Young Journalist & The Handsome Politician – Part 2

Young Journalist & The Handsome Politician

Erotic Journalist Story

That message enticed me further and I literally tore open the wrapping and the box to find a black dress and a pair of black stiletto heel shoes. There was another small packet inside and when I opened it was I surprised and massively turned on. It was a pair of black thongs of the really expenses sorts. I was surprised at his brazenness but he kind of read my mind. I always pictured myself wearing a fancy set of lingerie if I was wearing the kind of clothes he chose for me.
I picked out the dress and held it in front of me, letting it unravel as it flowed down. It was a beautiful black evening gown. I quickly stood in front of the mirror and held dress against my body, gauging and judging how it would look on me. I had never worn an evening gown; on all previous formal occasions I had worn sarees or other traditional Indian wear and now I felt a tad bit uncomfortable but a great deal of delight that I was going to try something new.
I quickly closed the windows and drew the curtains. Standing in front of the mirror I spun around, checking myself out before even I wore the new dress that I had been gifted. I grabbed the hemline of my T shirt with my arms crossed before pulling it over my head. With a gentle tug, my shirt popped over my head and I threw it next to the dress on the bed. My hair was dishelved by the shirt and I quickly ran my hands through it to set it. I was always proud of my hair which were naturally straight and I had girls always asking me if the auburn color of my hair was natural.
I cupped my C cup bra clasped breasts and weighed them a little and smile proudly knowing how god had been generous to me. I am thin girl, not skinny but thin and my un-proportionately large breasts always stood out irrespective of what I wore. I was almost immune to men staring at my chest and I had noticed that even women stared at my chest sometimes, perhaps enticed or jealous of the pair of juggs I possessed.
My trim shoulders gave way to a pair of slender arms and small and delicate pair of hands which had been perfectly manicured. I was always complemented on how soft my hands felt and how I had baby hands. At times I felt irritated but on the right times, I felt elated when people commented on my hands. My shoulders gave way to a enticingly beautiful pair of collar bones which protruded just a little. My collar bones had been a centre of attraction as my previous lovers always kissed and sucked on them before kissing their way down to my boobs.
I brought right hand behind my back and snapped the bra hook open. I slid the bra straps off my shoulders and pulled the garment off my chest and it too joined my T shirt on the bed. I unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zipper before digging my fingers and pulling down my jeans and the panty in one swift downward tug.
I ran my hand through my clean shaven mound and I noticed a faint wetness. I had been generally aroused for quite a few days but since I had received Uday’s call I was feeling a constant tingling in my pussy. I smiled naughtily as to how I was wet down there. As my hand brushed my exposed clit, I shivered and at that moment I thought of just jamming my finger inside my pussy and relieve myself but I remember that I had undressed to try the dress and not masturbate.
I picked up the dress and checked it again before I wore it over my body. The dress had built in cups for the breasts which just propped and pushed up my already large boobs. The strapless dress exposed my elegant shoulders and my ample cleavage which would make eyes pop.
I checked myself out in the mirror and kept admiring the dress and myself for several minutes. I felt like I was preparing for the high school prom all over again. I wore the stilettos which fit me perfectly. The four inch heels not only made me look taller but it made my ass look spectacular.
I could now feel my pussy getting wetter to the point of leaking. I immediately took of the shoes and the dress and collapsed on the bed. I was completely naked on the bed as I closed my eyes and let my fingers slowly caress my pussy. I sighed as I caressed my clit and the labia. Instinctively, my other hand gently cupped my left breast.
“Aaahh….” I moaned as my finger slid inside my pussy and slowly went further till it went all the way. I pinched my nipple gently as my finger now started moving in an out of my pussy and my thumb flicked my clit. With each stroke, my moaning got louder and louder to the point that I was screaming. Just imagining stuff with Uday made me so horny, I wondered what would I do if it really happened.
As the orgasm subsided I wiped my sweating body and my went cunt and then went for a shower. The anticipation for the evening was building up and I could feel that weird feeling you get in the gut when you know something is about to happen.
I got out of the car right in front of the hotel lobby. Uday had sent a car for me and I didn’t have to do anything else. The driver knew where to take me but didn’t tell me when I asked him. It was revealed when I reached the hotel. It was the newest, swankiest five star hotel in town. The property was managed by an International chain of hotels with collaboration with a local construction magnate.
Ever since it was built a year ago, this hotel was the toast of the town. The most happening events and the parties took place right here and the city’s who’s who would mingle around with each other on many occasions.
As I entered the lobby, I saw Naina. She greeted me with a warm smile before escorting me to the elevator. She was wearing a sky blue evening gown which stuck to the contours of her plus sized figured body. Now I had seen Naina before and by plus size I don’t mean fat but she was deliciously plum. I had heard from many men that they loved their women a little thick and Naina was an embodiment of that woman. Like the last time, I quietly followed her, but I couldn’t miss her swaying hips and that inviting butt. Her hair this time was let loose and flowed down the to the middle of her back which added to her allure and beauty.
“What is the occasion?” I asked her as soon as we got into the elevator.

“It is a just a party.” She replied, divulging no further details. I simply kept quite stood in the elevator which kept moving up floor after floor. With a loud ping the elevator door opened. We both stepped out and I realised this was a penthouse floor.
The typical corridors of the hotel were no where to be seen; but a large door to the end of the lounge. There were a few beautiful paintings on the walls outside the elevator. A beautiful wooden table with with a white china vase stood near the door. There were two large men in suits in front of the door standing guard; their eyes covered with sun glasses and small ear pieces plugged into their ears. I could make out the contours of their gun holsters from over their suits and I knew this was no ordinary party.
Naina escorted me to the door and the men opened the door without uttering a word. As I entered the room, I was greeted by Uday. He was dressed in a black tuxedo and a bow tie which made him look so fucking hot. It reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the opening scene of his movie True Lies.
“Good evening Mira.” He said as he gently held my hand and kissed it. I blushed a little and was bowled over by his charm and suave. All the men that I had known and was involved with, no one ever was so delicate and gentlemanly with me and this was the first for me.
“I am dressed in an evening gown, you are dressed in a tuxedo; What is this all about.” I enquired. I hoped at least now I’d be told.
“This is just a party of my group.” He said as he held my hand and started walking inside the room. I quietly followed and Naina followed me as we walked through the lobby into the main portion of the penthouse.
The place was huge and absolutely beautiful. The walls were draped with beautiful cream coloured wall paper with beige coloured curtains covering the windows. There were several pieces of Victorian furniture arranged around the room and a giant crystal chandelier covered the white ceiling.
The chandelier shone its light in the entire room, illuminating it and making it look more graceful and beautiful. I saw a few people standing in the room which would be the size of a small banquet. Holding glasses of drinks, some champagne, others wine and scotch, they were dressed as formally and elegantly as we were.
As we walked towards them, they noticed us and turned to face us. I noticed all eyes were on me and I didn’t fail to notice that they were looking at me and Uday holding hands.
“Ladies and Gentleman, meet our new friend, Mira Chauhan.” Uday said as he gently pulled me forward to face everyone. The people smiled at me and raised their glasses as an acknowledgement. I felt a bit awkward but I didn’t let it show on my face and smiled as graciously as I could.
Uday walked me over to them and a round of introductions started. As I was introduced to the group I realised that the most prominent personalities of not just the city but the entire nation were there. I was first introduced to the film star couple Naved and Riya, who were considered the royalty of the film industry, then a few industrialist who featured regularly in the Forbes list of richest people, then there were media honchos but the most surpirsing person that I met in the group was Rajveer Singh, a regional political scion who’s party was a part of the current coalition government.
“Don’t be surprised. There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.” Uday whispered into my ears as he noticed my surprise. I knew something was brewing but chose not to speak about it.
As I mingled with the group, my awkwardness receded and I felt comfortable. Being Uday’s plus one, the elite group also warmed up to me. I could notice all the men check me out at every opportunity they got, shaking hands with me longer than required and their eyes wandering away from my face and onto my body, especially my cleavage.
I realised that irrespective of what your position in society was, every man is a horny, hungry wolf in disguise. But I didn’t mind the attention I was getting, whether it was the verbal or the optical attention, I knew I had broken into the most powerful lobby in the country.
I spent a little more time with Naved & Riya and I was like a smitten fan in their presence. I blushed visibily as Naved spoke to me and I noticed how he was showering me with praises and how he too was in turn smitten by me. I could just feel it. But the most surprising fact was that Riya was equally praising me and I noticed those praises weren’t the innocent ones. That sent a shiver up my spine.
The drinks flowed and the party soon wandered away from its formal nature to a more casual one. The music started playing and the group slowly started grooving to the rhythm and the beat. The men first started dancing and the women followed and soon, the room turned into a dance floor.
The booze kept flowing and the music kept getting louder as each and everyone of us shook a leg on the dance floor. The music was typical punjabi dance music which made the tipsier men and women dance harder. The champagne and the scotch gave way to Vodka and Tequila and the party just got wilder from there on. I was having a blast, partying in the presence of the richest and the most powerful men and women in the country. I let my hair down and enjoyed myself.
Suddenly the lights went off and the beat got louder. The DJ console was the only thing lighting the room, turning the room into a dance floor. High on booze and spirit, we were all dancing, slowly drawing closer and closer as the make shift dance floor got smaller and smaller; the oldie industrialists too were shaking a leg.
As I was dancing, I felt a hand graze my butt. I didn’t notice it at first but then it grazed again. I turned around to see Uday standing right behind me. He had taken off his jacket and his tie and was now in just his shirt. I smiled at him, realising that it was he who was feeling me up.
Encouraged he pulled me closer and we started dancing to the beat. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer. I felt his hands slide down and I yelped as he squeezed my butt. My yelp was drowned in the loud music and I was sure no one noticed it.
I felt his large hand caress my butt a little before he slapped it, right in front of his guests. I yelped again and almost jumped into his arms. He grabbed me and turned me around and stood closer as we danced. I coud noticeably feel his erection poking my butt and I didn’t provide any respite as I started grinding my ass against his erection.
As I moved up and down, I could feel his erection getting stronger. His hands moved from my waist up, inch after inch before I felt them cup my tits. I sighed and closed my eyes and pressed myself against him as he fondled my tits in public.
I opened my eyes to see if anyone was looking at us but I didn’t see anyone staring at us but all the people were simply too drunk to notice our little foreplay right next to them. I noticed, Naved, Riya and Rajveer dancing a little too close to each other and I wondered what was that but my attention was drawn as I felt Uday squeezing my tits now.
I moaned before closing my eyes and let Uday do the rest. I slowly slide my hand between us and ran it over his erection. I noticed him shiver and squeeze my tits a little harder in response. I too squeezed his cock and he responded similarly with my tits. Our little play was getting intense and was far from subtle but I was beyond the point of caring.
The dancing continued well into the night and to the point where everyone was on the verge of collapsing. I was surprised at the drinking stamina that each of them had irrespective of whether it was a man or a woman. The whole time Uday and I kept squeezing and pressing each other and I even had a small orgasm right on the dance floor. I was sure he would take me to a bedroom and fuck me crazy but that sadly that did not happen. When the music stopped and the lights came on again, I saw a bunch of boozed up, groggy eyed men and women too tired to carry on.
We heard the calls for dinner and we moved to the dinner table. A big buffet of the most delicious assortment of dishes was served and all of us feasted on the food. The food was followed again my some drinks. The drinks just didn’t stop flowing.
The dinner was done and I looked at my watch, it was way past midnight, infact it was 2 am in the morning. The party was done and the boozed up guests were about to leave. All of them warmly hugged me and complimented me and I didn’t fail to get the visiting cards from each and every one of them.
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