Sex With Junior Office Colleague Anu

Anu is a pretty girl, about 25 yrs, cute and attractive figure. She has a good reputation about her work. She is smart and sincere. I am management person in the organization and she was transferred to my department about 2-3 months back. She sits nearby my office. She always smiles whenever she passes through me. I am her boss’s boss.
Last month was her birthday and HR team sent an email to staff as usual. I wished her saying, “Anu, many happy returns of the day. Have a lovely year ahead.” I was not even aware that she is a married gal. Later I came to know that she is married and her husband is working in Europe. She is staying alone in Bangalore since she is a working girl.
Once I happened to share a table with her in the cafeteria during office lunch time since there was no other place available. Then the first time I started talking to her in person. I asked her about her family and other general details.She told me that her family is not in Bangalore and she is staying alone now.
After few days, she sent me an email saying she will take 3 weeks of leave to go to Europe to meet her husband sometime in April next year.Since she was asking for long leave, I asked her to meet me in person to know more about the reason.
Then she met me in 1-on-1. During the discussion, she told me that she got married about six months back and now her in-laws want her to go to Europe and plan for a family expansion. I just casually asked her, why so hurry, you just got married, you should not hurry for at least 2-3 years. She said I agree but in-laws are of old thoughts.
I said talk to your husband and let him handle it. She said I am trying. So like this, the discussion became more informal and friendly. I said if you feeling lonely in Bangalore and no one to support you, you can reach out to me as a mentor being senior to you. Then I gave her my person email id too.
After a couple of days, she sent me an email on my person id saying thank you for all the support and guidance. I feel better now etc. Then I replied to her email more friendly. She replied back. Then we started exchanging emails on personal ids.
Later on Sunday morning, I just called her on her mobile. I said, what are you doing etc. She said nothing much, just having breakfast etc. I said I am planning to go for a movie today, the thought of checking with you. She paused and said, hmm let it be. You are my senior, it’s not good that way going out.
I said you don’t have to hang around with me, I will buy two tickets and let you know the ticket details. You can directly come there. She said, I don’t know, I will let you know. Then I went ahead and bought two movie tickets for the afternoon show and sent her the ticket details through SMS. I didn’t get any response back.
Then I called her after one hour and said, anu, there is a surprise for you. Today’s it’s my birthday. Can you please share this moment with me today. I will be very happy. She said, oh wow, why didn’t you tell me earlier. I said I wanted to surprise you, please come to so and so mall and we will watch a movie and small dinner treat from me. She said ok.
Then we met in the mall near movie theater a few minutes earlier to start the movie and then we both went inside.She asked me about my family. I said they have gone out of station for some urgent function, I was alone here this weekend, hence I requested you. She said fine.
This movie was about college gals and their student life and how they enjoy in parties etc. During the movie, I asked her, was your college life similar to this. She said, no, but this is common for most. I said how come you are leaving your husband alone in Europe, what if he finds another white gal there. I was just teasing her.
She said, don’t say like that, I trust him etc. I said, this generation is smarter. She said I know. I asked, don’t you miss him. Because you are married recently and how do you manage. She laughed and said, don’t ask me such questions. I said, I am your mentor, so you can be freer with me so that I can help you. She said I am perfectly alright, nothing to worry.
I also had her hand in mine, she hesitated initially, but later she was ok to touch her hand. After the movie, we had dinner together in a good restaurant and then I dropped her at her apartment. While going home, I told her that my birthday is yet to come, I just wanted your friendship. She said, oh god, you are too much. I said, you are too less, get more. Then I went to my home.
After going home, I sent her a nice email as a friend, thanking her for her company for movie and dinner and also praised her as a nice person and about her beauty. Next day, there was a simple answer, thank you.
Next day she came to office in nice saree, with lipstick etc. I sent her IM message saying you are looking gorgeous today. She sent me smiley as the reply. In the evening I sent her another message on her im, saying I can drop you home today. I will let you know before I leave office. She replied, ok with smiley. Her home was also on my way back home.
Then in the evening, I went to the parking area and sat in my car and sent her im saying, I am in parking, you can come down and told her my car number. She came. It was around 7.45 pm. While going home, I praised her directly, saying you are really cute and gorgeous. Looking hot today. Can I offer you a dinner for this? She said, no no, not daily. I said it’s my pleasure.
Anyways you will go home and cook. You can avoid that trouble. She said no. But still, I stopped near a good restaurant and hold her hand and said, chal yaar, kuch nahi hota. She came with me.
Then while dinner, I asked her, have you ever taken any drinks, she said, only couple of times with hubby. I said, can you please have little with me today as a friend. She said no, but I insisted. Then we both had some drinks together.She wanted vodka but I ordered wine.
Then we had dinner together. While going home, her voice was not stable, maybe due to drinks. She started talking more also. I understood, wine ka nasha hoga. Then when I dropped her near her home, she was not able to walk properly. Then I went with her to drop her to her flat. She said, I think you have given me more drinks, I am little shaky now. I said, don’t worry.
I will wait here some more time and we can talk. Once you feel sleepy, you can tell me, I will go home. She said fine. Then I switched on tv and we both were sitting on the sofa. I got some water for her from kitchen etc. I said, why you stay alone here. You should get your in-laws or someone to take care here. She said, no yaar, I am fine being alone.In-laws, big no no.
They are always scolding people. I hate them etc. Then she said my hubby is a good person but leaving me dry since a long time. Then she suddenly realized what she said. She said, sorry sorry, I take my words back. I said, it’s ok, we are friends, you can share your inner feelings.
During these discussions, her saree pallu was on one side, so I could see her boobs size and stomach etc. I said, if I had a hot wife like you, I wouldn’t have left you alone like this. She said, you are too naughty person, but you are a good person and helping nature. I said yes I like helping needy people like you. She said, chup.
Then I adjusted her saree and tried to cover her body and said, this is your secret, keep it like that. She said, oh ya, I didn’t realize that because now you are my friend also along with being boss’s boss. She slowly said you are too caring. She was almost feeling sleepy. She was closing her eyes in between.
Then I touched her and said, hey shall I take you to your bedroom, you are feeling sleepy now. She said hhmmm in sleep itself. Then I got her up and hold her properly and guided her towards her bed. I felt that wine was too much for her. Then I laid her on the bed and put a bedsheet on her. She said, you also sleep in another room. In next few minutes, she was already in deep sleep.
During my handling her, I felt good. I touched her stomach, hand, and also boobs causally. That generated some desire in my mind. I got one bedsheet from another room and slept on the sofa itself. After one hour or so, I thought of doing something with her, my lust mind.
I went to her room, switched on the light, took out bedsheet from her. Kept watching her sexy cute body. I kept her saree pallu aside and opened blouse buttons. Wow, what sexy boobs. Lifted her saree little up and started seeing her smooth legs.
Finally, I couldn’t control myself. I gave her a nice gentle kiss on her lips and pressed her boobs. She got up suddenly. She said, hey what is this? I trust you as a friend, how can you do this with me? I said I am sorry Anu but you are too sexy to resist. Can you please quick quiet and think logically. If you cooperate then we both can enjoy, even you need this.
She said, no no, I am not that kind of a girl. I said you are a drying girl and I am your trusted friend, please cooperate. She was still in wine influence. She got up and went to the washroom. In the meantime, I prepared coffee for both of us. I said sorry to her again and offered her a coffee. She was trying to cool down.
Then she said, you are a nice person, I like you as a friend. But doing this will be going beyond our boundaries. I said I am also married, still, I want to help you. We both can enjoy secretly. She said I am not comfortable. I said allow me for now, if you don’t like, then I will keep away from you. She kept quiet.
After coffee, she changed her dress (saree) and put on the nice pinkish gown. Then she also gave me her hubby’s night suite. She said, it’s too late now, you can go home tomorrow morning. Her tone was down and getting normal. I changed night suite. I said you can sleep now, I will watch tv until I get to sleep.
She smiled and said, don’t act too much, and silently she went to her bedroom. She kept the light on. After 10-15 min, she called me from the room and said, you are still not sleepy. Then I switched off tv and light and went to her room. She said, other room has some dust there, you can be comfortable here if you don’t mind. That was obviously green signal for me.
I switched off room light and got on her bed and laid down near her. She gave her bedsheet over me too. I got closer to her and almost hugged her and kept one leg on her thighs. She kept quiet. I slowly asked her, when did you hubby go to Europe. She said three months back. I said, night must be difficult for you right? She said hmm.
Then I touched her boobs on the gown and started rubbing gently. She kept quiet. She asked me, did you offer drinks to me for this? I said I am your friend, I want to help you. She gave a lovely and gentle slap on my cheek and said, I know how a man thinks. I said, even gals have similar feelings, don’t know why they hide. She laughed.
Then I gave her a big kiss on her lips this time and said, I love you Anu, you are so sexy. Then I hinted her to take out her gown. She took out her gown and hinted me too to take out my clothes. I switched on lights again. She looked at my hard dick and said, wow you have a big one. I said this is for you, feel free.
She touched my dick and tried to shake it. She said my hubby is religious minded and traditional thinking. It’s an arranged marriage etc. I said if you cooperate, I can give you better bed time. She smiled and said, let’s see. Then I took her in front of dressing mirror, kissed her whole nude body in standing position and praising her beauty etc.
She was getting more and more aroused by that. I also licked her wet pussy. She started moaning almost. Then I told her to suck my hard dick too. She did that. She said we had bedtime only first three months, now he is abroad. I said, don’t worry I will satisfy your needs. Then I lifted her and took her on the dining table and said, can I get inside your hot body now.
She smiled and said, you are my good friend. I took that as yes and opened her legs. I caressed her wet pussy lips and did some fingering to make her too hot. She started enjoying and finally said, sanju, please kuch karo na, I cannot wait now. Then I pointed her hard dick towards her ready hole and inserted inside her love hole.
She moaned, aaahhhh I was waiting for this long, thank you, Sanju. Finally, I gave her a nice hot juicy fuck. I poured all my cum inside her pinkish love hole. Finally, we got separated after full satisfaction. She gave me a nice kiss and said, love you, Sanju, you are too good. Then she took me to her bed. She said, now let take some rest.
Then she said, you wake me up every two hours and do whatever you want. We will take off tomorrow also. Please make me full satisfied. I am really missing all this after my newly marriage. Then I fucked her at last 10 times during those two days. We did all kinds of sex acts, foreplay, porns, etc etc.
After that, she invited me on every weekend for few hours. Later her travel got preponed and she had to go for Europe earlier. But I am quite happy that I could help a really deserving needy gal to get her full satisfaction.

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