Sharing our Fetishes

Sharing our Fetishes

“Done!” My wife proclaimed as she wiped the last spot of shave cream from Matt’s ball sack. “Do you think your wife will like your new look?” Beth asked him as she held his penis in her left hand and gently caressed his testicles with her right.
Before Matt could answer her, Beth looked at him, licked her lips and rubbed her face on his cock. “Sooo smooth…” she purred. “Feel how soft it is, baby,” she said with a devilish smile. She continued rubbing her pretty face on his freshly shaven cock and again requested that I inspect her work.
Matt laughed and said, “If you want Kim (his wife) to shave you…” Then he told Beth that his wife will love his new look and that he couldn’t wait to show her. Beth smiled at Matt and kissed his ball sack gently and lovingly. Beth stopped kissing his balls, looked up and said, “Let’s text her some pictures!” She looked at Matt and said, “My new iphone takes great pictures. The zoom on it is unreal. After helping her sister with the new baby for the past week, she deserves it.”
She then pulled Matt’s cock to her face and placed the head of his penis against her left eye. She then blinked her eye rapidly, her long eyelashes gently brushing the sensitive skin just under the crown of his penis.
I began snapping pictures with the phone while Beth posed with Matt’s freshly shaven cock; either in her mouth or about to be. I took several pix of his cock and of his balls to show Kim how well Beth shaved them. She did very well. Beth told me to give her the phone and to take off my boxers. She had shaved me the day before and wanted to get some pix of both cocks together.
“Kim is going to love this. Two beautiful cocks together… for her pleasure,” Beth said as her attention was now focused on my smoothly shaven cock.
She reached out grabbed my penis and pulled me to her. I handed her the iphone as her lips engulfed the head of my swollen cock. Beth held the phone in her left hand, grabbed Matt’s cock with her right hand and pulled him to within six inches of her cock filled mouth. She stopped sucking me and pointed the camera at our shaven genitals and snapped some pix.
“My god…,” was all she able to say as she digitally immortalized Matt’s and my cock on her iphone.
Beth put down the phone and wrapped her hands around our cocks and pulled them together. She opened her mouth and began to lick the head of my cock. She did the same to Matt as his cock was nearly touching mine. She then guided both of our cocks into her mouth and began to suck. I snapped a few pix of Beth as she sucked our cocks together.
“This is another of her fetishes,” I told Matt.
“Kim has the same fetish,” He replied. “She will be back in a few days, It will be her turn then.”
Beth looked up at Matt and me and told us that Kim and her had another fantasy fetish to share with us when Kim is able to join in. “You guys better be ready…” she said with a devious smile.

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