True Incident – Wife getting massaged at Goa!!

Hello Guys..
This is a true incident which i would like to share with you folks which me and my wife encountered during our recent christmas vacation at Goa.
We are married for 4 years now, and i basically like to expose my wife in front of unknown men. She too likes to wear revealing clothes on vacations.
My wife wanted to have a full body massage in Goa, and I was trying to convince her for a beach massage from the ladies on the beach, but she was quite uncomfortable to do it in open, considering the holiday season, and lot of ogling desi crowd on the beach. I was disappointed But there was something better coming..
There came a man distributing pamphlets about an Ayurvedic Massage parlor. My wife was excited, and wanted to go there. I was still unhappy as she had refused for the beach massage. But she tried to convince me , and proposed that we can have a couple massage at the massage spa. This thing got a spark within me, with slight tickling at the dick
I immediately googled to know exactly what is done in Couple massage, and came to know that a couple is being massaged in the same room on adjacent beds by 2 masseurs. I was excited now! This was my first time at a spa, and I knew its going to be fun I instantly nodded by head in approval.
We booked the appointment , and reached this place which was basically a residential area with small individual bungalows. This was basically a house converted into a massage parlor, where the masseur lived on the top floor, and used lower level rooms for massage. It looked shoddy at first. But soon we saw the degrees and certificates of the masseur on the wall and we confirmed we were at the right place. The masseur welcomed us inside. We were the only couple that time. The main masseur was in his early 40’s , and was accompanied by his helper possibly in late 20’s and was married as well , probably not his wife as she called him Sir. We told them we would like to have a couple massage, and he directed us to a room, and provided us with towels. My and my wife entered the room, and closed the curtain to change….i was bit nervous and excited together.
There were 2 beds in the room, and a rack to keep clothes. Me and my wife removed the clothes till we were just wearing our underpants. We wrapped the towels, and sat on the beds waiting for the masseurs to come in. My wife being chubby and fair, was looking awesome in the towel wrap. It was not a big could hardly cover her boobs, and gave an astonishing show of her milky fleshy thighs. I had an erection, and i knew it would get difficult to hide the erection during the massage. My wife gave me a naughty smile.
In a couple of minutes our both masseurs came in 
He asked us if we want a cross sex massage. That was a dream sequence for me!! I have always fantasized my wife getting a massage from a man, and it was coming true! But as always, when it mattered the most, i fumbled, and said, it was fine for me whatever they felt was ok. Probably the masseurs thought that we were not comfortable, and the male masseur who was the owner of the massage parlor came to me to massage, whereas the lady started massaging my wife. Nevertheless, i was still excited to see my wife in towel in front of a man. After around 5 mins of massage, i heard my wife scream in pain, when her masseur massaged her feet, and pressed some energy points on her foot. I looked at her bed, and could see her towel had slipped a little, giving a slight view of her nipple!! The cleavage was temptingly revealing now. By this time my masseur had already taken off my towel, and i was just in my underpants. So hiding the erection was getting difficult. I avoided looking at my wife, so that I can curtail my erection. Soon my masseur asked me to turn on one side as part of the massage. What i saw was simply mind blowing. The towel of my wife had vanished!!! I couldnt believe my eyes!! She was just sleeping in the panty, and had kept her hands on her boobs to cover it. Freak!!
I couldnt believe my eyes!! She loved exposing, but this was something she would have never thought of doing before..not even my fantasies!! At max, I had imagined of her getting massaged in towel, with slight nip slips , bare back or thigh show. But getting massaged topless was beyond imagination. My dick was standing tall by now. And i knew i cannot control it now. Soon my wife again screamed with pain, as her masseur pressed something incorrectly near her thigh. My masseur soon went to her bed, and guided her how the thigh massage is to be done. He asked my wife where did it pain, and she showed the point with her hand. Fuckkk!! She had removed the hand covering her boobs to show him the spot. Her boobs were completely visible to him!!! I felt like she was a pimp waiting for the customer to get laid. My masseur gently massaged her thighs with his eyes staring at her boobs. I knew he was surely aroused by the view. Doing massage to a desi top less chubby lady might not be his everyday activity. WIth most of his clients Russians, this Indian desi housewife was surely turning the heat on!!
After massaging her thighs for a minute or so, the main masseur again came to my bed and started massaging me. He inserted his hand into my underwear and gave a gentle rub to by dick and balls. They were already erect, and I guess the masseur wanted to ascertain if i was enjoying the scene of my naked wife or not. He pulled my underwear down, so that my pubic hair was not visible to the other lady as well. I was getting charged by now. But to my surprise, the masseur asked me if we can move the other massage room (Adjacent to this one), as he was not getting enough space to move around in the current small room. I was sad, as i was indeed enjoying the scene of my topless wife getting massaged in front of another male. But i had no option than to agree and move to other room. I went in the underwear to adjacent room. He asked me to take my underwear off. I was surprised. I am not sure if all body massage are done nude. May be people who have already done full body massage can enlighten me. Getting back to the incident, the masseur started massaging my dick and balls.he gently rubbed his fingers into my ass crack as well. While he was doing the massage he started asking me questions abt how long have we been married, how often do you have sex, does my wife give blowjob and all sorts of bedroom question. I was not sure for the reason why he was asking, but responded to his questions. Then he came to the point, and asked me, ‘ Isnt your sex too much repetitive ?’ do you guys do some sort of adventure to keep your selves excited and charged ?’. I responded that we do some roleplays to keep the heat on! He asked me why dont you give her massage before sex, that will charge her a lot. I was excited by now, discussing about my wife with him. What he asked me next completely gave me an adrenaline rush..he asked me was it ok, if he massages my wife after my session for 20 mins..he said he would show me how to massage a women to turn her on!!
Fuckkkkk..i was speechless..that was my dream sequence..but now my only concern was that would my wife agree, and how would she react..nevertheless, i gathered some guts, and told him that i was ok with him massaging her.I was almost wet now, and couldnt wait for my massage to be over , to get her in our room!!
After my massage was done, my masseur told me that he is now going to other room to call my wife. I stood there my the side of my bed and wore my underwear. I was waiting nervously, thinking how should i approach my wife, and convince her for the massage, dint know how she would react.

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  1. says:

    Thanks dear, love your small adventures they are truely erotic. I cannot imagine your condition in real. It would have been AWESOME.
    Thanks and keep on sharing such small but erotic incidents

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