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The Adjustment -BDSM Stories

Her foggy gaze moved toward the sound of the bedside monitor and the baby’s soft whimper. Anna held her breath while she directed every sense she had, real and imagined, toward the goal of willing her daughter back to sleep. The magical mother power had never worked in the past, but for the first time in weeks, the baby settled and all was quiet.

The sun peeked through the skylights of the master bedroom, and Anna stared out the floor to ceiling picture windows that overlooked the majestic lake framed by distant mountains. It had required a work of the heart to renovate the run down cottage to their demanding satisfaction, but both she and Allen refused any kind of curtain that would block the power of their view. The sunrise display of yellows and pinks diffused across the sky, but her exhausted brain refused to enjoy the gift given to her eyes.
The expensively decorated room led to a huge master bath and an elegant combination of tile and granite, but hours of careful design choice were a long distant past. Lakefront property for successful career executives made sense; but the baby would be walking soon, and they feared for her safety surrounded by so much damned water. They had plans to sign the realtor’s paper work later that day.
Allen moved in his sleep. Her body had grown soft and curvy with pregnancy, but his remained rock hard with chiseled biceps and abs. The reddish tinge to his day’s beard complimented the neatly trimmed brown hair, and she knew there were killer brown eyes underneath the deep sleep.
In another life, Anna would have curled next to his natural dominance for Saturday morning warmth and protection. She would have relinquished control of her body to the unique combination of pain and pleasure that formed the foundation of their private lifestyle. His hand would have found its way sharply to her willing ass, and the warmth of the sting would generate the slow tingles to ignite moisture deep inside her core and connect all the intimate parts of her body.
She thought of the plugs, clamps, vibrators, and restraints of her past life and knew they gathered dust from neglect in the bedside drawer. Instead of asking for play in the respectful submissive voice they both found so incessantly hot, she curled back into a little ball of self-pity and closed her eyes to the changes in her life. First the miscarriage, then the long and difficult pregnancy, and finally the birth of the beautiful little girl a month too early. Delivering life under an umbrella of anxiety, Anna never caught up to her new world. Adjustments to career and routine brought new challenges every day, and she tried to find balance, but the yin and yang of her life never aligned.
Her new world was half an effort to motherhood and half an effort to corporate America, and her inability to devote to neither brought the first failures of her life. The baby struggled with miserable colds and viruses from constant daycare. Her tiny persona fought sleep with a vengeance and saved her crabbiest time of day for the dinner hour when Anna searched for quiet bonding. As her daughter made more soft noises through the monitor, Anna’s self-pity took a turn towards resentment, and she struggled to fight off the accompanying guilt.
Allen woke a few minutes later and rose slowly. The baby may have a pitiful mother, but Allen was a fantastic father. Through the monitor, Anna could hear him speak to their daughter as he fed and changed her before delivering a soft song to return her to sleep. Anna knew he would guarantee the baby’s safety and comfort, but the overpowering remorse kept her awake until he returned to their bedroom.
She opened one eye as he entered, but the magnificence of his body opened her eyes a bit more. He had no stretch marks, no chubby little tummy, and no saggy tits. After months of pregnancy and child rearing, she had long abandoned the feel of the soft, silky sheets against her skin for a pair of flannel bottoms and baggy t-shirt that hid her body from his sight.
Before the baby, her tits were her best asset. They were the perfect size for his hands and a mouthful when he took them. White, creamy globes that loved the feel of the clamps connecting to her pussy; the tingling sensation setting her body on fire as her mind moved away from the outside world to focus only on her pleasure. But like the rest of her body, her breasts abandoned her in motherhood. Despite vocal critics on every website, the complications of her career and travel made breastfeeding impossible, and she stopped after six months. She faced her failure each time she looked to smile of the beautiful little girl whose first tooth recently developed, despite her mother’s inability to deliver proper nutrition for the recommended time.
Confronted by her life, the tears began quickly. Allen paused by the side of her bed, and she knew he interpreted her dismal secret. Submission to his control was her choice long before they married, and communication made their unique relationship succeed. Allen could read her nonverbal messages as easily as her spoken word.
They had started with a strong contract outlining the strict rules of engagement, including a carefully chosen safe word she never used. Allen knew how to push her to achieve the most satisfaction for both of them, without breaking her spirit and enthusiasm. His knowledge of her needs and the message of her responses was all part of their secret language when he took her through a full range of emotions in singularly unique experiences. With some unspoken fear that submission wasn’t a gift for mothers and fathers, their sex life had been decidedly mainstream since she discovered her second pregnancy.
She heard him sigh, and the reality she couldn’t identify its meaning spoke volumes to a connection that frayed under the weight of parenthood. He reached for a handful of her tits, but she turned away to deny him the touch and choking sobs threatened to defeat her soul. Allen hesitated as seconds turned to a full minute before he responded with a sharp smack to her flannel covered bottom.
She turned in a glare of confusion, but her body began the internal dance that fueled her core. He scowled with the full dominance of his powerful personality, and she felt the tiniest bit of familiar submission to his authority. Her t-shirt was removed by his demanding hands but not before the sting on her bottom turned to a delicious warmth.
Naked from the waist up, she felt the cool morning air from the open windows blow against her sensitive nipples and felt a small sense of freedom. She waited for him to make the next move and when it didn’t come quickly enough, she wiggled her body slightly. The move brought a smirk to Allen’s eyes, and he traced the curves of her body with gentle fingertips. Starting at her neck, he worked down to take the great handfuls of her breast, and the ache between her legs grew even stronger. Slowly, he pinched and toyed with her nipples, pushing them to the hard peaks he so enjoyed.
When his hand moved inside her soft flannel pajama bottoms, she tried to help remove them, but a hard twist to her nipples reminded her assistance was unwelcome. Instinctively, she moved her hands to the top of the four poster bed and held on. It was what he would have expected from her in the past; the comfort of the location and the insistent pain on the tips of her breasts brought alive nerve endings she had forgotten existed. The signs of readiness began to seek the moisture deep between her legs.
Her pants were quickly removed, and she was embarrassed by the lack of sexual message her plain white cotton panties sent. She moved to hide them as a reminder she was a mother first, and no longer capable of being submissive to him, but her hands were caught quickly and he pulled them over her head. A strong grip on her wrists tightened as he took physical power over her body.
With nothing stopping him, Allen’s tongue tickled the ends of her nipples and she could only wiggle under his vise. Slowly and methodically, he traced around her areola with wet wisps of a touch. She moaned softly at his attempt to invade her soul with movement that fueled her ache. Clenching her legs together, she tried to control her need, but when his teeth made their first contact in months, she gasped.
The electricity built when he moved his fingers between her legs to taunt the overgrown curls that hid her swollen arousal, but the baby gave a small cough on the monitor. Anna froze and cursed silently at the illusion of a few minutes of freedom. Responsibility meant jobs and parenting and laundry and vacuuming, not submission to her old master. As he reached down to play with the elastic of her uninspiring white panties, she pulled away from him. He gave her ass a smart slap to show his displeasure, and she slapped his hands away in anger.
A low, cool look took place in his eyes as he turned his full dom stare into her soul. She returned his look with a glare of her own and formed her safe word on the tip of her tongue. She was ready to call it and end this game for good. The finality of forever flooded through her thoughts when he quietly removed her wrist restraints from the bedside drawer.
The familiarity of the soft leather kept the decisive word from leaving her. He bound her wrists together and moved them over her head to fasten them firmly to the bed. She would not pull away from them without her safe word. The unique combination of faith and submission was intoxicatingly close, but she still fought it as alien to her new life.
The restraints gave him great power, and he began his exploration inside of her panties. He taunted and teased the outside of her swollen lips before he moved to the nerves in her ass. Whether he chose sting or warmth, she had always loved the feel of his hand on her bottom, but she knew today would bring sting. Her dom would be angry at her disobedience. If she was going to continue today, she would be punished when he was done playing with her.
His fingers did love her restraint. Slowly they reached down to her inner thighs and traced gentle patterns closer and closer to her labia. He found the soft curls that surrounded her sex and pulled gently to generate even more electricity. As the energy built inside of her, she was forced to focus on her own growing need. She wiggled her bottom in anticipation, but still did not speak. He did not like her to speak when he played with her, and the rules of their game began to take over her subconscious.
Her utilitarian panties were removed from her sight. Naked before him and tied to his bed, Anna whimpered softly in submission. After so many months of self-restriction, the effect was the most consummate of experiences. Awake and alert, her body tried to foresee his next move, but she had never been able to anticipate him. The ache between her legs grew so strong, she wished for her hands to be free so she could take care of her own moisture, but recognized the need for patience. If she pleased him, he would please her. Otherwise, she would be punished and perhaps even denied her release.
She looked to his eye for signs of his instruction, and wondered if responsibility had made him forgetful and he would not punish her for her disobedience, but he reached back to the drawer and came out with his strap. He lay it next to her without a word, and Anna cringed as a release of moisture left her pussy in a tingle of electricity. She held a love/hate relationship with his belt.
He released a restraint to move her to all fours. Begging for forgiveness was futile. She had slapped her dom in a move of anger, and she would pay the price. The need for his chastisement, however, was so strong she moved into position without complaint. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes and her room grew dark while anxiety fueled the ache. Denied her sight, she connected to her other senses for the next clue. Her ears followed the sound of his movement while her fingers connected to the memories of their bed. Finally, her scent picked up her own arousal as the wetness between her legs threatened her thighs.
He made her wait. For ten minutes she knelt with her quivering ass turned to his power. Finally, his drawer opened again, and she felt the clamp bite her first sensitive nipple. She recognized the pinch and knew he had chosen a strong pair that would bring pain to a level she hadn’t experienced in almost two years. She instinctively moved away from the second, but his hand found her ass in punishment. A dozen stinging smacks, one after the other fell in breathtaking succession on her white, tender spot to remind her of her obedience. She took all twelve with a soft whimper and willed her body to behave. The second clamp was firmly attached without so much as a wiggle, as years of training at his hand returned to her conscious.
It wasn’t until she felt his dick at her ass that she could gage his anger. It was a punishment to her, and one he utilized carefully, but her training was clearly in need of stronger discipline. He pushed at the outer edges of her back hole to let her feel the coolness of the lubricant and put his hand to her pussy at the same time. She recognized both moves as his silent communication to her needs.
With his hand on her wetness, Allen began to play with her clit. Small circles ran back and forth, generating her more of her wet response while his cock gently pushed at her ass. His fingers finally invaded her channel, and her breath grew heavier. She knew she must wait for his permission to explode and turned all of her strength to maintain personal control while the growing tension built deep inside the walls of her pussy.
His cock stayed outside of her and she wondered if he simply planned to torment her with the fear of an ass fucking, but with his hand on her clit, he moved inside her tight channel. She pushed back to allow him entry because to fight him would bring more punishment. Slowly and methodically, long painfully pleasurable strokes connected the wetness of her pussy to the nerves in her ass. She gasped and finally, whimpered her pleasure, but focused hard to keep her spasms away from his moving fingers. She would face his whip if she orgasmed without his permission.
He withdrew slowly, and she knew what was next. She tensed before she heard the sound of the leather and it hit her ass with a bite. To slap her dom and deny him his pleasure was not her role, and she would pay for it with his strap. She took the first four with stoic pride, but they grew in intensity as she knew they would. There was ten of them, a lot for Allen to deliver, and he didn’t stop until she began to cry. Her emotions let loose, and her body gave itself over to her dom with complete submission.
Allen moved away from her ass and ran his hand over the crimson of her bottom as if to appreciate his leather. Without warning, his cock slipped into her pussy from behind, and he fucked her hard. It wasn’t his favorite position, but the one he chose for the full effect of his power. Long fluid strokes worked with a frenzied need, and she moved her body to greet him. Electricity ignited her wetness, and she felt the power of his body all the way to her toes. Taken to the edge of emotion, she cried out in her battle to control her orgasm and finally her master spoke the first word of the day, “Now”.
Anna exploded with a spasm that made her scream. Her pussy contracted to pull his cock closer to her soul, and she felt him release at the same time. Electricity connected all the elements of her body as she turned into his power. Her breasts, pussy, clit and even the tender nerves of her ass all fed into the eruption that consumed her from the inside out. Waves of pleasure rode over her, and her screams became as distant as her thoughts. They rode together in a frenzy of raw sex; Allen in his role of power over her submissive body.
Finally he was spent, and smacked her ass with his unspoken command to lie down. He curled next to her body still restrained to his bed by a remaining cuff. She snuggled into his comfort and allowed her skin to register the granite steel of his hard body. Her mind connected to his on every level; her last thought before she drifted to a deep sleep in his arms was the delicious tingling left on her ass and the wetness still on her thighs.

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