Sex in a Cabin – short story

Smoke slowly whisked in the air as it rose from the iron chimney of the small cabin. The sun was almost set as the darkness of the night consumed the forest. Only the soft glow of the fire was seen flickering through the window.

Looking in the window one could see the shapes of two figures intertwined on a large fur rug. Both naked and aggressively exploring each other’s bodies with their hands as they kissed. The warmth of the fire already had them sweating as he laid her back moving his mouth to her neck and slowly moving further down. The softness of the rug caressing her body. Her red hair falling in all directions.

He gently kissed each inch down until he found the wetness between her legs.

She moaned as he slowly licked around her clit and grabbed the back of his head. Hearing her moan already started to make him hard and he could already feel the head of his cock get wet with precum. He started to slowly rub himself as he kissed her inner thighs causing her to moan even louder.

He could feel her wetness increasing as he licked.

“Fuck…. I’mm….…mmmm…….going…… to….. cummm……mmmmmm……” she moaned barley able to make the words come out.

Her legs shook as the orgasm hit her. The ecstasy overwhelmed her body as her eyes rolled back, push his head harder down on her pussy.

“I want you in me” she said as she flipped over arching her back giving a full view of her ass and pussy.

The curves of her hips and roundness of her ass almost made him explode right there. His cock throbbed as he inserted the tip past her lips. She was so wet and warm. A shiver went down his spine as he pushed his cock deeper until she had taken him all.

She moaned as he pushed deep into her pulling out slowly. His hands found her hips and he worked his cock in and out as he held on. Looking down he could see the jiggle of her ass with every stroke. She arch her back more laying her chin on her folded arms. Opening her pussy for an even deeper penetration.

This made him lose focus as he felt the oncoming urge to cum. Quickly pulling out right before cumming up her back. She giggle as the warmth hit her skin.

“That was quick” she giggled looking back at him.

For a moment he sat there and admired her ass as she was looking at him. She smiled and got up slowly kissing him on the forehead.

“I’m going to go clean up” she said softly and walked towards the bathroom.

“Ok” he said as he went to sit on the couch “save some hot water for me”

“I’ll try” she yelled from the bathroom “Can’t make any promises this hot water heater kinda of sucks”.

He laughed and turn on the TV after hearing the shower turn on and a light signing echoing from the bathroom.

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