So you have a girl friend….?

Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Aunty
Hello readers I am Mohit; resident of NCR, at present 28, single, tall, bit dusky but good looking male with very good sex appetite. I don’t know if I am abnormal but instead of sexy slender virgins I am always more attracted to married Bhabhies; not fat but with bit of fleshy assets.
For me fantasizing married female was always better because for unmarried girl you have to assume that she get fucked but married female surely gets fucked, School aur college days, mein jab bhi main kisi Bhabhi ko dekhta tha to ye hi sochta tha ki roz raat ko iska pati issko nanga karke kitne mazze se iski leta hoga.
I mean since my teenage, awareness of this fact that this particular female get fucked regularly by her husband use to drive me crazy. Anyway till date I have been on bed with two females. The one who took my virginity was Shikha; sexy slender, tall, dusky and average looking unmarried female Shikha was actually my collogue; around 5-6 years older and also seiner to me,
Shikha not only gave me taste of real pussy, not only taught me how to blow a female on bed with both; Cock and tongue but also boosted my over all interacting confidence with females in all concerns including flirting.
Anyway I will write about Shikha and me some other day, at present what I am trying writing down is about my very interesting sex experience with the second female Jyoti Bhabhi. As I am not very good in English, few readers; especially who belong to southern India, may find my narration bit irritating,
but if they are willing to read real fascinating sex experiencing of a typical delhite they can use Google as their assistant. Now if I will introduce Jyoti Bhabhi to readers, I would say Jyoti Bhabhi is a female living in my neighborhood; on the same street around 10-12 houses away from mine, mother of one 8-9 year old boy and her husband owns a chemist shop in our locality’s market.
Physical appearance; she has a body structure of typical MILF with you know, bhare-bhare Mummy, Moti moti Jhanghe, Chowdi aur bahar nikli hui Gand. In English round ripe melons, thick fleshy thighs and erotically spread, jutting out plump ass; must be 40 or bit less, hairs ending well below shoulders, expressive eyes, prominent belly, standing 5’6”, fair, though not beautiful,
rather average looking female with tiny stains over her cheeks but she is a perfect female in all other aspects to get on bed with an obsessive male like me. Now to begin the story I would say Jyoti Bhabhi was the one for whom I had dirty perspective since I was 16.
Initially I was never in her good touch and I got connected with her when after spending 3 years in Mumbai and experiencing real sex with my colleague Shikha I came back to my home town. It was a weekend of summers and somewhat 7 of the morning when I saw Jyoti Bhabhi after really long.
Wearing tight slacks and a t-shirt ending hardly an inch below her waist Jyoti Bhabhi was going back home along with two more females after a morning walk and I ogled at her swinging ass from my balcony till she disappeared into her house.
As compared to past she was dam attractive now and in a first glance I got so obsessed with her body that from very next morning my dirty brain woke me up for early morning jogging. No need to say suddenly why I got so conscious about my health; it was just Jyoti Bhabhi and mainly her beautiful ass for whom I was running every morning and this schedule went on going for couple of weeks.
Whenever we met first time in the morning I wished her good morning and later we smiled whenever our eyes met across the Park. In the mean time at home my mom asked me for my marriage plan; if I have any love affair? And saying no for any such affair I said yes to Mom to look for my match.
I was totally unaware of what my mom has done in concern of my marriage and on one fine day I came to knew when somewhere in the evening I went to the Chemist Shop for specific purpose. Wearing Jeans and Kurti it was Jyoti Bhabhi who was sitting on cash counter and after stealing a glance of her lovely bottom and ample thighs in sitting posture I wished her casual Namastey.
Bhabhi smiled back and wished me good evening and I gave her doctor’s prescription. She forwarded that paper to the guy who gives medicine and I detailed him what all I need from the list. Next that guy went busy in finding medicines and Jyoti Bhabhi casually asked me if I joined my new job and with a smile I accepted in yes.
I was following Jyoti regularly from last 12-15 days without much talking to her and gradually I was getting so desperate to get close to her that I could not masturbate thinking for any other female and with clear intentions for better fantasy I started talking to her and gave her little details of my work and she listened me reflecting lot of interest.
Eventually I got the medicine for which I was there and I was about to say bye to her when suddenly she opened the fact that my mom has told her to find a match for me “Aapki mummy ne mujhe aapke liye ladki dhundhane ke liye kaha hai” and in response reflecting mild eagerness I told her to find the girl quickly “haan..Please jaldi Dhundho na…”
and Jyoti Bhabhi giggled over my fervor and ended with just ok. Eventually I moved from their with lot things to fantasize about her while masturbating and like so many days I ended up masturbating on her name in the night.
Eventually night ended and once again we got face to face in the morning in the park, like always I wished her good morning and kept an eye on her ass throughout my jogging. Everything was as it use to happen every morning but in the end after her scheduled walk instead of going back home with two other females Jyoti Bhabhi stayed in the park
and I saw her sitting alone on the bench. I was also up with my jogging and I reached to her and asked the reason of not going home and she instantly got up while saying that she was waiting for me to end my jog. That was pleasant surprise for me and we started to walk together.
Ohhh…God I can’t tell you guys what a bomb she was looking! Bhabhi was wearing red t-shirt with tight black leggings, she was wet at arm pits and back because of sweat and aroma of her deodorant mixed with sweat was so arousing that I could not hold my erection in my underwear, throughout the jogging I was hard because of her swinging ass
and now gradually I was reaching to the state jahan mera Lund kapde faad ke bahar aana chahhta tha…, I mean I was reaching to the state my monster wanted to tore of my clothes to come out. Anyway soon I came to knew why Bhabhi was waiting for me to go home as after hardly few steps she asked me what sort girl I would like to marry.
“So…kaisi ladki se shaadi karni hai aapko?” and using all my wit and confidence and recalling basic tip to start flirting given by Shikha, I told Bhabhi to find someone like her and after a pause added that it will be fine even if she will be older than me, “koi apne jaisi hi dhoondh do….thodi badi bhi hogi to bhi chalegi… age no bars!”
and like I was expecting it amazed Jyoti Bhabhi a lot and she giggled over my reply with a tiny blush, “Bhabhi I am serious….” I continued and asked her if she has any younger sister “agar aapki koi chhoti sister hai to main bina usko dekhe hi haan kar sakta hun…”
For few seconds Jyoti Bhabhi looked into my eyes without a flick; obviously with a smile and in the end knobbed her head and denied for having any younger sister “nahi…meri koi chhoti sister nahi hai….” and as she denied I expressed disappointment on my face with a smile.
For an instant I felt that substance will end here but after few seconds Jyoti Bhabhi came up saying that she is surprised to know that I don’t have any girl friend, “waise I am surprised ki aapki koi girl friend nahi hai” and I came up saying that I never dared to propose any girl “kabhi kisi ladki ko propose karne ki… himmat hi nahi hui”
“you are lying…I can see aap itne innocent nahi ho” looking into my eyes with a smile Bhabhi confidently said that I am lying, possibly she sensed that from my confidence of flirting with her and I went speechless.
“So you have a girl friend….?” Looking at my face while walking beside Jyoti Bhabhi asked me reflecting surety in her voice and as according to Shikha it is sometimes good to admit the truth to impress the female, in low voice I accepted that I had in past and in continuation told her not to tell that to my mom.
“Haan ek thi…per ab nahi hai…lekin aap please Mom ko matt batana…” “Obviously….!” Jyoti Bhabhi replied back and after few seconds of silence with bit of hesitation she indirectly asked me if I have ever done anything with my girl friend “ab ye bhi batta do ki aap apni girl friend ke saath kahan tak gaye ho…?” and I lied by saying “sirf kissing takk…”.
Rest of the way we walked back almost without talking anything in this concern and after reaching back home I instantly went under shower to shag my load on her name. “Ye Jyoti Bhabhi… shaadi se pahle hi mere Lund ka sara tel nikal degi….” Feeling exhausted I murmured after spewing out my cum and started my day as usual.

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