The Woman to Die for, the woman to kill for | Psychosexual Thrillers -2

Chapter II: The Woman to Die for, the woman to kill for

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Psychosexual Thrillers : During the end of days, where would you want to spend the mankind’s last hour? The answer will be very easy if you are fortunate enough to have a look at the pair of eyes of Alisha. The deepest desire of bottomless ocean, the darkest hour before the time, the glow of faraway star is bundled together to form the most beautiful eyes Vinay have ever witnessed.
Alisha slightly straightens up from her half lying position in bed. Movement of her body shifted the position of a black satin night gown. The silky black cloth glided downwards through her body to cover-up her feet. Curvature of this enchantress will make Aphrodite jealous. Alisha is not milky white, but her slightly darker complexion looked most beautiful and ravishing in the mesmerized eyes of Vinay. The sexy siren is now awake and preparing herself to face two stranger policeman and started to seat straight as a rose bud is coming to its full blossom in front of your eyes. ‘My god’ Vinay thought, ‘this is the woman to die for, this is woman to kill for.’
‘Mrs Agarwal, my deepest condolences for your loss.’ Vinay was gentle and modulating his voice carefully.’ I am Vinay Sadanand from homicide department and this is my assistant Rajiv Mehra. I understand your mental condition, but we need to ask you few questions as early as possible so that we could catch the killer.’
‘It is all right officers, Please carry on.’ Alisha’s voice was throbbing in pain. A maid came near to put her hand in the shoulder of Alisha. The maid was standing still in the corner from very first moment and Vinay overlooked her completely. Alisha touched her hand and gave a painful smile to express her gratefulness. ‘ Thanks Sova’ Xylophonic voice of Alisha brakes the silence of room.
‘Mrs Agarwal, would you be kind enough to describe last night’s incidence? Please take your time and if any moment you fill uncomfortable, then please tell us. We can always resume this at your own convenience.’ Vinay was so gentle that a police man can ever be.
‘Thanks inspector, it is so nice of you.’ Alisha gave a long pause.’ Yesterday night we were slipping in this bed and suddenly Rajesh heard something. He wakes me up and asked if I heard anything or not. I told no, and then he got up and went downstairs. After few moments I called him, but no response came. I called him again and I got really scared. I followed him down and I found….’ Alisha stopped and Vinay could see the pearl is shining in the chick of Alisha. Vinay wanted to wipe off or rather to drink the droplets from Alisha’s smooth chick. To hold her tight and to tell her, there is nothing to be afraid of, this not the end of the world. Vinay could do nothing, and thought, Oh god, if cry of this woman is so glorious, then what happens when this goddess loughs?
‘ Sorry Mrs. Agarwal, but when Mr Agarwal went downstairs, if he was looking for someone…he was…I mean why he will look for someone without putting on any clothes? Rajiv asked Alisha. Vinay could almost fill broken heart of Alisha. ‘You know inspector, in spite of our age difference, we were a very loving couple. We liked to sleep without any clothes in each other’s arm’. Alisha tried to control but she was unable to stop the tears which were flowing nonstop. Rajiv shook his head and about to continue with his foolish questions, but then Vinay stood up and concludes the discussion ‘ Thanks Mrs Agarwal, here is my card, if you remember anything, anything at all worth mentioning, please give me a call. Do you want to go anywhere or you will stay here?
I am an orphan, my foster parents were very happy to get rid of me. So when my marriage offer came from Rajesh 3 years back, they were almost dancing out of joy to get such a wealthy opportunity although Rajesh was around 25 years older to me. It was the money they seek, not my happiness. I was very fortunate to have Raesh as my husband who never let me down and filled my life with joy and happiness. I have nowhere to go inspector’. Alisha stood up and came near to Vinay. If only could Vinay rest her head against his broad shoulder and could give support.
‘Mrs Agarwal, you are a very brave girl, if you are in need of anything please do not hesitate to call me’ Very slowly and with great authority Vinay told this words . He meant every word of it. Vinay turned back and went towards door, then turned back as he felt the presence of divine beauty nearer. Vinay turned back to find Alisha near the door he just exited. The black house coat of Alisha slipped to reveal bare shoulder. The low neck of inner gown exposed the deep valley between two mountains of heaven. Any man would happily die or kill to get a chance to explore or to get lost in this valley. Alisha came closer, now Vinay could smell her. It was familiar, it was of some wild flower only could be found in the deepest and darkest part of world. The smell is so addictive so attractive Vinay took a step closer to Alisha as if he is hypnotized.
“Good bye Mrs Agarwal, take care” Vinay almost whispered in the ears of Alisha.
‘Thanks Mr Vinay.Call me Alisha”
‘Quite a woman. I really envy Rajesh Agarwal. Why always rich old men get the best of the lot? Rajiv said just as an excuse to break the uncomfortable silence between him and Vinay. Vinay stood beside the parked BMW of Agarwal family for almost 20 minutes without a single word. ‘I smell something seriously fishy with Mrs.Agarwal’s statement. What do you think sir? It was a direct question from Rajiv that Vinay could not pass. He bought few time in the process by lighting a cigarette. It was his 3rd after the encounter with Alisha.
‘Rajiv, do not allow a damsel in distress to get on your nerve. We should not be distracted from the job in our hand. Look I am having a terrible headache and I need to rush home. The coroner’s report will come day after tomorrow. By that time I need you to do some ground work. We must recover the murder weapon at any cost within these 48 hours. Get where about of Alamgir the security guard from his residential area and from other servant of Agarwal house. Look for any forced entry in the house; we need to know, what brings Mr Agarwal downstairs that too in naked condition. Also enquire for any business dealings or recent business rivalry from Agarwal company.’
‘Sir, I might also need to enquire with Mrs Agarwal regarding the incidence of that night’. Rajiv was anxious with the fact that Vinay totally overlooked his suspicion and gut fillings about Alisha.
‘Wait for the forensic report, and then I will personally interrogate Mrs Agarwal. Don’t worry Rajiv, You will have your moments soon’. Vinay quickly gave a long puff and throws away remains of his cigarette and walked towards his car which was parked in the driveway. At a distance he looked back to Rajiv,
‘I will call HQ to inform them about your new assignment. You will get your formal order by tomorrow. From today you are directly reporting to me.’
To Be Continue …
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