The Humiliation of a Couple – 04

The couple completed the degrading task. The boy left and Raj took the video to Roy.

Roy smiled and said, “You did even better than I thought.”

“Please let us go now,” Raj begged.

“The fun has only started,” Roy said with a laugh, “Now that we’ve had dinner, let’s go for a drive.”

Raj and Payal trembled in anticipation of what Roy had in mind for them.

“Let’s get her dressed like a proper lady,” Roy said as he checked their closet and picked a sheer saree for her.

That saree was special for Payal, as she wore it only for her husband. It was crimson in colour with a black blouse with a deep cut neck that sharply contrasted with her fair milky skin and showed her ample cleavage.

Payal was crushed as she was forced to wear that saree as she knew she was only going to be degraded further. Her face and hair still had stains on cum from the pizza delivery boy. Roy allowed her to wipe her face with a tissue and made her apply a bright red lipstick to make her look slutty. He made let her hair loose. Few of her hair strands were still matted with cum, that made her feel slutty as well.

Roy got into the backseat of his SUV, and made Payal sit on his lap. He made her husband sit right next to him. His men got into the front seat and they drove off. It was night time and there were fewer vehicles n the road. Roy made Raj and watch closely as he pulled off her saree covering her breasts and began to fondle her breasts over her blouse. He hadn’t allowed her to wear a bra inside the blouse, so it was just the thin fabric of her blouse between her nipples and his fingers.

He stroked both her nipples simultaneously at such a slow pace, that Payal began to respond. She felt a tingle in her already abused pussy. At the same time, she felt the shame of enjoying another man’s touch in front of her husband. She wanted to fight it but couldn’t. Roy was very experienced in what he was doing, he knew exactly how he was going to break her and eventually turn her into a willing slut. He continued running the index fingers over her hardened nipples stroking them very slowly. The arousal was irresistible, Payal threw her head back and moaned. She never realized when she moved her hands further away from her body and arched her back giving her tormentor better access to her hard nipples.

“Do you like it slut?” Roy asked.

Payal’s face was now suddenly red in shame. But she didn’t want him to stop that wonderful tease with her nipples.
“Yes,” she gasped, her breathing becoming heavy in arousal.

“Tell that to your husband,” Roy ordered her, “Thank him for whatever happened to you. Tell him that you are happy that you are going to become a total slut.”

Payal was in tears. Roy opened two buttons of her blouse, exposing more of her cleavage, never stopping the slow sensual teasing of her nipples.

“Thank you Raj,” she said tearfully, her sentence punctuated by her uncontrollable moans “I am enjoying this a lot. Thank you for making me a slut.”

Raj lowered his head in shame. He was ashamed and angry, but he was helpless. Roy now had very degrading videos on him and his wife and he could ruin their lives at the push of a button.

“Good,” Roy said to Raj, “Now help your slut wife and open all her blouse buttons and expose her boobs for me. She is craving for me to touch her bare skin.”

Raj hesitantly obeyed. He undid the remaining three buttons of her blouse and exposed her breasts to Roy. Payal shuddered as Roy now touched her bare nipples. He gently rolled her nipples between his fingers and made her moan loudly. Payal didn’t dare to stop him. He had absolute control over the couple, and he was going to use her in any way he wanted.

Roy observed a tea stall alongside the road and thought of an evil idea. It was an isolated tea stall with no one around, except the man selling the tea referred to as “chai wala” in India.

“Stop the car,” Roy ordered his men, “I want some tea.”

The men whistled and called the chai wala. He was a middle aged, average looking man, with a dark complexion and unshaved beard. His clothes were poor and dirty.

The chai wala came running towards the car to take their order. As he walked towards Roy, he was shocked to see a gorgeous saree clad woman sitting on his lap, with her blouse completely undone and Roy’s fingers on her nipples. The chai wala stared with an open mouth at the beautiful woman and her sexy voluptuous breasts being used by this controlling man.

“Four cups of special ginger tea,” Roy ordered the chai wala and he ran back to his stall to make his. His cock was now hard as he couldn’t shake of the image of the topless Payal’s shamelessly allowing a man to touch her boobs in front of other men. ‘Perhaps he is her husband’ he thought, still unable to digest how a ‘usually’ conservative Indian woman would be capable of something like this.
“Well, he seemed interested,” Roy said smirking at Payal and Raj. Both were tearful and begged him not to humiliate them further. But Roy was going to do just that. “Here is what you both are going to do.” Roy said giving them nightmarish instructions. One of the men handed over an egg vibrator and a lube to Raj, and laughing devilishly at their impending plight.

“No please no,” the couple begged.

“Fine,” Raj said, “Then I send out that awesome video of both of you, and you’ll have the whole city treat you like a slut.”

The couple was suddenly quiet. They knew it was in their best interest to comply.

The chai wala returned with four cups of tea. His face was red as he could not take his eyes of her breasts.

“Do you like her tits?” Roy asked the chai wala.

The chai wala was completely taken aback. He didn’t know what to answer.

“Y..yes” he stuttered.

“Would you like to see her holes?” Roy asked, “I am sure she would be glad to show you.”

The chai wala looked at him in disbelief. Payal hesitantly nodded. As Raj and Payal were previously instructed, they stepped out of the car. Roy remained seated in the car enjoying the scenes as he sipped his tea. Payal bent over facing Roy and maintained an eye contact with him as she raised her petticoat all the way up to her waist exposing her sexy legs and her panties. There was a visible wet spot on her panties. Roy forced her to maintain eye contact as she exposed her rear to the chai wala. He enjoyed watching her tearful face grow red with shame.

As he was ordered, her husband slid down her panties in front of the chai wala exposing his wife most private parts to him, all in a public place at the corner of a highway. He was thankful to the huge size of Roy’s SUV that shielded their lewd display from the passing vehicles.

The chai wala was simply astonished by this obscene act by the couple. But he was extremely aroused and his cock was now tenting his pants.

Roy looked once again at Payal who was standing on the road bent over, pulling her saree upto her waist. Her boobs were hanging out from her completely unbuttoned blouse that hung from her shoulders uselessly.

“Did you like her holes?” Roy asked the chai wala.

“I can’t see,” he replied, “It is so dark here.”

“Help the man,” Roy ordered Raj.

Raj hesitantly turned on the torchlight on his phone and held it over his wife’s exposed pussy and ass for his to get a better view. The chai wala delightfully leaned forward to have a closer look. He breathed in the scent of her arousal and he felt precum leak from his cock.

“Wow!” the chai wala exclaimed, “She is so dripping wet! I’ve never seen a woman that wet. She must be a real slut!”

“Of course, she is!” Roy seconded, “What respectable woman would bend over and lift her saree on the road and show her dripping pussy and ass to a chai wala?”

He looked at Payal again to check her reaction and watched her close her eyes tightly in shame. She however didn’t dare to move a muscle.

“We need your help…” Raj said, his face burning in humiliation, “Will you please put this in my wife’s ass?” Raj said handing over the egg vibrator to the chai wala.

“Wait, did you say wife?” the chai wala looked at Raj in disbelief, “This slut is your wife?”

“Yes..” Raj said.

“And you are allowing all this?” the chai wala asked.

“Well…she..she…really likes to be seen naked and touched by random men, that turns her on, so I am just…help…helping her…” Raj stuttered, not knowing what else to say.

“No wonder…” the chai wala said, “This randi is so damn wet.”

“Please put this inside her ass,” Raj begged.

Payal winced to hear her own husband calling her a slut. The chai wala had never seen a vibrator like that before.

“What is this?” he asked.

“That is a sex toy,” Raj answered, “It will give her more pleasure.”

“But why her ass?” he asked.

Raj answered nervously, “She has never been fucked in the ass before, so we just want it to open up a little so that she enjoys when she takes a cock up there.”

“She wants to be fucked in the ass?” the chai wala asked, “Is this true maam?”

Roy looked at Payal’s humiliated tearful face as she maintained eye contact with Roy as she answered the chai wala, “Yes, please, I want to be fucked in the ass. Please put it inside.” She wiggled her ass for the chai wala in an attempt to sound eager. She just wanted this ordeal to end as soon as possible.

As the chai wala noticed the woman wiggle her ass as her husband shone light on her holes, he could barely control himself. Raj applied some lube to her anus and held her ass cheeks apart as the chai wala pushed the egg vibrator slowly inside her tight ass. She already had her ass fingered by the pizza delivery body, so her anus was a little less resistant. Roy camly took sips of tea as he watched Payal’s face contort as the egg slowly passed her anal ring and eventually disappeared into her ass. The chai wala smiled to see the egg go completely inside. Payal still maintained position.

“She has been such a cock tease,” Roy said to the chai wala, “Would you like to spank her as a punishment?”

The chai wala was delighted to hear that. He was dying to touch her and now he had the chance.

“Yes, I would love to!” he said.

“Five her five spanks on each ass cheek,” Roy suggested.

The chai wala first roughly groped her ass cheeks getting a good feel of them like he had been long craving for. Then he raised his hand and brought it down on her huge ass cheeks. It stung her skin making her moan. He loved to watch her flesh vibrate to the impact. He raised a hand again and brought it down again, harder this time. It was only twice so far and Payal was already feeling miserable. She just wanted it to end.

Roy observed her displeasure and cruelly turned on the vibrator. It began to buzz gently in her ass, causing a crazy tingling in her intimate parts. He turned up the setting gradually, and she began panting in pleasure. It was getting hard for her to maintain the bent over position. She began to arch her back and moan.

“You see that?” Roy said to the chai wala, “This slut loves being spanked too!”

‘Love it?’ Payal thought, with disgust. She hated it, she hated all of this. And Roy made her look like a depraved slut who loves being humiliated. As the chai wala continued spanking, the vibrating egg in her ass brough her close to orgasm.

Her eyes were now begging Roy to let her cum. Roy just smiled and turned off the vibrator. Now all she felt was the chai wala’s hand striking against her bare ass. She counted 10 spanks and it was finally over. He had spanked her hard and her ass cheeks now were a shade of pink.

“Good,” Roy said to Payal, “Now that you’ve had your slutty fun, put down your saree like a proper lady and get back in the car.”

To Be Cont….

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