Rinku – The Lucky Man!!!!

The lockdown restrictions had just been relaxed & although the threat of the pandemic loomed large with second & third waves being predicted, I breathed a big sigh of relief, since with the relaxations, my husband would begin attending office & stop being a prude breathing down my neck!!!!!

Although, I did look at the relaxations with a touch of sadness too, because, the relaxations meant that my husband’s brother Rohit, his hot wife Roshni & Rohit’s hunk of a son Remy would be returning to their home!!! I would miss Roshni, Remy & Rohit a lot ….. in that specific order!!!!! (Why I would miss them so much has been narrated separately).

Further, to add to the remorse of the lockdown lifting was the fact that my in-laws too would be going back to their native place! I didn’t mind my mom-in-law going back, but I would sorely miss my horny pop-in-law!!!!!! (Why I would miss him so much has been narrated separately).
Well, so the inevitable happened & my in-laws & my brother-in-laws family returned to their own homes while Mohit & I shifted out from the rented flat & moved back into our own home although it was still only half done!!!!
Barely a week had passed & I was thoroughly bored as I dreaded going back to a mundane matrimonial life when a chance encounter with an online paramour prompted me to do what I might never have even dreamed off, if left to my own resources!!!!!
Since the malls & restaurants had been allowed to open up, albeit to an limited capacity, I suggested that we go & eat out at one of the fine-dine eatery’s at a mall nearby!

Surprisingly, Mohit my couch potato of an husband too agreed with an unusual gusto!

It was when we went to the restaurant that I realized the reason for Mohit’s unusual enthusiasm!!
Happy hours had been extended & there were some enticing schemes which suggested booze would be practically free!!!!
Mohit was ecstatic & my warnings that the restaurant would fleece us through the other items on the menu, fell on deaf ears, as my husband made a beeline to the restaurant offering the biggest discounts on booze!!!!!

Well, since it was one of the best places in the mall, I didn’t mind it at all & happily followed my husband through the mall!
The whole experience was surreal to say the least!!
The mall & the shops all seemed to be deserted!!!! There were barely any people around!!!
The thronging crowds had all disappeared …. The fear of the unknown still palpable as the few people around were all masked up & some were even wearing hand gloves & face visors making the whole experience a bit scary & weird!!!

As we walked towards the restaurant we realized that the once thriving place seemed to have taken on a somewhat subdued pallor & the place seemed to be operating on a skeleton staff!!
Just as we reached the door, another group of people reached there at the same time & all of us froze where we were!! ….. The new normal of social distancing ensuring people didn’t mingle as freely as before the pandemic set in!!!!

As we stood undecided as to who should enter first, the door was opened from inside by a dusky intense eyed youth, who ushered in the other party first, maybe because that group comprised of an elderly couple, a man in his forties & another harried looking middle aged couple!!!

As force of habit, I glanced at each & everyone as they entered & they all summarily ignored both my husband & me, except the single man who I assumed to be in his forties!!!!

He was the last one from the group to enter & he was brazenly ogling at me ever since we had approached the restaurant door!!

Even when I glanced at him, he was one again scanning me from top to bottom & when our eyes met, he raised his eyebrows in appreciation & tilted his head, giving me the slightest nod indicating he was impressed!!!!

That simple gesture made me go weak in my knees!!!!
Maybe having spent the lockdown indoors & not having been appraised & so openly appreciated like this by a stranger made my mind waver, but it goes without saying that the man had succeeded in arousing the dormant slut within me with just a simple nod of his head & his appreciative eyes!!!!!

As if that man’s admiration was not enough, the youth who had ushered the first group into the restaurant was the one who tipped me over the edge that evening!!!

As Mohit walked in & I followed, I glanced at the curly haired youth & was surprised to see his eyes light up in unbridled lust!!
I decided to tease him a bit & lowered my eyes coyly before looking back at him & I locked my eyes with his again!
Then I winked at him & watched as his mouth gaped wide & he blushed a beet root red!!!!
He was an healthy individual, slightly shorter than me, but when I flirted so openly with him, his whole body seemed to contract in surprise & he gasped audibly even as I passed him by, grinning at his discomfort!!!

I was flummoxed, to say the least!
I was not dressed in my usual slutty sheer sari’s & sexy backless blouse to received such passionate responses!
Ofcourse, I was not covered from head to foot either!!!

Other than the ornate maroon mask, I was wearing a simple little black dress which did have a low neckline but an inch or so of cleavage is not as earth shattering as it may sound!
The dress ended half way down my gleaming thighs & lower down I had worn a pair of strappy dark silver heels & had carried a small silver clutch in my hand!
That aprt I had a simple choker around my neck & matching loop earrings!

Beneath the hot little black dress, I had worn a strapless push up black bra & a black sheer embroidered panty!

As for my sexy silky brown hair, I had pulled it back tightly & tied it in a simple high ponytail with a black elastic band!!!!

So, although I was dressed simply, the hotness quotient must have been high enough for the 2 men to have reacted the way they did & to add to it, they made me moist in between my thighs!!!!!

Well, you & I, we all know very well what happens when I become moist between my thighs!!!!!
Soon we were seated at our table & I realized that the other group & us were the only people in the restaurant & the tousled youth was the only waiter cum server present there that evening other than the person behind the bar counter & another behind the cash counter!!!

A once bustling & thriving place had been reduced to a ‘kandhaar’, I thought to myself!!!!

Since were were seated far away from the other group, I pulled down my mask & casually glanced at the table where the man was seated!!!!

Forutnayely or unfortunately, the man was facing me & as soon as I pulled down my mask, he too pulled down his mask & with deliberate slowness mouthed the word ‘WOW’ with as much expression as he could do from that far a distance!!!

It was my turn to blush & squirm in my seat as I drew my breath sharply while I tried to control my grin!!!
I didn’t dare to look at him again…….!!!!!
Well at least for a minute & then my eyes were drawn towards him & as our eyes met he raised his drink & cheered me before winking at me!

He flirted with me ….. & I responded like a love hungry teenager!!!!

We vibed silently, from as far away as was physically possible with our respective partners oblivious to the going-ons!!!!
Then as my husband’s drink was served, the waiter placed a bottle of an expensive wine on the table & said politely “Madam … Sir …. This is from the gentleman from there!” & proffered a note to my husband!

‘To the luckiest man ….. & to the most beautiful woman!!!’

Mohit acknowledged his thanks by waving & nodding vigorously & immediately set out to guzzle the most expensive of wines, something he would not have been able to afford even in his dreams!!!!

While, on the other hand, I gazed at the man with ever increasing desire!

He licked his lip & I reciprocated by biting mine!

He blew a soft kiss against the rim of his glass & I licked on a kebab stick suggestively!!!!
All through this My husband was boozing but I was close to losing control when the man nodded towards a corner where a sign indicated ‘TOILET’ while he lifted his middle finger & passed it through the ‘O’ made by the thumb & fore finger of his other hand!!!!

I blushed & sucked in my breath, surprised by his sheer audacity, but managed to nod my acquiescence & reacted before he could respond!

“Err…. Mohit …. I am feeling a bit uneasy!!! …. Maybe because I haven’t eaten out for so long!!! …. I will go to the washroom ….. you go easy on the booze darling!!!!” I said & also admonished him for drinking like a fish!!!!

Before Mohit could respond, I grabbed my clutch & walked towards the corner the man had indicated & was elated to see that there was a single unisex toilet cubicle!!!!

While on my way to the loo, I saw the man too begin to rise from his seat & I decided to be ready for him!!!!

I rushed into the toilet, but did not lock it!!!

Thankfully the toilet was clean though not as sparkling clean as I would have expected in such an expensive restaurant!!

There was a marble counter with a basin set in it. Next to it was a stained men’s urinal & besides it a slightly discolored potty!

I checked the floor & was happy that it was dry & not soiled & wet like some other public toilets!!!!

Then, with a naughty smile I flung my clutch on the counter, un-clipped my dress & slipped the straps of my little black dress down as I slipped the dress right down to my ankles & stepped out of it!

I flicked the dress onto the basin counter, unhooked my strapless bra & slipped off my panties; all of which went onto the basin counter on top of my dress!!!!

Then, fully naked except for my shiny strappy heels, I pulled out my lipstick & began touching up my lip color!!!
I turned my back towards the door so that anyone entering would see my naked bums, my sexy naked back & the person would also be able to see my dangling unclothed & unrestrained breasts!!!!

Of course, I wasn’t able to see who entered the door without turning around, but there were barely any people in the restaurant to come barging into the toilet!!!!

Also I had already seen the man begin to get up from his seat, so I knew I was in for a treat!!!!!
A few minutes passed & I had touched up my lips twice over, when the door creaked open!!!

I stifled a naughty smile & fooled around with my pony tail with one hand while I teased my nipple with the other, without turning around, waiting for the man to exclaim or react on seeing me stark naked!!!!!
“M…m..a..d…ammm..?” a tremulous whisper crept through the noise of the exhaust fan & the roar of the chimney from the kitchen adjacent to the toilet!!!!

I turned around in shock!!!!!

Standing across me in the doorway was the waiter, wide eyed, mouth agape, his hand clutching his cock as if trying to stop his prick from spewing his sperm into his trousers!!!!!

“Ohhh….Fucckkkkk!!!!” I gasped as I tried to pull my dress off the counter to cover my nude body, but the damned dress got entangled in the tap & I had to take recourse to emergency measures!

So, I quickly covered my clean shaven twat with one palm & crushed my breasts with my other forearm across my nipples!!!!

I turned around from side to side, but the toilet was so narrow that there was no way I could prevent the waiter from seeing every other pore on my body!!!!!

I turned towards the wall & saw the waiter’s eyes flick towards the mirror on the opposite wall & his already wide eyes widened further & he groaned as he clutched his crotch with his other hand too!!!

“Ohhh!! Behenchod!!!” he gasped as he stared into the mirror!!!!

I glanced backwards apprehensively & realized that my entire backside was reflected in the mirror in all of it nude glory!!!!

My sexy naked back, slim waist & a perfectly contoured bubble butt along with my sexy gleaming naked legs were all on display in the mirror!!!!
“FUCKKK!!! ….. Fucking shitttt!!!!” I exclaimed in frustration & took a split second decision & acted on it!!!!

I shook my head accepting the futility of trying to hide my nudity & turned to face the waiter, whose curly hair too seemed to be rising much like his prick!!!!

I checked out the name tag on his right chest & crooned softly “JP?” …. “Can I call you JP?”

“Uhhh…Hhh..nnnn…uuggg!!!” the poor bastard could only moan as the sexy naked lady standing so close to him, spoke to him directly & that too in such a lust inducing slutty voice!!!

“Uhhh… m..ma..dam..mm….!!!” he groaned again almost doubling over in an effort to keep himself from cumming!!!!
“Well .. Well …. JP! …. Is this your first time? …. Pehle kabhi kisi nangi aurat ko nahin dekha kya?” I asked him cheekily!!!!

“M..ad..am!! …. Nahin … matlab …. Haan!! .. Pehle … dekhi …. Matlab aise nahin …. Blue film me …. Aise samne samne nahin … ohhhh teri maa ki…… behenchod!!!!! Mujhe tumhe …. Kiss ….. ” he groaned & I was sure he had squirted in his pants!!!!

He raised his hand & reached out towards me!!

I smiled, a shy understanding smile & then removed my palm covering my twat!!!
Another heart rending gasp escaped from deep within JP as I held his fingers & stopped his hand from touching my body!

Ofcourse, I had ensured that I turned sideways & crossed my legs as much as possible so that my pussy was hidden by my crossed thighs before I removed my hand from my pussy!!!!

“JP! …. Abhi nahin …OK? …. Tum baadme aana….. Hmmm? ….. Abhi jao … uss aadmi ko aane do …. Jisne … mujhe aur mere pati ko wine ki bottle gift di thi….. hmm…OK?” I crooned still holding JP’s fingers & caressing them as I spoke to him, my soft brown eyes staring deep into his his intense black eyes!!!!

“Tumhara pati …. Tum … uss doosre aadmi .. ke saath ….?” JP stammered as the reality of what this slut had said & was going to do, hit hard!!!!

“Hmmm….OK na?” I asked him as if I wouldn’t go ahead with it without his permission!!!

“Haan Madam …haan ..OK! …. Par mai … mere saath …. Baad me… promise?” JP asked innocently, blushing just as he had done when I had winked at him while entering the restuarent!!!

It was such a naïve & innocent way to ask a slut ….. ‘Promise’ …. ‘Promise I will do him later?’ …… I could have laughed & derided him but there was so much innocence & simplicity in his manner that for an instant I wanted to allow him to do it but then the slut within me wanted a good hard humping not a training session with a novice!!!!

Once again I smiled at him, a patient & indulgent smile, patted him arm & said “JP …. Promise!!! …. Par abhi uss aadmi ko andhar bhejna!!!” …. & then continued saying “Aur suno JP! …. Mere pati ko bahar hi busy rakhna …. Yahan maat aane dena … OK? ….. Hmmm?!?!? Chalo .. jaao … jaldi karo!!!!”

I smiled to myself as the youth gave me one long lustful look & then bustled away from the toilet!!!!

Barely had JP exited the toilet, the man for whom I had stripped naked barged in & thoughtfully locked the door from inside before turning around & then freezing in his tracks!!!!

“OHHhFUCKKK!!!!” he exclaimed on seeing me standing in front of him, stark naked, leaning launguidly against the wall, a modern day personification of the erotic ancient carvings of heavenly apsaras of myths!!!!!

Then in a few quick steps he closed the gap between us & as I adjusted my pony tail, his hands expertly encircled my narrow waist & he half pulled half picked me up & forced my mouth onto his!!!!

I didn’t need to be forced & kissed him back with equal or even more fervor!

A fully turned on naked hot bitch was rubbing her hot body against this fully clothed stranger, kissing him, offering her body to him, goading him to fuck her in a restaurent’s toilet, even as her cuckolded husband was sipping wine out at their table!!!!

We were turning around, banging against the wall, hitting against the counter as we kissed & shoved our tongues into each other’s mouths, biting, nibbling. Lapping, sucking & chewing away at the other’s lips & face!!!

I groped his hard butt while he groped my bums & then squeezed my boobs!!!!

I encircled his neck with my hands as I forced my mouth deep inside his mouth, slurping on his squirmy slimy tongue!!!!

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