Staying close to my sister (and mom)

Staying close to my sister

Sister fucking porn story :

It had been several months since my sister Elizabeth and I quit school. We were hired to work at Mom’s office as ‘data intake specialists’, which meant entering names and numbers into a computer all day long. It could be menial and boring at times, but we made the most of it. Elizabeth and I would race to see who could file the most forms in a set amount of time, or who could do a form the fastest with only one hand. A downside was the team we were on was supposed to have four people, but only the two of us got hired, so for the last few months, it’s been the two of us doing as much work as four people. We managed though, mostly because we turned out to be really good at it. Our games made us fast and efficient, so we could handle the workload with little difficulty. The only problem was Elizabeth was due for maternity leave in about a month, and I couldn’t handle all of the work by myself. That’s why they finally hired two more members to complete our team. That’s about all I wanted to skip through, but before you ask, I’ll tell you: yes, I’m still staying close to my sister (and mom).

“Oh god yes!” Mom cried as I drilled into her tight wet twat. “Give it to me baby! Shoot your dirty seed on our precious children!” She rubbed her enormous white belly, which contained our two new babies. “I want them to bathe in it!”

It took a while since it was my second load that morning, but staring at her giant jiggling tits, which had gotten even bigger after she got pregnant, gave me all the encouragement I needed. I felt the blissful twinge in my balls signaling my massive ejaculation was on the verge of blowing out into Mom’s gorgeous cunt. I pressed my large purple head right up to her cervix and gave her exactly what she asked for.


“It’s about time.” Elizabeth chided. “You finished with me twice as fast.” She rubbed her large round belly, which contained a child of her own. It perfectly complemented her large round tits, which seemed to have doubled in size. As she moved her hands down her plump midsection, some of my thick cum oozed from her tight slit and onto the bed. “We’re gonna be late for work if we don’t hurry.” She tried to seem annoyed, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off my still invigorated member.

I wanted to go for another round, but just as Elizabeth started scooting closer to me I caught a glimpse of the clock behind her. “Oh shit,” I cursed, “it’s eight-thirty. We need to get going!”

Both girls went from content arousal to full sprint in less than a second. We rushed to get washed, dressed, and ready to go with barely a word between us. In only a few minutes we were ready, and we dashed to the car to be at work by nine. The drive was about twenty minutes, so we figured we wouldn’t be more than a couple of minutes late.
“So Ray,” Elizabeth asked, “what do you think the new workers will be like?”

“I can’t say until we’ve met them; they could be a lot of things. I just hope we get along.”
“Get along, eh?” Mom joined in. “If they’re girls, do you think you might get along as well as you get along with us?” My face flushed red with embarrassment.

I finally choked out, “Unless they’re as horny as you two are all the time, I doubt that will be an issue.”

“Do you have a problem with us being horny?” Elizabeth teased.
“Well, we used to only fuck at night, but now you’ve been getting me up in the morning to fuck before work. I’m not a morning person!”
“Sorry baby,” Mom said, “but all the pregnancy hormones are making us super horny.”
“Yep,” Elizabeth added, “and we’ve been getting even hornier as the delivery date gets closer. I can’t stand having to wait all day at work without having you inside me. I have to get it once in the morning or else I can’t function.”

“It’s not like we can do it at work.” Mom said. “Let’s just think about other things until we get home. Then we can fuck to our heart’s content.” I sounded annoyed by their constant begging for my cock, but honestly, I was loving every second of it.

We arrived at the tall pale-white office building and bid farewell to Mom, whose office was a floor up from ours. Elizabeth and I followed the familiar corridor to our office, which was a moderately sized room with a large square table in the center and a small brown desk in the back. The large table had four chairs pulled up to it with two on one side and two on the opposite side, so that two team members could sit next to each other and the other two would sit across from them. A computer sat in front of each chair to complete our work station. The desk in the back also had a computer, though it was newer and had a larger monitor. Usually, Elizabeth and I sat on the right side of the table and left the other side vacant, since we weren’t working as a full team. Now, however, the chairs on the left were occupied, and I finally got to see what my new co-workers were like. I was fucked.

Both looked about our age, and both were very attractive women. The one closest to us had bright red hair which went down to her shoulders. Her skin was fairly tanned, so I assumed the red hair wasn’t natural. She wore a nervous expression on her soft-toned face. The other girl had wavy blonde hair that was pulled back into a long ponytail that easily reached her ass, which unfortunately I couldn’t see from where I was standing. She had bigger breasts than the first girl, but neither could compare to my sister’s: even before she was pregnant. She seemed nervous too, but both jumped from their seats once they noticed our entrance.

“Hi!” They said in unison.
“My name is Karen,” The red-head took the lead. “And this is Trisha. We just finished training and were assigned to work with the two of you.”

“Awesome!” Elizabeth greeted them first since she was always more social than me. “You can call me Lizzy, short for Elizabeth, and this is my brother Ray. We’ve been working here for a few months, so if you have any questions feel free to ask either of us.”
“Great,” this time the blonde girl, Trisha, spoke, “I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions. You can call me Trish by the way.”

I figured I should speak too, so I said, “Sure thing, and don’t worry about the job; It’s not that hard. And like Lizzy said, you have us here to help.”

I noticed the two glance at Elizabeth’s enormous belly, but neither one brought it up. I guess they probably wanted to get to know us better before asking personal questions. We hadn’t had to answer the ‘who’s the father’ question since our first week on the job, but I didn’t think it would be hard to lie about Elizabeth’s ‘boyfriend’ again. I’m sure it was way harder for Mom to explain her pregnancy to co-workers, but she managed it somehow.

“Get to work people,” a voice from the back of the room ordered us. “You’re not getting paid to chit-chat.” Martha, our ever bitchy boss sat behind her small desk with her arms crossed, giving us all a cold stare. She had light brown hair that was tied up in a neat bun, and it was unfortunate that she had her arms crossed since her tits were amazingly perky for how large they were. At twenty-nine, she would be a fairly attractive woman, except her face was always contorted into a fierce penetrating scowl. Honestly, I suspected she might be the secret Queen of Bitch-Land.

“Fine,” I muttered as I ambled slowly to my seat. I didn’t take her orders too seriously since she barely had any real authority. I wasn’t trying to be a rebel mind you, I just didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of feeling superior. Elizabeth took the complete opposite approach.

“You got it!” she almost sang as she strode gracefully to her seat. She sat down and logged-in immediately. Whenever someone was bad-natured or ill-tempered she would always ‘kill them with kindness’. That was just her way. She asked Martha how her day was going and how the drive to work was, as well as all the other usual things. Martha would always give extremely frank answers, like ‘good’ and ‘slow’. She clearly didn’t give two shits about being outgoing and friendly.

The other two girls darted to their seats and logged in, both giving Martha nervous glances. We all got settled in and started typing away, filling out datasheets, and other boring stuff. I sat across from Karen, the red-head, and every once in a while, our feet would meet under the table. She would say, “Sorry!” and pull her leg back as quickly as she could. She acted really nervous around me, and I had no idea why.

Both girls asked lots of questions, and we were able to help them out a fair bit. Finally, Martha decided to do her job and started reading through the files we submitted on her own computer.

“Good job Ray.” She said. Apparently I hadn’t made any mistakes. “Good job Elizabeth.” I knew for sure Elizabeth hadn’t made any mistakes. “What is this?” she mumbled.
“Karen, Trisha, come over here for a moment.” She ordered with a deathly cold voice. The two girls anxiously approached her desk. “Look here, this page is littered with so many errors I can’t even believe it. Being new isn’t an excuse for being dumb.” Yep, the bitch was at it again. Anything that could be bitched about, she was gonna bitch about it. “I want you to re-do these, and this time try to get at least one thing right.” I really wanted to slap her. I could deal with her making fun of me, which she would do whenever I messed up. I couldn’t, however, deal with her calling the new girls dumb on their first real day on the job. Fortunately, the two seemed to take her insults lightly and went right back to work with no apparent hurt feelings.

Later on, Trisha asked a question that was difficult to answer in words alone, so I got up and walked around the table to show her how to do what she asked about. She was still having trouble, so I put my right hand over hers and moved the mouse so she could see what to do. A moment later I had to type something, so I brought my left arm around her and started typing on the keyboard. I had my arms around her with our faces right next to each other, and our hands touching. As I looked up from the computer I saw Elizabeth give me a knowing smile. She winked and went back to her own work. I felt slightly embarrassed, but it’s not like I was trying to get close to Trisha; I was just showing her how to finish up this type of file.

Whatever, I pushed the weird thoughts from my mind and said, “See, it’s not that hard. You got it now Trish?”

I looked down to see her face as red as a caboose. “Y-y-yeah, the-thanks Ray.” She stammered, “I think I can do it.” Her hand started twitching undermine, and I realized that I should probably let go before this gets too creepy.

As I started to walk back to my seat, Karen spoke up. “Um, do you think you can show me too?” I looked to see her face was the same bright red as Trisha’s.
“Sure, no problem.” I walked back around and started giving instructions while pointing at the screen.

“No, I don’t think that will work.” She said in a timid tone. “I can’t keep up with you that way. Can you show me the same way you showed Trish?”
“Uh, yeah. No problem.” I curled my fingers around hers on the mouse and wrapped my other arm around her body, with my head next to hers over her right shoulder. I gave her all the same instructions as I filed the form for her.

“So any other questions about this type of form?” I asked. Both girls shook their heads. “Okay, then just ask if you need anything else.” I sat back in my chair, ignoring Elizabeth’s shit-eating grin. I just wanted the girls to be proficient so Martha would leave them alone.
Unfortunately, Martha called them over a few more times to take jabs at them. With great effort, I was able to keep my composure and not bitch-slap the bitch-queen. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for arrived. Every day around eleven o-clock, she would announce that she was going to lunch. Technically, we were allowed to take our lunch hour at eleven, twelve, or one. However, she left at eleven and returned at two, taking all three lunch hours every day. We could have reported her, then management would probably send someone to make sure she only took one hour per day, but we never did since we preferred to work without her around. As soon as the door closed, the tension in the room relaxed. We explained to the new girls about how she would be gone for at least three hours (she was often late), and they were rather relieved to hear it.

“So tell us about yourselves,” Elizabeth said. “It seems like you two know each other.”
“Yep,” Karen responded, “We went to high school together.”
“We tried going to college, but it just wasn’t for us.” Trisha chimed in. “We really wanted to work together, so this job seemed like the perfect fit for us. We can work together all day now.”

“Awesome, it’s great to see high school friends stick together like that,” I added just so I didn’t seem anti-social and creepy. Unfortunately, at ‘high school friends’ both girls cringed. I looked at Elizabeth and whispered, “Did I say something wrong?”
“No, no! Sorry about that.” Karen answered first. “It’s just, well… We’re actually in a relationship.” Holy shit!

“That’s awesome!” Elizabeth exclaimed, “How long have you been going out? Since high school, or after?” Both girls sat in silence and stared at her for a moment. Finally, Trisha spoke up again.

“Sorry about that, it’s just we weren’t expecting you to accept it so quickly. We started dating junior year of high school, and most people looked at us like we were freaks.”
“That’s awful, you can’t help who you’re attracted to.” I said, “If you like girls, then that’s just how you are. Why don’t people understand that?”

“Well, it’s not that we like girls per se,” Karen explained, “it’s that we’re in love with each other. I don’t love Trisha because of her body, or what parts she has. I love her because she’s kind and hardworking.”

“And I love Karen because she’s vibrant and interesting. She makes me feel alive.” Trisha finished.

“Wow,” Elizabeth fought back tears, “that’s so beautiful. I know how you feel. True love doesn’t care about race, or gender, or anything.” She grabbed my hand beneath the table. “True love can happen between anyone.”

“That’s so true.” Karen said, “I wish everyone understood that.”
Apparently, Trisha decided it was time to ask the big question. “Speaking of true love, I noticed you’re carrying a child.”

“Sure am,” Elizabeth mused, “only about a month until she’s ready to come out!”
“That’s awesome!” Karen said, “And you look great for being eight months in! I hope your sex drive hasn’t dropped.” Since they weren’t really talking to me anymore, I figured I should butt out. I slipped some headphones on to give the girls a bit of privacy since their conversation was taking a turn towards sex. Of course, I didn’t turn on any music, so I could still hear every word. Did you really think I wouldn’t listen in?
“Quite the opposite! I keep my boyfriend very busy. We do it at least twice a day.” Elizabeth was technically being truthful by saying ‘at least’, but five times a day would have been more accurate. She had let go of my hand and was now sliding her nimble fingers gently up my leg towards my crotch.

“Incredible!” Trisha’s face flushed with excitement. “You must have a very lucky boyfriend.”

“I guess you could say he’s lucky, but I’m just as lucky as he is.” Her hand met my hardening cock, and I was very grateful we had a large table separating us from the girls. She started to stroke her hand along with my bulge, so I tried to act natural and pretended to type like I was filling out reports.

“What do you mean?” Karen asked.
“How are you lucky?” Trisha asked at the same time.

“Well, the reason I love my boyfriend is that he’s nice, and caring, and has been with me for as long as I can remember. But the reason I lust after him is that he’s a monster when it comes to sex.” Both of the new girls leaned in excitedly. “He has the biggest cock you’ve ever seen. Even after we finish and he goes soft, he still fills me up.” My cock was at full mast now, and she picked up the pace with her stroking. “His balls are enormous too, each one the size of an orange when they’re full.” Both girls had completely red faces now, but they didn’t seem embarrassed. Rather, they seemed turned-on. But why would lesbians be interested in a man’s phallus? “And with balls like that, you can only guess how big his loads are. I’ve never measured it, but when he’s really into it, I think he cums a gallon.” Karen let out a little moan like she was craving it. “And it’s not for show either. He knocked me up the first time we fucked.” Now Trisha let out a little whimper. “And I’m not even enough for him, he has another lover as well.” Both girls paused now, confused. “No, he’s not cheating on me. We all live together and he fucks us several times each day.” The girls’ confusion switched to intense interest and they both leaned in even further. “He not only cums a lot in one load, but he can also go several rounds in one sitting. Hell, I think he’s cum more than twelve times in one day.” She was stroking me at full force now, her hand quickly grazing against the iron rod running down the right leg of my pants, which were stretching to accommodate the immense girth. “It gets me wet just thinking about it.” She finished.

She reached her other hand down into her purse and pulled out a little mirror she used to apply her makeup on the go. Holding it under the table, she angled it so that I could peek down and see the girls’ feet beneath the table. Then she began angling it upwards so I could see their knees, then their thighs, then their pussies?! Yep, it wasn’t very clear, but I could faintly see that the girls had folded their skirts upwards and moved their panties aside. Karen fingered Trisha, and Trisha fingered Karen. Both girls had intense looks on their faces, and let out little whimpers signaling they were ready to cum any second.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I was about to cum, and if I came here then I’d be caught for sure. The mess would be horrible, and I could never look Karen nor Trisha in the eyes again. I pulled off my headphones and announced, “Alright ladies, I’m going to the restroom. I’ll be back in a few minutes, but I have to check on something in my car too, so it’s going to take a while.” I took a few seconds to stand so the girls would have time to cover up. Fortunately, they were too busy trying to hide themselves that they didn’t seem to notice my throbbing bulge. As I strode into the hall I quickened my pace; I needed to cool off for a few minutes. I lied and said that I needed to go to my car too, so that would buy me even more time.

As I approached the restroom, I noticed an ‘out of order’ sign on the door. “Fuck,” I mumbled under my breath. I only knew of one other restroom’s location, the one on Mom’s floor. I hurried to the elevator and was relieved to find no one inside. Luckily, most employees took the eleven o’clock lunch hour, so the building was relatively empty. The elevator opened into an abandoned hallway, which I quickly ran down to find an operational bathroom at the end. As I opened the door to the men’s room, the door to the lady’s room opened behind me. I turned to see Mom standing there with a brick-red face. She was wearing a white skirt, and it was easy to see a massive wet patch right on her crotch. Mine wasn’t much better; my massive cock was outlined by the tight pants. She could see almost every vein along the shaft, and the head was clearly outlined by the light material.

“I can explain!” We said in unison. We looked at each other with fire in our eyes, and I made the decision to relieve our tension here and now. I pushed Mom back into the women’s restroom, careful to keep her giant pregnant belly safe as I pushed her against a wall and slipped my tongue in her mouth. Her tongue danced with mine for a moment, then we pulled apart.

“Sorry baby,” she said, “I came in here to touch myself. I couldn’t take it without you!”
“I’m sorry too. Our new co-workers are a couple of lesbian nymphos who seemed just a little too interested in my cock. I had to get some fresh air.”

“Sounds about right to me. No girl, not even a lesbian, could resist a cock like yours. Especially me; I need it now!” She dragged me to the last stall and pulled me inside before locking the door. She hiked up her skirt and dropped her soaking wet panties, then rested her hands on the tank of the toilet and bent over. “Give it to me. I need it inside me right now!”

I wasn’t about to argue, even with the possibility that we could be caught. I needed it just as much as she did right now. I quickly disposed of my pants and plunged deep into the hole I came from.

“Oh god yes that’s so fucking good baby! Mommy needed her hole filled and you do it just right! You’re so much better than my fingers!”
“Shh Mom, don’t be too loud.”
“I can’t help it! Have you ever been fucked by your cock? You wouldn’t be able to stay silent if the best rod in the world was ripping your cunt in two.” Mom seemed a bit delirious, but overall I’d say her treatment was working. After all, I could barely think straight either. It never occurred to me to move my pants when she started spraying her love juices all over them while screaming, “GOD YES FUCK YOUR MOMMY’S TIGHT LITTLE TWAT UNTIL SHE PASSES OUT!” I just kept pumping into her until I was finally at my limit.

“Here we go Mom, I’m about to blow.”
Her pussy turned into Niagara Falls as she started screaming at the top of her lungs, “DO IT, BABY! GIVE MOMMY HER MEDICINE! GIVE YOUR BABIES THEIR DADDY’S DIRTY DICK! STICK IT ALL THE WAY UP THERE AND GIVE OUR KIDS A MOUTHFUL!”
I think it’s possible that I filled her vast belly entirely, and her post-orgasmic sigh showed exactly how much she approved. We were both panting slightly as my softening cock exited her pussy with a ‘pop’. She plopped down onto the toilet and let our juices flow out of her and into the bowl below.

“Alright baby, let’s get you cleaned up.” She said as she pulled my cock towards her hungry mouth and eagerly lapped up our combined cum. As my cock started to show signs of life again, she gave me a devilish wink and said, “I hope they’re not expecting you soon.”

“We’ve got time for another round,” I replied, “So feel free to eat your son’s cock to your heart’s delight.” Without a moment’s pause, she ravenously swallowed my hardening member. Her larynx hummed delightfully as my cock slid down her soft warm throat. I let out a few moans of pleasure but was cut short when I heard the door to the restroom open and light footsteps echo across the tiles.

Oh shit! If we got caught, then we were done for! I looked down at Mom to see her suck another inch of me through her tight red lips. Her hand was on her twat, rolling her small red clit across her fast little fingers. Was she getting off to us possibly being caught? At least she stopped humming, and she tried to suck as quietly as possible.

The footsteps drew closer and the air grew tenser. I was holding my breath, hoping they wouldn’t notice our presence. Mom held her breath too, but mostly because my cock was blocking her airway. The person, whoever she was, came to the stall right next to ours. We heard the lid shut on the toilet, and her feet, which were visible under the stall wall, disappeared upwards. Was she standing on the toilet? And what kind of crazed psycho was she? Her hands appeared on the top of the stall wall, and her head started to peek over. My heartfelt like it had been piercing by a dagger. We were caught.

The woman’s face came into view, and I saw it was none other than my own sister, who was apparently trying to give me a heart attack. “Hey, what’s going on in there?” She teased. I blew a big sigh of relief, and Mom let my cock slide from her strained lips to breathe a different kind of a sigh of relief.

“What were you thinking Lizzy? You had me worried to death!” I reprimanded her.
“It was all in good fun. The look on your face was priceless!” She mocked. Her head disappeared beneath the stall wall, and her feet returned to the smooth tile below. I unlocked our stall and she hurried inside before I relocked it. “Do you mind if I join?”
Mom stood up and started unbuttoning her daughter’s shirt as she said, “It was so hot thinking that we might be caught. Let’s do that again sometime. Ready to fuck you, baby sister?” She directed at me.

“One sec, what are the new girls doing?”
“They took their lunch break,” Elizabeth replied as she ran her hands up and down my shaft. “We’ve got all the time in the world.” Mom was undressing her completely, showing off her wonderfully curvaceous body, complete with her considerably swollen belly. “I talked to them a bit more before they left. They’re really interested in meeting my boyfriend, but I think they’re confused right now.”
“Are they wondering why they’re turned on by dicks when they’re supposed to be lesbians?” I guessed.

“Maybe a little, however, they’re mostly confused because they both have a little crush on you, but they think my boyfriend sounds like a sexual tiger. They don’t know who they want. She pushed me down so I was sitting on the toilet. “They said you both sound like interesting guys, but right now they really seem to want my boyfriend.” She aimed my cock upwards, then squatted down and let it push up into her tight gushing cunt. “They were wondering if maybe he’d attend to them as well since he was already attending to two lovers.” I didn’t know if she was lying to get me in the mood or if she was serious but damn it was working. My rock hard cock throbbed in her twat as she ground herself into it. My lower head was pushing hard against her cervix as she kept grinding it against her tiny inner opening. I seriously thought I was about to penetrate it and slide my dick right into her womb. “I don’t know though. Do I want to share my brother with a couple of skanks who we barely even know? What do you think Mom?”

Mom had been leaning against the stall door with three fingers deep in her dripping cunt as she watched her children slowly and sensuously fuck like lovers. Once she was addressed, she slid her fingers from her tight little gash and reached her hands around her precious daughter. She took Elizabeth’s giant globes into her hands and gently kneaded them while pinching her hard red nipples between her cum covered fingers. “I think,” Mom whispered, “it won’t matter, as long as he keeps fucking us just as often as he is now. I don’t mind if a couple of skanks take a load or two. He is a stud after all, and a lot of girls are going to want to breed with him.” Mom lowered her hands to caress her daughter’s soft round belly.

Elizabeth leaned her head back to look Mom in the eyes, then softly spoke, “You make a good point. As long as we approve of them, he can fuck whatever sluts he wants.” Mom signaled her agreement by meeting her daughter’s lips in a long sensuous kiss. I heard their slurping and moaning, which egged me on to start fucking a bit harder. I started to slowly pump my cock up and down, eliciting, even more, moans from Elizabeth. Mom rolled her hands further down Elizabeth’s belly, finally coming close to where the two of us were joined. She started playing with Elizabeth’s firm little clit and brought her other hand around to coax my giant squishy sacks into making and a new load of cum with a gentle massage.

Finally, their lips parted, and my sister declared, “I can’t take it anymore. I need you to fuck me hard. I need to feel your cum in my baby bag.” I picked up the pace, drilling my cock deep into her starving cunt. Every nook and cranny inside her was filled by my massive member, sending ripples throughout her entire body. “Oh fuck yes! Give it to me! Give it to our daughter! I need that cum inside me, Daddy! Give us that hot cream!”
I closed my eyes and felt every wave of pleasure, every axon fire in my cock. Her tight cunt swallowed me so deeply and enveloped me so fully. I was in heaven, and before I knew it I was shooting my load up her fuck chute.


I finished firing and opened my eyes to find my chest coated with my sister’s spray. Apparently she had quite the orgasm because she was leaning back against Mom, seemingly passed out. I met Mom’s eyes as she praised me, “See what you do to us, baby? We grade A sluts, born and bred. We could handle just about any sexual stimulation an ordinary man could provide with no sweat. But you… you make us wild and crazy beyond imagination. You make us cum in ways that defy all logic, which is why I’m looking forward to seeing you fuck those other girls.” I gave her a confused look. Why did she want to see me having sex with someone else? “You see if you can do this to a girl as sexually mature as your sister, just imagine what you’d do to them. You’d tear their cunts apart and make them scream your name until their voices were completely worn out. You’d make them cum twice just from sticking it in, and cum again with each and every thrust. You’d end it by filling them completely with your potent seed and have them pledging their bodies and souls to you as long as you’d fuck their tiny little twats again. You’d break them.”

Elizabeth finally woke from her post-orgasmic stupor just to say, “Yep, you broke me already.”

“Well, if you insist, I suppose I could fuck the new girls. But the only thing I don’t understand is how you expect me to act like your boyfriend to them. They already know I’m your brother.”
“Don’t worry about that.” Elizabeth replied, “I’m sure they’ll accept us for who we are. After all, they’re just a couple of sluts who want to be bred!”
We cleaned ourselves up and got re-dressed. We all smelled strongly of sex, but that alone wasn’t enough to get us in trouble. We left to grab a quick bite to eat before returning to work. We arrived back at our office just as Karen and Trisha arrived.
“How was your lunch break?” Elizabeth asked the two.
“It was great!” Karen teemed with excitement, “We both ate way too much.” She gave Elizabeth a wink that I just barely noticed.

“How was yours?” Trisha asked.
“Mine was good too,” Elizabeth said suggestively, “it was very filling.” She rubbed her belly. At the moment her womb was probably packed with semen. The girls seemed to take the hint.
“Did you eat with your boyfriend?” Karen asked.
“Nope, I had lunch with Ray here.” The two girls didn’t seem to comprehend. Since I was still nervous, I didn’t want to be very forward. So instead of adding to the suggestive language, I steered the conversation back towards work.
“Well, let’s get going,” I said, logging-in to my computer. “We need to finish a reasonable amount of work before Martha gets back.” Everyone shuttered at the sound of her name and agreed to start working so we wouldn’t get bitched at. Despite how aggressive Elizabeth was with her hints, I didn’t feel comfortable exposing our secret to the new girls. I was afraid of the consequences if they didn’t accept our incestuous relationship.
Finally, Martha came back to the office around four to check our progress for the last hour of the workday. We had been examining Karen and Trisha’s work along the way, so there were very few mistakes to bitch about. Of course, she bitched anyway.
“Make sure you bring you’re A game tomorrow. I don’t want any more slip-ups from the two of you.” She mindlessly reprimanded them, “And try to work faster too. You barely met your quotas.”

We left the office right after five o’clock, bidding farewell to our new co-workers. They seemed to be in high spirits; even though they didn’t like Martha, they seemed rather fond of us. Elizabeth and I waited in the lobby for Mom to finish up her work, which usually took five or ten minutes.
During our wait, Elizabeth turned to me with a stern expression and said, “Why didn’t you come on to them? They’re head over heels for my ‘boyfriend’,” she made air quotes with her hands. “and once they find out that you’re him, they’ll be all over you. Especially because they have crushes on you too.”
“I’m not so sure about that. What if they think the whole incest thing is creepy?”
“Don’t say that! You heard them this morning. They said true love can blossom between anyone. I’m sure they’re open minded enough to accept us for who we are.”
“Alright, if you say so. Tomorrow, we can just come out and say it.” I didn’t want to argue with her, so I conceded. After all, she was almost always right.
“No! You can’t just admit it out of the blue! That would be too shocking. Try to hint at it a little at a time.” I didn’t know how to do that, but I figured she would help guide me through it.
Mom showed up a couple minutes later, so we headed home and had a nice family dinner. The meal ended up being the most peaceful part of my day, since immediately afterwards the girls started mauling me, not that I was complaining.
“Oh god yeah, fuck your little sister like you mean it. Make her take that cock like the bitch she is.” Mom cheered me on as I plunged deep into Elizabeth’s depths. My sister was laying on her back with a pillow under her ass as I stood on my knees and reamed my dick in and out of her tight wet cunt. Our fucking today wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but even though we did this all the time, I still enjoyed every second of it.
“Fuck, I think you broke my pussy!” Elizabeth cried. “It feels like it’s about to explode! Explode with me Daddy! Explode and mark our daughter as your bitch!”
“You might as well get used to marking bitches now, it seems like there’s going to be a couple more for you to mark soon.” Mom said.
“I wish they were here now! I want to watch my brother fuck them hard and destroy their pussies as he knocks up their lesbian cunts!”
I finally decided to ask, “Why does it turn you on to think of me fucking them? If I knew you two were fucking other guys, I’d be jealous as fuck. Hell, I’d be furious!”
“But it’s different for us, and hard to explain.” Mom said, since Elizabeth was busy moaning with pleasure. “We share you because you’re the alpha male. Also, we’re related to you, so when you fuck other girls it helps spread our genes too. After all, spreading genes is what sex is all about, so it makes sense that we’d find the thought of you knocking up those slutty bitches sexy.” The more she spoke, the more she dug her fingers up into her soaking pussy. “In fact, I find it so sexy that I’d really like to see you doing it right now. Do me a favor and win over their hearts as fast as possible. I want them laying right here by this time tomorrow, begging for you to fill them up.
“Yeah Bro,” Elizabeth moaned, “I want to hear them screaming as you slam your cock deep into their tiny little cunts!”
“They’ll cry out for you to impregnate them with your alpha seed.” Mom went on. “Your massive wad will spray the inside of their wombs, coating them in your delicious man milk.” I grabbed Elizabeth’s tits and greedily kneaded them as I fucked her. “After you finish, they’ll apologize to each other for betraying one another, but go on to say that they belong to you alone. They won’t be lesbians anymore; you’ll turn them into cock craving cum dumpsters.” My cock started twitching wildly, I was really close now. “You’ll be like a majestic lion, the leader of the pride. As such, you’ll have your very own harem of beautiful women to fuck and suck whenever you want. Our wombs will be your very own cum tanks for you to fill at your leisure, and knock us up at least once a year. Of course, your sister and I will be the alpha females, and those two sluts will be your beta bitches, so we can treat them however we want. Does that sound good to you?”
I couldn’t find the words to respond with because of the intensity of the moment, so I showed my approval by shooting a jet of cum deep inside my little sister. As soon as my hose went off, Elizabeth found some very appropriate words for the situation.
Our orgasms subsided, and I rolled over to lay between Mom and Elizabeth, who was still in a blissful trance. I looked at Mom and said, “You two are seriously crazy.”
She smiled and replied, “That’s what you do to us baby.”
We spent the rest of the night fucking, with me alternating between my sexy pregnant ladies. We finally showered, brushed our teeth, and got ready for bed. Mom and Elizabeth flanked me, each laying on their side facing me with their hands overlapping on my chest. I had no idea how I ended up in this situation, not that I’m complaining. It just seemed too good to be true. Why did they love me so much? Once, again, Elizabeth seemed to read my mind.
She spoke in a gentle whisper that could barely be heard, even by me, “Thanks Ray, you’ve made all my dreams come true.”
“What do you mean?” I asked in a hushed voice. Mom seemed to be sound asleep.
“I love you so much. Not just for your manhood, but for you yourself. I love how kind you are, and how you work hard for us. I know you planned to do all the office work alone if you had to. I can read you like a book. I also love how you’re still worried about us, after all these months. You’re still wondering if you’re doing the right thing, even after we’ve told you how much we love it. You don’t have to worry about hurting us, there’s no way you ever could. You’re too thoughtful for that.”
“I don’t think I deserve to be on the pedestal you put me on.”
“And I don’t think I deserve to be so loved by my brother, and my mother. You both care about me so much, and sometimes I feel the same way you do. Every once in a while, when you fuck me, I don’t think I deserve to feel that good. I’m sure Mom has the same thoughts too. Maybe we’re just really lucky, but all the same; I don’t think we should ever feel guilty about our relationship. Love can blossom between anyone.” With that, she kissed me on the cheek, then we both drifted into a peaceful slumber.
My eyes slowly opened the next morning and I saw daylight streaming in through the curtains. I thought it was a little strange, since it was usually still dark when our alarm went off. I turned to look at the clock, only to find it was already eight-thirty. Eight-thirty? Shit, we were going to be late! I shook my ladies awake and we rushed around the house getting ready for work. We arrived just after nine with both girls griping about ‘that damn broken alarm clock’ keeping them from getting morning sex.
Elizabeth and I entered our office to find the girls already hard at work. “Hey Lizzy!” They greeted her enthusiastically. “Morning Ray.” They sounded nervous when talking to me. Was Elizabeth serious about their crushes on me?
My sister gave a nice, “Morning everyone!” with her whitest smile.
I just said, “Hey girls.” They peeked at me, then darted their eyes back to their computers. They both wore little grins like they were happy I had acknowledged them.
Martha wore her usual scowl, but sat silently behind her small desk. I could tell she wanted to bitch about our tardiness, but since we rode to work with Mom, who was technically her boss, she didn’t say a word.
We worked for a couple hours, with Elizabeth and I answering more of their questions. Each of them seemed confused about several files today, and asked me to help them again. I had to do my whole routine with touching their hands on the mouse three times for each of them. I was a little suspicious since some of the files were ones they had already seen before, but they seemed really appreciative, so I let it go. Around eleven, Martha left the room for her lunch break, and once again we all let out sighs of relief.
“So Ray,” Elizabeth started, “I’ve been meaning to ask, are you dating anyone right now?” This was out of the blue! What was she thinking?
I didn’t know what she was up to, so I figured I should just answer the question normally. “No, I thought you knew I’ve been single for a while now. Why are you asking?”
“No reason, I just thought it was weird that you don’t have a girlfriend.” She explained, “An awesome guy like you could have two girlfriends if he wanted, or even more.” Both Karen and Trisha were listening with intense interest.
“Well, I guess I just have to find the right girl first. Or girls, I guess.”
“I bet they’re closer than you think.” Elizabeth giggled.
Karen jumped from her seat, nearly shouting, “I’m taking my lunch break now.” Her face was beet red and she walked to the door with her thighs together, like she was trying to hold something in. Trisha looked at both of us before bolting after Karen.
Right before she went through the door, Trisha turned and said, “I’ll take mine now too.” We both waved as she left, and as soon as the door closed Elizabeth turned to me.
“They fucking want you, and they want you bad. Did you see their faces? I think Karen was leaking pussy juice.”
“What should I do?” I had no idea how to make this happen.
“Just act natural. Make a move when the time seems right. I’m getting wet just thinking about it. Fuck, I wish we had fucked this morning. Let’s do it right here!”
“Are you crazy? What if they come back?”
“They’ll probably be gone for an hour. We should be fine.”
“What about the mess?”
“What if I suck you? I’ve gotten pretty good at getting your loads down. Pull it out and let me get started!”
“Fine, but we’ll do it at Martha’s desk just in case someone walks in.” Martha’s desk was a small rectangle with three of the sides extending all the way to the floor. If I sat in the chair, no one could see my lower half, or Elizabeth on her knees deep throating my thick throbbing cock.
I sat on her comfy office chair with my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of my sister’s mouth stimulating every one of my many inches. Now she could almost swallow the whole thing, and the only breaks in my pleasure was when she needed to come up for a long deep breath before returning my dick to her long deep throat. I was getting close, so I grabbed her head and started to thrust, getting the last couple inches down her tight hole. She struggled against her gag reflex, and burrowed her hands even further down her tiny pink pussy. Right then, the door cracked open.
I pulled my hands from Elizabeth’s head and rested them on the desk. Elizabeth freed my saliva covered cock from her mouth and listened intently. The door swung open to reveal Karen and Trisha, who had only been gone for ten minutes.
“Hey girls,” I tried to sound natural, “why such a short lunch break?”
“Oh, well the place I wanted to eat at had a long line, so I figured I’d go back later instead.” Karen said. I figured she was lying. Her red face and body, as well as her disheveled hair, gave the appearance that she had been touching herself rather than looking for a place to eat. Trisha entered a moment later, sharing Karen’s red appearance, as well as panting. Had both girls gone to masturbate?
“Oh, hey Ray.” Trisha said anxiously. “Why are you at Martha’s desk, and where is Elizabeth?” She didn’t exactly sound curious; suspicious might be a better word.
“Elizabeth got hungry, so she went out to lunch too. You just missed her.” Great, I explained Elizabeth, but how was I supposed to explain why I was sitting here? I looked at the computer monitor and saw a tab with all of our work for that day in it. “I just come over here sometimes to check our work. God knows Martha doesn’t check most of it. I can only check my own stuff from my computer, so I came over here so I could check all of it.” They bought the lie completely.
“Oh, that’s pretty smart.” Karen said through a grin. Elizabeth seemed to agree, since she was giving me two thumbs up from under the desk. “Can you show me what you’re checking?” She started walking towards me. Shit, if she came around the desk I was done for! Elizabeth was freaking out too.
I thought quickly, then said, “Sure, pull up a chair. You too Trish.” I turned the monitor to the sideways and pushed it aside a little. That way, we could sit across from each other and both see the screen. The girls seemed a tad disappointed, but did as I said. It seemed like they wanted to sit next to me, but I made it obvious that I wanted them on the other side of the desk.

They pulled up chairs from our work table and sat, looking at me, then the screen, then at me again. I didn’t know exactly what to show them, so I just started, “Well, if you look here you can see the files we’ve completed so far today. I’ll show you some common mistakes and teach you how to fix them.” I went on about boring work stuff for a couple minutes, and strangely enough, both girls hung on my every word. Elizabeth however, was clearly getting bored.

In the middle of my explanation, she started licking and stroking my half hard member, trying to coax it back to full mast. I couldn’t say or do anything to stop her without making her presence obvious, so I just had to deal with it. Soon she was back to sucking me down her throat, and although she was trying to be as quiet as possible, I was scared she would slip up and make an obvious noise. Moreover, I was terrified that I was going to moan in the middle of my lecture. My face was now a bright crimson, and I kept twitching just enough for the girls to notice.
“Are you okay?” Karen asked in a worried voice.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little stomach ache.” I went back to explaining the system to the girls, who both wore devious grins.

At first, both had their hands on the desk leaning as close to me as possible. But suddenly Trisha leaned back and put her hands in her lap. “Wow Ray,” she said with a slight hint of longing, “you and Lizzy are amazing. I can’t believe you know this much about the system. You two must work ten times as fast as we do.” I saw her arms flexing and un-flexing very slightly, but just enough for me to notice.

Karen leaned back and dropped her hands below the horizon of the desk as well. “Yeah, you’re so smart. I can’t believe you don’t have a girlfriend.” Elizabeth was really letting me have it now. She bobbed her head up and down so fast I might as well have been fucking her. I tried to keep lecturing, but the girls kept interrupting.
“One girlfriend?” Trisha went on. “It’s just like Lizzy said, I bet you could get two if you wanted.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” Karen said while trying to hold back her moans. Both girls were really going hard now. I wished I could see under the desk. “He’d just have to find the right ones.”
“Say Karen,”
“Yeah Trish?”
“Do you know any girls who are looking for a boyfriend?”
“I don’t know, most of our friends are lesbians.”
I was just about to blow when they both looked me in the eyes and finished.
“Well, if he wanted a girl, all he has to do is say so.” said Trish.
“Yep, all he has to do is ask. Any girl would fall for him.” said Karen. Elizabeth opened her throat as wide as possible and swallowed every inch of my throbbing cock just in time for me to fill her stomach with pearly white jizz. I leaned back and enjoyed the sensation, completely abandoning my fear of being caught. I felt a trickle hit my legs, and looked down to see if Elizabeth was having trouble swallowing my load. To my surprise, not a single drop of cum leaked from her supple lips. Rather, the moisture I felt was her spraying her juices out as she came along with me. As I awoke from my orgasmic bliss, I briefly worried that my sister’s smell would alert the girls even more to our obvious game. My worry ended when I noticed the girls leaning back with their eyes firmly closed and their mouth’s hanging wide open. Simultaneously, they fell forward onto the desk, having clearly satisfied themselves.
Elizabeth unsheathed my cock from her throat, then fell backwards and rested with her back on the wall of the desk. She sat in bliss and played with her clit as her orgasm subsided. I didn’t know what to say to the girls, so I tried to act normal.
“Any questions?” I said, gesturing towards the monitor like nothing had happened. Both girls lifted their heads and smiled.

“Nope,” Trisha said, “I think I’ve got everything figured out now.”
“Yep,” Karen agreed, “and you were a lot of help Ray. I don’t think we could have done this without you.” She pointed to the monitor, revealing that her hand was covered with slick juice. “I think it’s about time we went to lunch. I bet that line will be shorter by now.”

They stood and moved their chairs back to the table. Just as they were about to leave, Trisha turned around. “Thanks for taking care of us Ray, and keep up the good work. I want you to take care of us just as much as you take care of Lizzy.” With that, they disappeared through the door. Fuck! So they put two and two together and figured out that I was my sister’s boyfriend?

“That was so hot.” Elizabeth sighed. “They must have realized something was going on down here with how much you were twitching and grunting. It was probably pretty obvious who was sucking you off.”
“Well, at least they didn’t seem creeped out.”
“I told you they’d accept us. Now we just have to ask them to dinner tonight. I bet they’ll jump at the chance.” Elizabeth finished. I helped her up and we went and explained the situation to Mom. After lunch, we went back to work and everyone acted normal until five.

As we were leaving, we stopped the girls in the hallway. Elizabeth said, “Hey, there’s something Ray wanted to ask the two of you.” Great, I had to do it.
“Sure thing.” Karen said as her face broke into a knowing smile. Trisha remained silent, but started breathing excitedly.
“Well, I was wondering if you two wanted to come have dinner with us tonight at our house.” I couldn’t believe we were doing this.
“You never mentioned the two of you live together.” Karen mused. “I thought Lizzy lived with her boyfriend. On second thought, I think she does live with her boyfriend. Anyway, dinner sounds great to me!”
“Me too!” Trisha exclaimed, with a bit too much excitement.
“Where do you live, and when do you want us to come over?” Karen asked. Suddenly we heard a voice from behind us.
“Don’t worry about that, we can all ride together.” It was Mom. She smiled and said, “I assume these are the new girls.”

“Yep!” Elizabeth said joyously. “That’s Karen, and this is Trish, short for Trisha.”
“Girls, this is Judy.” I introduced her. “She’s our mother.” The girls looked from her bright cheery face to her dazzlingly large belly, then their faces flooded with understanding.
“But if we ride with you, how will we leave after dinner?” Karen asked in a voice of mocked concern.

“Oh, don’t worry about leaving after dinner.” Mom devilishly hinted. “You’re welcome to stay the night.” Without further concern, the girls left the office with us. When we got to the car, Mom got in the driver’s seat and Elizabeth jumped into the back seat, sitting right in the middle. She invited Karen and Trisha to sit on either side of her. I slid into the passenger seat and tried to keep my head forward on the way home. This was all happening too fast for me. I tried to listen to the radio, but I kept hearing snippets of the conversation in the back seat.

“How big exactly?”
“And he cums that much?”
“My dildo is only half that size. Do you think it will hurt?”
“Don’t worry girls; every second is going to be pure bliss.”
I peeked back to see Elizabeth with her hands deep inside Karen and Trisha. Both of them had their eyes closed and were talking around their faint moans. Elizabeth smiled at me and angled her arms so I could see further up their skirts. I turned my head back around and tried to keep my mind clear for the rest of the ride home.
As we walked through the front door Mom put her hand on her chin, and with a thoughtful expression, said, “You know, I think it’s a little early for dinner. Let’s work up an appetite first.”
“What did you have in mind Mom?” Elizabeth played along.
“I thought maybe you could get me better acquainted with our new friends here.”
“Alright, let’s go to the living room and chat.” I said.
“I don’t know… The living room is awfully impersonal. The bedroom would be much more intimate; we could really get to know each other in there. I don’t know about chatting either. I think I have a better way for us to learn about each other.” She led us along to the master bedroom, and to our king-sized bed. “Getting naked is an excellent way of learning new things about others.” She started to slowly slip her clothes off, and Elizabeth wasn’t far behind. Karen and Trisha followed their leads. “When someone is naked, it’s harder for them to lie about what they desire.”

All of the girls were fully naked by now, and each was stunningly beautiful. Karen was well built and looked really athletic without her work clothes on. Her pert tits weren’t huge, but they were firm and had a great shape. Trisha was the complete antithesis of how she seemed with her work clothes on. She had an amazingly sexy body that looked just like a porn star’s. Her tits were slightly bigger than her friend’s, and she had even untied her pony tail, letting her long golden blonde hair outline her gorgeous body.
“Why don’t you help Ray out of his clothes?” Mom suggested. Karen started to unbutton my shirt while Trisha unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants. I was standing in my underwear, too stunned to move. Both girls squatted down so they were at eye level with my crotch. They curled their fingers around the elastic and pulled together, freeing my massive member. They gasped, each taking a moment to examine every inch of my manhood.

“I hope you weren’t planning on seeing other guys after him.” Mom touted, “He’s going to ruin you for them. Look at every vein running down my son’s thick handsome shaft. Those are gonna feel incredible when he shoves it up your fuck hole. See his dark red cock head? When he gets going that’s gonna become the wildest shade of purple you’ve ever seen. And don’t forget his balls.” Karen tightly cupped my dick in her soft warm hand, lifting it to get a better look at my cum factories. “If you think they look big now, just wait until they’re gearing up to make his baby goo. You won’t even be able to fit your hands around them. Now give him a taste and try to familiarize yourselves with every nook and cranny.
As usual, Karen took the lead. She started slowly pumping her hand up and down my length until I was about half hard. She then kissed my awakening head, rubbing her tongue against my piss hole. She opened her lips, letting my head violate her hot wet mouth. Trisha started to get into it. “You look so sexy sucking his beautiful cock. I’ve never seen a better side of you.” Karen got bolder, letting my shaft slide further into her, and even fought her gag reflex when I reached her throat. Trisha couldn’t take it anymore, electing to attack my balls while Karen hogged my cock. She licked and sucked and caressed each with great care as her lesbian lover sank my cock further down her throat.

“It looks like he’s fully hard now,” Mom said with potent lust consuming her voice, “let’s get his cock where it belongs.”
“I hope you mean in our pussies!” Elizabeth teased. Karen and Trisha rose from my cock, gently rubbing their waiting pussies.
“But first Ray, we really want to know.” Karen said.
“Is it for real? Are your lovers really your mother and sister?” Trisha asked.
Without speaking, I walked over to Elizabeth and pushed her onto the bed. She was on her back, and I stood over her and lined my dick up with her hungry pussy. I looked at Karen and Trisha as I plunged deep into my sister’s waiting cunt. Elizabeth was kind enough to explain for me as I plowed her pussy all the way to the bottom. “Of course he fucks us sillies! He’s the alpha male, so he’s going to fuck any bitch who gets near him! Even if it’s his sister, or his mother, or the two lesbian co-workers who just started yesterday! Every girl becomes a bitch in heat before his giant fuck stick!” Karen and Trisha looked on, eyes blazing with hunger.
I pulled out of my precious little sister and walked towards the slutty MILF that was my Mom. I pushed her against a wall and started violently drilling her sopping wet cunt. I was careful to make sure I didn’t put too much pressure on her wide pale belly, but I provided no shortage of pressure inside of her. Mom moaned and wailed to show her approval. “My son has the best dick in the whole fucking world! Be honored that you get to feel it girls! His giant balls smack against my ass every time he trusts it inside me! His cock is shaped perfectly to burrow up as far as it can go! One of these days he’s going to burrow it right through my cervix and fuck my womb directly! I’m not worried though, he’s always so gentle around his babies that I’m sure they’ll be fine! He’s going to nurture and pamper his daughters right up until they’re old enough to take his meat, then he’s going to destroy them from the inside out and make them make daughters of their own!” Karen and Trisha were furiously fingering themselves at this point, apparently driven wild by the incestuous affair taking place in front of them. I was just about to shoot, so I decided to make it a show.

I pulled out of Mom and guided her over to the bed with Elizabeth. I had them lay right next to each other with their faces, tits, tummies, and hips all mushed together. I stood at the foot of the bed and pulled Karen and Trisha to my sides. I pulled each of their hands to my cock and told them to take it away. Each girl took one of my enormous nuts in one of their hands, giving them gentle massages. Karen wrapped her other hand around my shaft and started pumping furiously, while Trisha swirled her other hand around my bulbous head. The two girls furiously jerked my cock for me until the very last second. My cum shot from my cock like a paintball gun, with each wad painting my lovely mother and sister in a different location. By my last shot, I had completely covered the sexy vixens in my cream. Karen and Trisha’s mouths hung wide open, unable to comprehend how much jizz I had just unleashed.
“I told you he cums a gallon.” Elizabeth mused.

“Now let’s get you girls some cum for yourselves’.” Mom said as she wiped the cum from her face and lapped it up hungrily. “Delicious as always.” I pushed the girls forward so they were bent over the bed and their pussies were ready for action. “Ah yes, that’s the best position for breeding. Aren’t you girls lucky? Lowly beta females getting to breed with the alpha male.”

I rubbed my fingers in their juicy cunts, asking, “Who wants to go first?”
I expected Karen to oblige, but to my surprise the timid and shy Trisha almost screamed, “Me!”

“I can’t blame her,” Elizabeth teased, “it’s hard to resist such an amazing cock. Let my brother take good care of you, and in return take good care of his baby.”
“Okayyyyy!” Trisha cried as I entered her tight slit. I didn’t want to be gentle today, so in one go I pushed all the way to her deepest point. “Oh lord I’m so full! I can’t believe how good this feels! I’ve never felt as complete as I do right now!”
“If you think you’re full now, just wait ‘til he cums.” Elizabeth joked.

“I can’t wait!” Trisha screamed. By now I was fucking her relentlessly, driving my cock all the way to the base and pulling it out until only the head remained. “Oh yeah, that’s the spot! Keep doing it just like that! OH LORD YES! DO IT! CUM INSIDE ME! I’m SORRY KAREN, BUT I NEED THIS MAN! I NEED THIS FUCKING STUD TO BREED ME LIKE A SOW! I’LL STILL BE YOUR LOVER, BUT FIRST AND FOREMOST I’M HIS FUCKING BITCH! I’M A LESBIAN DYKE BITCH WHO LIVES TO BE KNOCKED UP BY THIS FUCKING STALLION OF A MAN!”

I pulled out of her, watching my cum pour from her gaping pussy like a jar pouring molasses. It trailed down the side of the bed and left a pearly white pool on the carpet. Karen was still bent over the bed, eagerly waiting her turn. She had been as patient as she could, but seeing the viscous ooze springing from her partner’s snatch, she couldn’t wait much longer. “Hurry up and do me too! I need it now! Give it to me you motherfucker!”

I didn’t know if she meant that literally or if she was losing her mind, but I figured I should probably give her what she’s asking for. Amazingly, my dick was still at full mast; most likely because of the incredibly sexy duo of Mom and Elizabeth cum swapping my seed between their dirty mouths. I stepped to the side and lined myself up with Karen’s pink little entrance.

“Whatever you just did to Trish, do it to me!” Karen screamed. I dived in, scraping my generous manhood across her pussy’s warm red walls. Karen tried to speak, but could only make animal-like guttural noises.

Trisha had yet to recover from the throes of her orgasm, but she was muttering to herself little phrases like, “I’m gonna be a mommy,” and “I want to know what he tastes like.” Mom and Elizabeth were still lying next to each other with their tongues dancing around one-another’s. They groped each other’s bodies, sometimes wiping up my seed that was coating them and bringing it back to their mouths’, only to go back to cum-swapping it again.

Upon hearing Trisha mention that she wanted to know what I taste like, Mom broke the kiss with Elizabeth and sensuously said, “That’s right, you girls haven’t tasted his delicious baby goo yet.” She sat up and moved towards Trisha, wiping some of the cum from her pregnant belly and sliding it in Trisha’s mouth. Trisha’s became fully alert again as Mom’s fingers pushed a generous glob of cum between her lips. “How is it?” Trisha tasted it for several moments, swishing it around her discerning pallet.
Finally, she just barely managed to swallow the sample of semen. “It’s amazing!” She remarked, “The flavor is absolutely divine: just a little salty and a bit sweet, and it’s so thick you practically have to chew it!”
“Looks like Trish has good taste.” Mom mused as she wiped another glob of cum from her body and lapped it up into her own greedy mouth. She pulled Trisha into a deep kiss, letting my seed slide from mouth to mouth. As she looked on, Karen started to increase the volume of her incomprehensible noises as if she was trying to say something important.

“I bet you want some too, don’t you?” Elizabeth teased.
Karen responded with a simple, “Yerrsgg!”, accompanied by a head nod.
Elizabeth scooted down the bed next to Mom, then wiped some cum off her tits and said, “Open wide!”
From my angle I couldn’t see her face, but I heard Karen say, “Ahh!”. More than likely she was doing just as she was told. Elizabeth brought it to Karen’s lips, letting her eagerly lick away at the warm goo. As soon as Karen’s mouth was full, Elizabeth leaned forward and drove her tongue inside, trying to reclaim the prize. I stood there, still drilling my cock into Karen’s tender pussy, and marveled at the situation. The girl I was currently fucking was fighting over my cum with my pregnant sister, while my mother and the girl I had just cream-pied were romantically sharing another wad of my seed. Anytime the supply in their mouths’ was depleted, they would scrape off more of the cum that coated their tits or tummies.
That scene alone was enough to make any man cum, but coupled with the sensation of battering Karen’s vice-like pussy was too much for me. I pushed my cock against her cervix and grunted, “Get pregnant you walking cunt. The two of you are just bags for my babies from now on.” I exploded inside her, filling her to the brim with hot white liquid. Karen pulled free from Elizabeth’s kiss, letting a stream of slobbery cum drip down her chin and onto the bed.
Amazingly, she regained her voice long enough to say, “I’LL BE WHATEVER YOU WANT, I’M JUST A BETA BITCH AFTER ALL! THANK YOU FOR LETTING A DUMB CUNT LIKE ME HAVE YOUR ALPHA BABY!” I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I just kept the cum coming. These girls always said crazy shit during their orgasms.
Once my balls had finally emptied, I pulled out to see Karen’s cunt ooze cum in much the same way Trisha’s did. Karen had thoroughly covered my legs with her spray, but that was nothing compared to how messy my cock was. Luckily, Trisha was nice enough to clean it for me: using her mouth of course. Mom couldn’t help but remark on Trisha cleaning my softening member. “Looks like they really are your bitches now. How does it feel turning lesbians into cum sluts?”
“I don’t know; I guess I feel kinda powerful.” I replied. I was pretty sure Karen and Trisha were already bisexual before I met them, but if Mom wanted to stroke my ego, I wasn’t going to stop her. Trisha finally had my cock squeaky clean, and somehow my manhood wasn’t slowing down.
All of us got on the bed and prepared for a wet and dirty orgy. I had so many pussies to fuck I could barely tell what was going on. We fucked and sucked and came many times while my cock remained rock hard without ceasing.
Near the end, I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. Karen was lying flat on her back, and Trisha was face down on top of her. The two were making out wildly, and I was behind them alternating between their pussies like the first night I fucked Elizabeth and Mom. Speaking of which, my two ladies were flanking me on both sides, kissing my face and neck, as well as nibbling my ears. I was about to blow for what seemed like the tenth time, so I stuck it in between Karen and Trisha’s cunts and let it go.
“Oh my god,” Mom said, “he’s cumming again? What does it take to stop him?”
“I don’t think there is a way to stop a stud like my brother.” Elizabeth added.
“His cum feels so fucking good on my skin.” Trisha chimed in. “It’s feels like it’s violating every inch of my body.”
“I love his cum sooo much.” Karen finished. “I can’t wait to get pregnant with you Trish.”
My balls were really aching now, but my dick was still trying to fight on. “Alright girls,” I announced, “I’ve got one more go in me. Let’s finish strong.”
“Okay son,” Mom whispered in my ear. “How do you want to finish us off?”
“Mom, you go up to the head of the bed and sit with your legs apart.” I ordered. Mom complied immediately, finishing by spreading her legs and revealing her cum drenched cunt. “Okay Lizzy, you get on your hands and knees and bury your face in her snatch. Try to clean it out if you will.” My sister flashed a devious smile and shoved her face deep between Mom’s thighs. “Karen and Trish, you two get on either side of Lizzy. Get on your hands and knees just like her, but you two attack her tits.” Both girls got in position next to Elizabeth, but a little further up. They furiously ravaged Mom’s giant milky tits, nibbling and biting her long red nipples. I got behind Elizabeth rubbed my cock against her cunt lips. Reaching forward, I played with Karen and Trisha’s soaked pink pussies with each hand, eliciting moans of pleasure from all four women. Finally, I slid myself inside Elizabeth, and went to town on Karen and Trish with four fingers each.
Mom was the only one besides me who didn’t have her mouth occupied, so she fueled the dirty talk. “God this is amazing! I’ve got my daughter licking my cum filled cunt while my son fucks her tight little snatch! My big mommy tits are being handled by lesbian nymphos, who are now my son’s sex slaves! And to top it all off, my son has his hands up their cunts while he gets ready to spray his cum all over his pre-born daughter! The scene in front of me is so fucking beautiful; a bunch of cum covered bitches sucking and fucking for the genetically superior alpha male that is my son!”
Suddenly, we heard a faint vibrating sound from nearby. Mom and I turned our heads to see her phone buzzing on the nightstand. “Who could that be?” Mom pondered, she reached over and snatched the little pink device. “Oh, it’s from Aunt Sally. I wonder why she’s calling.”
Sally was Mom’s twin sister, and she never called unless it was something important. The two didn’t have a strained relationship or anything, but Sally was very anal. She wasn’t one to take vacations, so she rarely visited. When we did see her, she was usually nagging about something, and she was easily the strictest parent I had ever seen. She had a daughter around the same time Mom had me, but my cousin and I didn’t get along much. Her name was Amanda, and she was insane. I don’t mean she was kinda weird; I mean she was bat-shit crazy. The more Aunt Sally tried to control her, the more Amanda rebelled. Sally’s husband couldn’t take her personality anymore and walked out on her and Amanda about ten years ago, which happened to be around the same time our dad left us. Amanda was crazy and Aunt Sally was a prude, but despite all that, I don’t think either of them were bad people; they were just a dysfunctional family.
I was still pounding Elizabeth’s cunt hard, pumping my meat in and out of her sloppy wet hole. “Do you need to take that?” I asked Mom.
“I probably should, it could be an emergency.” She moved the phone towards her ear. I stopped plowing Elizabeth, much to her dismay. I also began withdrawing my hands from Karen and Trisha’s twats. “I didn’t say you had to stop.” Mom flashed me a devilish smile. “Just try to be quiet girls.”
I smiled back, then started fucking Elizabeth twice as hard as before. I slipped my fingers back into the other two, but this time added my thumb. I was almost fisting them as a demolished my sister’s pussy. All three girls were on the verge of crying out just as Mom answered the phone. “Hello? Oh, hey Sally.” She said casually. Elizabeth had her head completely buried between Mom’s thighs. She shoved her mouth right against Mom’s snatch to muffle her screams. “Really, what happened?” Karen and Trish both lifted Mom’s enormous tits. They shoved their heads in between them and Mom’s belly to muffle their screams too. “No way, that’s horrible!” Mom sounded strained now. Her face was bright red and she was twitching all over. The force of the girls’ stimulation on her was making it hard to carry a conversation. I looked her in the eyes and started fucking Elizabeth even faster. I drove my hands further up the betas’ cunts and watched Mom almost scream in blissful agony. “I’m so sorry… sorry… sorry to hear that.” She was breathing really heavily now. “Of course, as long… as long as you need.” Whenever she stopped talking she would press her free hand against her mouth to stifle her moans. “Okay, see you then.” She hung up the phone and threw it aside. “GOD DAMNIT BABY, YOU DAMN NEAR GOT US CAUGHT!” Her pussy was squirting her hot juice all the way over Elizabeth’s back, spraying my chest and stomach. “I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY YOU SON OF A BITCH!” I laughed at her accidental self-insult. “GOD THAT WAS THE HOTTEST THING WE’VE DONE ALL NIGHT!”
Trisha emerged too, adding,
I couldn’t hold it much longer. All of the visual, verbal, and physical stimulation had me ready to shoot my last load of the night. I sent the first few shots into my sister’s womb, dousing our daughter in her father’s fuck juice. Then I pulled out and let the rest fountain over everyone. We finished with each of us covered in each other’s cum, having finally satisfied all of our lust, at least for another day.
“Oh yeah,” I said, wiping the sweat from my forehead, “what did Aunt Sally say?”
Mom’s face quickly flashed from blissful peace to a deep and nervous pondering. “She said that she and Amanda got evicted from their apartment. They’re coming to stay with us for a while.”

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