Real Confession of a wife

This is a true story of my. Let me introduce myself I am Geetika from New Delhi. I am staying with my husband (Sishir) and two kids in four rooms flat somewhere in South Delhi. I am 31 year old when I got married then I was 23 year old. And first of all my English is not so good, if any mistake in any sentence please forgive me because I am here to describe my feelings in past and present and get some encouragement through comments. Before marriage I was leaving in Jaipur and this is my love marriage. My husband’s business in both the states.
He never stays in home more then fifteen day. One year ago I suggested him to take a servant because of work load, and he agreed. But first he agreed for a maid and after he changed for a male servant, but not a permanent servant. I insist him to give me a small boy to handle some work in home but permanent. We found a boy who was around 20 years old and he is from UP his name is Ramu. My husband and me watch some porn movies and tell stories to each other. And we used so many things like sex toys to enhance the sexual pleasure.
After some time we I found him (Ramu) very interesting because he use to talk me as long as I wanted because we were the only person (when kids go to thier school), who was in home and sometime I touched him on his laps and he also touched me whenever he wants. After his touches I had different feeling about him but I never go beyond my limits.
One day my husband at home and we were planning to have sex he told me to tell a story about someone is fucking me. As I was telling him a story to keep Ramu in my mind suddenly Sishir asked me, “Have you ever think about Ramu is fucking you”. I said him, “no’. He asked me “why if you want to have sex with Ramu, you can because I want to know what is your feeling having sex with another guy”. I refused him because in real life I was not like a women who is so opened because I am from very conservative family and I know what difficulties I faced in my love marriage. So we talk about him and we had a great sex and he cum into me two times in one night first time.
As we talked about this last night my perception was changed because I never thought about Ramu is having sex with me. I was looking in him in different way. I want to know what is he doing after went inside in the bathroom. As you can understand I wanted to see him. Finally I got the chance to see him nude, we have a bathroom which is common for two rooms. I was in my room and I heard some faint voice from my bathroom usually he used a different bathroom as we got two bathrooms in our flat. I seen through the keyhole of the door. He was jerking his hand and rubbing his pennies very brutally. And he was masturbating him and speaking slowly that please don’t go any where bhabhiji and want to fuck you.
After this I want to see his cock and it was not like my hubby this was around 8 or 9″ long and I never seen a cock like this in real. Because my hubby has only about 5″ cock. So I decide to get this opportunity. But I not entered in the bathroom and I was waiting to let him out and I like to see his reaction after this. As he came out from bathroom he was little shy and I asked him furiously what you was doing in my bath room. He was stunned and standing there he was and he had no words to describe what he was doing there.
After that I laughed on him and told him that if you have a separate bathroom for you self then why are you using my bathroom, in future you want to do these kind of activity then you can use my bathroom otherwise use your’s” I winked him. As the time passing by I was looking him and he was little scared. Sishir reached the home at 7:30. I took him to my bedroom and told everything about him. He was laughing and told me that He will manage rest of the things. He went to the market and bring two bottles of strong beer, one lager beer for me and one bottle of whiskey for himself. I drink beer when he is in good mood to have sex wildly with me.
I asked him “why you bring two strong beer do you have some plan” and replied, “yes I have a plan. You go to your room and drink your beer. I will come after some time”. I scared what is he going to do, is he going to beat him. I watching them what are they doing in drawing room. They are drinking thier whiskey and beer, I start drinking mine. But after some time both of them entered in my room and my husband asked me, “Geet could you please depreciate that which pennies is longer”.
I stunned and looking furiously to my hubby what a foolish question is asking to me. Both of them drunk too much and he asked me once more, “please hold in your hand and feel which is bigger. And He was not showing his pennies. He indicate me to hold his cock into my hand and I obey his command. I hold his cock in my hand and my heartbeat was racing. It was very tight and strong like a steel rode, once I hold that I don’t want to loose him. And Ramu was looking at me and asked, “tell babhiji which is longer”.
I seen him in anger and I told him, “both of you gate out”. They both went out and I was in thrill, what is he done. After sometime when he came back to bedroom he asked me,”what you feeling when you was holding his cock”. I was little shy and said, “It was amazing holding his cock and It is heavier then yours”. Once again we had a great sex in that night. In the next morning when kids gone to their school and Sishir to his work, we were alone in the home and I was looking to him while he was doing his work. And he was looking to me when I was passing him.
After passing some time we were not talking to each other. I was thinking about last night and him. Suddenly he asked me, “bhabhiji you haven’t replied me last night who has a longer pennies, as I never seen bhaiyas pennies and he not shown me last night as well, and you was the referee in that game.” I told him,” Your bhaiya has a same kind of penis as you are having”. I replied him because I don’t want to insult my husband is having a less size pennies. I asked him,”could you please show me once again as I have not seen properly last night.” He wears lungi in home and he dosen’t wear any underwear underneath. He present in front of me his semi erected cock as I was in excitement to catch the monster and I garbed in my hand.
I told him “is this the size or this will increase”. He was little upset and told me, ” Bhabhi Ji what are you talking about this is not erected once this will erected you will love this”. I was little confused what will I do if his cock will erect. It was half past twelve and I have only one and half hour to coming back the children home. I decided to get his cock in my mouth. His cock was still in semi erection then I told him this will not erected until this will not go into mouth. I told him and he untied his lungi and stand like Eiffel Tower. He was very good lover of mine, because he was not waiting for any command and chance. But the size of his cock is too huge for me. I am very habitual to take my hubbies cock and which was half the size of Ramu’s cock. But I desperately want to have that monster in my mouth. So I was trying my level best. It was was thicker and longer and the result is not getting in. I was turning on and I don’t want to waste the time. Finally I won and it was giving me a different pleasure in my mouth.
I was not able to licking from inside but I was sucking that very best of mine. I was sucking and jerking his cock to cum out because time was running fast. He had to go to bring the kids from the bus stand. He was asking me Bhabhiji you want to do like this only or you want this in your pussy,” I replied him “some another time because kids will come and we will not have that much joy”.
He uderstand and he told me that he is about to cum and I was waiting so eagerly to taste his cum. Finally he cummed into my mouth and it was too hot and cumming a lot. We separated each other and he worn his lungi and went to bring the childrens. I went to the bathroom and I was watching myself in the mirror what I am begun. So guys and gals do you have any opinion about this. If you have please let me know.


கண்டிப்பாக .... விரைவில் எதிர்பாருங்கள் ...

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