Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop 5

sue heard the door open again and thought those men were back. she couldn’t say
anything since the gag was in her mouth. And she couldn’t move because of the
way she was secured. Thinking of how she looked, bound, gagged, collared,
blindfolded and spread wide open for anyone to see, she moaned quietly to
herself. she was hating all of this, but knew she had to withstand a few more
months so her little sister wouldn’t forced into this position. she would never
be able to live with herself if that should happen.
A female voice spoke softly to her and she felt tender hands on her shoulders
pushing her down. The voice said, “Now little slut, you are going to make me
happy. you are going to eat my pussy until I cum in your little slutty mouth. So
just let yourself down on your knees so you can get to me. I won’t let you
The voice sounded so very familiar to sue, but she couldn’t quite place it. But
she knew that she had to eat this cunt in order to get through the night. After
all, she had just been raped by two guys.
This girl helped sue to her knees and the she felt a dress being put over her
head. Not only was she blindfolded, but now she was totally hidden beneath the
princess dress that this person was wearing. sue felt hands on her head,
tilting it backwards and as soon as it was back, the girl stepped forward and
placed her cunt right on sue’s gagged mouth. sue tried to lick. It was hard
with the gag in her mouth, but she did her best.
“This won’t do,” said the girl, “I’m going to take that gag out, susie, but it
will have to go back in when you finish.”
The dress was pulled up and over sue, uncovering her, and then the gag was
released. sue was finally able to close her mouth. It was so stiff, but she did
manage to flex her jaws a couple of times she could feel and hear the dress
being lifted over her once again. her head was tilted back once again and the
cunt placed back onto her mouth.
Once she started licking, she knew it was Stephanie. The last time she was made
to lick her cunt, sue thought about how sweet it tasted. Nothing like Judy’s. So
sweet and quite tasty. sue was going to give Stephanie a great orgasm. she
licked and sucked, sucked and licked. she knew it wouldn’t be long before
Stephanie came in her mouth, giving her that sweet nectar.
Stephanie felt her orgasm building. Her cunt was spasming and she was pushing it
more and more into sue’s mouth. God, this little asian slut was such a good
pussy licker.
sue was pleased with herself for pleasuring Stephanie. she liked her, even
though she was the one who pierced her pussy lips so the Captain could lock it
up. Stephanie tasted soooooooo good.
Once Stephanie calmed down, sue tried to crawl back out from under the dress,
but was held in place. “OK baby, time for a little more before I put you back
in place. Now, put your lips on my pussy and make a seal. Don’t fight it, just
do it.”
sue had no idea what was coming, so she did as she was told. sealing her lips
around Stephanie’s hot cunt and sucking. Then it happened. Stephanie started
pissing, directly into the little asian’s mouth. she choked as the hot liquid
entered her mouth and started down her throat. she tried to pull away, but her
head was held tight against the pussy and she couldn’t escape.
“Drink it all, my little pet,” said Stephanie, “Then you’ll be done for awhile.
Don’t spill any either.”
sue couldn’t do anything except swallow the golden liquid entering her mouth.
“GULP,GULP,GULP,” as she drank the piss. she hated this so much and couldn’t
figure out why people wanted to do this to her. But her little cunt was so hot
and wet now. she hated it when her pussy did the thinking for her. she just
couldn’t control the feelings she had there. It was like someone had turned a
faucet on inside her and it was gushing out of her hot little snatch.
Finally it was all over and Stephanie moved away from her mouth. She pulled the
dress from over the naked form and helped her stand up. Then Stephanie
reattached the ring gag in her mouth and left her standing there. Once again,
she was all alone. Alone with her hot thoughts and wet pussy. sue didn’t know
why, but she wanted more. she needed the humiliation. she wanted to be used. she
was a slut needing everything she could get.
While she was deep in thought, she didn’t hear the door open again. But she did
hear the voice that suddenly snapped her away from her thoughts.
“Time to get you back to the party, slut,” said Judy, as she started to undo the
chains from the chair. “you, my pet, are going to entertain the ones that are
left. Now, let’s get you dressed.”
Judy wrapped the skirt around her waist, making sure the slit was right in the
front, but she didn’t put the blouse back on her. “Too much trouble to unhook
everything to get that flimsy little blouse on, so I hope you don’t mind going
topless for awhile.” she spoke, mainly to herself since sue couldn’t respond.
“Now, just follow me, slut. I won’t take the blindfold off, since I don’t want
you to know how many are left out there,” Judy told her.
With that, she pulled on the leash attached to sue’s pussy and she couldn’t do
anything but follow.
Once they entered the main room, sue heard the talking. “OH, wow,” came a voice.
Another said, “Holly shit, she is showing her tits.” And yet another said,
“sarge really knows how to make a party.”
sue felt herself being guided along the floor, her tears running down her face
from underneath the blindfold. But she also felt her cunt juice running down her
legs. she hated it when her pussy did this, but she was very excited.
Judy led her to the middle of the room and pushed her into a chair. The cold
wood felt strange on her ass, since her skirt had ridden up when she bent to
sit. she knew she was totally exposed to whoever was left at the party.
Then she heard the Captain speak. “Tonight, by sue’s request, she is going to
get her tongue pierced. she told me she had always wanted this and we are going
to do it.”
The moment sue heard these words, she tried to rise from the chair in some form
of protest, but Judy immediately pushed her down. she tried to make some
protesting sound from the gag, but a hard slap silenced her immediately.
“Now, sergeant lee, we know you are excited, but you just have to control
yourself,” said Judy. “Will someone help me strap the sergeant to this chair so
she doesn’t hurt herself?”
sue was strapped to the arms and legs of the chair. There was no way she was
going to get loose.
The Captain continued, “I asked Stephanie to help with it, since she is a
professional piercer. Are you ready, Steph?”
“Yes,” Stephanie answered, “but I’ll need a table to put the tools on.”
“Hec, can you get that table over there,” asked the Captain.
“Sure enough,” was his reply as he went to the other side of the room and got
the table, placing it right next to sue.
sue heard him set the table down and then she heard Stephanie laying out her
tools. The next step surprised her when Stephanie said, “I need someone to hold
her head tightly and someone to hold her tongue in place. Hec and Judy, can you
help me?”
The next thing she felt were strong hands at the side of her head, and two
fingers in her mouth. A clamp was attached to the tip of her tongue. she
couldn’t say anything since the ring gag prevented it. Then her tongue was being
pulled. she tried to fight it, but it hurt from the clamp and it came out of her
mouth. sue sat there, not being able to move or talk, with her tongue as far out
as Judy could pull it.
she then heard Stephanie say, “Judy, what can we attach this to in order to keep
it out? Can’t have her jumping when I put the holes in.”
Judy thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t we hook it to her cunt rings.
Then she won’t be able to move it all, unless she pulls her lips off.” She
started laughing at the sight it would make of the little cunt.
sue felt them fumbling with something and then felt hands near her pussy. The
next thing she knew, her cunt and tongue were attached together by a chain. she
cried even harder now, finding it difficult to breather, but she couldn’t do
anything else. And she felt her pussy begin to leak more juice and she knew she
was sitting in a big puddle on the chair.
Stephanie said, “That’s going to work just fine. Now, I’ll just get all my
things on the table and get to work.”
sue heard her moving the tools and Stephanie whispered in her ear, “It won’t be
too bad, sue. Just a little prick and it’ll be done.”
sue tried one more time to groan out a protest, but she knew it was hopeless.
Stephanie picked up the piercing tools and put the stud that would be in her
tongue into the gun. She asked the Captain, “OK, where do we put it?”
He said, “I think she needs two of them. One on each side, toward the back.”

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