The Humiliation of a Couple – 05

She didn’t have fun! This was all forced, she thought. He made he do it, and now he was talking to her as if she begged him for this like a slut. She hated every bit of this, but her body betrayed her.

“And you sissy hubby,” Roy said to Raj, “Where are your bloody manners? The man did so much for your ungrateful slut wife and you don’t even bother saying thank you?”

“I..uh..” Raj said to the chai wala, “Thank you so much for putting the vibrator in my slut wife’s ass and for spanking her.”

The chai wala laughed at him.

“Give him her panties so he has something to remember,” Roy ordered.

Raj slid his wife’s panties and gave them to the chai wala. He took it and gave one final spank to Payal. Payal and Raj quickly got into the car. Roy instructed his men to drive off but never allowed Payal to button up her blouse. Her breasts were obscenely displayed to everyone in the car and Roy teased them intermittently.

Payal was sobbing.

“Don’t you cry slut,” Roy said, “You very much loved all of it. I saw how badly you wanted to cum when that chai wala was spanking you!”

Roy and his men laughed. Roy turned on the vibrator again as a low setting, as it buzzed quietly in her ass, arousing her again. With her panties now off, her juices began to flow down her thighs. She felt she was going to die in shame. But there was more to come.
As Roy increased the intensity of the vibrator, she felt a strong urge to orgasm. She started grinding her hips against the car’s seat. Seeing that, Roy started playing with her nipples again, making her horny. Payal’s moans got louder, and just as she was about to cum, Roy stopped the vibrator. Payal whimpered in disappointment.

“What’s the matter slut?” Roy teased her.

“I want to…” Payal stopped midsentence. She just couldn’t humiliate herself further.

“If you really can’t get over your hesitation,” Roy warned, “I’ll have to find a way to make you get bolder.”

Payal shuddered as he said that, as it only meant more humiliation.

“I want to cum, I want to fuck,” she said shamelessly in front of her husband.

“No one here gives a fuck about what you want,” Roy said, “If you want to be fucked, ask nicely.”

“Please…fuck me…like the…slut…I am,” Payal said, her shame breaking her sentence.

“Still very reluctant, I see,” Roy said, “Let’s fix that.”

Roy observed a secluded park and asked his men to stop the car. It was late in the night now, and no one was around.
“You stay in the car sissy boi, me and this slut are going to have some fun,” he said as he dragged Payal out of the car.
She tried to button up her blouse, but Roy slapped her hard. “Who said, you could do that?” he shouted.

“But…we are in public..” she begged.

“Do you see anyone around?” he asked.

Payal realized three was no one around. Since Roy had forbidden her to button up her blouse, she adjusted her saree to try to cover up her breasts.

As they tried to enter the park, a guard came there out of nowhere and stopped them.

“Where are you going?” he asked rudely.

“Inside,” Roy said, “She wants to fuck.”

Payal looked at Roy in disbelief. She was taken aback at how directly he insulted her in front of another stranger.
“Fuck?” the guard asked, “Here in the park? Don’t you guys have a house?’

“Well, her husband doesn’t satisfy her, so she likes to fuck around with other men. I understand we all have needs, but there’s gotta be some decency, right?” Roy said, “I tried to convince her, I was even ready to take her to a hotel, but this slut likes to do it in public.”

Payal was utterly humiliated. The guard scanned her from head to toe. Even though it was very dark, he could see her unbuttoned blouse under her saree and the pathetic attempt that she made to cover her huge breasts.

“Is that so?” the guard asked Payal.

“Tell him Payal,” Roy said, deliberately taking her name in front of the guard adding to her humiliation, “Tell him how you couldn’t even wait till we got here and unbuttoned your blouse in the car itself in front of everyone?”

Payal just kept her eyes lowered and wept silently.

“Hey, don’t cry Payal,” he in with a fake consoling tone, “It’s ok to be open about your sexual desires. Tell him why you aren’t wearing any panties..”

The guard was now suddenly very interested. The flesh of her breasts was peeking out as she stood there sobbing. The guards eyes were fixed on them.

“Okay, I think she is feeling shy to tell you,” Roy said, “Wait’ll let me show you an interesting video of hers, you’ll know how much of a desperate slut she is…”

“No! Please…” Payal reacted instantly, “I…I like showing off…so we stopped at this tea stall…and I lifted my saree and flashed my private parts to the chai wala…and I gave him my panties…”

The guard couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He glared at her in disbelief.

“Naughty girl…” Roy said, “You didn’t tell him the part about the vibrator and the spanking.”

“He put a vibrator in my ass, the chai wala…” Payal said, “And he spanked me 10 times on my ass…”

“Wow!” the guard gasped, “She is a real slut. No wonder she likes to do it in public like a dirty whore. Is the vibrator still in your ass?”
Payal just nodded.

The guard laughed at her. “Well, yeah you are a slut, I’ll give you that, but I really can’t allow you to enter the park at this time.”

“Too bad,” Roy said, “I guess then we’ll have to come back in the morning. Sure, there’ll be more people around, but I don’t think you mind, do you Payal?”

Payal realized what Roy was hinting at. She knew she had to convince the guard to let them enter the park and fuck, otherwise he will really fuck her in public in broad daylight where more people might watch.

“Please bhaiyya (brother)…” Payal made a desperate attempt to convince the guard, “We won’t be long, please allow us.”

“What the fuck did you just call me?” the guard replied angrily, “I am no bhaiyya to a slut like you…”

“I am sorry,” she begged, “Please let us…I am…I really want this bad.”

Payal couldn’t believe she was begging a random stranger to let her get fucked by a man who had been humiliating her and her husband.

“Please…I’ll do anything,” she begged, “I’ll kiss your cock…”

“My, my…does this whore ever stop?” the guard asked looking at Roy.

“I don’t know how many cocks it is going to take to satisfy this slut,” Roy said.

“Fine,” the guard said, “If you want to fuck that bad, I want you to suck my cock. Suck, understand, not kiss, suck me till I cum.”
Payal agreed. Roy and the guard entered the park and walked over to a dark area behind the bushes. Payal quickly dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle the man’s belt. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and eagerly took it in her mouth. She was no expert, but she just wanted her ordeal to end as soon as possible.

“So fucking desperate,” the guard said as Payal began to enthusiastically suck his shaft.

She had no experience in blow jobs. Raj never asked for it. But she had seen some porn in her college days and observed how girls take deepthroat. She tried to suck the guards cock in a similar fashion but she felt herself gag.

“And now she is trying to be a porn star,” Roy said as the men laughed at her awkward blowjob attempts, “How ambitious is that!”
She circled her tongue on the head of the guards cock as her lips squeezed it. The guard enjoyed the warm feeling of the mouth of this gorgeous wife, and a slut in the making. With some more effort, she was able to make him cum and his shot his load inside her mouth and slowly withdrew his limp cock.

“Well, that was good,” the guard said.

“Let me say thank you on her behalf,” Roy said, “She won’t be able to talk with her mouth full of your cum. She will eventually swallow all of it, but she is going to hold it in her mouth for some time and relish its taste, aren’t you Payal?”

Payal just nodded tearfully. She felt extremely ashamed of her slutty acts. The guard laughed and left them alone.

Roy made her get on all fours and lifted her saree to see her oozing pussy.

“Remember you are going to swallow that cum only after you show it to your wimp husband, till then relish the taste,” Roy said as she mounted her from behind and began to fuck her hard.

Payal tried hard to hold the guard’s cum in her mouth. She moaned with a closed mouth as Roy pounded her pussy. She felt very dirty and humiliated being fucked in a park on all fours like a dirty bitch. As Roy thrusted away in her pussy she recollected all the day’s events. How she orgasmed in front of him, how her husband begged his men to suck her boobs, how they begged the pizza delivery boy to put fingers in her ass, how she showed her pussy to the chai wala and begged him to put a vibrator in her ass and to spank her, and finally how she begged the guard to let her get fucked in the park, how she sucked him off like a slut and how she was holding his cum in her mouth to show it off to her husband like some trophy. Roy’s balls slapped against her clit, the wetness of her pussy making an obscene noise of fucking. The vibrator in her ass and Roy fat cock pounding her pussy, and the prolonged sexual teasing in the car brought her to an earth shattering orgasm. She moaned like some animal and she was sure she was loud enough for the guard to hear. She started slapping her hips back against Roy’s cock.

She had been forbidden to swallow, her saliva started to dribble off the corners of her mouth, mixed with the guards cum, leaving wet streaks across her neck and over to her breasts that were dangling obscenely and jiggled with every thrust of the cock pounding her humiliated pussy. Roy wanted to make her a slut and now she was beginning to get convinced that she was really a slut to be enjoying this so much.

Roy fucked her tight pussy hard, enjoying her helplessness and her downfall from an innocent wife. He knew he was going to systemically break her such that she would be begging any man to fuck her in all her holes. He felt her smooth and tight pussy squeezing his cock as she hit a second orgasm. He took pride in how much he made her enjoy her own downfall. He neared his own orgasm thinking of all the humiliating things he was going to do to her. He moaned loudly as he came deep inside her pussy. He withdrew his cock leaving a trail of his cum dripping from her wet, unprotected pussy. He had planned to fuck her everyday till she was knocked up. He grinned devilishly at the thought of getting her pregnant with his child as he would continue to humiliate her to the core. He was delighted at the thought of her servicing cocks at once with a baby bump and enlarged tits. He took a quick glance at her ass, her one and only unfucked hole, but decided to save it for another day.

He made her stand up. She adjusted her saree and covered up her breasts but she didn’t dare to button up her blouse till he told her to. Roy smiled at her submission. He observed how she had been drooling all over herself, but still held the guard’s cum in her mouth.
“So, did you enjoy the taste?” he asked her.

She nodded, and he smiled.

He led her back to the car. His men drove off.

“You wife has a surprise for you,” Roy said in a singsong voice as Payal opened her mouth and showed the cum to her husband.
Raj felt crushed.

“Good girl,” Roy said, “Now swallow every drop of it, and narrate to all of us in detail, whose cum was that in your mouth and how you managed to get it.”

Payal swallowed the cum and broke down. She started weeping loudly.

“Please Roy,” Raj begged, “Please don’t do this to her. I owe you money, you do whatever you want to do with me, but please don’t do this to her.”
“Why the long face, sissy boi? Feeling ignored?” Roy said with a laugh, “I have plans for you too, don’t worry. We are only getting started. Owing me money is bad, and that is bad for both of you.”

“Now,” Roy said, “Payal is going to tell us a story about how she sucked off the guard, and you are going to play with her used pussy and get her all hot and bothered.”

The couple felt utterly broken, but they knew they had no choice. It was not even 24 hours since Roy entered their life and so much happened already. They could not imagine what nightmares were awaiting them in the near future. Payal started the humiliating narration of the incident at the park and Raj lifted his wife’s saree and started playing with her pussy that was dripping with Roy’s cum.

To Be Cont….

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