A true sex story by Suganya Covai

true sex story

I am Suganya BE..recently joined it firm in covai. My married sister asked me to stay with them. Once my sister with children went to native place for vacation. Myself and my mama saravanan ( sisters hubby) were in tge house. One friday i came at 7 p.m my mama was alone in the house..As i want to change yo nighty i wanted yo unhook bra. As it was tight i asked mama to remove the buckle. He was hesitating and i told him as he is my brother in law nothing wrong. Then i put on nighty and we sat for dinner. Suddenly i felt cockroach near my leg and screamed. I asked mama to see. He went down and slowly touched mt thigh and then my pussy lips.. He told what Suganya…no panty and no cock roach…only bushy hairy pussy…i told him to finish dinner and come.
Then after 15 minutes i told mama that i was a lesbo in college days and not seen males dick….then my mama kissed my lips and massaged my boobs…..i removed my nighty and he sucked my boobs nicely…i found his dick erected and struggling in his underwear..i told him to lick my pussy..He did nicely putting his face over my pussy and pinching my nipples and boobs….i gave him lot of pussy juice and he drank nicely..then i told him to show his dick ..i kissed the tip and he wanted yo fuck….i told him that as i am shortly marrying someone i will suck his cock instead…he was not happy….he then asked me about anal fucking….i told him that i am not knowing that..Then he asked me to letdown showing my ass to him in a doggy style..he then put his mouth and with tongue lucked my ass hole..then he brought some butter from fridge and applied by inserting his fingers in my ass jole..then asked me spread my legs and he slowly inserted in my ass hole..firstly just a small tip entered. Then he again touched by bums and held wide inserting his dick. Slowly he entered his dick and it was paining yo me….he gave rest and inserted his two fingers in my ass hole and kissed my lips and boobs…again he tried and this time he entered and uckef me for three minutes and cummed in my ass hole…He then removed the cum coming out of my ass hole with his tongue and kissed me with that….It was salty and tasty for me.
Till my sister returned i enjoyed my mama daily….sometimes he inserted his two fingers in my pussy and gave me pleasure…One day he shaved my pussy hair and nicely licked for ten minutes…..i also now and then suck his cock and with his cumjuice we used to kiss in the mouth……i enjoyed about ten times before my sister came back…..my mama and me are very close and he took a promise that after my marriage i should allow him to fuck my pussy..i thanked him for teaching me ass fucking as i can have with my hubby after marriage whenever i get periods……hope you like my true story

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