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My sexy and beautiful wife , me and my colleague were sleeping in the same hotel room. An extra bed was called for my colleague and he was sleeping on ground towards our legs. My wife was in her nighty while we both in our Bermuda.
We were proceeding in a car to another city but had to take halt in between as my colleague Anil was the lone driver.
In the darkness of the room I took my wife in my arms and kissed her. She was protesting as we were not alone. The atmosphere was errotic due to Anils presence in the room.
I pressed and groped Nalini on the bed. Her nighty was risen upto her upper thighs because of our activity. Her moaning sounds were audible to everyone in the room.
Anil was aroused due to all this moaning of Nalini and the gropings.
I looked downwards to see the reaction of Anil. I saw he was now touching Nalinis legs lightly. I was surprised as Nalini didn’t say anything of Anils touching her legs. Actually Nalini was moaning also because of Anils caressing her legs.
Slowly Nalinis moaning and restlessness increased. I looked downwards and found Anil licking her leg fingers.
I then pretended to go to sleep so that both of them gets free with each other. After a while I found Nalini was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs downwards. I could guess that Anil was licking her legs/fingers.
Slowly I got up and sat behind Nalini … I found that Anil was licking her right leg while Nalinis left leg was toying with Anils erection over his Bermuda.
I touched Nalini lightly. She got a bit afraid. But I calmed her down and then said to Anil …” You can come up on the bed and sleep besides Nalini”.
Anil got up immediately saying “O sure Raj” and came and slept besides Nalini. I took Nalini in my arms and kissed her on her lips to tease Anil. I found Anil adjusting his Bermuda front on seeing me kissing her. I whispered to Nalini…”hey baby …somebody wants to fuck you.” She lightly hit me on my chest whispering back “naughty”.
In the meanwhile Anil started caressing Nalini on her legs and ass from behind. I pretended to sleep off and in a while I found Nalini was in Anils arms and he was kissing her passionately. Nalini was moaning as soon as he stopped kissing. He was caressing her pussy. He was fingering her pussy which I could make out because of his hands in and out movements.
Nalini started moaning badly. Anil then came between her legs and inserted his erect cock in her pussy to calm her down. Slowly he started fucking her. And then in one go inserted his full lund in her inviting choot.
Nalini immediately looked towards me with Anils prick fully inside her. I was looking at her. Our eyes met. She was looking at me awe stuck. I smiled and drew her face near me. I whishpered…”Anil is fucking you?” She just nodded. I then kissed her innocent face and kissed her lips. Anil started stroking her. I again whispered to Nalini … “Poora lund daal diya kya usne?” she whispered back ..” Haan poora ka poora daal diya anilne…. Abhi uska lund mere andar hain.” Our kiss was broken due to the fucking movements. While continuing with the movements , Anil said to me …” Raj your wifi is too good. Now Iam gonna flood her with my juices … Yaaaaa….. here I go deep inside her. “ Saying this Anil started giving Nalini rapid strokes. … and then started kissing her whole face and lips. She was savagely mauled by the brute Anil that too in front of me. As the last drop from Anils Cock dropped down Nalini’s lane Anil slumped dead over Nalini. I pulled Anil down from over Nalini. Nalini moved towards me and I took her n my arms. She hid her face in my chest and started crying.
I whispered to Nalini, “Hey baby what happened?” she whispered back , “Pls don’t be angry for getting fucked by Anil” I smiled and looked at her profusely crying face, I pulled her chin up and kissed her on her lips. I whispered back, “ No baby don’t worry, even I wanted you to get fully fucked as Iam unable to fully satisfy you.”
Suddenly, Anil flipped her over down with her face up. Anil looked at me, said, “ Sorry buddy Nalini is my property now. He was mounting her on her groins. Before me he tore down her filmsy nighty and bared her massive boobs. He mauled and squeezed them and then put his lund in between her boobs and started boob fucking her. Anils erect lund was shining beautifully while moving in between the boobs. His front tip was touching Nalinis lips. Nalinis narrowed her lips in rounded form so that the lund touches her full lips. Anil then pressed his lund on her lips and it went in Nalinis mouth slowly. She started sucking the lund nicely. I could see her sucking from very close quarters. Anil then removed his erection from her mouth and got down. He held Nalini by her hair and pulled her to the edge of the bed with her head on the edge. There he entered her mouth again …but this time forcefully and to my surprise I saw his full lund vanish in her mouth and in to her throat. Anil then started fucking her mouth savagely in front of me. After about 5 mins he came with full force in her mouth.
Anil then moved away wiping his groin with a cloth. He asked me take over and start fucking. I tried and again failed miserably. Nalini was full of sex now. She wanted a hard cock very badly and she was restless for it. Seeing me fail, Anil again moved in and brushed me aside and positioned himself over Nalinis cunt. Nalini caught Anils throbbing lund in her right hand and shoved it inside her wanting cunt. As it went inside she gave a sigh of happiness…Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaa. Anil gave her rapid strokes and he again came inside her as she too climaxed crying out loudly…AAaaaaaaaaaauiiiiimmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I went inside the loo to clean myself. I came out after about 10 mins. Nalini was too tired to get up. Anil went for cleanng. I looked at the watch. It was 5 AM. I thought we should move on now. I tried to wake up Nalini ….but she was unconsciously sleeping.
Somehow she responded a little. I said get up dear we have to move. Anil came out of loo having cleaned himself. He was stark naked. His unerected cock was hanging at 6 inches….. massive by any measure. He also tried to bring Nalini to senses but she slept on. He then picked up stark naked Nalini on his back and took her to the loo. He poured water on her to wake her up. That created effect and she got up and came to senses. I lighted a cigarrettee when Anil called me, “hey Raj come here, see what Nalini is upto.” I went near the open door of the loo and found Nalini sitting on a plastic stool and happily sucking Anils dick. Anil laughed looking at me and said, “She has become “Dick Maniac”. Look she made me hard again.” Anil then started the shower and they both took bath together under the shower. Anil had a massive errection. He dried himself and I dried Nalinis naked body. All the while Nalini staring at Anils dick. I then said, Now what is it. You want more of it?” She nodded looking at me. Anil laughed back. He said, “OK baby …more in the car…come lets go.”
As I approached my car after clearing off the hotel bills I found that Nalini is bent over Anils crotch and sucking his manhood to her hearts content. Anil was on the stearing and Nalini sat besides him in the front. I adjusted myself on theback seat and said, “Hey guys lets go now.” Anil patted Nalini to get up. She removed his cock from her mouth and slowly got up to sit straight but was continuing holding the rock hard cock. Anil started the ignition and drove off. On the highway, Anil said, “Leave your dildo now at least. You wont loose it. Its all yours from now on.” Nalini smiled as she looked at me behind. I patted her back reassuringly. Anil further added, “Nalini, the truck drivers coming from opposite direction are looking and laughing.” Nalini said, “Let them do what they want.” Then suddenly there was a small jam and one truck from behind came and stood besides us. The cleaner boy was looking surprisingly at us when he found that Nalini was holding Anils naked cock. He shouted to his driver, “Are lund pakdi hai re…dekh dekh.” The driver leaned and started looking at us. Nalini looked at them and smiled. The driver said, “Saali hasti hain raand.” Nalini then pointed Anils dick towards them and by her action invited them to suck the lund. They both laughed. The driver said, “Tu choos na Sali.” Nalini obeyed ther orders and started sucking Anils lund just in front of them. The jam eased by then and we started to move. I asked Nalini to sit straight and said, “ You have become naughty baby.” She said, “you have made me naughty otherwise I was a simpleton ask Raj.” Saying this she looked at me and closed one eye naughtily.
We then halted at a roadside motel for tea and snacks. To our surprise we found that the truckers followed us there, and they too were having tea. The driver then called Anil aside and talked with him making jestures towards Nalini. Anil then came back to our table and said that we are in a trouble. He informed me not to proceed ahead as a whole lot of ten truckers are waiting for us or rather Nalini. On asking how this happened. The guy said that his cleaner boy called some of the truckers ahead of us and informed them about this memsaab and her cock suckings. Now these truckers too want their cock sucked by Nalini. Nalini said, “What shit.” I asked, “Now what is the way out?” The trucker said that we should accompany them in their truck leaving our vehicle here Or else the trucker will find us and take away Nalini. Hearing all this the horny lady Nalini got goose bumps on the thought of being the queen of the truckers and the way they will rape her violently. We took a quick decision and followed the trucker. He told that his name was Harjeet Singh a sardar and his cleaner is Ranjit. They took a short cut and drove the truck thrugh the jungle. We were sitting in the cabin behind the driver and the cleaner. Harjeet Singh was cursing Ranjeet for letting the other truckers know of Memsaabs cock sucking. Nalini was getting shy with their bold talks. In between he would look back towards Nalini and at the same time would laugh and handle is cock under his lungi. Nalini could see a buldge at Harjeets crotch.
On the way they stopped the truck in a secluded place for their drink break. They offered some drinks to me and Anil and also Nalini. We all had a little bit of it. It was very strong. After getting intoxicated Harjeet got violent and tied us both while Ranjit was holding Nalini. He then proceeded to molest Nalini and kiss her. He then made her sit at his legs and opened up his lungi and underwear and bring out his massive Lund. He offered his lund to Nalini for sucking. It was smelling badly and so Nalini put her hand on her nose. But Harjeet slapped her swiftly and made her suck his dick. The cleaner boy Ranjit who was about 20 years of age also brought out his dick and hanged it near Nalinis mouth while she continued sucking Harjeet. On seeing Ranjits dick she caught it with one hand and it immediately grew to its full size of 6 inches. However Harjeet got the back of her head and started fucking her mouth and shouting in Punjabi language. It was evident that he was near his climax. Ultimately he climaxed and shoot all his semen down her throat. After finishing Harjeet , Nalini wiped her face and washed with little water. Ranjit by the time was getting agitated. He caught Nalini and made her sit between his legs and started inserting his 6 incher into her mouth. In the mean time Harjeet came from Nalinis back and pressed his naked shaft on her head while she deep throated Ranjit. Nalini understood that Ranjit guy is a novice and would shoot fast. As Ranjit approached his orgasm and was about to shoot, Nalini removed his tool from her mouth and pointed it above her head towards Harjeets face who was busy brushing his naked shaft on Nalinis head from back. Ranjit came profusely as he shot his semen in the air and into Harjeets face. Harjeet got suddenly blinded because of the force with which Ranjeets semen hit Harjeets face. Harjeet moved backwards shouting all sorts of bad words for Ranjit. Ranjit got confused as soon as he finished his initial burst of semen and was afraid at what he did to Harjeet. Harjeet wiped his face and ran after Ranjit for hitting him with his semen. Nalini took the opportunity and took the knife of Harjeet lying nearby and dashed to where I and Anil were tied. She cut the ropes and freed us. Anil took out his revolver and fired in the air.
He challenged Harjeet and Ranjit saying, “Aao Saalo.” I took the knife from Nalinis hand. With the dagger and the revolver we managed to cowed down Harjeet and Ranjit. We made Ranjit to sit on the drivers seat and tied down Ranjit with rope and threw him on the back side of the truck. His hands and legs were tied tightly so that he is unable to move. Now Harjet was driving as per our direction. Shortly we reached the outskirts of a city area. It was dark by then. We made him stop the truck. Tied him down and then left them in the darkness and proceeded towards the city by walking. We found out a good hotel and booked ourselves there. The receptionist wont allow two men with a women in a single room. I then pleaded that Anil was brother of Nalini and that convinced him. Anil looked at me shrewdly. As we moved inside the room he addressed me, “Raj tonight you have made me a BC.” I asked. “Whats that?” Anil said, laughing, “Bhenchod.” We all laughed at the joke as we settled down.
After drinks and dinner we three went to bed with Nalini . This time I could not find Nalini for a moment because as soon as the lights were put off Nalini was in Anils arms. I could just hear all the kissing and moaning sounds in the darkness of the room. As I adjusted to the darkness I turned over to Anils side and to my surprise Nalini was not there. I asked anil, “Hey buddy, where is my wife.” Anil was smoking a cigarette. He looked at me, smiled and then pointed downwards towards his legs and said, “there she is in between my legs.” I looked down to find Nalini happily sucking on Anils dick. I smiled and half raised myself with my hands underneath my head and said , “Nalini is now a expert cock sucker it seems.” She looked up towards me with his cock still in her mouth. She then smiled and left the cock from her mouth and said, “Ya …Iam for sure. Also you both should acknowledge that I saved you both from the clutches of the Punjabi truckers.” Anil said, “Ya I acknowledge that. By the way Nalini, how did you get the idea of jetting Ranjits sperms all over Harjeets face?” All three of us laughed on this and then Nalini started removing my Bermuda and brought out my limp cock in the darkness of the room. While doing this, Nalini said, “Actually, the Ranjit guy was young and too excited. I could feel the throbbing of his lund as soon as I touched it. Then while sucking the guy his throbbing increased more. But he was a novice, and I knew he would soon cum. Then I got the idea to make use of his jet speed of cum on Harjeets face as the guy was annoying me by caressing his lund over my back head over my hair.” Again all three of us laughed aloud for a while. Nalini then started fondling my cock and kissing all over it. But it remained motionless limp. Nalini then addressed me, and said, “What Raj, somebody is fucking your wife, your wife is sucking someone elses cock and still you don’t get an errection?” You got to see a doctor.” Anil said,”suck his limp cock Nalini.” Nalini said, “ How to suck a limp cock I don’t know, when such a monster cock is besides me.” Saying this she held Anils cock and gave it a bottom to top licking with her tongue. However, Anil insisted Nalini to suck my cock and then she did it, sucking my limp cock for a while. Slowly my cock came to life as she also fondled my balls from beneath my lund. I felt very nice with this. Then Anil said, “keep it like that Raj, Don’t cum or else you will loose all interest.” “OK” I said.
Nalini then sucked our Lunds turn by turn. Licking right from the base of the lund to its tip from all sides and then sucking the dicks alternatingly. She deep throated both of us for quite some time. It was a complete Blow Job performed excellently. Nalini then asked me, “Raj would you like to cum in BJ or wanna fuck.?” I said, “Wont you allow me to fuck also?” She smiled and said,”ya it is reserved tonight for Anil. Also you are unable to penetrate me as always…so whats the use of such kid fuck.” I said, “Nalini, today I will surely penetrate.” Nalini smiled and said, “Oh is it my dear husband. Remember you always called me “ a tight cunt”.” All of us laughed at that. Anil poked in, “Ok less talk and more action please. Or else bro you will go limp again before action.”
I made Nalini to sleep straight on bed and placed myself between her legs. She caught my semi erect dick with her left hand and brushed it over her cunt. Nalini was wet. Slowly she placed my lund over her cunt and asked me to push it inside. But then my lund went limp and I failed in inserting it into the gaping hole. Anil was looking at the whole exercise and he said, “Oh failed again Raj.
Tera kya hoga yaar. Apni aurat ko chod nahi sakta.” I dropped off from above Nalini to the otherside and said, “Isiliye tu saale usko chod raha hai.” Anil got up and placed between Nalinis legs and smiled at me and said, “Teri meherbani dost, warna is bechari ka kya hota.” “Oh don’t worry about me. Men are moving around me like dogs on heat. Main kisiko bhi dana daal doongi to aa jayega.” Anil looked down at Nalini and said, “Par mere jaisa nahi milega rani.” Saying this he looked at me and said, “here I go buddy into your wife.” His monster shaft penetrated Nalini and went inside tearing all the barriers until it hit the dead end. Nalini moaned ….aaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaa….ohhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa. She said, “Now Iam completely plugged .” Anil then started moving his waist up and down as his shaft started in and out movements. It was a slow and gradual start. Anil was fully naked …his muscular body heaving over Nalini as he moved in and out deliberately slowly as if storing energy for the climax. Anil looked at me and said, ‘Just watch how I take her. She will bear child from me and he will be known as your son.” I just smiled back, and said, “Anil, so sure that you will seed her with male hormones.” Anil smiled back, “ Ya …. It will be a son just look on.” Slowly, Anil increased his pace. He then started giving rapid strokes. He placed a pillow below her waist and started fucking her rapidly. Then he slowed down before again taking the speed. This he did for 4/5 times when he started giving her long strokes. In his long strokes he would nearly bring out his cock and then plunge it fully inside her. All the while Nalini was moaning wildly as she came and came. Uuuuuiiiimaaaaaaa…..ahhhhhaaa……..ohhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaiiiii … she went on and on. As Anil built up the climax he again started giving rapid strokes and in a blast of a moment buried deep inside her and came inside her profusely as he moaned …..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa….. that’s it he said and dropped over Nalini like a dead log. Both of them sweated like anything. After about 10 mins or so Nalini somehow managed to push Anil on to his side and came out of his grip. She came straight into my arms and looked at me lovingly. “What great heart you have Raj and further added “It is not simple to allow someone else to fuck your own wife by somebody else. I said, “It is all for your sake, your happiness.” Then she closed her eyes in my arms and slept peacefully.
In the morning I woke up at 6.30 AM. I found Anil was not there. Nalini was sleeping beside me. I went near the window and saw that Anil was jogging in his shorts. He was accompanied by a middle aged man. After half an hour Anil came up and started waking up Nalini. I asked Anil, “who was that guy you were with?” He said, “He is quite a interesting guy. He is booked in our adjacent room. Whole night he could not sleep because of Nalinis moanings and our fucking sounds.” I was surprised, “He told you so?” Anil replied, “ Ya he did. Now he requested for some close up views and some more of her moanings.” I laughed. Anil further added, “The guy had a massive erection due to all this. He literally showed me his erection and asked me to help me for some release.” I lighted a cigarette and was sipping on my tea. Anil woke up Nalini took her to the loo, freshened her up and explained his game plan of entertaining the guy. I then asked Anil, “And what do you get in return for his entertainment?” Anil said, “He promised to compensate us handsomely for his little fun.” He called the room service and cleaned up all the mess and tidied the room. Then he ordered for some breakfast and tea and also called the guy to join us. The guy came within 5 mins. Anil introduced me and Nalini to him and he himself introduced himself as Mr. Khanna. We all settled down and had our breakfast and tea. He was lustily staring at Nalini.
Anil then broke the ice and told Mr. Khanna , pointing towards Nalini, “She is the queen of our hearts and you heard her moanings.” Khanna smiled and said, “Yeah, yesterday whole night I could not sleep because of your sexy voice and moanings.” Nalini smiled with her eyes down. Anil said, “ I will make her moan some more just for you.” Khanna said, “Oh sure, Iam waiting.” Anil then took Nalini in his arms and started fondling and kissing her. He whispered her to moan . Nalini started moaning as she was kissed and mauled by Anil. I watched the scene sitting at a distance, while Khanna sat near the bed in his chair. He started fondling his crotch and I could notice the throbbing of his lund. Khanna then said to himself, “Uff too much, what a lady!! You two are the luckiest guys ever to have her.” Nalini was mauled all over her body and they both were on the bed moving from one side to other. Slowly they neared Mr. Khanna. Nalinis head was near to Khannas lap. Khanna just touched her cheeks with his palm lovingly and Nalini kissed in on his palm. The old man Khanna got too excited with that kiss on his palm.
Khanna took her hand in his and placed it on his hard lund over his trousers. In the mean time Anil was working on Nalinis pussy and exciting her. He was tonguing her pussy thoroughly. Khanna took Nalinis head on to his lap while Anil tongued her pussy. Nalinis face was all over Khannas belly and she was moaning desperately holding him. Khanna was on 7th heaven. It was more than his expectation. Khanna then held Nalinis head firmly and placed a deep kiss in her mouth. He kissed and kissed her for full 5 mins.

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