercedes standing near then gate. I walked behind him to the car and he opened the door of the car. I saw Mr. Singh sitting inside and smile at me when he saw me. The man gestured me to get in; I hesitated for a second before getting in.
“Hello again.” Mr. Singh said extending his hand towards me.
“Hello.” I replied with a nervous smile, feeling his large, hard hand gently squeezing mine.
“I have called you here because I have known your father for years and he was not just a subordinate to me but a close confidant and a friend too. So I feel a little responsible towards his daughter. You said you have a couple of job offers; have you heard back from them?” He asked me.
“I still haven’t heard back from them.” Ireplied.
“Hmmm…why don’t you take this card. Meet this man tomorrow at his office, he’ll help you out.” He said as he handed me the business card. I looked at the card and read the name of one of the most prominent newspaper editors in the nation. I looked up at Mr. Singh with disbelief and a deep sense of gratitude.
“Thank you…Thank you so much sir.” I said.
“You don’t have to thank me. Do you want me to drop you home or do you have a ride?” He asked me.
“Uhh…actually, I was going to catch a cab before you called me.” I replied.
“Okay…then I’ll drop you, no worries.” He replied.
“Aah…thank you so much but I don’t want to impose. I will catch a cab and go home.” I said as I grabbed the latch of the door.
“Stop it…you are not imposing. Don’t worry, I have enough fuel in the car. I’ll drop you; you just sit comfortably and relax.” He said.
“Hehe..thanks Mr. Singh.” I repled as I rested against the soft leather seats of the car. Mr. Singh asked me my address and then ordered his driver to take us there.
The drive back to my place was quite long. I and Mr. Singh indulged in small talk and he recalled the times and the days when he worked with my father. As he recalled the glory days, I noticed that beyond his smile and suave manners, something very discomforting. I looked at him for a while, the whole time maintaining the charade of a girl charmed off her feet to gauge what he was upto.
A few seconds later it hit me. He was’t the typical lechorous man but a stealthy cat. He was checking me out! I noticed his subtle glances at my body when he thought I wasn’t looking. And why wouldn’t he? I was a beautiful, young girl who at the moment was wearing a body hugging dress which accentuated the curves of her fresh 23 year old body.
This fresh supple body which had been devoured by a couple of boys and men in the past and which many would want to devour at present, was now the center of attraction of a man as powerful and prominent as Mr. Singh, even though he made all attempts to hide his attraction.
“There you are Mira. Is that the building you live in?” He asked me as the car stopped in front of my apartment building.
“Yes…I live on the 5th floor.” I replied as I opened the door. Before stepping out of the car, I extended my hand towards him for a shake and he too reciprocated. Minutes ago I had realised how he was admiring my beautiful body and this hand shake after the realisation sent a shiver up my spine. I felt his large hands almost completely engulf my tiny little hand and he squeezed it gently and shook a couple of times.
“I hope you do go to the person I just told you about. If you need anything else, this is my card; feel free to call me anytime on my personal line.” He said and handed over me his business card.
I thanked him again and stepped out of the car and started walking into my building. Even though I didn’t turn back to see him, I could feel his gaze on my supple, tight but, the shapely thighs below and the thin,delicate waise above. Just the thought made me shudder in pleasure. I turned back and waved him goodbye and he left.
I had this man hooked on to me like a drug. I could just see in his eyes the intentions to do the most nasty carnal things to me. This wasn’t the first time I had been subjected to such looks but it was the first time a man of his stature was desiring a girl like me.
Uday Singh was not just a seasoned poltician but a well cultured suave man. Born with a silver spoon to an erstwhile royal family, his father too was a prominent political figure of his time. Raised in castles and mansions of royalty and educated in Oxford and Harvard Law School and worked in organisations of international repute in various important positions; Uday returned to India after his father’s death almost 10 years ago.
His fahter and their family legacy was such that he didn’t need time to climb up the political ladder. He had it all working out for him; a mighty political legacy, high credentials of education and international exposure and most importantly the support of his caste and community. He was elected to the Parliament from his father’s seat and was soon made a minister. In a decade old political career he went from being a novice to a political guru and becoming a defence minister of the country, his rapid ascent through the complex labyrinths of poltics in India was impressive and was closely followed by the media.
Apart from his political interest, Uday Singh also controlled a vast business empire and by some estimates, his net worth was Rs. 300 crore. He also was the apple of the eye of the fashion and media industry. His charming looks, his impressive physique and stature made him a hit with women and he regularly featured in women’s and fashion magazines across the country. For a man who was on the wrong side of the 40’s, he was giving the most promising models a run for their money.
Standing 6’2”, his height itself was very impressive. From one look at him, one could’nt accurately make out his age. For a man in his late 40’s, he was amazingly fit with no ounce of fat around his belly. He was known for being a obsessive gym freak and was known to run marathons.
It wasn’t just his looks and and power, it was just the way he talked. The sophistication and eloquence in his speech was remarkable. He spoke like a true british educated gentleman, his accent itself was a turn on and his command over english was impeccable.
He was the Defence Minister for 3 years before his government collapsed from a no confidence motion put forth by a united opposition. His party lost the motion and the opposition stiched together a loose alliance to form the government. Even though he had lost his ministry, he hadn’t lost his power as he became a prominent leader of the new opposition.
This man who seemed remarkable had a spark in his eyes when he was looking at me and that gave me a tingle. Did he offer me help with getting a job due his old connections with my dad or was it a reason to get close to me? I wondered about all this as I made my way to my apartment and decided to sleep over it.
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