Jaya – young school teacher – EP 02

chatting started b/w Rahim and Jaya

Continues from Update-1. location: bedroom scene : Jaya enjoy
the smoothness of the toy by pressing over that.

Suddenly she heard knock on the door. She keep the dildo and
remote keep inside the drawer and open the door. Sheela was
stood there with a cup of hot tea.

Jaya : thanks mom.
Sheela : betti first you take a bath and come to kitchen. We
needs to prepare for dinner.

J : sure mom. Then she had her tea and then pic the towel and
salwar kamiz and went to bathroom. She open the shower and
stood under that. Cold water flowing over her head. She felt
relaxed. She apply body lotion on her body and scrub her silky
skin. Her hand slowly moved down to her pussy and middle
finger touching on her clitories.

J : ahh mmmm

Slowly enter inside the hole and slowly move in and out. One
hand on her boobs and squeezed herself. After 5 min without
orgasam she stop her play and resume her bath and come out by
wearing a salwar kameez.

That night after dinner she clean the plate and went out from
the kitchen. Her in-laws are in their bedroom. They may be slep
now. (everyday they slept before 9:30). Then she switch off the
light from living room and went to her room and close the door.
Then change her salwar and undergarments and wear a silk
nighty. She was waiting for his call. The time was around
9:20pm. She open the drawer and took out the dildo in her hand
with a smile and feel the softness. That time she heard the
mobile ring.

J : hello dear… Love you
M : love u dear
J : Mahesh….. Errr… Today I got the courier.
M : ohh good then you try that one?
J : no I don’t get time. Now I just come to our room.
M : where is dad and mom.
J : they were sleeping
M : then you try that now.
J : hmm, but I don’t know how to use.
M : read that catalog and use.
J : OK.. She just read the catalog. And switch on the remort. She
felt vibration in her hand.
M : now you place on your love hole.
J : hmm OK. She lift her nighty and spread her legs and placed
05/07/2020 Jaya – young school teacher

over her pussy. Ahhhhhhmmmm
M : what happened dear?
J : nothing I felt tickled.
M : that’s OK try again.
J : hmm I can’t do it while calling you.
M : OK then after call you try.
J : hmmm
M : then tell me.. How was your day?
J : that’s good.
M : when you got the courier?
J : she felt shame by thinking about watchman. But she don’t
said about that. I got this in the evening.
M : hmmm ok
…………………. Bla Bla………
M : OK dear, now I am going to sleep. Call you tomorrow. Love
you. Ummmaaaa
J : love you dear, take care
After that call she lay on her back and switch on the vibrator
and place over her pussy.
J : hmmmm ahhhh……but she have some fear about that. She
switch off that and fingering herself.
J : hmmmmm ahhhhmmm but she was not satisfied.
After a while she slept.

Next morning she wake in the morning and get ready to go to
school. She come to ground floor by lift. Then walked towards
the gate. She see that watchman was sat on his chair. She felt
shame. She don’t look there. But she heared his sound

R : Good morning madam
J : she looked at him and said Good morning. She don’t say
anything further and walk fast towards the road.
Evening when she return back.
R : good evening madam
J : good evening. Same like morning she waked away without
saying anything.

This will continue about one week only say good morning and
good evening. She started smile to him also. Now she felt
comfortable to him because he don’t say anything about dildo.
So she was OK. One Monday evening while she walk towards
the gate, she sees the watchman was sat on the chair. She was
expect his “good evening” but he was call her.

R : excuse me madam, one min.
J : (walked towards the cabin. no one was around there.) what
happened bhayya.
R : madam can you help me?
She think he may be ask for money. She ask him.
J : OK tell me, what help you need.
R : madam I need that one also.
J : what one?
R : madam that vibrator, I had over to you from courier boy.
She blushed and looks away. Seeing that he got confidence.
R : madam…
J : ahmm tell
R : madam I need one like that vibrator.

J : for what…. She surprisingly asked him.
R : eyy madam not for me…. For my wife. You know. She is in
the same situation like you. She is alone there without sex by me.
You also here without your hubby. So I need do present this for
J : she again blushed. Don’t say anything. It’s the first time
someone other than her hubby tell about sex.
R : madam please help me. If I am there I can satisfy her by
fucking daily. But here how can I?
J : she felt strange feeling when she heard the word fucking.
Ohh bhayya don’t say bad words… I don’t like bad words.
R : sorry madam, normally we use this language.
J : hmmm OK.
R : madam please can you help me?
J : OK.
R : thanks madam, from where you take that?
J : my husband send that from Dubai.
R : ohh k, can u ask him one more.
J : what… How can I ask him for you. How can I tell about you.
R : ohh that’s right madam. You are right. But how can I get
that one.
J : you search here some shopping mall. May be you get one.
R : OK madam. Can you give me the brand name?
J : no need brand name just ask for vibrator.
R : no madam, I like the shape of that which you have. He
complete his sentence with a naughty smile.
J : she again blushed. OK I will give you.
R : OK madam, if you can send me a photo of that which shows
the name?

J : but you have the box that I left here?
R : no madam I was dump that in waste box.
J : hmm OK, how I send photo to you?
R : madam I will give my Whatsapp number, can you send me in
Without thinking she said OK and took her Samsung Galaxy s8
from her bag.
He tell his number
J : ohh sorry I don’t your name.
R : ahmm my name is Rahim.
Then she save his number in her phone.
R : madam please send a message then I can save your number.
Jaya send “hi I am Jaya”

Here her mistake was started in her life.

Beep… beep…
He received the message. He took out his HTC phone and open
her message and save her number named as Jaya Madam.
R : thanks madam.
J : OK Rahim I am going.
R : OK madam thanks. Please don’t forget to send photo.
J : she said OK with an ashamed smile.

When she walk away he was watching her swaying ass and rub
his dick over pant. And open Whatsapp and looked at her
profile pic. Unfortunately her profile pic was a rose flower.
Anyway he was happy that his drama was successful; he got her

He was waiting for her message. But no response from her.
Around 8:30pm he send a message to her.
“hi madam, I think you forget to send pic”
After 5 min he got replay “no Rahim, now I am taking food with
my inlaw. If I take that out they may b see. I will send when I
went to sleep”
“OK madam thanks”
He was very happy when see her replay.
After finishing cleaning in kitchen she went to her room and
changed her dress to nighty. That time Mahesh call her.
M : hello darling love u.
J : love u dear.
M : OK dear I felt sleepy.
J : OK dear good nit. T care.
Then she went to bathroom for piss and come back. She see the
notification light blinking on her mobile.
She check the mobile. It was Rahims message.
“madam I am waiting”

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