The Humiliation of a Couple – 02

Payal was still lying obscenely spread with wetness oozing out of her holes. She was afraid to move a muscle without Roy’s orders.
Roy looked at her submission and smiled. He started clicking a few pictures of her humiliating display.

“Good girl,” Roy said, “We need to talk. Sit up on the couch and keep those legs wide open and play with your boobs while we talk.”

She got up and sat on the couch with open legs obscenely displaying her dripping wet pussy to everyone in the room and reluctantly started playing with her boobs.

“You, doggie boy,” Roy ordered Raj, “Start licking her toes.”

Raj crawled towards his humiliated wife and started licking her toes like a dog.

Roy sat down in front of the couple, enjoying their lewd display. One of his men held a camera over his shoulder recording the scene.

“Now listen to me carefully,” he said smiling as he observed her nipples hardening through the fabric, “I am feeling bad for you that you have to go through all this because of this wimp husband of yours. Now I am offering you a choice – you can either be a willing slut, do as I say and I’ll be nice to you, and I’ll keep your pussy to myself and I’ll make sure you enjoy this as well, or you can continue to cling to your precious honour and I’ll strip it away in most unimaginable cruel ways. I’ll make you a two rupess whore. Any man can have any hole of his choice for just two rupees and considering the amount your husband owes me, you could fuck countless men for a lifetime and still won’t be able to repay the debt. So, what is it going to be?”

Payal didn’t reply. She was feeling utterly humiliated.

“I’ll do as you say,” she said softly after some time. She knew she had no choice. Trying to resist him would only make things harder for her and they will have their way with her anyway.

Roy smiled and said, “So here’s what we are going to do. You doggie are going to take her boobs out of her nighty and beg one of my men to suck. And you slut, you are going to sit on that couch and masturbate for the camera,” he said signaling one of his men to start recording a video on Payal’s phone. “We are using your own phone to make this more fun. You are not allowed to cry, because if you do at any point in the video, we are just going to start the whole video all over again.”

Payal wiped her tears and asked, “Will you let us go after that?”

Roy smirked, “You are in no position to bargain. And if either of you ever ask me a question again, you are going to be very sorry. Now stop wasting my time and get on with it.”

Realizing they had no choice, Payal started touching herself. Raj reluctantly slid the straps of her nighty off her shoulders and pulled it down exposing her milk jugs. Payal was 5’2″ in height and had a fair complexion. Her breasts were huge, her size was 36DD. She had large light brown areolas like milk chocolate and small nipples the size of a pea.

The men made lewd noises as her boobs were exposed for the first time. Her pussy and ass were exposed already. She was practically naked.

“Please…” Raj begged one of Roy’s men, “Please suck my wife’s boobs”

All the men in the room started laughing at them.

“Not interested,” the man replied teasingly.

“Please,” Raj begged again, “They are really good, soft and juicy…”

“What are you selling mangoes?” Roy laughed.

Raj broke down into tears, unable to take the humiliation.

“OK, sissy don’t cry,” the man said as he walked towards Payal, “You’ll learn how to offer your whore wife body in a way that would interest real men.”

Payal held up her boobs offering them to the man. He smiled at that and said, “See that? She is a far better learner.”

The man started kissing and licking both her nipples, and squeezing her breasts hard, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Raj was licking her toes as ordered, while Payal played with her pussy keeping her legs wide open. Her pussy was dripping wet. Another man was recording her slutty display on video on her own phone. She was nearing orgasm. Her expression began to change. She closed her eyes, surrendering to the humiliation and the pleasurable sensations she was feeling due to the man licking her nipples and gently sucking her boobs, and two fingers going in an out of her pussy. The man recording the video zoomed in to record every tiny detail of her slutty expression. She began to moan, and involuntarily pushed the man head harder against her breasts. As she was about to cum, she arched her back, further pushing out her boobs and began to finger fuck herself faster. Soon she came, convulsing like a shameless slut with her legs wide open and a total stranger at her breast. She lifted her hips off the couch and moved he cunt rhythmically back and forth to extract the full amount of pleasure from her forced masturbation.

Raj who was still sucking her toes got a nice view of his wife’s tits being sucked by a filthy goon and his wife enjoying every bit of it. He felt a tingle in his pants and there was a small bulge.

Payal fell limp on the couch as the man continued to suck her boobs. When she recovered from the orgasm, she suddenly realized what she had done in front of the camera and started crying.

Roy smiled at their condition.

“Don’t you cry slut,” he said, “Look it seems your husband also enjoyed the show that your put on for all of us.”

Payal looked at Raj’s crotch and saw the tiny bulge. Raj ordered her to strip her husband naked and she obeyed. All the men laughed looking at his tiny cock.

“No wonder your wife is such an unsatisfied slut!” Roy said teasing him, “Today I’ll show you how a real man fucks a slut”

He ordered Raj to lie flat on the ground. His small 2 inch cock stood up at right angle. He felt extremely humiliated, but to his surprise he was getting aroused at the thought of his wife being fuck by other men.

Roy made Payal get on all fours and straddle his face so her pussy was directly above his face. Roy made them maintain this position for 15 minutes, driving Payal mad with anticipation of her impending bang in front of her husband. A drop of her wetness trickled down her pussy and fell on his face.

Just then she felt Roy’s huge cock rub the entrance of her pussy. She shuddered and her pussy got wetter to welcome the anticipated penetration. Raj was able to see his wife’s wet pussy and Roy’s 8 inch hard cock, about to enter her, all this just a few inches from his face.

“Now be nice doggie boy, thank me for this nice view and beg me to fuck her,” he ordered.

“Please fuck me wife,” Raj begged tearfully knowing he had no choice.

Roy grabbed Payal’s hips and entered slowly inch by inch. Payal moaned as she had never taken such a huge cock before. He was almost three times the size of her husband. But her pussy was all hot and wet, so she felt only pleasure as Roy pushed the entire length of his cock inside her. The feeling of being filled was so overwhelming, Payal moaned like a bitch in heat. When she looked down, she could see her husband’s tiny cock standing erect.

Raj watched Roy’s cock disappear into Payal’s wet pussy. He watched this man pound his wife, first with slow sensual strokes and then faster. The fucking happened so close to his face that there was nothing else he could see, just another man’s cock going in an out of his wife’s pussy and her boobs jiggling with every thrust. He heard her slutty moans, and as the fucking continues, more drops of her wetness were splattered on his face.

Payal moaned loudly she felt other orgasm build up. She starting thrusting her hips back at Roy. Her husband got even more around to see his wife welcome this man’s cock. Roy fucked her so roughly like she had never felt before with her husband. Within seconds she came hard again. Roy felt her tight pussy muscles rhythmically milk his cock trying to extract his seed as she thrusted her hips back with all her strength.

“Please don’t cum inside me,” Payal begged, “I’m not on any birth control. My husband always used a condom.”

“Condom? Seriously? What a moron! So, this is the first time you are feeling skin to skin?” Roy asked.

“Yes,” she cried.

“And you are clearly liking it…well slut, I felt you cum just now on my cock, so it is only fair if I cum inside you,”
He began thrusting harder and faster and she felt his hot seed fill up her womb. She had never felt this before. Roy withdrew his cock, leaving a trail of her wetness mixed with his cum that dripped slowly onto her husband’s face. She was crying bitterly now, knowing that she could get pregnant with Roy’s child. The tears flowed down her face and started dripping on her husband’s cock as her pussy was dripping onto this face.

To Be Continue …

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