The First Job- 'Story Of Seduction and Lust' | Chapter-1

Chapter-1 | Episode-1

Office Sex Story | Vikrant is 26 year old man. He recently qualified as Chartered Accountent. He got a job in MNC as a Account exective. After the initial training of 15 days in Delhi , he was placed in Indore branch of Company.

After completing his training in Delhi , he came back to Kanpur where his family lived. He had couple of days to spend as he had his reservation for Indore after 2 days.

Vikrant’s train was to depart at midnight. He had just 2 bags with him. His parents and younger sister came to see him off. Train started on time to slowly leave plateform behind. Vikrant had side lower berth. So he kept his luggage under the seat and started to look outside.

For making his career he had sacrificed so many things. All these years he had maintained a distance with girls, social media and all other bad habits. But now that he had a job , he decided that he was going to enjoy his life. As now he wont have any financial problem.

Vikrant was very conscious of his body during his student life. He used to work out daily. No matter how busy schedule he had, he always used to find time for workout. As a result of all this hard work , he had a very fit and mascular body.

It was 15 hour journey from Kanpur to Indore. During his journey Vikrant kept thinking of ways to enjoy his life.


It was 4 in the evening when Vikrant’s train reached Indore station.

Vikrant had already booked an 2 BHK house in Prem Nagar of Indore. It was 2 storey building with 2 BHK on the ground floor and 1st floor. Vikrant’s house was on 1st floor.

Vikrant booked online cab for his new home. Once he was inside the cab he called his parents and informed them
that he had reached Indore.


After reaching on the address of his new home Vikrant paid cab driver and took his luggage out of cab.
He took a quick glance of 2 storey building ahead of him. He was impressed with his choice of house.

Vikrant pressed the bell. Soon a beautiful woman open the gate. Vikrant took a quick look of her. She was wearing a light green colour suit on her curvy body. She must be in early 30, vikrant guessed. Vikrant found her extremely attractive.

“Hi, I am Vikrant” Vikrant introduced himself.

“ Hi , I was waiting for you. My husband had told me that you will come by evening” That woman in green suit replied.

Broker had told Vikrant that he will give keys of his home to the Suneel who was living in ground floor.

“Where is Suneel Bhiaya?” Vikrant asked woman in green suit. Vikrant guessed that she was wife of Suneel.  

“He will be in office. He will come after some time. “Why are you standing outside? Come inside.” woman replied.
Vikrant drag his trolly bag inside, second bag was on his back.

“Wait for a moment, I will bring your keys.” woman said and went inside her house.

As she turned, Vikrant’s saw her big ass moving in a rythem. Vikrant felt his cock getting turned on. He knew , he have to seduce this extremely sexy woman to have fun with her. He decided that he will fuck her inside next seven days.

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    Nice story. I am waiting for Nizhalaana Nija Kadhal next continuation

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    Nice one. I am waiting for next part of Nizhalaana Nija Kadhal

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