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Saving My Innocent Husband Porn Story

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I quickly dressed up and went to the living room, “Maya, this is Ajith, our Advocate,” my dad introduced me, “Hello, Ajith” I said and he extended his hand to shake mine and I shook his hand back, “Hello Maya,” he said. “I wanted to meet you today because I wanted to build confidence in you,” Ajith said. “Thanks Mr. Ajith,” I said. “With all the information your father and Dr. Shiva have provided, I have gathered some useful information regarding the case. I shall discuss them with Mr. Shiva and get back to you, is that alright?” Ajith said. “Sure Mr. Ajith,” I said. “You can go back home now,” he said. I looked at my dad and Shiva, “Okay Maya, go home and take rest. Shall update you later,” Shiva said. “Okay, I am leaving now,” I said and left the house and reached my house.
As I entered my house, Jancy was arranging my bed. “You came back so soon giving lunch box to Goutham?” I asked. “Yeah, my husband came here to pick me up and dropped me at school and after giving the lunch box to Goutham, he again dropped me here and went,” Jancy said. “Wow, that’s wonderful, since when did your husband began to show you so much love, Jancy? I am happy for you, dear,” I said. “Thanks Maya. I must thank Shiva for that,” Jancy said and before I could ask further. “You look so happy today, met Shiva?” Jancy asked tugging the pillow into the pillow cover as I was unwrapping my yellow Saree. “Just met? I made love to Shiva today also, that too right in front of dad,” I said and threw the Saree at her. “Oh my god, Maya.. What are you saying?” Jancy asked. “Yes, and guess what. Shiva is making me forget my worries about my husband and making me happy lately. I am getting hornier day by day Jancy, and enjoying my life altogether,” I said, removing my yellow blouse, I am enjoying my life these days Jancy, I almost forget the fact that my husband is in jail and I have get him out. I know Shiva is going to help me though,” I said, removing my petticoat knot and getting off my petticoat and leaving it on the floor. “I understand Maya, when he made me make love to the security guard Kishan, I could feel how desperate he was to help you,” Jancy said. “He is such a sweetheart, isn’t it?” I said, removing my white bra and wearing my silk pink nightie, with only my black panties inside.
Jancy hugged me from behind, “Maya, tell me everything about what happened today, about what you did with Shiva and your dad,” she said and kissed my cheek, she pushed me on the bed and slept next to me. Saying “Tell me about how he enjoyed these beautiful boobs, and how he enjoyed this pussy,” Jancy pressed my boobs first and placed her hand on my pussy right on my black panties and pink nightie. I giggled and started narrating the whole story about how Shiva kissed me everywhere right in front of my dad; how Shiva removed my Saree right in front of my dad; how he enjoyed me in bed; how he make my dad watch the whole thing and get turned on; how Shiva made my dad make love to me; how my dad enjoyed me, and finally how Shiva made me swallow his cum completely,” I narrated the whole thing and Jancy was so turned on and so was I, as I narrated in complete detail. “Oh my god, you enjoyed so much, you dirty bitch,” Jancy said and started pinching me waist and tickled me everywhere. I was giggling, and turned around and Jancy began pinching my butt, “Ouch.. ouch.. ouch..” I screamed, and quickly grabbed her both hands and pinned her down on the bed and slept on top her her and said, “now its you turn, tell me what happened yesterday, you were saying something about your daughter Leena hugging him and stuff, but I interrupted, now tell me in detail,” I said.
“Its not totally about Leena, he just groped her here and there, and stuff just to see what kind of underwear she is wearing, so that he can buy new and better ones. He bought her lot of dresses and she hugged him and kissed him to thank him,” Jancy said. “He did not do anything to her?” I asked. “No, asked me to bring her to his house along with these clothes and wear and show it to him,” Jancy said. “That’s it? nothing he did to you?” I asked. “He did, but it all happened in my house, it was the best day of my life,” Jancy said. “Really, oh my god, he came to your house? Jancy, tell me in great detail about what happened yesterday, I am very curious,” I said.
“Okay,” Jancy said and started narrating. “After the shopping, Shiva dropped us home in his car. Leena was sitting next to Shiva, who was in the driver’s seat, and I was sitting in the back seat with full of Leena’s new clothes beside me. Leena was looking worried, “what happened dear, why are you looking sad?” Shiva asked. “Nothing uncle, I am not happy at home, dad and mom are always quarreling at home all the time and I cannot concentrate on my studies either,” Leena said. “Is it Jancy? is it true what Leena is saying?” Shiva asked. “Its not my fault, it is his fault Shiva. He comes home drunk and quarrels,” I said. “Jancy, I want to talk to your husband, at what time he will be at home?” Shiva asked, and got down from the car along with Leena. “Shiva don’t worry about it, you go home now, I will handle the things,” I said and got down from the car. “Mom, stop it, I know how are you handling,” Leena said in an angry tone. “Shut up Leena, now let uncle go home, he is getting late,” I yelled at Leena. “Mom, you are always like this, now we have got Shiva uncle to help us, I am not going to let him go without solving the problem,” Leena said and forcibly held Shiva’s shirt and dragged him inside our house, and I was totally pissed off my her behavior. I got really angry, and as soon as I entered inside my house, I quickly gave a tight slap to Leena, saying “behave yourself,” and Leena began crying. “Jancy, what is this, she is a little girl,” Shiva exclaimed. Saying “Awww…. my poor darling…Come here…. come here.. come here,” he went near Leena and hugged her and she hugged him back.
Hugging her, he lifted her, and sobbing inconsolably she hugged him tight and wrapped her arms around his neck tight and her legs around his waist. Shiva’s hands went under her white school skirt and grabbed her butt. She did not mind, and kept hugging him tight in the same position, with his hands inside her white shirt grabbing her butt, and Shiva sat on the wooden stool. “Jancy, apologize to Leena, now. Say sorry to her,” Shiva said in a bold voice “Shiva,” I uttered. “Say sorry.. you have hurt to poor girl, you must say sorry. This is not the right place for this little angel. I am sending her to London to do her higher studies,” Shiva said. “London??” me and Leena both exclaimed, and Leena held his face with her hands, “I would love to study in London uncle,” Leena said. “Shiva, why unnecessary trouble for you,” I said but deep inside my mind I was happy that my daughter is getting a chance to study abroad. “Shut up Jancy, I can’t afford to ruin this poor darling’s life by letting her stay here and watch you and your husband fight and lose her peace of mind and most importantly her education. I am gonna make her a doctor,” Shiva said. I was so delighted to hear that, and so was my daughter, “Really?” She said holding Shiva’s face. “My dream is to become a doctor, uncle,” Leena said. “You are applying for Leena’s Passport, go it?” Shiva said and placed his hands over Leena’s thighs, and made her stand up from him. As he got up from the stool and stood up, “I don’t know how to thank you Shiva,” I said and went near Shiva. “I am your friend, I will do anything for you Jancy,” Shiva whispered and holding my hands, he pulled me towards him and hugged me and directly started kissing my lips. I could not refuse, but to kiss his lips back. I ignored my daughter’s presence, I embraced Shiva and continued kissing his lips.
“You should not slap or hurt Leena again, okay?” he said breaking the smooch, but still hugging me. “I won’t, I am so happy today. My only worry was her life and now I am not worried about her future, Shiva,” I said. “Go, say sorry to her,” Shiva said and broke the hug and pushed me gently towards Leena. “I am sorry Leena, sorry for hurting you,” I said. “Its okay mom, I love you,” Leena said and hugged me. “Love you too dear,” I said and hugged her back, and I looked at Shiva with thankful eyes. “Shiva uncle is going to send you to London and make you a doctor. I am so proud of him, he is my best friend,” I said. “He is my best friend also,” Leena said playfully and went towards Shiva. “Shiva, who is your best friend? Me or my mom?” She said and stood in front of him. “Hey don’t call by his name, show some respect,” I said. “No, Leena, call me Shiva, I like it that way,” He said pinching Leena’s cheeks. “Shiva, tell me who is your best friend, me or her?” Leena said. Saying “definitely, you are my best friend Leena,” Shiva quickly hugged Leena and began kissing her lips, to my shock, Leena was hugging him tight and kissing his lips back. Shiva was grabbing her tender butt lifting her skirt and putting his hands inside, over her pink panties. I felt like pulling my daughter away from Shiva, but Shiva’s promise of sending my daughter abroad for studies and making her a doctor like him was stopping me. Breaking the smooch, “Mmmm.. she is a great kisser Jancy,” Shiva said, and Leena was looking confused and holding his face almost begging him to kiss her again. While Shiva was looking at me, she took her right hand off his face and gently placed it over Shiva’s cock over his pant, closing her eyes and biting her lips.
“Wow, Jancy, look how beautiful Dr. Leena looks,” Shiva said, her hand was still on his cock, and her eyes were still closed. I was shocked to see her not taking her hand off. Shamelessly I began to get turned on and was getting jealous of my own daughter. Shiva looked at me and signaled me to look at her right hand which was on his cock over his pant, quickly I went near them and quietly took her hand off his cock. “Leena, before everything, I am going to fix the problem with your dad and mom okay?” Shiva said holding her waist. “Sure Uncle,” Leena whispered looking down. Saying “Hey don’t call me uncle, call me Shiva okay,” Shiva lifted her chin and smiled at her and she smiled back. “Stay in your friend’s house for tonight okay, I will fix the problem with your family okay?” Shiva whispered, “Okay,” she nodded and looked at his lips. Shiva kissed her lips lifting her chin with his right index finger, and she began kissing his lips back. This time she wrapped her left arm around his neck, and placed her right hand on top of his cock, over his pant and continued kissing him. “Mmmmmm…” she moaned. Breaking the smooch, “we will do it tomorrow,” Shiva whispered. “Yes” she nodded and buried her face in his chest. “Alright, go get all the clothes out of the car,” Shiva patted her shoulder and sent her out to the car. “Feeling jealous?” he asked. “Then what,” I said and kept a straight face. “Hey Jancy, come on, it was just a smooch and a hug,” Shiva said. “Just a smooch and a hug? Really? You even allowed her to touch you there,” I said. “Come on, Jancy,” Shiva said and came in front of me and placing his hands over my boobs he smooched my lips, and the moment I began to smooch his lips back, I heard my husband’s voice. “Shiva, sit down, my husband has come,” I whispered and went outside, by the time I reached the door, my husband and his best friend Peter, and my daughter entered inside grabbing all the dresses we purchased.
Ignoring me and with all the shopped clothes in hand, he walked towards Shiva with a big smile on his face. Keeping all the things down, “Sir, why unnecessary trouble for you,” my husband said. “You must beeee…” Shiva voice trailed as he got up from the chair. “Yeah sir, I am Jancy’s husband and my name is Gopal. You might not know me sir, but I know you, Jancy has told lot of things about it you sir,” my husband said, and Shiva looked at me, and I smiled at him, and Leena went and stood next to my husband. “Pleased to meet you Gopal,” Shiva said. “Sir, this is Peter, my best friend, he drives Auto along with me,” my husband introduced Peter to Shiva, “Hello, Peter…” Shiva said and shook Peter’s hand. “Sir, Leena told me about the help you are going to offer her. I don’t know how to thank you sir,” my husband said and quickly fell on his feet. “Gopal, please get up…. Leena is a bright student and I see a lot of potential in her, I am helping her because she will have a bright future. Besides, Jancy is my friend and she has helped me lot and it is my turned to help her,” Shiva said and looked at me. “Shiva, come on my help is nothing compared to the help you are doing to us and our daughter,” I said. “Yes Sir, we were always worried about her future. Not a single day in my life I have slept without worrying about her. I love my daughter so much,” my husband said and planted a kiss on Leena’s head. “Yeah, I know Gopal, I wanted to talk to you regarding that, and I have been waiting to meet you all this time,” Shiva said. “Please advise both of them,” Leena said. “Leena, like we already spoke, you stay in your friend’s house for tonight, okay? Me, dad and mom are going to discuss about certain things,” Shiva said. “Okay,” Leena said and left.
“Is it okay if Peter stays here?” Shiva asked. “Yeah, he knows everything about us and his wife has the same complaints as mine,” I said. “Gopal and Jancy, what is wrong with you both? Are you playing games with Leena’s life. You guys have any idea how smart and brilliant Leena is? You guys are fighting daily and ruining her studies,” Shiva shouted in an angry tone. I was shocked, because I have never seen Shiva this angry. My husband put his head down in guilt. “I am an illiterate sir, I drive Auto for my living, if not Maya madam’s father, we wouldn’t have got this house also, I don’t know how to manage my family, I must confess,” my husband said. Imagine the fate of your daughter Leena if I was not here. I am sending her abroad and I am going to make her a doctor just like me and earn good money,” Shiva said and the moment my husband and Peter heard the word money, their faces brightened. “Before that I am going to fix your family problems, that’s what I am here for,” Shiva said. “Sir, whatever you say sir, we will listen to you and do as you say, it is because we did not get guidance from educated people like you, we have messed up our lives,” Peter said. “Yeah, sir. Peter is right,” my husband said. “Don’t worry Peter, Gopal, and Jancy, I am going to teach you guys some new ways to have a wonderful married life,” Shiva said. “Thank you so much sir,” My husband and Peter said. “Look, your family life and sex life is what is making your guys fight and quarrel and ruin the lives of your children. This conversation is all about adults and family life and sex life. that’s the reason I sent Leena to her friend’s house, do you understand?” Shiva said. “Yes Sir,” Peter and my husband said. “You must pay attention answer my questions, and after you answer my questions, I am going to teach you how to live a happy family and sex life, okay? So feel free,” Shiva said. “Sure sir,” they said.
“When was the last time you made love to Jancy?” Shiva asked my husband. “Hmmm… 2 or 3 months back,” he said. “What about you Peter?” Shiva asked peter. “Same here sir, 2 or 3 months back,” Peter said. “See, that is the problem, you are the one who must be blamed,” Shiva said. “Sir, what are you saying sir, we are busy with work we come back home late tired and go to sleep, but we feed my family well,” my husband said. “Shiva, he comes home late drunk and falls asleep and most of the time he fights,” I said. “That’s because we come home late tired and to get rid of a physical pain to we take a peg and come home and my wife quarrels with me because of that. You tell me sir, we drive auto all day and don’t we deserve some kind of enjoyment?” Peter asked. “Enjoy your wives, why the alcohol?” Shiva asked. “We enjoy but it will be for hardly 5 to 10 minutes sir,” my Peter said. “At least Peter enjoys his wife for 5 to 10 minutes, but what about me? I have to fight and sleep weeping,” my husband said. “Shiva, you tell us what to do, we will follow blindly. We just want to be happy in our lives,” I said. “Yes Sir, we just want to have happy lives,” my husband and Peter echoed.
“Alright, I have a solution to it,” Shiva said. “What is it? we all asked. “Lets face it, you guys don’t know how to enjoy a women, and your wives don’t know how to please you in bed. This is the truth,” Shiva said. Me, my husband, and Peter, looked at each other and nodded “Yes.” Shiva looked at us and said, “the solution is, I am going to teach you guys how to make love, and you must follow every step I teach you, okay?” “This is going to help you guys have a great family relationship and in turn, your children are going to have a great future,” Shiva said. I was so excited and turned on, and readily said “Sure Shiva,” “We are ready sir,” Peter said, “yeah,” my husband nodded. Standing up, “Jancy, come here darling,” Shiva said and extended her hand towards me and held his hand and he made me stand up, and immediately hugged me. Hugging me, “Guys pay attention, whatever I am going to teach you now, you must keep this in mind for ever. You guys will do exactly what I am going to do to Jancy, and you are not to speak about this to anyone. Whatever happens within these 4 walls, remain here for ever, do you understand?” Shiva asked. “Sure sir,” my husband and Peter said. “Especially you Peter, you must not forget that fact that your best friend Gopal and his wife Jancy are not just learning for themselves, but they are helping you to make you life better. So, have some courtesy for them after the session okay?” Shiva said looking at Peter. “Sure sir, Gopal and Jancy, you can trust me on it,” Peter said. “I trust you, you are my best friend, Peter,” my husband said and put his arm around his shoulder.
Peter smiled at me and I smiled back at Peter, hugging Shiva. But, deep in my mind I know what kind of a pervert he is, he never used to miss a chance whenever my Saree used to drift and reveal my boobs over my blouse. He always stares at my waist, and when I am walking he ogles at buttocks. One day, my husband was totally drunk and was unable to walk, Peter dropped me home, when he helped my husband walk towards the bed, I ran to help my husband. When me and Peter made my husband sleep on the bed, Peter quickly hugged me tight; I was only in my brown nightie with no bra or panties inside. Hugging me, Peter began kissing my lips, and by the taste of his lips, I could make out that he was drunk too. Realizing quickly that my daughter is in sound sleep and she needs a good night sleep so that she can wake up early to prepare for her exams, I decided not to make any sort of noise. Kissing his lips back, I hugged him and walked towards the door, he grabbed my naked buttocks over my brown nightie, and began squeezing my buttocks. “Mmmmm….aaaah,” he moaned, and to stop him for further moaning, I began sucking his lips and tongue, and I was getting turned on at the same time, probably the effects of his alcohol tinged tongue and lips over mine. But, somehow I managed to walk him towards the door hugging him tight and smooching his lips. “Mmmmmmm…..” he moaned squeezing my naked buttocks over my brown nightie. Breaking the smooch, I managed to push him out and went to pick up the phone to call his wife. While I bent down to pick up the phone I put on for charging, Peter grabbed my waist from behind and rubbed his boner right between my ass. “Aaaaaah,” I whispered pulling out the phone which I put for charging, “Peter please,” I begged, grabbing on to his hands which were hugging my waist.
My husband looked knocked out but was mumbling in his sleep. Pulling his right hand off my waist, he lifted my brown night and inserted his hand inside my nightie and inserted his thick middle finger right inside my pussy. The moment his thick middle finger went right inside my pussy, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” I moaned loud, and caught his right hand. “Mom, what is it?” my daughter who was sleeping in her small bed room mumbled. With Peter’s middle finger right inside my pussy “nothing Leena, just talking to your dad dear, please go to sleep,” I said moaning. Peter began figerfucking me and I was biting my lips in pleasure and at the same time trying too hard not to moan and wake my daughter and my husband. His left hand which was grabbing my waist now grabbed my naked boobs over my nightie, and began squeezing them. It has been more than 2 months since I had sex last time and Peter’s is finger fucking me and squeezing my boobs, got me totally horny. “Peter, we are not supposed to do this,” I whispered, “Really?” Peter said pulling his finger out of my pussy and began licking my juices. “Ooooh, Peter,” I exclaimed. I was totally into the mood to allow Peter to fuck me, and I did not want to let him go. Being aware that it cannot be done here in my house, I decided to take him to the terrace where we have a single bed room house which we have rented to a bachelor, and he has left to his native giving me the key.
“Wait,” I said and went towards my daughter’s room to make sure she is asleep, and I grabbed the terrace room key, and holding his hand with my left hand and with my cell phone in my right hand, I pulled him out of my house and climbed the stairs. He was following me from behind, “Wow…what an ass your have got Jancy,” he said and spanked my buttocks, “Ouch,” I exclaimed gently, but I continued to climb the stairs pulling his hand. The moment I entered inside the room along with Peter, I locked the room from inside. “Hey, how dare you kiss my lips inside my house,” I whispered. Saying “Your lips invited me to taste it,” he pinched my lips and pulled it towards his lips and began kissing my lips. I hugged him and began kissing his lips back, and he began removing his shirt, and in no time, he got naked. While I was kissing his lips, he grabbed my hand made me hold his erect too. “Peter..! what are you doing?” I asked stroking his cock, and he smiled at me. “Okay, after this, you must go home okay?” I said holding his cock with my right hand and placing my left hand on his right cheek, throwing my cell phone on the bed. He smiled at me, and saying “I know you will leave after this,” I smooched his lips, smiled at him and knelt on the floor and began sucking his cock. Taking his cock entirely into my mouth with my tongue engulfing it completely, I began sucking his cock. “Oh,,, Jancy, you are so good,…. aaaaah, mmmm…” he moaned. Taking my mouth off his cock and stroking his cock, “Peter, silence,” I whispered and and proceeded to suck his cock, and in a couple of seconds he held my face and began to lift me up saying “I can’t take it any more.”
As I stood up, he unzipped my nightie zip from behind and grabbed my nightie from my thighs and lifted it and completely took it off my body, leaving me stark naked. I was blushing and trying to cover my boobs with my left hand and my pussy with my right hand and locking my legs tight. He grabbed both my left hand, and pulling it off my boobs, he began sucking my right boobs and squeezing my left, “aaaaah, Peter, nooo” I moaned. As he continued sucking my boobs, my right hand which was covering my pussy came automatically to hold Peter’s face brush his hair. “Mmm…..aaaaaaaaaah,” I moaned, and Peter sucked my other nipple looking at me, “hey, why are you looking like that?” I whispered and blushed. Saying “because I am going to make love to you now,” he held my hands and pulled him towards me making my arms circle around his neck and he hugged me naked, making my boobs crush against his chest. Hugging me tight, he put me on the bed and slept on top of me. As my legs spread involuntarily, he glided his erect tool right inside my pussy and began fucking me vigorously. As he was fucking me, he was showing stars in front of my eyes, it felt like heaven. To encourage him to fuck me harder, I held his face and began kissing his lips. He began fucking me harder, “aaaah.. aaaaaaahh…” he moaned, “if you like me so much, why didn’t you tell me?” I asked holding his face. His fucking intensified and I could feel a strong orgasm build up, “aaaaaah….mmmmmmmm…. aaaaaah,” I began to moan, and he began moaning too, and I could feel that he was about to cum. “Aaaaaaah… aaaaaaaaaaah.. aaaaaaaaaa,” I began go moan, and I could not take it any longer, “Peter… aaaaah ..aaaaaaah,” I moaned and hugged him tight, and “Aaaaaaaah.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” we both moaned and hugged each other tight, and in one final push, he dug his cock deep inside my pussy, and screaming “aaaaaaaaaaaah,” he shot his cum right inside my pussy and immediately I came, and hugged him tight and we both began kissing each other lips passionately. Leaving me naked, he got up from me, put on his clothes and left the room quickly. As I was lying on the bed totally tired and naked with my legs spread and eyes closed, Peter came inside, and quickly inserted his middle finger right inside my pussy and began kissing my lips, and I quickly locked my thighs tight. Breaking the smooch with his finger still inside my pussy locked between my thighs, “thanks Jancy,” Peter said, and spread my legs and planted a kiss on my pussy and left the room with a smile.
To Be Continued..!!!

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