Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter – II

Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughte


Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter – II

For all the pleasures he gave her she can very well give him a variety of t shirts and jeans. She knew if he puts on decent clothes, there are many boy snachers around who are desparate for masculine company during day and night. knowing his ability, her cousins used to telephone asking her to send saravanan for some purchases, going to the market for buying something etc.
Razia carefully turned down such requests with some excuse. Razia passed her SSC and got into the college. In the meantime her mother went to gulf three times. But the troublewith Shamla was that there is no one who can be asked to come to fuck her at short notice.
One night she heard strange sounds coming from the room of her daughter, Razia, and she tiptoed to find what is happening there. It was just 10 pm and she found the door just closed. She opened the door and found a boy lying on the floor and Razia sitting on him and studying keeping her books on the bed. Both Razia and the body did not see her entering the room.
Shamla wondered what is happening and found Razia lifting her bottom up and bring it down on his cock which was standing erect. Razia had her laptop playing a hot porn film in front of her and her books were also open. Shamla was amazed at the ingenuity of her daughter. Razia was pressing her boobs with her hands or press then against side of her bed.
The boy was naked and Razia wore leggings with her cunt portion conveniently open so that his cock may enter it. Shamla went out and waited for the show to be over. It took one hour before Razia released the boy and as soon as he left the room he closed the door behind and turned to go and found Shamla standing in the corridor.
She asked him to come to her toom and the boy was scared and thought he will be thrown out of the job and will be asked to leave immediately. On reaching her room Shamla turned and looked at Saravanan and asked him what he was doing in the room of Razia. He stood there with folded hands scared stiff.
She asked him not to get worried and asked him what work he did in the kitchen. He said he is just a helper and did whatever work the cook asked him to do. The cook asked him take a pitcher of water to the room of Razia madam and he came with the water jug stood there watching a movie in her computer.
She called him to come near and removed his lungi and found his semi erect cock. It was sticky as it was inside the cunt of Razia all along. Shamla removed her dress and lied naked in her bed and asked him to come near and lick and suck her cunt. Saravanan was happy and he kneeled on the floor and started to lick the hairless cunt of Shamla.
He opened the cunt lips of Shamla and found her prominent clitoris hiding behind the cunt lips. He licked it and pulled it out with his lips. He licked the clitoris. Shamla was making some incoherant sounds. She wriggled her body and was enjoying the lip massage by the boy.
Though she was fucked by the Jordonian and Afgan cocks, they were more keen in fucking her with their 9 inch cocks. They never bothered about her boobs or her clitoris. Shamla found the oral sex by this boy more pleasureable than fucking. She made him to come on top of her and took his cock in her mouth. She took his cock in her mouth and played with it with her tongue.
Now Saravanan was sucking her clit with more vigor and she reached her grand orgasm, but the cock remained stiff and stern in her mouth. He was fucking her in her mouth. She asked him to come down and fuck her in her cunt. Saravanan began to fuck her in her cunt and she got next orgasm yet another orgasm but the boy was pounding on her continuously.
It became her worry how to stop him. Finally she asked him to stop and get down from her top. She asked him how many times she fucked Razia in a day. He said about three or four times. How much time you took each time. He said one hour or more. Shamla was shocked. How much sex her daughter was having under the same roof and yet she did not know.
She asked Saravanan to come to her each time he finishes fucking Razia and fuck her too. He should not disclose to Razia that he is fucking her mother also. He agreed and she asked to go but from next day she said he will sleep with her. From next day both mother and daughter enjoyed the same boy lover. This lasted when they found another lover.
The End.

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