Satisfy My Soul

Satisfy My Soul
Laying naked, face up across the bed….arms tied taught above my head, feet spread out and anchored to the footboard, I listen to an old song on the radio by Bob Marley and the Wailers….
Satisfy My Soul. ©
“Oh, please don’t you rock my boat
Because I don’t want my boat to be rocking…
Oh, I like it like this
So, keep it like this.
You should know by now…
I like it like this.
Satisfy my soul….
Satisfy my soul.
Every little action
has a reaction.
Can’t you see what you’ve done for me.
I’m happy inside.
You’ve gone and satisfied my soul!”
I love the rhythm of that song…yet the words are not stating what I want.The last thing I need is my boat steady….I beg for it to be rocked. In fact, I want a stormy ride!
I dont need to “keep it like this.” I am ready for the action and the reactions….I am happy when we are together. And as far as my soul goes….well, it will be tested tonight according to you.
You are not in the room, yet I hear you move around close by.
I feel a chill quickly pass over me as I remember your words spoken as you bound me a while ago, “You have willingly placed your trust in me, slave. This gift of ownership that I now possess will be administered to tonite. I will earn your trust, yes, but I just want you to be aware that I will also test your limits this time. Your soul cries out for more each time we have a scene. I have been going slow with you, yet I sense that you are not quite reaching the places you dream of. Tonite, you will.”
We have been together as Master – slave for only a couple of months. From our first meeting, we have had scenes that satisfy sexually. We moved slowly, getting to know each other’s bodies and minds as we played. My insecurities and bashfulness still come and go even though you assure me that there is no reason for it. You have spanked me, lightly whipped me, used every orifice in my body in several ways making me squeal with powerful orgasms. We have played with most of the toys in the toybag, experimented and talked of everything under the sun. You are right….I am ready for you to push me to the end tonite! (I think!)
Footsteps getting closer, your voice is gentle. “My smiling slave, I see the glisten in your eyes each day. Your sense of humor will be lost in a while, and I apologize now for that. You will either thank me or curse the day you met me tonite. Just remember, I will honor your safe word as always. RED, slave….say it now for me.”
“Red, Sir.”
“If you are unable to speak, I will be sure to give you something in your hand to drop if you need my attention. Although you will forget me saying this, remember, dear one, that I am attune to your body and its basic limits. I will be keeping a close eye on you all night. If I feel the need to stop, I will do so, regardless of whether you say your word, drop the safe item, or not. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Master, and I do trust you with my very being!”
“Thank you, my slave. Now, that is the last time you are to speak, unless I command it of you tonite.”
Turning, you untie me from the bed. I noticed the room was definitely colder, as you had the air-conditioning turned very low. The goosebumps all over my body were more from anticipation, however, than the cold at that point.
Without a word, you flipped me over on my belly, pulled me to the end of the bed, moved my feet on the floor and proceeded to spank my butt with a wet towel until I could feel the heat from the sting.You stopped as quickly as you started, leaving me just as I began to adjust to the pain.I was a bit insulted and wondering if you knew how much I was begging inside, when I heard you changing the music. Apparently you wanted noise, as the sounds of Rock came from the CD’s.
“O U C H !” I screamed out as you came over and grabbed me roughly by my hair and pulled me to my feet. It startled me, and I spoke without thinking. Your smile was gone as you slapped my face once and told me, “Shut up, bitch.”
Using my hair as a tool, you guided me over to the table in front of the window. Yes, you were rough as you bent me far over the table, tying my hands to each table leg on the far side. My legs were spread as you tied each foot to the other 2 legs. I remember feeling like a tablecloth at this point ….yes, I was still smiling inside.
This time I was ready and kept my mouth closed as I felt the towel once more smack me harder and quicker on each butt cheek and my inner thighs. Singing along with the music now, you didn’t waste any time inserting a vibrator in my pussy and another in my ass, both turned on low and humming. The one you placed in my pussy had an attachment that fit right smack over my clit and was tickling to the point of pure heaven. Sensing this, I think, you adjusted it so that it just teased without actually touching my sensitive spot.
I tried to look back, but I was tied too rigidly to the table.
“Does my slave think she needs to see what all is going on? I don’t think so. When you need to see, I will allow it. When I want you to speak, I will ask. And most importantly, when I want you to cum, I will give my permission. You will do none of these things without permission! Is that clear?”
I shook my head affirmative and just laid still.
S N A P!! S N A P!! S N A P!! came the sound of the whip close to me, yet not touching my body. I tensed up, as I felt your hand caress my ass and back. You moved away and I held my breath as I waited for the pain. C R A C K ! It hit my ass with such force that I bit hard on my lips.
“Slave, count each blow for me, so that I can hear the tone of your voice.”
S N A P!! “One, Master” C R A C K!!! “Two, Master” S N A P!! “Three, Master.”
Ohhhh, I have never before been whipped with a single tail whip. The pain was sudden and instant, yet I felt the familiar wetness growing between my legs as each one hit.
S N A P! “Four, Master” SNAP SNAP SNAP!!! “Ohhhhhhhhh Five, Six, Seven, Master”
That last bunch brought tears to my eyes as you leaned over and stroked my behind, telling me to relax and feel the pleasure that I was so looking for. You told me to concentrate on the release begging to be spent. Each time the whip struck, it seemed to hit against the vibrators, sending
them deeper and making their job more intense.
C R A C K!!! “Eight, Master” S N A P! “Nine, Master” You reached under me and pinched my clit hard, before delivering the next blow. Ohhhhhh, yes!
S N A P!! S N A P!! “Ten, Master Eleven, Master”.
I was glad at this point that I had remembered to set up the tape player to record this session. I knew that I was not going to remember these details in a few minutes, yet alone in a few days. Tears were already streaming down my cheeks from the severeness of the blows, yet I remained silent. The feeling inside was growing. S N A P!! “Twelve, Master”
You gave me a final eight blows in succession, bringing the total to 20. I could feel each and every one of them in exactly the place it hit. I could also feel each one inside my body, as a movement unlike I have felt before. It stirred my breathing, it pounded my heart, it raced the blood thru my veins. Humming along with the music, you anointed my body with warm oil and rubbed it in softly, reminding me to lie still, remain silent, and to not even think of cumming.
Slowly, you untied me, speaking softly, soothingly to me as you did. You asked me if I was in any unbearable pain, telling me to speak only if I was. Since abstinence from orgasm was not actually a pain, I remained silent.
The second that the last rope was untied, you used my hair again to guide me to the doorframe separating the bedroom from the bathroom. I could see you had rigged some type of cross. As you spoke to me of the red welts showing on my ass and legs, you proceeded to tie my hands together above my head, my feet apart to the bottom frame. Removing the toys from my ass and pussy, you replaced them with clothespins starting from my neck, traveling down to my thighs in a straight line. {{Ohhhhhhhhh NO, I thought, he is really going to do that pain-slut zipper!}} I had been dreading it forever, not even wanting to think of you yanking it off.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was your only words as you laced a leather thin strap thru each tip of the clothespins. I looked away as you continued to prepare, but you grabbed my chin and made me
watch you from the mirror. Every now and then your hand reached out and pinched my clit, or stroked my pussy. You nibbled on my earlobes, kissed me deeply on mouth, still remaining silent. My skin was finally adjusting to the pain of the clothespins’ pinch. I braced my self for sudden pain….then frustration took over again, as you walked away.
Dammmmmmmmmmmm, I was thinking. You are going to make me wait for this.You know the anticipation of the pending pain is worse than the pain itself will be! Changing the music to one of my favorite country ballads, you were trying to relax me, I know. Licking my ear, whispering to me softly, calling me your whore, your slut, your bitch, you held tight to the end of the cord and gave one big yank, unzipping each and every one of those pins, pulling them off my skin like a tight bandaid.
finished your job.
Oh, Master, it was a good thing I was tied up. I don’t think I would have been able to keep in control at that point. Not only did it hurt like hell as you pulled them off, but the residual pain as the blood came back into my skin was never ending.I cried this time….sobbed long and hard as I felt the pain in each point.
You did not hear me call my safeword, because I didn’t use it. In fact, I don’t remember much more about that time except for you kneeling between my legs, licking and sucking my clit as the pain and my tears subsided. You massaged my butt and legs with your hands, and did not touch any area that the clothespins had contacted. A wise move, because I soon focused on the other areas and relaxed.I am always amazed at how attuned to my body you are. You could see me enjoying your licking and playing with my clit, so you stopped just short of letting me cum!!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – I was so ready!
Untied, unfulfilled and wringing sweaty-wet, I was allowed a quick shower and you told me to be fast with it, giving me 5 whole minutes! As I expected, you were waiting for me to step out of the shower with that damp rolled up towel, smacking me as I tried to dry off. I was totally unprepared for that collar you fastened around my neck, attaching the leash in one movement. Oh, I did not like your grabbing again on my hair and pushing me down to the floor, telling me to get on my hands and knees for my Master.Then, like a dog-in-training, you lead me around the room, making me sit,heel, pant, and so on. It was sooooo embarrassing! “You act like you are embarassed, slave”, you say, “if you are so humiliated, why is this pussy so wet?” With that you pressed your fingers deep into me proving that you were right. I was so thirsty, that when you offered me fresh water to drink out of
a bowl on the floor, I accepted.
As you sat on the edge of the bed, I was your footstool. You were teasing with me, I know, because you only rested your feet on my back a few minutes to take a phone call. As soon as you were thru, you led me around and around the room until I was told to heel. {{I still had to fight back laughter at this point, and I know you saw the smirk in my eyes. }} Roughly, you faced me to you and told me to suck your cock as you took a break. Not a problem! I kind of enjoyed your pulling and pushing that leash and collar to have me respond deeper, faster and however you needed me to suck. But, Sir… really didn’t have to remind me not to cum as I sucked you until you did!
Well, Master, I can say that I was both tense and excited this day. I still felt the sting of the whip, the pain of the zipper and the humiliation as I was your parade-around dog. I was not prepared for what happened next. Blindfolding me, you removed everything else and led me to the bed. A gag was put in my mouth and fixed tightly, yet actually was comfortable as a gag can be. You didn’t forget to put the safe toy in my hand for me to drop if things got too much for me to take.I was thankful that only my hands were bound this time. You decided to leave my legs alone, and had me face up on the bed. The nylon baby whip stung as it hit my breasts, alternating with the soft horse-hair flogger. From head to toe, I was whipped, flogged and you repeated it over and over and over alternating with teasing my clit until I was begging you thru my gag to let me cum. Instead, I felt the ice being rubbed over each area the whips had hit, cooling the tender skin. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I began to relax just as I felt the burning from the wax you were dripping in small droplets onto the exact same spots. I arched my back, kicked my feet and fought as you increased the speed of the hot wax.
Just when I thought I couldn’t take another drop, you began to probe into my cunt and clit with your hands…then stopped. I loved it when you started to whisper in my ears, calling me every naughty name in the books. Yes, Sir, I am your slut, your whore, your cunt. I am the bitch who obeys her Master. Reaching over, you removed the gag and told me that I was allowed to speak as long as I minded my manners. “Thank you, Sir, I will surely behave.”
Hands still tied, blindfold in place, I was not very orientated to things going on around me. I felt your lips as you leaned over to kiss me. I arched my body toward you as you began to insert two fingers inside me, then the third. I was more than ready for you as I felt your well lubricated hand push 4 fingers in me, roll your thumb against the other 4 and press your entire fist inside my womb! I have been begging to be fisted forever it seems…..and you were rewarding me for tonite’s behavior by giving me what I wanted most. “Relax, enjoy my slave….you only have a first time experience ONCE…..” I remember you saying to me. I obeyed. Building up your rhythm, lengthening each thrust into me, pulling and pushing at all of my insides, you were so patient. Firecrackers and skyrockets have nothing over the feelings I experienced when the first waves of orgasms began to overtake me. With your strong arm inside me teasing, feeling, stroking, I exploded in one after another, each more powerful and complete than the one before. I began to feel that I was peeing all over, when, actually I was squirting and spraying all over your hands and arm, the bed and everything else in near proximity. I had never had such powerful forces inside! This was something so new to me that I was frightened at first, then just went with it as I had the most incredible feelings wash thru me. Sir, the feel of your strong arm inside of me, your fingers tickling and stroking my innermost core riveled anything ever done to me in the past. You slowly made love to my G-spot over again as I continued to spasm, flooding us in my juices. You were so careful removing your hand when I started to relax and finally calm down. You allowed me to cum unbothered until the spasms were now only flutters and all my muscles went slack. Collapsing against the bed, I heard you laugh and say…..”Oh, no, my possession. You are not going to sleep. We are not done, by a long shot.”
My heart beat rapidly, sounding to my ears like a train coming down the tracks as you removed all remaining bondage: the blindfold and the hand ties.Rolling me over, I felt your strong hands caressing me as you brought my hips up enough so you could place a pillow under me. As you reached under and pinched my nipples hard, your swollen cock pressed against my ass. As I felt your hardness find its way into my tight hole, I screamed out at the sudden pain. Oh Sir, it didn’t last long as you slowly pressed into me, stroking me all over to relax me at the same time. You continued to whisper into my ears, pinch and twist my nipples as the horrible pains became erotic pleasures with you slowly moving in and out of me, showing me new heights that I haven’t felt til now. Faster and faster you pounded into me now, holding fast to my body.
Master, the feel of you taking my ass brought tears of joy, not pain this time.
As you held tightly, telling me how I could now cum with you, we shuddered together into one universal orgasm, melding our two bodies together, falling together from the heights to the comfort of each other’s arms. You kissed me hard and deep, petted my ass as you withdrew and held me close until we both drifted off exhausted and content.
Yes, Sir, you did satisfy my soul and captured my heart forever.

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