Shy housewife and secret crossdresser hubby – 05

wasim got up from her sweating body walking saying see you in shower priya and he left while i ran between her legs started licking her cum dropping pussy like bitch… 

she let me clean her and than kissing her lips i said priya how was watchman cock, she widened her eyes saying how you know, i told her truth she got shy saying honey it you who make me bitch, i caress her soft red red saying it’s okay now your body is satisfied isn’t it… 

she blushes saying yes and told me she make me seduce him and agree her to get ready for blow job if i want his dick again in my pussy… 

i kisses her closed eyes saying priya are you happy being slut of his dick, she didn’t replied so i smelled her sweating armpits and kissing there bite gently she said yes i am…. 

she said anu let me get shower 

so i agreed and flirting with him i make him open his pant and she closed her eyes with shyness…

i playing my tongue on her armpits asked her priya did you missed sex so much and bites her armpits gently and she with ahhh moaning said i never felt so nice before and she got up kissing my lips said anu let me take shower with him and later we have time to know each other feelings and she shaking her sexy ass went inside bedroom and left me alone …

i knew wasim won’t close the door of washroom because to show me what he turned her into in few hours so i walked inside bedroom and saw them under shower rubbing their bodies together and kissing passionately …..

their bodies were so close that her tits were flat on his chest and her left feet was bending between his legs and her hands were around his neck while he was caressing his hands on her smooth back slowly….

watching them showering i started touching myself feeling left alone adjusting on the edge of washroom door watching them being lost in each others lust while cold water striking on their bodies and their tongues playing in each other mouth with eyes closed…. 

i pinching my own nipples watching them caressing my waist i saw he turned her against the wall and her face was touching the wall and he started licking her neck now she can see me moaning she rested her hands on wall up high enjoying his tongue rolling kissing her back… 

his dick was watering and sleeping with his small balls hanging and his hiry chest was looking sexy and his hairs were above his eyes surrounded his forehead and now his hands meets her hands and fingers got crossed and he bites her shoulder she moaned and he touched his entire body against her….

he crushing his hiary chest on her back and his huge sleeping dick was rubbing against her sexy ass crack and now his left feet was between her thighs she bites her lips showing me hat a real man look likes and her lust face was so horny that i felt how can she be so energetic after so much sex and orgasms she already had and the best answer that i thought of was she was trying to get as much she can in one night so she forgets the days she spent with a sissy husband agonizing for those years in desires of being rubbed crushed under a man where she enjoys multiple orgasms and be a bitch she wants to be and now when she got that opportunity she is using it nicely and for that she even dedicated her soul to a man and enjoying being his slut and proving she is horny woman… 

watching her i was extremely horny and slowly i stepped inside he watched me and said anu you bitch welcome get in my back amd lick my ass hole while i eat priya nicely ….

i started licking his ass hole with my tongue while he keep enjoying the soft flesh of priya and she turned again and her fingers again get crossed in his fingers and he lifted her hands above her head and licked her neck and bites saying tomorrow whenever you go out and buy something i want everyone to notice loves bites on your glowing skin and gossip saying how you been crushed on bed by a man, she smiles saying i always desiring for this wasim saying she bites her lips and he marked her neck with his teeth marks in lust ….

her moans constantly getting louder with his foreplay and now his lips kisses her armpits and she moans loudly saying wasiiimmm and he bites brutally that shaked her entire body with pain and her eyes filled with tears and he licked her eyes saying priya never fill eyes with tears in front of me i am biting you hard to make you miss me all the time so tthese pains will make you call me and invite me every second of your life once i go from here and he kissed her lips and started licking her second armpits and he did same hard biting but this time she moaned loudly without tears saying wasiiiiimmmm nahi…. 

he started licking gently after making his teeth marks on her underarms and her erected nipples were rubbing against his chest which was so intense for her to control her orgasm …her llips were shivering with the constant rubbing of her nipples against his chest and he slowly her legs was getting wide and wasim constantly licking her armpits to make her go beyond satisfaction so he can enslaved her for life…. 

she felt his knees rubbing against her vagina while his tongue was building storm inside her body…. 

she was now near to her intense orgasms and wasim wanted to control her in his own way and when she was enjoying the most he stopped and turned towards me saying anu i need to teach something to priya that her body only satisfy if i say so and he pushed his soft dick in my mouth and priya hugging caressing his hairy chest said wasim i always tried to prove my loyalty to you even i sucked a stranger watch man cock for you but still you don’t trust me….

he smiled saying priya can’t you see anu burning in desires of lust and he holding her hands on his chest said you both need me and i own both of you bitches so until i am hard again i can’t end your horny desiring fire building beneath you sexy body, so until she suck me hard again for you have patience and keep your hard nipples poking on my back saying he holding my head laughed saying… 

anu did you hear the impatient sluty desiring of priya, how she turned into whore for me so be good sissy and make me hard so i can exhaust and leak her burning hole and breed her….

sucking his dick i started imagining one bull will never be enough for her in future as her desire of being fucked now exploring the unlimited universe and her hunger is getting higher …

wasim knew the fact that no matter how much he wet her she will keep asking for more and knowing that fact he tasted her on ground by degrading her to be a filthy whore and make her blow shit guy like watchman and she did it to get more sexual pleasure from his monstrous cock….

wasim was getting hard slowly with my sucking while priya playing with his body to show her lust building and growing drastically inside her and her hard nipples were rubbing against his back to show her desire…

in few tricks of sucking cock i finally harden his cock rock hard for her and he turned around she holding his dick with eyes glowing and lips getting uneasy she lifted her left feet and wasim holds it and tip of his the door of burning cave and a gentle push swallowed his entire dick inside the cave and door closed with priya’s moans of ahhhhhhhhhh wasiiimmmm and her nails were scratching the body of bull….

with the running water fach fach facha fach sound his monster started riding ,deeper and again back to door again being swallowed his cock was exploring the cave which he dug deep in evening when he first time knocked and entered, she never knew the deepest cave although she is the owner of cave but once he knocked out the door and showed her the deepest part she desires to be knocked mercilessly endlessly and that’s how she although owning the cave now being devastated by the real owner who showed her the real pleasure she didn’t imagined in her entire life…. 

her passion and lust was so high that her lips keep uttering wasiiimm ahh wasiiimm oh wasiiim ufff and her tits were dancing in joy with erected nipples ….

he pulled his dick out and turned her and squeezes her tits against the wall and holding her face against the walls which was covered with her wet hairs he spanking bends her waist until her ass meets the tip of monster….

he moving forward aiming exactly to the sore horny pussy lips and hit hard vanishing his entire monster in cave ….

her face was smashed on walls along with her huge boob’s but her sexy ass was curved nicely and he rides nicely smoothly ,she started shivering and cave walls started feeling contractions and inner most drilling leaked something inside her cave leading to her orgasms and her body tightenend and his drilling continued …

she was burning for that only once her cave got cracked by his drilling her body started loosing the lust she had before but driller always know how to charge and fix those things and he removed his hand from her face and pulled her towards his body and hold the erected nipples rubbing against his fingers sparkling the cave she moaned ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wasiiimmmmmmm

her desires weren’t died but was fainted which he awakening by touching the live grid fixated on her body…. his drilling keep going and his rubbing spark building another energetic wind inside her and this time her cave was getting way more distractions as her hands were now against the walls and her mouth was open chanting ahhh ahhh ahhhh i am cumming wasiimmmm 

he powered his monster and with extra shots he leaked the cave again and she was hanging on his hands holding the wall and he pulled his monster out and i got the chance to lubricate the wet cock and his lips were licking the cave lips badly while laying on floor in enjoyed the taste exploded in cave by his drilling ….

ahhh ahhh ahhh constant chanting keep echoing inside the washroom while he eating her pussy badly to make her more desirable for his cock and i sucked him to stay hard until he exhaust her that she can’t move a inch…. 

after tasting her cave walls and exploring the deepest part with his tongue he got up and turned her and lifted her in his arms and make her slide on his dick and his cock meets the lips amd list in cave… 

she was extremely tired exhausted but she already evoked the monster now she is paying the price and he holding her waist make her move on his dick… the progress was slow but gained rhythm once the cave princess  felt that she is the only one who can end the hardness of the monster ….

holding his neck she jumps wrapped her legs in his waist she started enjoying again and now her erected nipples rubbing against his lips and the monster driller sucked the one erect nipples and let her jump…. 

it’s always endless play as human body desires faint for a while but evoked easily when nicely stimulated…. 

after a while monster started getting uneasy which shows the sign of great fall and he withdrew her down on floor and getting her on her four he shoved his monster inside her and holding her hairs he started riding her badly so bad that she was in heaven of lust screaming moaning and they both reaches the edge of moments that is call PARAM SUKH BODH

she was one who leaked inside and he exploded with her falling on her exhausted body and the water falling on them calming the fire of their body and silence was gained by the washroom and falling of water from shower overrule their desiring lusty voices…..

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