Regina Cassandra Sex Story – Indian Actress Sex Story – 2

Indian Actress Sex Story

“I think- oh god! I think it’s happening again! It’s not stopping!” She squealed.
“Let it happen, keep cumming, this is exactly what you need!” I yelled at her, and she nodded, lifting her ass up.
“God! I’m a dirty little whore! I’m a disgusting whore! Oh god! Oh god!” She cried, shaking and screaming, her breath rapidly building.
“Say you’re a dumb little slut! Tell me how worthless and stupid you are!” I yelled, pulling my belt off and using it to spank her ass.
“Oh! Yes! I’m a dumb little whore! I’m such a stupid slut! Oh! Oh god! Yes, please, I deserve to be punished, I’m a naughty little whore!” She screamed, then turned to me, panting and sweating.
“Oh god, it’s happening again!” She cried.
“Let it happen, keep cumming,” I told her, and she bit her lip and nodded, turning back around and burying her face in her arms again.
“Ohhhhhh! Oh god! Oh god!” She screamed. I stood up and wrapped my left hand around her waist, rubbing her clit and fingering her, and with my right arm, I grabbed her throat.
“Oh! Please!” She gasped, then I squeezed so hard she couldn’t breath anymore. I could feel her squirming and fighting in my grip, her body arching and collapsing, reaching climax again and again, and when I finally let go of her throat, she let out an almost deafening scream, and her body convulsed, then her pussy exploded with juice, squirting again and again, dribbling down her legs, soaking my pants.
I let her go and she groaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as she squirmed slowly, rolling from side to side as she gasped and panted.
“What was- did I- what was that?” She whispered, and I shook my head.
“Oh, god, Regina, you just squirted. Not many girls can do that, only the naughtiest, little whores are able to squirt like that.”
She started shaking and sobbing.
“Oh god! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it! It feels so good!” She sobbed, crying and staring at me, helpless.
“Honestly, we’re running out of options here,” I told her as she broke down in front of me.
“I know! I know! What can I do?” She cried.
“Hold on, I have something that might help.” I told her, walking off. I opened up my closet and pulled out my little treasure chest of toys, grabbing a ball gag, two more cords of rope, a whip, and a small, slender, vibrating dildo. I walked back, grabbing her panties off the coffee table.
She was sniffling and sobbing, whispering to herself when I got back.
“I don’t want to be a whore, I can’t be a whore,” she sobbed.
I smacked her on the back, then put the ball gag and whip down next to her.
“Where did you get-” she started, but I shushed her, showing her the vibrator.
“This is going inside of you, and it vibrates, and it’s going to make you cum non stop, and while you’re cumming, I’m going to whip your entire back. It’s probably going to be the most painful thing you’ve ever been through, and you’ll need to scream. That’s what the gag is for. Understand?”
She nodded. I walked around, grabbing the ball gag and holding it to her face.
“Open up,” I told her, and she her mouth popped open. It was a tight fit, but soon her little brace face was gagged, the ball almost effectively closing up her mouth.
I secured the bindings around her head then grabbed her panties. I put them on her, then forced the vibrator inside her pussy, holding it in place with the panties so it wouldn’t fall out. Even with them pushing the dildo inside her, it only went in about three or four inches, her tight little pussy unable to take any more than that.
She made muffled little sobbing noises, but I kept at work.
I grabbed the cords and used each one to bind her legs by her ankles and tie them off to the separate table legs. Soon, she was completely tethered to my table, barely able to move an inch, her legs spread, her flesh exposed, her pussy slowly gyrating back and forth.
“Are you ready?” I asked, running the leather straps from the whip down her back. She shivered, and I could see goosebumps on her arms and legs.
“Weh wurh” she nodded, and I was sure that was an affirmation, so I reached in between her legs and flicked the switch on the vibrator.
The whirring noise of the vibrator was matched by Regina’s breath, panting and huffing, drool dribbling down her chin and onto the table. She moaned and squealed, her body shaking and quivering.
I watched her begin to climax, and that’s when my hand reared and I whipped her, incredibly hard, right in the middle of her back.
“Oh! I wuwy! I wuwy!” she drooled, and I knew she was orgasming. She buckled and moaned, sobbing as I whipped her again, and again, and again.
I pulled out my cock, stiff and aching it was so hard, and started to stroke it. I pleasured myself as she squirmed, whipping her back until it was a mess of welts and red flesh.
She never stopped orgasming, I don’t think. I’m not sure if it was one long orgasm or one after the other, but she kept cumming, again and again, soaking her panties with her juices, the rest dribbling down her legs.
I must have whipped her for almost an hour. By the time I was done, there wasn’t an inch of skin left that wasn’t red, not even her legs.
I set the whip down and went to my kitchen, grabbing a pair of scissors and coming back. I set the down and walked over to her face, unbuckling the ball gag straps from around her head and pulling it out.
The vibrator was still on and she was still cumming, sobbing and gasping and drooling, panting as she stared up at me.
“You can’t stop it, can you?” I asked, and she shook her head.
“No! I can’t!” She cried, then her eyes made contact with my hard, erect cock. “What are you-” She started, but I slapped her.
“There’s only one thing left I can think of,” I told her, and she stared up at me.
“Please! Anything! Anything so I’ll be good again! Oh!” She winced again, her eyes shut, as she peaked again. “Oh god! I’m such a filthy whore!”
I grabbed my cock and waved it at her.
“I’m going to have to give you the hardest, roughest, most degrading fuck of your life, and hopefully you’ll never want to think about orgasming again.” I told her, slowly stroking myself.
She shook her head, the tears flowing unabashedly by now.
“No! Please! I can’t! I’m- I’m- Oh god I’m cumming again!” She screamed, clenching her teeth, then she shook it off, catching her breath. “I’m saving myself for marriage!”
I rubbed my chin, taking a deep sigh.
“Nobody’s going to want to marry a dirty little whore like you,” I told her, shaking my head. “But if this works, it’ll cure you, and nobody needs to know.”
She moaned, shaking her ass, staring at me, groaning and trying to think.
“You swear? No one? Oh! Oh!” She huffed.
“If I can cure you, there won’t be anything to tell. You won’t be a whore anymore.” I smiled, petting her cheek, and she nodded.
“Yes! Please! Fuck me! Fuck me so hard I never want to get fucked again! Oh! Oh god!” She begged and came, shivering in delight.
I grabbed the scissors and cut her panties off, their tattered shreds falling to the floor in a wet heap, then I pulled out the vibrator and set it aside.
“Beg for my cock,” I demanded, spanking her ass.
“Oh! Oh god! Please, let me have your cock! Please! I’m a worthless whore! I need you to fuck me till I’m a good little girl again! Please!”
I spit on my hand and rubbed my cock till it was wet, then I slowly pushed it inside her pussy.
She was dripping wet but incredibly tight. As I drove my cock slowly inside her, I could feel her tight little hymen giving way.
“Oh! Oh god! Oh god! It’s too big!” She squealed, shaking her head, but I kept fucking her. I could only get in the first three or four inches, so I grabbed her cheeks and slowly started ramming my cock inside her, working deeper and deeper with every thrust.
“Oh! Oh! God it feels so good! Fuck me harder! Make it hurt!” She begged, so I thrust my entire cock inside her.
She shrieked, biting her lip and groaning, gasping, mumbling, it was all gibberish, like she was speaking in tongues. She looked back at me, this intense glare of animalistic rage and pleasure, her eyes starting to roll back in her head, her tongue sticking out, panting and gasping.
I held onto her ass cheeks while I plowed her from behind, swimming in euphoric pleasure.
“Oh god! Oh god! I’m gonna cum again! Sir, please, spank me, choke me! Make me hate it!” She begged, and I couldn’t help but oblige.
I spanked her ass while she screamed, then finally, when I knew she was beginning to cum, I grabbed her throat, ramming inside her in deep, forceful thrusts,, pulling my cock out almost entirely, then forcing it in all the way, over and over.
She hadn’t squirt in some time, I’d thought she’d squirt herself dry, but when she came, I could feel her juices shooting out, soaking my pants again.
I couldn’t help myself, the pleasure was too intense. I groaned, shooting my hot load inside her pussy, again and again, filling her with my semen.
Finally, I pulled my cock out and she fell down, huddling on my carpet.
“Please, sir, I don’t think I can take anymore.” She gasped.
“Good, we’re finally making some progress,” I smiled, picking her up and throwing her on my bed.
She lied back and instinctively spread her legs. I mounted her, forcing my cock in her tight little pussy, grabbing her hand and placing it on her clit.
“Play with yourself,” I told her, then I grabbed the vibrator and turned it on, giving it to her.
“Yes- oh god- yes, just like that!” She moaned, taking the entirety of my cock inside her, squirming and mumbling, panting like an animal, her eyes rapidly darting from my face to my cock. She rubbed the vibrator on her clit, shaking her head and quivering.
“Oh god! I’m a worthless slut! I’m a stupid whore!” She started moaning, so I grabbed her throat and slapped her, again and again. She gasped, her mouth wide, this gigantic, otherworldly smile on her face.
“Yes! God, yes! Please! Punish me!” She begged, rubbing her clit with the vibrator, grabbing her own throat and squeezing.
I fucked her little pussy while she came, again and again, panting like an animal, until she collapsed, her body this tiny little rag doll laying on my bed.
I turned her over, pushed her onto her knees, her ass sticking up, her face buried in my pillows, and pulled her hands between her legs.
“Keep fingering your clit,” I told her, spanking her ass, and she nodded, rubbing her little pussy.
I forced my cock inside her as she played with herself. She was losing stamina, fast, but I had a little bit more life left in me, so I picked up the vibrator, turned it on, spit on it, then slowly pushed it inside her ass.
“Oh! Oh no! Please not there!” She begged, but as soon as it got in a couple inches, I could feel her pussy clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing.
“Oh god! Yes! Yes! Don’t pull it out! Yes!” She screamed, finally hitting her peak again, and riding through wave upon wave of orgasm for some time.
Finally, I pulled out, leaning up next to her, laying against some pillows.
“Did you come inside my pussy again?” She whispered, staring up at me, but I shook my head.
“No, you’re going to suck me off until I cum on your face and in your mouth, then you’re going to lick it all off and swallow it.” I told her, and she nodded, slowly and painfully lowering herself down my bed.
She positioned herself on her stomach, grabbed my cock and used it to slap herself a couple times in the face, then she stuffed it in her mouth and forced it down her throat.
Her head bobbed and she gagged and slurped for what, to me, felt like an eternity, but before long, I started moaning, feeling myself begin to cum.
“Pull it out, pull it out, I want you to let it cover your face!” I gasped, and she did as she was told, my hot load shooting her in the face again and again, until she was covered in white, sticky cum.
Her eyes were stuck together, but she did her best to look up at me.
“Should I lick it off now?” She asked, and I laughed a little.
“Yes, baby.” I told her, and she ran her finger along her face, gathering up the cum, and depositing it inside her mouth ever stroke or two. When she was done, she curled up next to me, resting her face on my chest, and I fell asleep.
When I woke up, it was in the evening time and she was staring up at me, playing with the hairs on my chest and smiling.
“Oh, good, you’re awake,” She bubbled, nuzzling her face into my chest.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” I grumbled, and she giggled.
“It’s ok, I fell asleep too.” She smiled, then looked away, the smile fading from her face.
“Did it work? Do you think I’m cured?” She asked, staring up at me with her big, bright eyes. “Or do you think-” then her voice trailed off.
“Well, Regina,” I took a deep breath, shrugging. “Do you think you’ll want to get fucked like that ever again?” I asked, and she looked away.
When she looked back up at me, there were tears in her eyes.
“Honestly?” She squeaked, beginning to sniffle back the tears, “Yes, yes, I do, I will. Oh god!”
She hid her face in my chest, and I could feel her tears streaming down her face and onto my body. I pet her soft hair.
“Sh,” I shushed her as she sobbed, “shhh, it’s ok.”
She looked up at me, hopefully, and I smiled at her.
“It is?” She asked, wiping her tears away.
“Yes, baby, we’ll just have to keep working at it,” I explained, and her frown twitched, a tiny smile obviously trying to be pushed back.
“Really? You’d do that for me?”
I laughed, laying back and staring at my ceiling.
“Yeah, once a week should be enough,” I told her, “And as long as you keep coming and trying to be cured, I see no reason why anybody needs to know about this.”
Her eyes lit up and her smile beamed at me. She scooted up my side, kissing my neck and cheek over and over again.
“Yes! Thank you! Thank you! Oh god! Thank you so much! Oh, you don’t know how much I appreciate this!” She nuzzled her face into the nook of my neck and shoulder, rubbing my body with her hand, then sat up, mounting me and pressing her hot, wet pussy against my stomach.
“But sir, I- I’m just not sure.” She bit her lip, looking away as she rubbed her pussy against my body.
I stared at her, my heart pounding, hoping against hope that she wouldn’t call me out for all the lies I just fed her.
“Not sure about what?” I asked, my cock getting hard as I watched her squeezing her nipples, groping her perky little tits.
“I’m not sure that once a week is gonna be enough.”

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