Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop – Part 2

Entering the restaurant, sue had to walk behind the two, but also had to stay
close to them. The captain spoke with the headwaiter. Then the three of them
were taken to the table. sue noticed that it was on a platform above the rest of
the tables. And there was only one table that high up. Once they arrived at the
table, the Captain told her where to sit, which was facing the main dinning
area. Then he adjusted the tablecloth, so that there was nothing hanging over
the front of the table, and he folded the back side of the tablecloth so that
the view under the table was unobstructed from those below.
sue sat where she was told, and knew that if she wasn’t careful, her pussy would
be quite visible to those on the main floor. she tried to keep her legs closed,
but it was hard to hide anything with such a short skirt.
Judy noticed that sue was trying not to show anything as she sat down beside
her. she told sue, “Open those legs up susie slut, and let everyone see your
little bald cunt.”
Not wanting to piss her off, knowing that as mean as the bitch was, she would
strip her naked right there, she opened her legs slightly. sue knew that her
pussy was now on display, but was afraid to close her legs up.
The other two just laughed and began to talk to each other. They were sitting on
either side of sue, and as they talked, it was aggravating, since they talked
across her. They didn’t talk about anything in particular. It was about the job,
the weather, and some other people they knew.
Then both reached down under the table and took one of sue’s legs each and
pulled. her legs were now obscenely spread wide, with her gaping hole wide open
for everyone to see. The Captain said, “Leave them just like that bitch, or I’ll
make sure you walk out of here without your clothes.”
sue sat there, face turning red with shame, tears running down her cheeks, but
also she felt that strange tingling sensation in her pussy. she knew it was
getting wet and she would have a wet spot on her skirt before they were
finished. she couldn’t figure out why her pussy got so wet, when she was made to
do these horrible things.
The waiter got to their table and asked if they would care for a drink before
dinner. sue sure would have loved to have a nice Mai Tai, but knew she couldn’t
ask for it. The Captain ordered for Judy and himself, then said, “And bring a
beer for this one.”
sue hated beer and the Captain knew it. she started to say something, but
thought better, since they had both warned her about talking. So she just sat
there in silence.
Judy leaned over and whispered into her ear, saying, “Put your hands behind your
back, slut. I want them palm to palm in the middle of your back. And don’t move
them unless we say to. Just pretend they are handcuffed there.”
sue obeyed and sat there, hands behind her, knowing in this position her little
tits pushed out even more through the tight blouse she had on. The Captain then
excused himself to go talk to the waiter, and returned with a bowl in his hands.
He set it in front of sue, then sat back down and continued talking with Judy.
This time they talked about sex and how horny both of them were. They both said
that as soon as dinner was done, they would head straight to sue’s house and
The waiter came back with the drinks, and sat them down in front of everyone.
The Captain and Judy both started drinking, but sue didn’t know what to do with
her beer. Of course, she didn’t really want it anyway, so it was OK with her to
just let it sit there.
Then the Captain picked the beer up and poured it into the bowl he had placed in
front of her. Once the bottle was empty he said, “OK, sue, drink up.”
sue just sat there looking at him, wondering how she was supposed to drink it
since she couldn’t use her hands and it was in a bowl.
The Captain leaned over to her ear and said, “I said drink up, cunt. Now put
your fucking head down and lap it up like a good little puppy.”
sue was shocked and horrified at the thought of being made to do such a
humiliating thing in front of all the people in the restaurant. she just sat
there and stared at the Captain. That is until Judy reached over and undid a
button from her blouse. This one was right at her tits. Then, Judy opened her
blouse a little more and sue knew most of her little tits were out in the open.
Then Judy said, “Unless you want me to open it all the way, I suggest you do as
the Captain said.”
sue began to cry, as she lowered her head to take a drink from the bowl. she
lapped up a little beer and then sat back up, with the liquid running down her
chin and onto her sheer blouse. she didn’t want to do this, but between these
two horrible people, she knew they would do something worse if she didn’t obey.
So once again, she leaned over and lapped up some more beer.
After drinking about half of the beer, she had to pee. Since Judy had not
allowed her to use the bathroom before they left, she really needed piss now.
sue didn’t know what to do about it, since she was not allowed to talk, but she
started cramping from the need to relieve her self.
she took a chance and spoke to the Captain. “Sir, may your slut go to the
bathroom. she really needs to pee.”
“Sure you can,” said the Captain, “follow me.” He got up from his chair and took
sue by the hand to drag her along. As he was leaving, he said, “We’ll be right
back Judy, please order another round of drinks for us.”

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