Saving My Innocent Husband | Chapter 2

Doctor fucking patient wife

Saving My Innocent Husband

I was driving my car bottom naked, without even my panties. I grabbed my cell phone from my bag, it had too many missed calls in it, and ignoring them I quickly dialed to my house to talk to Jancy. It was a long ring, and I was beginning to get worried that if Jancy has left to her house, I might have to get inside my house bottom naked, or remain in the car without my panties until midnight when all the people are asleep. Oh my god what am I going to do, I was saying to myself. “Hello Maya, where have you been, what took you so long,” Jancy asked. I was so happy that she picked up my call, “Jancy, my angel, thank God, you did not leave. I will be there in 5 mins, please bring a towel down to the parking area and wait for me,” I said. “Sure, I will do that. I have a good news for you, that’s why I am still here,” She said. “Me too, I will tell you everything once I get home,” I said and hung up the call. My darling angel Jancy readily opened the gate for me with a towel in her hand, and locked the gate as I entered inside and parked my Honda City in the parking lot. He came to me with a smile and handed over the towel to me. Saying “thanks Jancy,” I wrapped the towel around my waist and came out of the car. “Maya, why are you naked down there, are you okay?” she asked. “Lets get inside first. Where is Goutham?” I asked. Walking swiftly along with me she said “his grandpa took me and Goutham home, and Goutham was tired so he slept in the sofa itself, and his grandpa told me not to wake him up and he will drop him tomorrow morning. Dr. Shiva dropped me here,” Jancy said, and opened the door and we both got inside. “Good, I am glad that Goutham is there.
Let me have a quick shower and come back, Jancy,” I said and went to the shower. As I came out after the shower, I could smell something from the kitchen, knowing that Jancy in there, saying “Jancy where are you?” I went to the kitchen toweling my hair and completely naked. Me and Jancy grew up together, and between us its quite common to bed naked. With the towel wrapped around my head, I went behind Jancy and hugged her and gave her a kiss. “The Maharani seems happy today, after a long time,” Jancy said preparing a dish with a wooden flipper in her hand. Saying “Yeah, the Maharani is very happy today,” I turned Jancy around and hugged her tight and lifted her in the air. “Heyyy.. put me down,” she said and I put her down and hugged her, and I smooched her lips, quickly she spanked my naked butt with the wooden flipper she has in her hand, “ouch,” I exclaimed. “Both mom and son are the same, obsessed with my lips,” she said with a laugh. I pinched her both cheeks “that’s because we love you so much,” I said and hugged her. “Hey, put on your clothes you idiot first. You are acting like your son Maya, sometimes I get confused with whom I am with,” Jancy said and we both laughed. Jancy hugged me and said softly “Go Maya, put your clothes and come, I have a good news to tell you,” She said. “I have got a good news too,” I said. “My news is bigger than yours,” Jancy said, and I went to my bedroom and put on a T-shirt and a pajama and came out. By the time I came out Jancy had prepared diner for both of us and got it ready on the dining table. While we both were having your dinner “Did you give the money to your daughter?” I asked, and by the time we had our dinner and sat on the sofa, the topic about her daughter got over and we both relaxed on the sofa.
“Jancy, shall I tell you the good news?” I asked. “Nope.. only after mine,” she said and started narrating;
“When me and Gautham were in your dad’s house, Dr. Shiva and your dad were sitting in the living room and discussion some serious thing. Your dad was sitting in the 3-seater sofa and Dr. Shiva was sitting in the single-seater sofa close to your dad. “Jancy, please come here,” your dad called and I went near him and made me sit next to him. “Dr. Shiva wants to have a world with you,” he said. “Tell me doctor,” I said. Jancy, you are aware of Shobana Murder case and Maya’s husband is arrested for that right?” Dr. Shiva asked. “Yeah doctor I am aware of that,” I said. “Well, we will be needing your help regarding that,” Dr. Shiva said. ‘Tell me doctor, I will do anything for Maya,” I said. “Jancy, we have a suspicion on the security guard who did not turn up on the day of murder and we are pretty sure that he knows the real murderer, and probably the real murderer must have paid him to take off on that day and made him switch off all the security cameras,” Dr. Shiva said. While me and your dad were listening to him carefully, “Sir, if you don’t mind, I would like to talk to Jancy alone,” Dr. Shiva said to your dad. “No problem doctor,” your dad said and tried to get up with the help of a walker, and I quickly helped him stand up by putting his right arm around my neck and held his waist to lift him up. “Thanks Jancy,” he said and planted a fatherly kiss on my forehead,” and said to Dr. Shiva, “Doctor, Jancy is also my daughter, she grew up Maya in our house, and they both are close friends. You can take any help you want from Jancy, she will do it for Maya,” your dad said, and acknowledging that Dr. Shiva smiled at me and I smiled back. “Okay, you guys carry on, I am gonna get some sleep meanwhile,” you dad said and went to the bedroom. “Where is Goutham?” I asked. “He is playing video games in doctor’s house, Jancy” he said and went inside the bedroom and closed the door.
Dr. Shiva was such a sweet guy, but initially I was feeling very shy to talk. He made things very comfortable to me. The moment your dad went inside the bedroom, I was feeling shy to even look at Dr. Shiva. “Hey Jancy, why are you blushing and standing like as if I have come here to seek your hand in marriage.” he said and stood up from the single seater sofa. I looked at him, we both laughed. “Look into my eyes,” he said and I was still blushing. “Jancy, look, your are still blushing and you are still thinking that I am going to propose you for marriage. If you are still thinking about me like that, I am sorry, I have a beautiful wife and a daughter,” he said and chuckled. “No doctor, I am just feeling shy, that’s all,” I said. “Jancy, now look at me, look into my eyes,” he said and when I slowly lifted my head and looked into my eyes. He was looking into my eyes and suddenly he laughed and I started laughing back. “Ha ha ha, she finally laughed… okay, feeling comfortable now?” he asked and I said Yes. “Jancy, now to the serious topic,” he said and I was still smiling, “you are still laughing?” he said and pinched my ears, and I started laughing. “Still laughing? Haan? Still laughing?” he said and pinched the exposed part of my waist between my blue saree and black blouse. “Okay okay.. I am serious,” I said still giggling, and took his hand off my waist and turned away from me saying “Oh my god, what should I do to keep this woman serious?” By this time, I had to gotten too comfortable with Dr. Shiva, and all the shyness had already gone, and I really don’t know how that happened, and that too in a matter of 5 minutes. He seemed very friendly to me, and I opt to be no different. Saying “Doctor, I will be serious now, okay?” I placed my right hand over his left shoulder and turned him to face me.
“Why are you trying to be too friendly with me? I don’t like you, I don’t want to help your friend, I don’t want to talk to you either,” he said looking at me squinting his eyes. Saying “Really?…. Really??.. Really??” with my both hands started pinching his both ears, at first gently, and then hard. “I want to be your friend.. I want to be your friend,” he exclaimed and placed his both hands over my waist. “That’s better,” I said and took my hands off and placed it over his shoulders and smiled at him. “Stop being friendly to me, I am such a bad man,” he said gently roaming his right hand over my waist. “Doctor, don’t say that, you are a very friendly person, and wonderful man,” I said holding his face. “A. thank you so much Jancy,” he said and hugged me, and I hugged him back. I started liking this guy, never met a person in my life who was as friendly as this guy, perhaps all the well read guys in the society are sweet guys, I thought to myself and cursing myself for marrying such an useless husband listening to my parents, I hugged him back totally surrendering myself to his arms. “Why are you thanking me, you dint accept me as you friend?” I asked, hugging him right and holding his face in my hand. “We will be good friends for life, don’t worry, Eva Mendes,” he said. “Eva Mendes?” I asked. “Yeah, Hollywood actress, she looks like you. Beautiful ass like this, and cute lips like this,” he said and grabbed my ass and kissed my lips. The smooched lasted for good 5 seconds, and I had for force myself to break the smooch and said “Doctor, stop,” and broke the hug. “Don’t call me Doctor, call me Shiva okay?” he said. “Calling me doctor making me feel odd, even Maya calls me Shiva,.. oh my god, we are wasting our time Eva, come on sit down.
Lets get serious and talk about the serious issue,” he said and I sat on the sofa next to him. His tone sounded like as if nothing had happened moments ago. “Look Eva,” he said, “What Eva, I am Jancy,” I said. “I am going to call you Eva,” he said. “Come on doctor,” I exclaimed. “What did I tell you moments back?” he said and pinched my ears. “Ouuch,…What?” I asked. Still pinching my ears “I told you not to call me doctor and call me Shiva, why you don’t want to be my friend?” he said. “Alright, I am sorry,” I said. Putting his right hand over my shoulder, “now say my name?” he said, “Say Shiva,” he added. I looked into his eyes and “Shiva,” I uttered. “Very Good, this is is Shiva,” he said and placed his left hand over his chest, “and this is Eva,” he said and placed his left hand over my right boob, and once again saying “this is Shiva,” he said and placed his left hand over his chest, “and this is Eva,” he said and placed his left hand over my right boob, and this time he took time to take his hand off. To be frank, I was getting a little turned on to his touches over my boobs, my body somehow was aching to be touched once again. “This is Shiva,” I said and placed my right hand over his chest, “and this is Jancy,” I said and placed my right hand over my left boob. “No no no…this is Shiva,” he said and placed his left hand over his chest, “and this is Eva,” he said and placed his left hand over my right boob and cupped it fully, and my white bra cropped out of my black blouse. Saying “Hey what is this, you are wearing this 1947 bra,” he said cupping my right boob. My boobs were never touched this gently with so much of care by anyone, his hand was so soft, and the way he is touching my boob was turning me on. My auto driver husband was very rough and he used to squeeze my boobs, like he squeezes his Auto horn, so hard that he would make cry in real pain. “What are you thinking about?” Shiva asked with his right hand over my shoulder and his left hand gently squeezing my right boob. “Why are you wearing this 1947 Bra? I asked” He said. “Why what’s wrong with my bra?” I asked looking at his left hand cajoling my right boob with his soft doctor hand.
Saying “Eva, you are being so innocent dear, look” he slue my pallu aside and exposed my right boob over my black blouse completely. “This is the problem, look how your boobs look,” “your bra was supposed to holding your boobs like this right?” he said and cupped my entire right boobs over my black blouse completely. I sat speechless offering my right boob to be squeezed by Shiva, and my hands which were on my thighs were squeezing my green saree along with my petticoat. Saying “look, how loose it is,” he slid his left hand right inside my black blouse and inside my white bra and cupped my entire right boob naked, with my nipples getting caught between his index and middle finger. “Mmmmmmm…” I let out a moan and my right hand grabbed his hand over my black blouse, and I looked into his eyes biting my lips and he took his hand out. “Eva, why are you skipping topics all the time? Lets get back to the serious issue at least now,” he said and laughed, like nothing happened just now.
Saying “now let me explain what exactly happened on the day of murder,” he stood up from the sofa and began walking from left to right. “On the day of murder, the security cameras went off, and the security guard who never took off even during the times he had heavy fever, took off on that particular day giving a lame excuse that he had headache. And, the murder finally happened on that day. What does it say?” he asked. “Mmm…. He did not murder?” I said. “Okay, close enough … anything else?” he asked. “Maybe the murderer should have paid him to take off that day?” I said. Saying “Bingo..!! Good one Eva,” he sat next to me. “Even me and Maya’s dad think the same, and if he tells who has paid him or who had asked him to take off on that day, we can easily trace the real murderer,” Shiva said. “Great Shiva, we can find the real murderer and save Akash’ sir, and Maya will be so happy,” I said. “Yes Eva, Maya’s life will be so beautiful and so will Goutham’s life,” he said. “Maya’s life and Goutham’s life is in your hands, Eva,” Shiva said. “What are you saying Shiva?” I asked. “The time is playing dice in Maya’s life, if Maya doesn’t find out the real murderer, her husband might be hanged and Maya will be a widow,” he said. “Oh god.!!” I exclaimed. “But there we still can save the family,” he said. “How Shiva?” I asked. “It is all in your hands Eva, Akash’s life, Maya’s life, and Goutham’s life and not to mention the lives of Maya’s parents and Akash’s parents,” he said. “How can I help them Shiva? If I had the power to save them I would have saved them already,” I said. “Now, it is all in your hands, you must trust me on this, and if you do what I say, you can save all their lives,” he said. “Sure Shiva, tell me, I will do anything for Maya,” I said.
“You must seduce Kishan, the security guard,” Shiva said. “What?” I exclaimed. “Yes, if you seduce the security guard and get to know just one information about who paid him to take off on that day or who asked him to take off on that day, we can easily zero in on the murderer and save Maya’s husband,” He said. “Shiva, are you sure you want me to do it ?” I asked and stood up from the sofa. “Yeah Eva, do it for your best friend,” he said and stood up. “I have never done this before, Shiva,” I whispered and looked at him. Saying “I am your friend, and I will help you, trust me,” he said and held my waist. “Thanks Shiva,” I said and placed my hands on his shoulders. “Everything will be alright okay?” he said and hugged me and I hugged him back. “I will do anything for Maya,” I said hugging him. “I know, lets do this for Maya,” he said. “Wearing your panties inside Eva?” he asked and placed his both hands over my buttocks, and I hugged him even tighter as I was feeling ticklish and I could feel an itch between my legs. His hands were roaming all over my butt, tracing my panties, and I bit my lips and hugged him squeezing his shirt over his back. “Yeah Shiva, I am wearing my panties,” I said. “Good but you won’t be needing that,” he said. “What??” I asked in surprised. “I know you must be wearing those 1947 panties just like you 1947 bra, and it will turn men of today totally off, Eva. We should not be taking any chances, you understand?” He said. “My panties are fine Shiva, new one,” I said.
Saying “I know Eva, look how firmly it is holding your beautiful butt,” he placed his both hands over my buttocks and gently mauled it. My new found friend Shiva’s hands all over my buttocks were turning me on, and I began enjoying his hands over my butt. “Thanks Shiva,” I said and involuntarily kissed his cheek, while my arms were around his neck hugging him. “But, you can’t seduce someone with the bra and panties of yours Eva,” he said and started kissing my neck and shoulder. If I can kiss him, so can he, my mind said and I felt it was okay to allow him to kiss me. “You sure you want me to remove my panties, Shiva?” I asked, holding his face. “And your bra too, Eva,” he whispered. “Shiva, no,” I whispered and nodded No. “Do this for Maya, everything will be fine,” Shiva said and holding my waist, began kissing my lips and I started kissing his lips back. He put his tongue inside my mouth and I began sucking it, and he held my lower lips with his both lips and sucked it gently. I was totally turned on now, I began to get wet between my legs. Deep in my mind I knew that Shiva is kissing me because of our friendship and I did not want to turn it sexual and ruin our friendship. Before I could get totally out of control, I broke the smooch saying “Okay Shiva, just give me a moment, I will go remove my bra and panties and come,” I said. “You can remove it here?” he whispered, “No Shiva,” I whispered. “Come on we are friends Eva,” he whispered. “I am feeling shy,” I whispered. “If you really consider me as your friend, you must remove your bra and panties right in front of me,” he whispered. “Shiva, you are being naughty now,” I whispered pinching his lips.
Slowly I began enjoying this teasing him, I put my index finger inside his mouth, and he licked it all, while he was sucking my index finger, I nodded no, almost uttering no don’t do that, and he got my index finger totally moist. I pulled out my index finger and looked at it and it will full of his saliva, and involuntarily I put that same index finger and sucked his saliva, and took his off and pinched his lips looking at his lips. He brought his lips close to mine and started smooching my lips gently and slowly, sending wrong signals to my brain. With his left hand, he held my pallu and pulled it completely off my shoulders and dropped it down. While he stuck his tongue out, I began sucking is holding his face, and his hands went to my blouse hooks and began removing the blouse hooks one after the other. I began to feel the itch between my legs and my knees were shivering, as his hands went behind tracing my back and reached for my bra hooks and unhooked my bra. Spreading his legs wide, he hugged me tighter making my both legs go between his legs. There was pin drop silence and all the sound in the room were the sound of his and my saliva getting together as he smooched my lips. My body was aching for something more, I was expecting him to remove my black blouse, but he seemed to be lost in the smooch. I began to feel that, like me. While his hands were holding me firm, I held my black blouse and removed my blouse. Saying “Shiva, I am removing my bra now, hold this” I broke the smooch and gave my black blouse to him.
As I was taking my white bra off, he put my black blouse over his shoulder and he put his hands underneath my bra and placed them over my boobs saying “I am covering my friend’s boobs, so that not ones sees.” Taking my blouse from his shoulder, I smiled at him and started wearing my black blouse. His hands were soft and made my boobs feel so light and soft. As I was putting my both hands inside my black blouse, he squeezed my boobs and began kissing my lips again. This time I could not control myself, and I started moaning as his lips kissed my lips and his soft hands mauled my ripe boobs. I was getting wet down there and I did not want my panties to get wet, so that I won’t feel embarrassed when I Shiva finds out the wetness. “Mmmmm…aaaah,” I began to moan as he squeezed my boobs, and his tongue was loitering all over my tongue. In between that I mustered all my strength and reached for my green saree and bunched it with my both hands along with my petticoat and began lifting it up. I began building a strong orgasm from within, his lips and hands were the culprits. I somehow manage to lift my saree and petticoat till my dark blue panties. Kissing his lips I held my dark blue panties elastic and began pulling it down. Sensing this, quickly taking his hands off my boobs, and slid his hands inside my panties from behind and grabbed my naked butt. The orgasm inside me was building heavily and it my explode at any time. Ignoring hands mauling my naked buttocks, I began pulling my dark blue panties down. As his lips were busy kissing my lips biting my lower lips, my hands could not reach down below my thighs, and I wiggled my thighs to pull my panties down. The moment my panties reached till my knees, Shiva broke the smooch, sucked my left boob, and spread my ass cheeks and put his middle finger right inside pussy and began digging my pussy. I grabbed on to his hair tight as I was about to cum, and when his finger went deep inside my pussy and his thumb rubbed my clit, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” with a loud moan I came all over Shiva’s hands, and my dark blue panties fell to the ground around my anklets.
To Be Continued..

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