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Hello all! I am back with Richa’s next encounter with the oldies. I hope you all have enjoyed her first encounter with their group and how each one of them enjoyed with her. It was a few days after that first encounter; Richa was not very comfortable discussing it at large. She had a view that she just tried to help the few old men in need and was not hoping that they would really come back. I, as always, would try teasing her that a gangbang with oldies or individual encounters with grandmas was right on cards. She would laugh it off most of the time.
It was one such weekday when I left for work early morning. Richa was planning to go little late so she did not leave at her regular timing. Around 9 o’clock (after 30 minutes from Richa’s regular timing), our doorbell rang. Richa was trying to finish her morning chores and was about to take a bath and leaving for work. She answered the bell and found Mr. Naidu standing at the door.
“Good morning Richa, I saw Bharat leaving early this morning. And it’s 9 but you’re still at home, so I am assuming you’re not going to work”, he declared the reason of his knocking on the door. Richa was somewhat stunned that he was stalking on her and my schedule so energetically.
“Actually uncle, I am going to work but am planning to leave a little late, around 11 ish”, she replied.
“Great, so there is some time”, he said as he stepped inside. Richa was not too comfortable when he did that but she did not try to block his way. Mr. Naidu came in and settled on the sofa. He pulled a small bottle out of his pocket and placed it on the center table in front. He read the questions on Richa’s face.
“Don’t worry. I will not take a lot of time. I was really horny when I saw Bharat leaving. I thought I will have some fun. And this is only a bottle of honey, just to add some passion.”, he clarified his plans and bent a little forward trying to pull Richa closer. But she didn’t seem ready and quietly stepped back. Naidu uncle was neither ready to give up. He got up and went behind her. Richa was in a nighty with her bath towel on her shoulders. He put his hands around her waist and his face reached her shoulders. He slowly took the towel away and reached the buttons on the front while planting a gentle kiss on the shoulder. It seemed Richa too was determined not to give up so easily. She thought of moving a few steps away but his firm grip on her nighty didn’t allow her. Naidu uncle kept his firm grip and at the same time, started massaging her bums and waist and kissing her neck. It doesn’t take too long to melt Richa’s resistance and he had probably realized that during their first encounter. But Richa wasn’t making it too easy for him this time.
Naidu uncle realized her resistance but he too wasn’t giving up. He had by now pushed his hand inside her nighty and had managed to raise it to her thighs using the other hand. He was smartly kissing and biting her ear lobes and planting kisses all over her both shoulders. Richa was still standing passive but wasn’t resisting against his advances. He didn’t miss that and slowly brought her towards the sofa and made her lie there. He continued raising her nighty and exposed her legs completely while pressing her tits from outside. “Can we do some honey-love, dear?” he asked in between but continued making his advances at the same time. At one point, he had her nighty pushed up all the way above the shoulders and Richa was exposed completely, clad in only a bra and panty. He tapped this opportunity and suddenly dropped some honey drops on her naval. Oh God! He was going to kiss that honey from her naval. He allowed the honey to flow from her tummy into her naval hole and started kissing her tummy around. He ensured it was done very slowly and seductively and would look at Richa’s reaction in between. It wasn’t a surprise that he was able to break her resistance; a little unconventional part was that instead of pushing his face into her naval, Richa was slightly biting her lips to avoid moaning. Her eyes would close when he would lustfully kiss or lick her tummy. He went up and kissed her lips before pushing his tongue deep into her naval. Richa jerked her body when he started tongue fucking her naval and it was enough to set up the tone.
“Can we please move to the dining table?” was the only thing Richa could murmur. He was glad to make her lie completely on the table. The remaining pieces of clothes were long gone and he had also dropped his dhoti and kurta and was in just underpants (longer version of boxer). He took a few drops of honey in his mouth and started smooching Richa. Her lips were trying hard to suck the honey from his mouth; it was very messy but she loved it when he allowed her to suck his tongue to absorb the honey mixed with his saliva. He poured some more honey all over Richa’s face and started licking her passionately. It was definitely very erotic and Richa was already trying to reach to his underpants. It was terribly kinky when he poured the honey on her back, arms and even underarms and continued licking her beautiful body sweetened by the honey. But he seemed to be a man on mission. He bathed her entire body with the honey first and then with his saliva. That seemed to be his fantasy as he looked really content after licking her body.
Now it seemed to be Richa’s term to reciprocate. She literally pushed him down on the floor and took the bottle of honey from his hands. They were literally struggling in the space between dining table and kitchen passage. But Richa wasn’t bothered as she started doing the same thing which Naidu uncle did to her. She started with his face and chest and was soon heading towards his pole. But that kinky rascal stopped her and poured some on his armpits too and when Richa tried licking there, he actually squeezed her face there making her sniff it for long. When Richa is turned on, she does everything that she is asked and this was no exception either. She cleaned his chest, shoulders and underarms; in fact tongue fucked his naval too. This guy didn’t screw her the first time but he was hard when Richa reached his groin this time. She poured the honey and started her oral service. Naidu uncle was now shivering in excitement and Richa decided to make full use of it.
Instead of just sucking onto him, she actually applied some honey on her cunt and adjusted herself directly on his honey dipped cock. Naidu uncle was absolutely stunned; he wasn’t expecting such a big reward as he seemed really content after licking her off. But he didn’t deny the ready meal; he adjusted her on his shaft and asked her to ride him. He also asked her to bend while jumping on his cock so that he could plays with her breasts. My dear wife didn’t know how to say no. She started slowly but got into great rhythm after a minute. Off course it was not a very hard cock but she kept grinding it so nicely that it looked like a nice mating scene. He was overjoyed pinching and pulling her nipples as she was driving his cock mad. The honey on the cock as well as on the cunt wasn’t making it difficult for either of them. But Richa ensured she was moving her pelvis so seductively that his cock was absolutely being milked.
And nobody can beat Richa there. In less than 5 minutes, he started shouting loud and giving her a few slaps on her thighs. But this time it was Richa who was teasing him. He was indicating her to pull away but the slut in her kept riding his cock. As he moan longer, she would increase her speed and ride it deeper. “Nikal randeee……mera ho gaayyyaa”, he tried to shout in his south Indian accented Hindi. Richa was already receiving his juices deep into her cunt as she too was letting her juices flow. They both reached an amazing climax after which Richa crashed beside him on the floor.
They kept lying there amongst a lot of mess created by honey and their bodies grinding in it. It was definitely going to attract a lot of ants and other small insects. But Richa was running out of time as they had already spent over an hour in their lovemaking. She temporarily cleared the mess and they took a bath together. Naidu uncle surely made some more moves in the bath and Richa didn’t disappoint. Finally after about 2 hours since entering, he left the house along with Richa who took the bus to the office.
When we returned to home in the evening, I asked Richa to clean up the remainder of mess and timed it. I told her that she took about 20 minutes and now have to dance seductively for the same duration and make me horny. She did performed some item numbers for me before I buried her into bed and started riding her like the beast.
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