Saving My Innocent Husband – Chapter 3

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“Jancy, are you okay?” a sound came from the bedroom. “Nothing sir, she just tripped,” Shiva said and quickly I stepped out of my dark blue panties, and hooked all my blouse hooks. Saying “sorry Shiva, I could not control,” I picked up my white bra and dark blue panties and gave it to him. “I can understand, just sit down and relax for a while,” he said and went near the fridge and gave me some water. While I was drinking some water, “I am doctor remember, I can understand what happened to you, just relax,” Shiva said. I sipped some water and looked at him. “I just wanted to turn you on before you seduce him, but seems like I overdid things and made you. It is all my fault, I am sorry Eva, I will not do that again,” he said. “Come on Shiva, don’t be sorry. I did not get your intention of helping me, but I just got carried away. It is all my fault,” I said. “Jancy, let us not blame each other and ruin our friendship, I will never get a friend like you in my entire life, I don’t want to lose you Jancy. I have never had a good friend in my entire life,” he said and placed his hands over my hands. “Shiva, I will be a good friend to you, don’t worry okay?” I said and held his face. “Thank you Eva, I trust you” he said and quickly hugged me, and his weight made me lie down on the sofa and he slept on top of me. “Don’t worry, Shiva, I am there for you,” I said and hugged him, unaware of the fact that I am hugging him without my bra inside my blouse. He is my friend, so I did not mind, and Shiva started kissing my lips.

As he was kissing me passionately, I started feeling an itch between my legs again. Breaking the smooch, “Shiva, I am getting turned on,” I whispered biting my lips, holding his face. “I know you are feeling horny now, Eva. It is natural, do you understand?” he said, “Yeah,” I whispered. “Your body must be aching to make love to me, right?” he asked. “No,” I whispered and I blushed, “don’t feel shy, I am doctor I know what is going on inside you,” he whispered and planted a kiss on my lips, and before I could kiss his lips back the pulled his lips away from my lips. I tried to reach for his lips, and he was taking like lips away from me, I quickly held his face and began kissing his lips, he hugged me tight and continued kissing my lips. I could feel an itch between my legs, and the itch was throbbing me to take my left hand from his face, slide my hand inside saree and petticoat and rub my clit kissing his lips. Shiva broke the smooch, “Eva, you want me inside you right now isn’t it?” He whispered. “Yeah Shiva,” I said and hugged him tight, spreading my legs. “Your pussy is getting wet now, Eva?” he asked. I nodded yes pinching his lips, “you will feel great if I put my dick inside your wet pussy now, right?” he whispered. I looked into his eyes with lust filled eyes, as his straight words referring to my pussy, my wetness, and how great if would feel if he puts his dick inside my moist pussy, were totally turning me on. I gently kissed his forehead, and I did not say a word, but my facial expressions were saying “Shiva, I am totally on now, I want you to take me completely. I want you to lift up my saree and petticoat and make love to me, do it for your friend. Your friend likes you so much.”
Shiva, who was on top of me, gently slid off me, and knelt on the floor to face me while I was lying flat on the sofa. He looked into my eyes, brushed my hair with his left hand, and whispering “Don’t you think I am not turned on?” he slid right hand inside my Saree and petticoat. His right hand started off tracing my left leg from my ankle, and advanced further rubbing my skin over my leg and the moment his hand reached my knee, and he planted a kiss on top of my forehead, I bit my lips and folded my legs, resting the soles of my feet on the sofa clenching my toes digging the sofa, almost tearing the soft sofa fabric. As his hand traveled past my knee and traced my thighs and inner thighs, I could feel a strong orgasm building inside me, and I was biting my lips to control myself from moaning. “Are you listening Eva?” he asked, “Hmmmm,,” I nodded. “Don’t you think I am not turned on? In fact, I am more turned on than you,” he was saying and his hand were roaming all over my thighs, and my body was reacting to his touches. Planting my foot firmly on the sofa, my body lifted my hips in the air in pleasure, and Shiva inserted his hand under my buttocks, “my god, what an ass you have got Eva,” he said and put his both hands under my buttocks and grabbed my ass and “aaaah,” letting out a soft moan. Shiva, with his hands inside my saree and petticoat, grabbed my waist and dragged me, landing my buttocks on top of the left side armrest of the sofa. As he dragged, my green saree and black petticoat had bunched up and secured between the armrest of the sofa and the seat and my naked buttocks rested on the armrest and my pussy came to the full view of Shiva as my legs were free flowing pointing towards the floor. Looking at my pussy, biting his lips, Shiva unzipped his pant and pulled out his cock and inserted it right inside my pussy. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,,” I moaned in whispers and arched my head back, the feel was indescribable, after aching for his dick inside me for so a long time.
To my surprise, Shiva was not fucking me, and he just put his dick inside me and was looking at me. “What happened?” I whispered, grinding his cock, moving my hips. He pulled out his cock, and made me stand up, “Eva, we will save Maya first. We can make love any time, any day, any where we want okay?” he said, and trying to control myself saying “yes,” I hugged him and started kissing him all over his face. He broke the hug and picked up the phone receiver from the teapoy, called the security guard. I knelt in front of him and began sucking his dick. “Security come to Flat #314, Dr. Shiva here,” Shiva said and hanged the call quickly. “Mmmmmmmm……” Shiva moaned gently as I sucked his cock, and he held my shoulders and picked me up. Planting a kiss on the edge of his dick, I stood up “why I should not suck my friend’s dick?” I asked and smiled at him. “You can, but later, okay?” he said and planted a kiss on my forehead. “Lets go to my house, the security guard Kishan it going to come there, and we are going to find out the real murderer and save Maya’s hubby, hurrah..” Shiva said and hugged me tight. “Wow….!” I exclaimed and hugged him back, and we left the house, and went to Shiva’s house. “Kids go to grandpa’s house and play. Grandpa has got a new video game,” Shiva said and Goutham and Shiva’s daughter ran out of the house quickly.”
“The security guard Kishan, was a tough nut to crack Eva, not a word he revealed about the murderer who paid him the money to take off on that day and switch off all the security cameras. Then, I found his weakness,” Shiva said. “What is his weakness?” I asked. “You,” He said. “Me?” I asked in surprise. Saying “Kishan, has seen this sexy body many times in this apartment, and he lusts you like none other,” Shiva hugged me and started kissing my lips, and broke the kiss. “Once we are done with this guy, we will be saving Maya’s life,” he said and started kissing my lips again and this I started kissing his lips back. While we were kissing, we heard the door bell ring, breaking the smooch, “it is Kishan,” he said. My heart beats increased, I don’t know if it out of excitement or fear. “Don’t leave me alone and go Shiva, I am scared,” I said holding his face. The door bell rang once again. “Eva, just relax and go with the flow and I will come later,” Shiva said. “Shiva, please do leave, I can’t do this alone,” I said. The door bell ran again, “Eva, come on, I have to leave him with you and go, he is the only option we have to save Maya’s husband. I can’t take chances, Maya’s life it sake,” Shiva said. “Please, Shiva… please don’t go,” I almost pleaded. The door bell began ringing continuously. “Eva, Kishan’s duty will be over in an hour and his reliever is going to be there and Kishan has to get back soon, he will leave now, if I don’t open the door, and we will lost this chance to save Maya’s life. You have not idea how much I had to do to turn you on and get you horny,” Shiva said. “Shiva, are my friend or not?” I asked. “Yes,” he said looking at the door. Saying “look into my eyes,” I held his face and made him face me. “You want me to be your best friend forever?” I asked. Saying “Of course, I want you to be my best friend for ever, Eva, come on, you think I am going to lose you?” he held my waist and kissed my neck. I held his face, “then you must not leave me alone with him now,” I said.
He was looking into my eyes clueless about what to say, “Come on Shiva, we are doing this for Maya and you just can’t leave me alone, we are a team right?” I said. The door bell rang again, “Kishan, I am coming,” Shiva screamed. “Say Okay, Shiva,” I said holding his face, “Okay,” he said. I was delighted, holding his face I planted a kiss on his lips, “thank you so much Shiva,” I said. “But under one condition,” he said. “What?” I asked. “You must listen to me whatever I say and must not do anything silly and ruin everything okay?” Shiva said. Readily I agreed because I sometimes act silly like Shiva says, and might ruin Shiva plot to save Maya. “I will tell you when to talk and when not to,” he said. “How do I know when to talk and when not to?” I asked. “When I want you to talk, I will press your right boob,” he said and pressed my right boob with his left, “and when I want you to stop talking, I will press your left boobs,” he said and pressed my left boob with his right hand. Biting my lips, I placed my both hands over his hands which were on my boobs and took them off saying “Shiva, you are only gonna turn me on and get you horny.” Shiva laughed saying “Dumbo.!! that’s the whole point here, to keep you horny and turned on all the time, until he leaves in 45 minutes,” he patted my forehead and I gave him an ugly laugh saying “I know Shiva, but I wanted to hear it from you,” I said and grinned. The door bell rang again, “Sir, I am getting late, I have to go,” Kishan shouted. “I am coming Kishan, opening the door now,” Shiva said. “Go to the Kitchen and make 3 coffees,” Shiva ordered, and I turned to leave to the Kitchen, “Eva, wait,” he said and looked at me from head to toe. Holding my saree and petticoat around my waist and pulled it down till it revealed my navel completely, almost close to my pussy, if he had pulled an inch, my pubic hair would crop up. In the same way he pulled my saree and petticoat down till it reached the beginning of my ass crack. He twisted my green saree pallu gently and made my pallu go between my black blouse, in such a way that if I take a first step my pallu will cover my one breast and reveal the other, vice versa, and if I stand still the pallu would be covering only half of each breasts.
Holding my waist he planted a kiss on my navel making me bite my lips in pleasure, he spanked my pantyless butt, and saying “Go now,” he left the place. His spank was rather hard, perhaps it hurts because I am not wearing my panties inside I said to my self and left to the Kitchen. As I switched on the stove, Shiva came running, standing near the entrance, “Eva, I am taking him to the bedroom, and I will close the door, stand near the door and listen to what we both are talking okay?” He said, “Okay,” I said and gave him a flying kiss, he caught it and put it inside his heart. With a big smile he left to open the door. To be honest, I was totally excited now, as I heard the door being opened and the security guard entering inside. Shiva took him to the bedroom, “Jancy,” Shiva called me. “Coming …” I said and opened the bedroom and went inside. The security guard Kishan was sitting on the computer chair next to a Desktop, Shiva was sitting on the white king size bed. “Come in Jancy,” Shiva said and came towards me, hugged me and kissed my left cheek, the kissing sound was loud, and it made Kishan stand up from the chair. Hugging Shiva, I looked at Kishan, he looked like an average guy, like 5’5 ft tall, as tall as I was. “Jancy, this is Kishan,” Shiva said breaking the hug. Saying “Hi Kishan,” I went near Kishan and gave him a hug, and planted a kiss on his left cheek, just like Shiva kissed me. To my surprise, Kishan hugged me back and kissed my left cheek just like I kissed him, and was still hugging me. I was totally in embrace, and he was kissing every part of my face his lips could reach. I was not in the condition to push him aside, because after all preparations we have been doing, we can’t piss him off and lose the information what he is going to give regarding the murderer.
Receiving kisses all over my left cheek, I turned my head to look at Shiva, like asking him what to do with a sorry face. He came to the rescue, “Kishan, that’s not the way to greet a women,” Shiva said and grabbed my waist from behind and almost peeled me away from Kishan. While Shiva was pulling me away from Kishan, my head turned towards Kishan, and Kishan’s kisses which were all over my left cheek, and his tongue licked my all my full lips. I was wiping his saliva off with my lips, as I was peeled away by Shiva. “I am sorry for Kishan’s kisses Jancy, he is from the slum. He doesn’t know how to greet a woman,” Shiva said. Saying, “this is how you must greet a woman like this, Kishan,” Shiva hugged me, and holding my exposed waist, he gave a kiss on my cheek and with my arms around Shiva’s neck, I kissed Shiva cheek, and Shiva broke the hug. “Did you understand?” Shiva said looking at Kishan. “Yes Sir,” he nodded. “You want to try once again?” Shiva asked. “Yes Sir,” he said. “Go Jancy, greet him once again,” Shiva said. I went near Kishan, saying “Hi Kishan,” I wrapped my arms around Kishan and gave a kiss on his left cheek. He hugged me tight, planted a kiss on my left cheek, and grabbed my buttocks, tugging my saree and petticoat right between my ass crack. Strangely, I was getting turned on and hugged him back tight, crushing my boobs without my bra against his chest. “Hey Kishan, don’t grab her grab her butt, she is not your girl friend, to grab her butt and kiss her lips,” Shiva said, “hold her here when you greet,” Shiva said and took Kishan’s hands off my buttocks and placed them over my exposed waist. “Now say, Hi Jancy, and kiss her cheek,” Shiva said. “Hi Jancy,” Kishan said and kissed me right next to my lips, “Hi Kishan,” I began to kiss him back, when I kissed him, his head turned and my kiss landed directly over his lips and he kissed my lips back. “Hey Kishan, you kissed her on the lips man,… that’s okay it happens. Now let her loose,” Shiva said me and Kishan broke the hug. “Jancy, if you don’t mind, can you wait outside, me and Kishan got some things to discuss?” Shiva said. “Okay,” I said and walked near the door, Shiva followed me till the door and whispered “stand near the door and listen to what we are talking, that’s when you will get an idea about what is going on.” I went out of the room and stood near the door to overhear what they are talking.
“Kishan, how was she?” Shiva asked. “My God, what a body she has sir, she totally turned me on with just a hug. I almost died when her soft boobs crushed against my chest. I always ogled at her butt every time she comes to this apartment. And her lips, my God, it is like heaven to kiss her lips,” Kishan said. “I know, and Kishan, you know about me right? If I promise something I will fulfill it without fail” Shiva said. “Yes sir,” Kishan said. “Let me come to the point straight. I know that you know about the security cameras going off and someone has paid you to take off on the day of Shobana Murder. If you tell me who game you the money to take off on that day, you will get Jancy, and you can enjoy her in this very bed, what do you say?” Shiva asked. “Sir, this is very risky sir, if I tell you the name, he will kill me,” Kishan said. “I will promise you Kishan, if you tell his name, me and Jancy will never tell that to anyone and we will keep it a secret, trust me,” Shiva said. “Sir, I trust you sir, but it is a matter of life and death to me sir,” Kishan said. “Jancy…!!” Shiva out loud. “I opened the door and went inside, “yeah Shiva tell me,” I said. Shiva stood up, and came near me, his back was facing Kishan, “Jancy, I spoke to your sister today morning, she said you are leaving to Dubai in 2 days, why didn’t you tell me dear?” Shiva asked, and placed his left hand over my right breast and gave it a gently squeeze, since I was not wearing my bra inside my hard nipples were reacting to Shiva’s touch, I bit my lips and closed my eyes. Shiva pinched my nipples to make me open my eyes, when I opened gently to look at him, “What signal it is if I touch your right boob?” he whispered. I quickly realized the if Shiva touches my right boob, it mean that I should talk. “Yeah Shiva, I am leaving to Dubai in 2 days,” I said. “You, don’t know when you will be back right?” Shiva said and touched my right breast again, “Yeah,” I said.
He went and sat on the bed facing Kishan. “Jancy, Kishan has seen you many times here, probably he will never get to see you again here, as you are leaving to Dubai,” Shiva said looking at Kishan, probably indicating that this is his last chance. Saying “come here, you look lean today, why dear?” Shiva pulled my hand and made me stand in front of him while he is sitting and my back facing Kishan. Shiva held my waist on both sides, and kissed my navel, “mmmmm… nice navel dear,” Shiva said “aaaah,” I moaned. Spreading his legs, he sat at the end of the bed and hugged my waist tight making my upper body lean on his left shoulder crushing my boobs on his back, and jutting my buttocks in the air facing Kishan. “I will be missing her a lot Kishan, she is leaving to Dubai in 2 days. If you had a wife like this, will you let her go to Dubai?” Shiva placing his hands all over my buttocks over my saree, asked Kishan. “No, sir,” Kishan said. Saying “Not wearing your panties inside Jancy?” Shiva lifted my saree and put his both hands inside my saree and petticoat and grabbed my naked buttocks. “aaaaaaammmm.” I moaned and quickly stood up placing my both hands over Shiva’s shoulders. While Shiva’s right hand remained on my ass crack from behind with my saree resting on his elbow exposing Kishan my tender thighs, and Shiva brought his left hand to the front side and put his left hand right on top of my pussy with his middle finger right inside my pussy. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…!” I moaned. “Mmmmmm… Jancy, you are too horny today,” Shiva said and kissed my navel. “Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned and held his face. Shiva all of a sudden, holding my naked buttocks, lifted me in the air pulling our his left hand middle finger off my wet pussy and pinned me on the bed and slept on top of me. Sleeping on top of me with my legs spread and his crotch rubbing between my legs, Shiva began kissing my lips and and I began kissing his lips back hugging him tight.
Breaking the smooch, Shiva went down kissing my neck and removed my blouse hooks. As my hands were holding on to his wrists subconsciously, he unhooked all the hooks of my blouse and grabbed my naked boobs with his both hand and began squeezing them kissing my navel. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..mmmmmmmm, aaaa” I moaned, as I was getting ready for a strong orgasm. Shiva taking his lips off my navel and hands off my boobs, removed his shirt and pant along with his inner and got naked, seeing Shiva, even Kishan started taking off his clothes. After getting naked, Shiva hugged my waist and began sucking my boobs, first sucking my right breast he put his hand inside my saree and petticoat and grabbed my left ass cheek and began mauling it. Kishan was watching this and stroking his cock, and was approaching towards me looking into my eyes, as I moaned, “aaaaaaaaah.” Shiva, left my boobs free, held my both hands and pulled me from the bed making me stand and undraped my green saree leaving me only in my black petticoat and unhooked black blouse with my boobs hanging free. Saying “Want this horny bitch, Kishan? haan?” Shiva hugged me tight breaking heavily. Hugging back Shiva, I looked at Kishan. “Yes sir.. yes.. please, I want her badly,” Kishan almost begged. “Then tell me who it is?” Shiva said and started sucking my left boob, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” I moaned and looked at Kishan biting my lips. “Sirr.. please sir … ” Kishan begged stroking his cock. “Say his name,” Shiva said taking his mouth off my left boob, and the moment, Shiva loosened my black petticoat knot, and my black petticoat fell on the floor making me totally naked down below, “It is Srikanth Mani,” Kishan screamed and quickly pulled out business card from his pant and saying “this is his card,” Kishan gave it to Shiva and grabbed my waist from behind.
“Take, enjoy her,” Shiva said and left me free, and saying “You are mine now, you are mine now ,” Kishan turned me around and hugged me tight, lifted me and jumped on the bed sleeping on top of me. “Finally, you are into my arms, Jancy, you have not idea how much I craved for you,” Kishan said and rolled over on the bed. While I was on top of Kishan, in a natural cowgirl position he quickly held his cock and slid his cock right inside my wet pussy. My juices acted as a natural lubricant and it helped Kishan’s cock go really deep inside. “Aaaaaaaauuuuuu..!” I moaned putting my hands behind and grabbing my hair out of sheer pleasure. Holding my waist, Kishan began drilling my wet pussy, “Srikanth Mani, M.A. L.L.B, he is the guy right?” Shiva asked kneeling down naked beside me. “Yes, he is the lawyer,” Kishan said and was moaning. “Hey, if you are lying, I am taking her away,” Shiva said and put his hands under my armpits, the moment Shiva touched my underarms, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahmmmm,” I began to moan louder. “I am not lying,” Kishan screamed, raised his upper body up and hugged me tight and pulled me on top of him, hugging me tight he began drilling my pussy vigorously. A strong orgasm was begging to build inside me, as Kishan began to moan loud. He grabbed my hair tight behind my head and almost pulled them out making me scream in pain, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” with a loud moan, Kishan shot his load inside me.
Realizing that I did not cum, Shiva immediately pulled me off Kishan and made me lie down on the bed next to him, bunched up the blanket and wiping Kishan’s semen off my pussy, Shiva rolled and slept on top of me. With his left hand under my back he began sucking my right breast, and with his right hand he held his cock and inserted it gently inside my pussy. Locking his hands with mine, he started kissing my lips with his dick inside my pussy, I was in cloud nine and began to moan as I was getting smooched. Hugging me tight, Shiva started fucking me harder, this time we both were enjoying, and moaned together, “Aaaaaah.. Jancy,, Jancy,,, aaaaaah,” Shiva was moaning in pleasure, “Aaaaaaah.. Shivaaaaaaa,” I moaned. For a brief moment, there was total silence, as I was biting my lips in pleasure as I was about to cum, and Shiva was breathing heavily. Our eyes met, and like a perfect chemistry, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,,” we both moaned loud as he shot his cum right inside my pussy and I came all over his dick at the same time. We began kissing each other and grinning at each others faces. As we hugged each other and looked at Kishan, he showed us a thumbs up and we both smiled at him and looked at each other smiled and Shiva planted a kiss on my forehead saying, “go get dressed,” he got up and started wearing his dress and Kishan was putting on his security guard uniform. I sat on the bed with my legs crossed making sure not to give full darshan, as I did, my thighs were feeling totally sticky with Kishan’s and Shiva’s semen. I hooked my blouse hooks, and pulled my black petticoat near me with my toes, picked it up and began wearing it still sitting on the bed and once my black petticoat reached till my thighs, I quickly stood up and began putting on my petticoat. While I was securing my petticoat knot, “wait, I will be back in a moment,” Shiva said and began to leave the room. “Shiva, where are you going?” I asked as I was securing my petticoat knot. “I have kept you bra and panties under the teapoy, I will go get them before Maya’s dad sees it,” Shiva said and left. As soon as I secured my black petticoat knot, saying “Thanks Jancy,” Kishan came near me, hugged me and started kissing my lips.
To Be Continued …….

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