SATURDAY..! Romance between MOM & SON

This is an incest story between the son, Ravi who after being away from his mother Mala for two years comes back home only to fall head above heels in lust with her beautiful face and lush body…………….

Ravi Chopra was cruising 10,000 feet above sea level in the Boeing in which he was traveling from U.K to India. It was about to land in a short time. He was daydreaming about his mother whom he had not seen since past three years. It was a long wait and now that he was so close his apprehension was growing by the second. He was getting impatient and was biting his nails. His joy knew no bounds when he heard the voice ‘fasten your seat belts’ and he jumped into thin air when he felt aircraft landing on the tarmac.

Mala short for Malathi Chopra was also in the same frame of mind, waiting for her son at the Airport. She could not believe herself when she saw the Boeing landing. She too could not believe she would be seeing her son in a few moments. Three years? Three years was too long a wait for her and now when the time had come to see her son, it was like seeing God.

It was not just three years that Mala had suffered. It was three years and three months precisely since the tragedy fell upon her, when her dearly loved husband died from a cardiac arrest. Mala was just 36 years old when that happened and her son Ravi was three short of 18 years.

Her husband Chopra had left behind a business which kept Mala busy the whole day, leaving no scope for her to give any time for her son. It was this pain of not able to look after her him that she had decided to send him to U.K. Today after a lapse of 3 years she was staring at the blue sky waiting for the steel bird to make its appearance.

At last the plane landed and Ravi who had managed to rush out of it was the first to enter the Airport lounge. And upon seeing his mother who stood looking at the open doors curiously, his eyes started dampening. By the time Ravi rushed to meet his mother a few eye drops slid down his cheeks. The mother and child hugged other in such a manner that the passer bys stood rooted to the spot admiring them. Everybody was overwhelmed to see the pure affection and love between a mother & her son.

After collecting the luggage, Mala drove Ravi home. Ravi was so much engrossed in telling her about London that within no time they reached home. The whole evening passed off with each other telling their stories and as Ravi was tired; he retired to bed early.

The next morning as Ravi got up; he was surprised to see the note his mother had left behind before leaving for work. He was surprised to see her not at home. He had thought she would be there to listen to his adventures. He was taken back a little. Ravi had to wait till 8.30 pm before his mother returned back. Then as she was tired she retired to bed early. This jolted Ravi even more.

The same sequence of events occurred for the next 3 days and Ravi who was longing to be with his mother could not digest what was happening. This Friday as Mala came home late she was shocked to see Ravi slumped on the sofa. His half closed eyes had turned red and he had stretched down on the sofa without changing his clothes. Mala walked over to him and as she did not want to wake him, she brought a rug and draped it over him. She felt sorry for him.

Later in the seclusion of her room, recollecting the past three and a half years, it became clear as to what she was doing at present was wrong. She was repeating the same mistake, which she had committed three years ago. It came to her as a rude shock that Ravi needed her company and love and she was failing to give him. It was then she decided that the day after being Saturday she could take him out. She sat up on the bed and scribbling down a few lines she left it on the table for Ravi to see.

The next morning Ravi was pleased to see the note his mother had written. It brought him much relief. He was glad to note that his mother was free and not going to office. Light heartedly as he finished his morning chores, a beaming Mala hurried in preparing sumptuous breakfast. At the breakfast table they decided to go out in the evening and eat out in a restaurant.

Soon it was time for them to get ready to leave. As Ravi dressed in casuals his mother took her time in dressing up. It was after three and half years she was going out, and she wanted to deck herself in the best of clothes. She was careful in picking her dress. She wanted to maintain her stature of a mother and on the same side she wanted to look elegant. At last she went for a dark green black border silk sari with a black sleeveless blouse that coordinated her figure and complexion.

After getting ready as she walked down the garage, she was pleasantly surprised to see Ravi at driver’s seat. She quietly perched by the side of her son as he expertly drove the car into the streaming crowd. Mala was amazed by the way Ravi handled the big car and in no time he maneuvered the Sedan into the parking lot of the Restaurant.

Mala felt jubilant when Ravi stepped at her side and holding her hand, escorted her into the restaurant. The moment they entered the dining room many pairs of eyes devoured Mala and feeling bashful snuggled closer to Ravi. Ravi very proudly escorted her to a corner table and as they sat down, a band started playing. It was Ravi who ordered the drinks, dinner, etc while Mala sat watching her son taking the role of a grownup. While Mala was busy observing her son, a few men sitting at various tables were openly staring at her. Ravi observed all this ogling and in a way he felt elevated to have been her escort. He felt proud in the company of such an elegant lady.

It was when they had finished their drinks that Mala excused herself and started walking towards the ladies room. Ravi watched her leaving and when his gaze felt upon her body, he looked at it with lewd eyes. His eyes were at once focused on her lush figure. He looked at the exposed part of her shoulders and looking down; he focused his attention on her rather plump back. Then his eyes were glued at her round solid mounds and before they changed the course, she stepped into the Ladies Room. Ravi was so much thrilled to have feasted his eyes upon his mothers’ body that he felt himself growing. He was awed by it and he tucked it back properly.

He anxiously waited for her to come out and as she stepped into his vision his eyes were again glued on her body like they were magnetized. This time his eyes feasted upon her bosom and midriff. He watched her bosom heave and her tall strides had a stirring effect on him. Ravi was mesmerized by her figure. Mala seeing him scrutinize her so openly was overjoyed as she felt he was showing all the signs of a grownup. Before taking her seat she poked him in his ribs to make him come out of the spell.

Ravi was astonished by her move and coming out of the reverie smiled at her. The rest of the evening they sat close by enjoying the dinner. Finally when they came out of the restaurant it was Mala who said

‘Let’s go for a drive.’

Ravi was pleased to hear this and he replied ‘Okay Maam’.

(He had deliberately called her Maam.)

This caused Mala to raise her eyebrows questioning his intentions, at which he smiled and put the vehicle in gear.

Ravi, for some time cruised slowly in the city and once he was on the highway, he pressed on the gas. Mala by such time relaxed on the soft cushion of the seat and was enjoying the cool breeze playing with her hair and was recalling the last time when she was out on a drive. She sat in a trance.

Ravi on seeing her engrossed in her own world let her alone and did not disturb her till they reached home.

Again when Mala stepped out of the garage Ravi could not stop his eyes from feasting on her body. This time his eyes were rewarded as Mala’s sari on being crumbled had climbed down a little from her slip, exposing the top part of her mounds enriched in the petticoat. This again jolted Ravi and feeling ashamed on having eyed his mother with lewd eyes, he slowly walked in.

Once inside, Ravi’s eyes took to the surrounding of the living room. Though four days had passed since his arrival, he had not seen it so thoroughly. He was amazed to see the rich sofas, the soft Persian rugs, and the Hi tech TV set with all accessories. His eyes then took to the walls. They were draped with rich paintings. Wherever his eyes wandered he saw something new and rich ensconced. Even his room was re-furnished. His bathroom had new tiles. He then realized how much pains his mother might have taken to upgrade all this. This made him feel sorry for her.

On the other Mala was feeling high, first on being eyed by many males in the restaurant and secondly by her son’s behavior. She felt proud to be a mother of a mature boy. It also made her feel free from all responsibilities. Feeling light hearted she started looking up in the mirror. She could not believe in what she saw. She saw in her a woman much younger than her present age. She saw in her a woman who needed love. She saw in her a body rich and appealing.

Her breasts were uptight. Her waist though a little heavy was still in line with other parts of her body. Her long slender thighs were rich and graceful. Her round mounds were well formed. What her body needed most was a robust male. Thinking about him she slowly dozed off…..

The next morning, Mala preparing the breakfast was brooding over the subject of how to disclose to her son about the other man she was contemplating to have in her life. She was reluctant in putting across to her son straightforward. At first she thought being a mature person he may be able to apprehend her feelings and on the other hand, she did not want him to be offended on hearing the news. She was in a dilemma as how to disclose it and finally she resolved to bring it out in humor.

Sitting by the side of him on the breakfast table, she tried her best to bring out the subject but failed every time she contemplated putting it across. Finally seeing him eyeing a girl on the TV she asked him.

‘How many girl friends have you left behind?’

‘None he replied’ without shifting his eyes from the one he was seeing on TV.

‘How come’ she asked quickly?

‘I did not meet anyone gorgeous to befriend,’ he replied.

Hearing him utter the word ‘gorgeous’ she was surprised.

‘How do you rate the one you are watching she asked jokingly?’ ‘Poor, Fair, Good or Gorgeous’

‘Poor’ he replied.

Whom do you rate as ‘Good or as say gorgeous’ she quizzed?

‘You’ he said looking deep into her eyes.

Mala was shocked to hear this and before she could react, he replied.

‘For me you are the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in the world. I cannot visualize anyone else,’ saying this he let his eyes roam over her body.

On hearing those words she felt like her world was falling apart. Just the other night she had thought of bringing someone into her life, but now she felt it would be a dream. She then realized that her son needed her the most. She had packed her son out of her life for too long and now it was her turn to give him all the love and care which she had missed out during the last three years. Wiping the tears out of her eyes she ventured into the kitchen and when she came out after five minutes, she had changed. She looked charming, she looked elegant, and she looked captivating. All this was for her son.

Both Mala and Ravi changed from that moment. While Mala joked and teased him every moment, Ravi became bolder and bolder in replying to her. Thus their intimacy grew.

One day while they were on the drive, Mala ran through what Ravi had said. ‘For me you are the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in the world’. She laughed on recollecting those words.

‘What’s so funny’, asked Ravi hearing her laugh?

‘Your words’ replied Mala.

‘Which ones’ he asked?

‘Can’t repeat them’ she said.

‘Why’ he asked again.

‘Because they are not true’ she said.

‘How can you be so sure,’ he asked her.

‘Because I know, I am neither beautiful nor gorgeous’ as you put it.

Hearing this Ravi slowed down the car and facing her he said, ‘You are both’

‘Now you are pulling my leg’ she replied coolly.

‘No, I mean it’ he replied.

‘What’s so beautiful’ she quizzed back.

‘Your face’ Ravi replied.

‘And what’s Gorgeous?’ she asked smiling at him mischievously.

Ravi stopped the car and turning towards her said. ‘You have a beautiful face and you have a gorgeous . . . . he stammered (he wanted to say body but changed and said) … lips’.

Mala knew she had caught him on the wrong foot but to continue the conversation she asked. ‘What’s so gorgeous about my lips? Tell me; tell me’ she said, protruding her lips in front of him and smiling at him.

‘You have pouting lips’ he said pointing his fingers at them.

‘You like them’ she asked.

‘Yes, I do’ saying this he touched her lips with his fingers.

Mala felt his fingers bracing her lips. She was enjoying it and to lure him further she questioned, ‘How do they feel,’ she asked?

‘Soft, warm and exciting,’ he replied.

‘What’s so exciting’ she murmured?

‘Their moistness’ he replied.

‘How did you find out about all these,’ she asked.

‘By touching them’ he said.

‘By touching them you have found out so much, I wonder what you would say after kissing them’ she said. The moment she let out those words she regretted it. She was ashamed and before he could answer, she said ‘I was just teasing you, come lets go.’ Somehow she stalled the proceedings.

Ravi knew she was trying to pull out. He also knew that this was just the start and if he played his cards correct he could reach new goals. Acting on her wishes, he started the car and drove home. On reaching home as Mala stepped out of the car and started moving inside, Ravi’s eyes followed her strides. He was captivated by the way she walked. It was like witnessing a model on a ramp. Her height added to her strong built and the movement of her mounds was captivating. Ravi on watching her lively mounds felt a warm feeling creep inside his body and before it could engulf him, Mala was out of his vision.

Mala went straight to her room. There she discarded her clothes and stood naked before the mirror. Seeing her nude body she was aroused. Her hands suddenly reached up and took hold of her breasts. She gently caressed them with her palms. Her body started to grow warmer. She then slid her hand down and moving it over her belly, she fondled the warm flesh. Then she could not resist from bringing the other hand in to play. She moved the other hand further down her belly. She felt the moist opening of her womanhood. She brushed aside her pubic hair and when the hot pink lips were exposed, her body convulsed and she shuddered. She could not control herself.

She jumped on to her bed and cuddling a soft pillow in her arms she called out the name of her son ‘Ravi, Ravi’ before lying down squarely on the bed. And as her nude robust body came in contact with soft silky bedspread, she started wriggle her body over it and before long she came. She came in streams and drained out the bed spread. All that was hidden inside her for more than three longs years drained out of her. She was so exhausted that she could not move up and change the sheets.

When she regained conscious she thought of her son. She felt what she was doing was reasonably fair. There was no harm in teasing and joking with his son. She even felt that there was no harm in allowing him some liberties. She thought she would watch his actions and if they went out of control she would stop him. She was positive that she could control him. Thinking about it she had a peaceful sleep.

Next morning Mala hurried up preparing the breakfast and by the time Ravi woke up she was dressed up to go to office to attend a meeting. Ravi, on seeing her departing early to office was unhappy, his face turned gloomy. Mala noticed the change and coming closer to him whispered ‘I have a meeting, I have to go. Please cheer up.’ Hearing her plead Ravi smiled. Mala was pleased and before turning away she kissed him on his cheek and promised she would be back early in the evening.

Ravi leisurely finished his Breakfast and after having watched TV for sometime was trying to take a nap. The moment he shut his eyes the figure of his mother came into his vision. He could not think anything else than his mother. He pictured her as she was sitting by his side on the last drive and said those words ‘By touching them you have found out so much, I wonder what you would say after kissing them’ He was contemplating what answer he would have got if he had said ‘Let me kiss them’ when the telephone rang.

It jolted him and as he lifted the receiver he was pleased to hear his mother’s soft voice saying ‘hai’. It brought back life to his body. He straightened himself as she questioned ‘What are you doing’?

‘I was dreaming about you’ he replied.

‘Now, what was my naughty boy dreaming about’, she asked politely?

‘Want to hear it’ he questioned her?

‘Yes, sure, I would love to know what’s on the back of the mind of my son’.

‘I was summing up the words you said yesterday evening,’ he said.

‘What did I say that’s keeping you day dreaming’, she asked warmly.

‘It’s about your lips. Do you want to hear those words?

‘Well, if they are not harmful, yes,’ she replied.

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