The First Job- ‘Story Of Seduction and Lust’ | Chapter-2 | EP 01

Next morning Vikrant was already ready by 4:30 AM. He was strolled impatiently in his living room as he waited for Priyanka bhabhi. Last night when He ordered her to be ready by 5 AM, she nodded with a smirk. Suneel was running late to meet his project deadline so after dinner, instead of drinking, he worked on his project. Vikrant knew that Suneel will work till late night so he went upstairs to his apartment and slept, as he was to teach yoga to Priyanka early morning next day.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Vikrant jumped to the door to opened it. As planned Priyanka was standing on the door. She was wearing a blue t-shirt on a track pant. Her t-shirt was quite very tight around her chest as it was hardly holding Priyanka’s heavy breast. Her Track pant was also very tight showing shape of her meaty legs and thighs. Vikrant loved her attire. Priyanka bhabhi’s face was beaming with joy as she stand in front of him in a t-shit and track pant.

“Let go to the roof, for your first yoga class Bhabhi ji” Vikrant suggested after inspecting her from head to toe.
Priyanka turned and started to climb the stairs and he quickly shut his door and followed her. He stared at Priyanka’s wide fat hips, as it swayed seductively as she climbed the stairs. He was having a hard time controlling his dick after seeing Priyanka bhabhi’s ass. He pressed his dick over his short till he followed Priyanka to the roof.

Vikrant took a sharp view of nearby. It was an early Sunday morning so no one was in sight in nearby roofs.
“Bhabhi Ji, we will start with the warm-up. Spread your legs as you jump and you take your hands over your head to clap. Do it for 5 minutes.” Vikrant instructed her.

Priyanka obeyed him and started her warm-up as suggested by him. As soon as she moved her hands over her head, her tshirt pulled up a bit to expose her deep navel. Her huge boobs were also moving under her t-shit as she jumps. Vikrant gleefully enjoy the view of her deep navel and erratically moving boobs.

After 5 minutes Vikrant asked her to sit down. Then he make her do some simple yoga asan and she did very well.
“Now Stand up and spread your legs like this and bend forward and touch the floor next to you,” Vikrant instructed her how to do, while himself doing the yoga pose.

Priyanka spread her legs and started bending down as Vikrant said “No Bhabhi Ji, you are doing it wrong. Position of your legs is not correct. You will get injured if you do like this.” Priyanka tried aligning her legs as per his instruction but she was helpless. She was unable to do as he did. Then she looked at her for help. Vikrant was waiting for this moment only.

“Spread your legs in this direction.” He instructed her after he standed right behind her and kept his hands on her meaty thighs. It was first time that he was touching her like this and he was overjoyed. Then Vikrant held Priyanka by her waist to help her bend forward and complete yoga pose.

Vikrant continued like this for some time. He grabbed every opportunity to touch her thighs and waist while Priyanka happily did as instructed.

“I can’t do anymore. Look I am fully drenched in the sweat.” Priyanka said taking a deep breath.

“Okay, let us end this yoga class now,” Vikrant replied.


“Come inside have Bhabhi Ji and have some water.” Vikrant offered her as he opened the door of his apartment.
Priyanka thought for a moment and then she followed him to his living room.

“Make yourself comfortable Bhabhi Ji. Let me fetch some water bottle.” Vikrant said and dashed off to the kitchen to bring water bottle.

When Vikrant returned with a water bottle, he saw Priyanka sitting comfortably on the sofa. He passed the water bottle to her as he sits beside her. There was very little gap between them.

Vikrant looked at her perfectly crafted body while she gulps down some water. Her T-shirt was drenched in sweat and had clinged around her heavy boobs, showing straps of bra under her t-shirt. Vikrant found her extremely erotic.

“Priyanka Bhabhi, you are looking so beautiful and sexy in this t-shirt and track pant,” Priyanka giggled as he flirted with her.

“You found me sexy in every dress I wore, sometimes I think you lie to please me,” Priyanka said, as she passed the water bottle to him.

“It’s not about attire. It’s about you Priyanka. You are sexy, not the dress. You are so damn sexy that I can’t control myself to praise you.” Vikrant said looking deep into her eyes.

Priyanka noticed that this time he had mentioned her by her name only this time. She can sense his desire for her.  They looked deep into each others eyes. Their heart beat was getting faster with every moment.

“I think I should leave now,” Priyanka said breaking the eye contact. She stood up and started to walk towards the door.

Vikrant had enough of Priyanka’s nonsense. He grabbed her hand and pulled her on the sofa. Priyanka fall on the sofa with a thud.

“Answer my question before you leave,” Vikrant said, as Priyanka widened her eyes.

“What you want to know?” Priyanka said balancing herself on the sofa.

“Why you do this to me Priyanka?” Vikrant asked holding her hands. Once again he had addressed her by her name only.

“I don’t think I have done anything wrong to you?” Priyanka said innocently.

“I know you like me. Then when ever I try to come close, you start avoiding me. I want answer now. You can’t play with me like this. If you don’t like me then say it clearly. I won’t persue you after that.” Vikrant poured his heart out.

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