Sunita's Exploration

Bye Sunita, I am leaving for the office. As usual it’s 8:30 AM and I have to rush for the office. At the same time the maid Bhagya used to come to home to do the Cleanup activity. My wife gave me the kiss and came to the door to lock-it-up, at the same time a man nearly in his 40’s standing outside the door and about to hit the doorbell when I opened the door to go out. His name was Bhaskar.
Let me give you some background about myself. My name is Varun, working in a MNC company as a hacker at 9 to 6 from Monday to Friday. I was 32 years old and have a son Tarun. We belong to uttar pradesh bareilly district in India.
I have been married to Sunita from the past 7 years. She is very shy and conservative wife who is totally dedicated to her husband. Without exaggeration I could say that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is 5.9 inches tall, 28 years of age, has beautiful fair skin, with two different colored eyes commonly known as heterochromia iridum, her one eye color is blue while other is yellow, her lips are big and fluffy and could drive any man crazy. At the time of marriage her breast was 32 to 33 C but after giving birth to our son they have increased to 34C but still tight and intact. Every man could die to see them and crush them. After 7 years of her marriage she is still well maintained, thanks to her diet and Yoga. In short she is hot as hell and I used to feel the luckiest man in the world as I was the one who took her virginity at first night. She used to take good care of her appearances and wears only saree. Although before marriage she had tried all sort of fashion styles but after marriage only Saree.
Bhaskar is a typical South Indian guy and later I found out that his Hindi is very good. He is short at around 4 inches and and have big belly built around him. He is dark as coal and a stinky smell used to come from him as he hasn’t taken bath from weeks. His hairs are gone from the head although side hairs are still there. Pan gutka smell used to come from his mouth and his teeths are deteriorated because of continuously chewing the Gutka. He is the living legend of ugliness.
So back to story, as I opened the door I got bit shocked to see a man in front of me who is as ugly as a rotten meat. I asked him, who are you and what do you want, with my wife standing behind me ? At first sight of my wife itself he got mesmerized. He was talking to me and was looking towards my wife, who was in her nightie. The nightie was short and bit transparent. It is well above her thighs, the back of the nightie is completely open with just one string attached to it. The front of the nightie too was very deep and was revealing most of my wife’s big tits and rest of the tits were making perfect curvature around the nightie and the nipples boundary were too clearly visible in the nightie. I could see the lust in that man eyes as he has clearly seen the big cleavage of my wife’s tits. Bhaskar soon realised that, although I know it would be very hard for him but he looked away from my wife and said that he is the husband of Bhagya and as she is not well, so he will be doing today’s household work. My wife got shied and ran towards our bedroom to change herself. As she was running one could clearly see her butt cheeks move up and down. For Bhaskar that was the scene of his lifetime. He kept standing there speechless. I was getting late so I let him in and left for the office.
In the parking lot I realised that I forgot my office file at the coffee table and went up to collect it back. I was about to hit the doorbell when I realised the door was not locked from inside. I opened the door and entered in home without making any sound and saw the scene which could make any husband angry and mad. My wife was changing clothes in our bedroom and the door was slightly ajar. I saw that Bhaskar was peeping from the door lecherously. My wife boobs are hanging out in open, and in comparison to her bare body whole world’s wealth will look waste. She likes to clean shave her vagina but leaves a thin hair line at top of it. Her pink pussy and pink nipples can make any man to do any crime.
As she was changing I saw bhaskar pulling his dhoti up and pull out his manhood. And I got the second shock in that day. His cock is almost 9-10 inches long. This is the longest penis I have ever seen. My cock was average around 6 inches and of normal thickness. But his penis is mammoth both in size and thickness. One could not even imagine in dreams that this Ugly South Indian guy could have this huge cock. His penis as dark as him and the front foreskin was completely pushed behind. His cock was rock solid and he is pumping it as fast as he can. I wanted to stop all this but couldn’t collect the strength to stop him.
My wife then wore the bra and panty having flowers imprinted on them. She took out his green sari and wore it. She took almost fifteen minutes and in those fifteen minutes my heartbeat was beating like the bullet train and don’t know what was happening to me. I never had this feeling before, terrified and at the same time erotic. I can feel the bulge inside my pants. For few minutes completely forgot that the main door at my back is still open and Bhaskar can see me any time or someone could come from outside.
My wife has changed her clothes and is coming out and at the same time Bhaskar pushed his dick back in his dhoti. I too took the quick action and went back and rang the doorbell. Bhaskar opened the door and one clearly see that his cock is still semi-erect as his dhoti is still bulging out. My wife was standing at the coffee table, may be she realised that I forgot the file.”Tum bhi na office ki file ghar main hi bhool gaye, main tumhe call kerne hi wali thi” I lost all the anger with her just one look. I don’t want to go as long as Bhaskar is there as I was bit frightened to think that what if he try some mischief. But couldn’t make up any excuse so have to leave for the office although bit surprised that she was not doing any yoga today.
Typically Sunita does Yoga at around 9 AM till 10 AM and after that she use to took the shower and then do her breakfast. Whole time in the office I was thinking about Sunita and Bhaskar and was not able to finish up my work. I thought what if in my absence Bhaskar goes to my home and tries to do something bad. I have to be prepared for this but I cannot tell this all to my wife Sunita as I don’t want to frighten her. So that day I left early from the office and being a Hacker I know all equipments which are required to put my house under surveillance. I grabbed all the software from the market including spy cameras, hard-disk for backup storage and mobile software through which I can see the live feed from my home to my Mobile.
We live in 3 BHK apartment and our society is well respected one. As I reach back early I knew that I wanted to know as soon as Bhaskar enters our building. The main building have CC cameras all around it. I just have to hack them to get the feed from them. Then i went to my home, my wife got bit surprised to see me. “Honey you came early today.” It looks like she just woke up. Even in this condition she looks like a beautiful Angel.”Yes Sunita, have to finish some assignment for which I need my home laptop”. Without uttering another word I went to study room and installed all the softwares in my Laptop. Took a while but child’s play to hack the CCTV of our society and now all cameras are hooked up to my laptop as well as my mobile. Now the only place left is inside my home. As I was busy my wife went back to sleep, so get the chance to install the spy cameras inside my home. I hooked them everywhere, inside the kitchen, drawing room, study room, bedroom and even in the bathroom, All this without my wife’s knowledge. Then I left to pick up my son and was back at around 8:15 PM.
At night she wore her typical green nightie and came to bed after our son went to sleep in a different room. I was bit lost in my thoughts and was checking all the CCTV cameras in my mobile. There are cameras even inside the lift. I was happy that now I can see all around the building and the top of the building i.e. roof. She came to bed and hugged me and said, “Honey I wanted to tell you something”. I came back to my senses, put the mobile aside and said, “What is it dear”. She said, “I am really sorry about the morning. I didn’t know that Bhagya was not coming today and her husband is coming. If I knew about that I wouldn’t have wore that nightie”. The morning instance flashbacked to me I felt a hardon down there. She continued, “That is the reason I didn’t do yoga today:. I asked, “Why”? She replied, “as for that I have to wear my skin tight shorts and upper which are too revealing, i cannot wear them in front of another man.” Now I was fantasizing my wife doing Yoga in-front of Bhaskar. I convinced her that is completely fine. “What if Bhagya is sick for another week or so, in that case she will not be able to do yoga at all. And as far as Bhaskar is concerned he looks like a nice guy”. She replied, “hmmm.. We will see tomorrow and she started kissing me”. I was having complete hard-on. I started kissing my wife back and forced my tongue in her. She sucked my tongue and we both were having a blast. She removed all my clothes and I opened her nightie with just one go. Here she is lying completely naked in front of me and my cock is ready to enter in her. I kissed her and then pushed my cock deep inside her. She made the sound ..’Ahhh..Yesss’. Her sound always made me horny and I fucked her brains out for 20 seconds and then I came inside her. I know that it was too quick because the morning flashbacks has made me all hot. Sunita still doesn’t know that Bhaskar has seen her nude while changing clothes. Now I am waiting for tomorrow morning and I know that Bhaskar will come back as no man can resist Sunita specially if he has seen her naked. I was not able to sleep and the night was getting long and long…

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