Wife’s slave

Wife’s slave Story 


I’m Raj, called Rajni by my wife. I am her sex slave. We are a couple in our mid 20’s. I work as a humble engineer in a small IT firm. My wife is a high flying banking professional earning 10-12 times more than me. Our marriage was arranged and she made it clear even before our marriage my position in the marriage. The dominating nature in her forced me to say yes to everything. I am not allowed to touch my penis, even when urinating. So I always sit and urinate. In our 6 years of marriage I have never had sex with Divya (my wife). Whenever I have ejaculated it has always been either a ruined orgasm or humiliated or forced cum. Sometimes I go about 3-4 months before I am allowed to ejaculate. Through these stories I will try to illustrate my life as my wife’s sex slave.
Today’s story is about the last weekend I went through. I generally return from work by 6 in the evening and start to prepare the dinner for Divya. I have strict instructions to cook for only one person, I am allowed to eat only what Divya lets me eat. It was around 9:30 that Divya rang the door bell. I took off all my clothes before opening the door. She wants it that way. She smiled looking at my caged penis. (I am always in caged in my CB6000S when I am alone) She was wearing a long skirt red in colour and a black sleeveless top. She wears spectacles and very light make-up. She has a very nice body and I have heard that she has sexual relations with her male colleagues and most them in dominating role. I took her bag and made way for her to let in. She sat on the sofa and said, “Rajni, come take off my shoes”. I kneeled in front of her and raised one of my naked thighs towards her. She put her leg over the thigh and placed her pencil heel ballerina shoe over the thigh. She made it a point to push the tip of the heel hard on my thighs. I let a small cry out and used my hands to remove them. Did the same with her foot. “Lick them, Rajni”. She said smiling. I knew. I picked up the ballerina and started to make long strokes with my tongue licking the sole of the shoes. After a while she brought her feet near my lips. “Clean them up bitch. They should slobber with your saliva”, she commanded. “Yes Divya”, I said. I closed my eyes and started to coat them with my saliva. The smell was so pungent! Any way I know, if I let even a single sign of protest things could get worse.
After a while when both her feet were coated with saliva she seemed satisfied. “Get under my skirt and remove my panties”, She ordered. I know that I am not supposed to use my hands. I lifted her skirt and put my face inside it. It was dark, but I used my guess and started pulling at the sides of her panties with my teeth making sure to keep my hands behind my back. I could feel Divya’s hands over my head over her skirt and she was pushing me near her crotch. I avoided contact and concentrated on pulling her panties. Again it was a pungent smell mix of sweat and urine. As I pulled out from her skirt with panties in my mouth, she took a photograph of me on her mobile. I knew she used to share our sex life with her elder sister Mamta. She is another bitch. But more on her later in story. While she was fiddling with her phone, I sat there like a dog in front of her with her panties in my mouth. She must have take a snap or two more. Then she said, “Prepare for dinner. I will freshen up”.
I hurried back to the kitchen. Divya doesn’t like her food to be served late. I laid out the table and waited for her at the table standing. Divya came to the table wearing the same dress. She had only taken off the bra. I served her the three course meal. At the end there was only a very little curry left. She lifted up the bowl and spitted on it. “Eat this if you are hungry. Eat like a dog, Rajni”. She smiled as she put the bowl near her feet. I was very hungry. So I had no choice I knelt down on all fours and started licked the saliva coated curry. “Clean it dry you bitch”, she said. I did so. All the while she was looking at me and laughing. “Stand up, bitch”. I stood up and so did she. “Spread your legs”. I spread open my legs knowing fully what she was about to do. She stepped back and kicked me in my balls with full force. “Take that, you pathetic little scumbag”, She cried. The kick was so hard that I fell on the floor instantly. Oh! the pain. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. “Fuck you! When you are done fix me a drink. And come with the leather paddle, roller brush and vinegar. I will beat you today.”, She left towards the drawing room.
Once I recovered I got up and hurriedly fixed her drink. I put the glass on a plate and went to the drawing room. She had switched on the TV and I could see had some movie going on it. I served her the drink and she was sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed. I hurried back to our bedroom and fetched the leather paddle with a wooden handle, the metal roller brush and a bottle of vinegar. I rushed back to Divya. By now she had uncrossed her legs and lifted her long skirt well over her thighs. Her beautiful sexy legs were so exposed. She was caressing them and told me, “Do you like Rajni…. Do you like these?” “Yes, Divya”, I said. “Then get an erection for me today”, She said. She fetched for her handbag and got out the key for my cock cage and unlocked me. Oh! the relief!!!. It sprang out! And Divya laughed out loud. “Poor baby!!! Get it hard Rajni”. It didn’t require much effort. Looking at those sexy thighs, and her big breasts covered in her blouse was enough. Within 30 seconds my penis was erect. “Now lay across my thighs, darling”, she said. I knew it meant that my penis would brush against her thighs. The moment it touched them, it became even more harder. Then I felt she applied some vinegar over my ass. And then shortly she started spanking me. She always gives light strokes but very firm strokes. She kept spanking me for 15 minutes. Then would apply vinegar and start again. It stung like anything. I was crying so much like a little child. After a while she started taking off her clothes. First she undid her skirt. I saw I had leaked a lot of pre-cum on her thighs. She didn’t seem to mind. She then parted my ass cheeks and I could feel the metal roller brush inside my ass cheeks. She was furiously rubbing it against my skin. I was crying out in pain!!! “Please Divya, stop, stop please”. But she just went on. She now took off her blouse exposing her voluptuous breasts. Sometimes beating me with the paddle some times scratching my inner ass cheeks and then applying vinegar again her breasts would jump up and juggle in the open. This must have gone on for 2 hours. I could see she was now panting. My erection had long subsided. She then said, “OK baby, have your dinner now.” I could feel tremendous pain in my asshole. She was pushing the handle of the paddle inside my asshole. It must have tore my asshole. She didn’t care. After she got some 3-4 inches inside she pushed me onto the ground and pulled my hair towards her pussy. “This is all you get to eat till dinner tomorrow. So make good use of time”. I started lapping up. The pain in my asshole was far more that on my cheeks but I concentrated on eating her good. I inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy. It was so moist. Then I started to tongue fuck it. I pushed my face hard so that my nose was pressing her clitoris. After a while I took out my tongue and started to suck on her clitoris. Divya was moaning like a porn star. “Cummm on baby eat, eat… eat my pussy”, “Be a good doggie to me…”, “lick slut”… She kept at it. I sensed she was about to cum. I slowed down and started giving long licks over her clitoris. She started to shudder and push out her juices. Once she calmed down she pushed me again on her crotch. I licked again and she came. She kept on making me eat her till she had some 8-10 orgasms. She was panting now. She emptied her drink and said,”Go and make the bed. Wait for me”.
I went to our bedroom and made the bed. The wooden panel was still inserted in my asshole. I dare not touch it. So I could not sit down. I stood beside the door waiting for her to come to the bedroom. I could hear her moaning on the couch again. She was probably masturbating!! After a while she came into the room. “Lie down on your back you faggot!”, she said. I looked up at her. I said, “Divya the paddle…” “Fuck you… lie on your back with that thing!!”. I lied down on my back. AS I did so, the paddle pushed further in. She didn’t care. “Spread your legs and expose your balls!”. I spread my legs. I saw she got the electric prod and she showed me, “I am setting it to minimum today. You ate nicely”. I gulped. Then she went down and started pinching my balls with the prod. The current was so painful. I screamed aloud. “Keep screaming…. I like when men scream in bed” She applied even for longer duration. I must have passed out after the 4th shock she gave me. I remember I had an erection at that time.
I woke at night in Divya’s arms. My face was pressing her boobs and she had slipped one of her thighs over my penis. I could see a lot of cum over her thighs. Ejaculation after a month! She must have rubbed her thighs over my penis when I was unconscious and milked me or maybe rubbed my prostate. Because the paddle was not anymore in my asshole but it was hurting like anything. I was feeling thirsty so I nudged Divya, “Divya, darling, I am feeling thirsty”. She just pushed me from her and said, “Ok go and drink some water. Come straight to bed”. I came after drinking water and found her with my cage. “Come let me lock you up”, She said. After locking me she again entangled me and said, “Sleep with your wife like a good husband. Don’t have wet dreams about your wife!”.
I went to sleep in my wife’s caring arms.
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