Sexy Twist in Hot Wife Shwetha’s Life – 01

“Shwetha dear! Let’s close the work and go to my home.”

Shwetha looked up from the computer screen to her friend, Sindhu. Sindhu was lovely, sexy and charming. Sindhu had been persuading her colleague-cum-friend Shwetha to go to her home for the weekend. Shwetha’s husband, Pradeep, was out of station on official purpose.

Shwetha was still undecided whether to visit Sindhu or not. They both had been working in the same office for the past three years and had become close friends. They knew each other’s secrets including the things that happen behind bedroom walls.

Sindhu and her husband, Manoj, were completely free birds. They were enjoying sex to the fullest. When Sindhu told Shwetha that she had sex with many partners even after marriage, Shwetha was awestruck. When Sindhu further said her husband knew about it, she almost fainted. ‘Didn’t he say anything?’ she asked.

‘No, beacuse he was busy fucking the other woman in the same room,’ Sindhu said casually.


‘Yes, he was fucking my parnter’s wife. We enjoy this session for at least a month.’

Shwetha knew that wife swapping happens in cities but she never imagined that it was happening so close to her. Her best friend was fucking others’ husbands. She became jealous of her freind, remembering her dull sex life. Pradeep fucked her now and then whenever he got into the mood. But the act was no more exciting and lovely as it used to be.

She could not imagine Prdeep to allow her fuck other men. Even though he was not traditional, he was not so modern also. Since the day Shwetha came to know about Sindhu and her husband’s sex adventures, Shwetha developed a secret crush on her husband, Manoj.

So how could she manage herself if she went to their home for the whole weekend. Two days would be difficult to bear in the presence of her crush.

“Are you still thinking?” Sindhu asked.

“Are you still thinking,” Sindhu asked.

Shwetha looked at her friend and came to a conclusion. “Let’s go to your home. We will have a blast this weekend.”

“That’s my friend!” They both picked up their bags and started walking towards the lift.

Shwetha and Sindhu were hotties in the office. As they passed by, many men turned their heads and looked at their big boobs lustily and imagined their enormous round asses in doggy style.
*** Shwetha’s age was 31 and had been married for 6 years. She had a daughter of 4 years. Sindhu was also of same age but married 8 years back and had a daughter of 5 years.

The friends first went to Shwetha’s house as they had to pick up her daughter, Mahek. Shwetha also stuffed some clothes for two days. When they reached Sindhu’s home, Manoj was already at home.

“You came early today?” Sindhu asked her husband.

“Yes, not much work today as it is a holiday for my client,” he said. “But you really surprised me by bringing this beautiful guest to our house.”

Shwetha was all happy and shy as he called her beautiful. Sindhu told her husband, “She is going to be here for the whole weekend. We will have fun this weekend.”

Shwetha saw that Manoj felt very excited by hearing that. She too felt a strange excitement and at the same time a tingling sensation started between her loins.

Sindhu showed a bedroom to Shwetha and told her that it was her own for the weekend. Then she went back to her own bedroom. Manoj was relaxing in the bed there. When he saw his wife, he asked eagerly, “You didn’t tell me you are bringing Shwetha here?”

“It was a surprise for you,” she said naughtily removing her shirt.

Manoj pressed her boobs over her bra. “You said we will have fun for the weekend. What’s the plan?”

“We will go shopping for the whole two days. What else can we do?” Then she stopped as if she remembered something. “Ohhooo…I forgot that you had a thing on her. You wanna fuck her?” she asked grabbing his cock over his pants.
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