Real Mother Son Sex In Train

Real Mother Son

I am Abhay and I am writing the real incident that totally changed my thinking about the incest relation occur in our country. Before this incident, I use to think the sex story between mother and son in our country are mostly fake but this incident forced me to believe that incest happens.
This incident starts with my train journey from Delhi to my hometown in Rajdhani Express. It was a month of November I booked my ticket in 2nd tire coach as it provides good privacy as curtain or Parda are present in each sleeper and the toilets are clean. One the day of my journey my bad luck continued as like every time I was expecting a beautiful girl to have her seat near me but the same bad luck continued. A 60-year-old lady had a seat next to me. I was little sad. It was 7 pm. The train was not full and most seats were empty.
After some time a beautiful lady with her son came and they have their seat with us as four persons are having seat in each block. The lady was very beautiful but her age must be near 32 to 35 years or you can say she is the perfect MILF. She is neither fat nor thin like young girls. She was very fair with very nice round boobs. She was wearing salwar at the top and long skirt which covers full legs. Sorry friends I have very less idea about women’s clothes. Her ass was round and very attractive. She was with her son who doesn’t have even any hair and mustard on his face. We started talking with each other and the beautiful lady was mostly talking with that old lady next to me. They were very friendly.
After some time the TT came and checked our tickets and ID cards. By this, I came to know that the lady was with her son.
After that we had dinner and at 10 pm we turn off the lights and went to sleep. As I am the B.Tech student I don’t have the habit of sleeping so early so my wake up at near 2 am morning and I was not feeling like sleeping. As the lights were off so I was just laying on my bed. I was in the upper berth and the old lady was at the lower berth. The beautiful lady was sleeping just at my side at the upper berth and her son was sleeping at the lower berth.
At near 2:45 am the boy left his seat and just came to the upper berth where his mother was sleeping. Now he was sleeping with his mother on the same birth under the same blanket as it was winter. I was totally surprised as the seats are very small for two persons to sleep.
It would be very uncomfortable to sleep two persons in one seat. I acted like sleeping and started noticing them continuously. For 10 to 15 minutes there was nothing going on but after that, they started making continuously movements. As it was dim light I could only see the movements they were making under the blankets. But from this movements, any one can say that they were touching each other and were doing intimacy or romance. I was totally surprised. This took place for near 30 minutes then they stopped.
Again after few minutes, they started this movement. But this time I caught them and they don’t know that I was watching them. The boy came out of the blanket and removed his shirt and again went inside the blanket with his mother but this time he was over this mother’s body like missionary pose. This time the movement was not slow like the first. They forgot that they were on the train. Their heads were outside the blanket. They were lip kissing and the boy was kissing her at her neck and shoulder.
I was totally shocked. This went for some time then I saw the boy saying something to his mother in her ear and she was constantly refusing it by moving her head like no no. Then they kissed again and the boy lifted his back and then was adjusting it with his mother. Then the movement again started but this time only at the bottom position of their body. Anyone can say what was going on between them.
The beautiful lady was moaning during sex. But it was not like in porn it was very slow and very sweet voice. She was making a soft sound like ufffff..aaaa..uffff..huuuummmm.. She was saying him to stop at the beginning but later they both started enjoying in full flow. It was the first time in my life I was watching real sex. Friends real sex is totally different from porn sex. In real sex, there is more fun than porn sex. The beautiful lady was not moaning loudly like in porn sex. She was moaning very slowly and her voice was very sweet. His son was continuously fucking her and they both were enjoying. The fucking was also not so fast like porn. He was fucking his mother slowly. The movement between them is now only at the bottom side of the there body. As their sex speed was slow I can clearly count the number of strokes the boy was giving to his mother’s pussy. She was also telling something to her son when he was pounding her pussy but that I could not hear.
They were kissing each other and the boy was kissing her face, neck, nose, ears, and shoulder. This went for near 10 minutes. Then they stopped. After some time the boy came back to his seat and put on his shirt. They next morning we all woke up. But only I was totally in shock and the mother and her son were totally normal as nothing happened last night.
After coming to my home I searched a lot of articles on the topic mother son incest and found that its just a taboo but happens widely. There are many Hollywood movies where mother and son have sex. And we all know movies describe things that occur in our society.

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