Whore Shreya Ghoshal | Shreya Ghoshal Fantasy Story

Shreya Ghoshal Fantasy Story

We all know Sherya Ghoshal,one of the most beautiful singers of Bollywood.Many people shagged thinking about her.She acts very innocently in public.Also she never exposes too much in public,well those are only for music directors and producers.Apart from those two types of people,many others have enjoyed her directly or indirectly.
One day at morning Shreya was getting ready for a song recording,she selected a dress which was little low cut,displaying a gimplse of cleavage.She is always a great teaser.She got ready and started going towards car.Behind her,a young servant of just 18 years,was following her with Shreya’s bag in his hand.He was having a tough time.He just cannot control himself by looking at Shreya’s super hot and round ass.With his left hand he rubbed his cock gently.Meanwhile they reached to the car and Shreya left for studio.
After reaching studio Shreya went to the recording room.The music director and the film producer were present in the room.Shreya started preparing for recording with music director and the producer was looking very lustily towards Shreya.He had always a great lust for Shreya.But till now he did not had a chance to enjoy this divine beauty.Since Sherya had entered the room,he was continuously starring to Shreya’s boobs.Shreya also noticed that and feeling little uncomfortable.After sometime he cannot control himself and went near Sherya. The music director was discussing something with Sherya, the producer went there and put his hand on Shreya’s waist and pretended that he is listening the discussion.Though Shreya did not like his touch,she did not say anything because it was very common for her.But he didn’t stop there.After a minute or so,he started to rub Shreya’s waist gently.This time Shreya looked at him with irritation but he kept his hand on her waist.Shreya also noticed that some crew members in the room was looking to her and smiling.She knew very well that those low class people thinks bad about her and masterbates.So she moved little forward to get release from producer’s hand.But the evil man didn’t want to leave this opportunity.Quickly he went in front of Shreya and stood very close to her.As a result of it,the heavenly 34-B boobs of Shreya were touching his elbow.He was in heaven.He already got an erection and didn’t try to hide it.Now the music director also watched it he also getting horny. Like every male, he also had a fantasy of fucking Shreya.But only he managed to get a blowjob from Shreya six months earlier in the washroom of a five star hotel.Despite of his continuous request, Shreya didn’t allow him to fuck her.Because she only needed to snatch a song from her competitor Monali Thakur.She thinks that a blowjob from her presious mouth is enough for a song.Moreover,his cock was very small,a mere 4.5 inch.She didn’t even think of taking such small cocks.So that time she rejects his prayer. But feeling sorry for him, Shreya allowed him to cum on her face which she generally didn’t allow. Now back to the present day, unfortunate to the producer,the crews finished the arrangements for the recording so Shreya had to go for the recording.Shreya started singing and the producer sat there on a chair.While singing Shreya making many expressions,which she does always.The producer and the music director having a tough time controlling their erection.After about 20 minute the producer cannot control anymore decided to make a move.He knows very well that it will not be easy to fuck this beauty.So he ordered everyone to leave the recording room except Shreya.The crews are surprised,the music director knew his intention very well.But being a music director,he had to obey the producer.Shreya was also aware of it but she thought as they are in recording room and many people are outside he will not dare to cross the line. After everybody left the room Shreya sat on the sofa and the producer went near the door and closed it.After closing the door the producer came and sat beside Shreya.”can I ask you some questions?” he asked Shreya.
Shreya agreed.”So tell me dear, why are you so beautiful?” he asked.Shreya blushed listening this comment.Sensing the opportunity the producer added “and sexy too”.
Shreya’s cheeks turned red.She decided to remain silent.Now the producer advanced further and placed his hand on Shreya’s butter like thighs.He asked Shreya some stupid questions and continued his action.Due to his action, Shreya became little excited but controlled herself and removed his hand from her thighs.But the producer did not want to back off now.He again placed his hand on Shreya’s thigh and said “what a sexy figure you got dear,every guy is bound to get excited looking at you”
“Please stop it sir” Shreya said softly.
“Now tell me dear, everybody have their own physical demands.You also have.How is your sex life?”The producer was now coming to the point.
Shreya got surprised by the question and little angry too.Till now only female friends asked her such personal things.Some male guys also asked her this but only when they were fucking her.At the time of sex it is natural to ask such questions.She also did not mind the question at those conditions.But now the situation is not the same.
So she did not answer producer’s question and said “What are you asking sir,it is very private matter.”
But the producer insisted her by saying ” Come on Shreya, you are not telling this to media.You are telling me and it will remain secret.”
Telling this he started to rub Shreya’s thighs faster and he placed his other hand on her neck.Now his right hand was touching Shreya’s panty over her dress.It was very near to her pussy.His started rubbing Shreya’s neck by his left hand.Shreya is getting turned on.
Shreya is losing control over her body by the producer’s touch.One part of her mind telling her to go with the flow but the other part thinking that she has a clean image so she can not behave or talk like a slut.Mealwhile the producer lowered his left hand and placed it over Shreya’s sideboobs.A mild moan escaped from Shreya’s mouth as she started to getting wet.
“Please remove your hand,I am telling”Shreya said with hesitation.
But the producer is in no mood to listen.”Please tell darling,I am waiting”,he said continuing his actions on Shreya’s inner thighs and sideboobs.
“Uff,ugh..sir I have a regular sex life” Shreya told with lot of difficulties.She is now more horny by his actions.
The producer is now almost out of control by listening this from Shreya’s mouth.He got a massive erection in his pant.He thought his tool gonna tear his pant.He advanced his left hand to right side and grabbed one of Shreya’s boobs.Shreya moaned lightly but did not protest.He also moved his right hand upwards and touched Shreya’s pussy over her dress.Now Shreya is very much excited.She opened her thighs more for his access and started breathing faster.
“Oh darling,not that little.I know you have a great sex life.In fact a sexy woman like you should be fucked more often.I want to know more” he said while pressing Shreya’s boobs gently.
Shreya closed her eyes in ecstasy.She is feeling little shame also but the excitement surpassed her shame.Sensing her reactions the producer removed his right hand from Shreya’s thighs and placed it on her other boobs.Now the producer was pressing Shreya’s both heavenly,soft boobs. He also pinched Shreya’s nipples over her dress.This time Shreya moaned loudly.
“Please tell na”again the producer asked.
“I have sexual relationship with some people,both inside and outside of the industry.It helps me professionally as well as physically.”Shreya said with little gasp.
Now the producer started to press Shreya’s boobs vigorously.
“Tell me your measurements Shreya”he further demanded.
“34-26-36” Shreya said without hesitation.
Now he leaned over and started to roll up Shreya’s gown upwards.This time Shreya protested and stopped his hands but before that the producer moved her gown almost near her knees.Now her smooth, glossy legs are uncovered and the producer started to stroke her legs and press her boobs simultaneously.Shreya started to bite her lips and placed her head on the producer’s neck.The producer was in seventh heaven.He started to drag Shreya’s gown upward and moved it over her waist.Now Shreya was nude below her waist except her black panty.The panty was a very ordinary panty, nothing fancy.Seeing her heavenly meaty thighs naked,the producer cannot control anymore.He stepped down from his seat and sat in front of Shreya.Shreya was looking at him and knew very well what he is going to do.


கண்டிப்பாக .... விரைவில் எதிர்பாருங்கள் ...

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