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Raveena Tandon, the Mast Mast Babe of Bollywood during the 90’s, was now thinking of making a comeback to films.She had taken a break from films for the last few years as she got married and had 2 kids. But now she was again thinking of returning to films, specially seeing the comebacks of other married actresses like Kajol and Madhuri.Recently she was in negotiations with a few film makers and had gone through a few scripts. She liked a particular script from her friend, producer Director Sanjay Gupta. It was to be produced by Sanjay Gupta and to be directed by his assistant, a young director. It was a nice,interesting script.The story was about a woman, who is an executive in a big corporate company and her husband is also an executive in another company. They are a modern,urban couple, earning well and busy with their work, but don’t have much time for their relationship. One day a young guy joins the company where the woman works and the woman is the boss of the young guy. The woman starts liking the young guy, and develops an attraction for him. While on a business trip to Goa, the woman has sex with the young guy.while they are on the trip, the guy proposes to the woman.The woman too, has kind of fallen in love with the young man, and is in a dilemma, whether to walk out of her marriage and have a new life with the young guy. Raveena decides to do the film as she liked the script and her role. Also she knew the love making scene would surely be shot aesthetically and tastefully as the producer was her friend. So Raveena signs the film. In the film, Arbaaz Khan plays her husband and the younger guy is played by Aftab Shivdasani.Raveena knew Arbaaz very well and also interacted with Aftab on social functions and liked him from the time Aftab made his debut as a hero in Mast, and she found him a very cute and sweet guy.In a few days, the film’s shooting started in a studio in Mumbai and also in a corporate office in Mumbai. The shooting schedules went as per deadline and the 1st schedule in Mumbai was over. Now the unit had to go to Goa for a shooting schedule. Now the part where the woman and the younger guy go to Goa on a business trip was to be shot. Now the entire unit and Raveena and Aftab left for Goa.

When the unit reached Goa and checked into their hotel, it was evening.So everyone decided to go to their rooms and freshen up. Raveena asked Aftab whether he’d like to have dinner with her. He said,”Of course.” So they decided to have their dinner in the Hotel’s Banquet hall or dinner hall. They decided to meet at the lobby at 9:00 PM.They both went to their rooms. Raveena went to the bathroom, had a nice bath,freshened up, lied down on the bed for some time.She thought about Aftab for some time. She thought to herself,” He is so cute, a chocolate boy, and he is also tall, now has developed a good physique and is a Hunk.Then after some time she got up, dressed up. She wore a jeans and a kurta. Then she went out,locked the door of her room and went to the lobby. It was 8:57PM. Aftab came after 2-3 mins.He was wearing a jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt. Raveena was impressed by his strong arms. They then went to the dinner hall to have their dinner.In the hall, Aftab first offered Raveena her seat and then he sat on his seat. Raveena was further charmed by his gentleman behaviour. They ordered their dinner and started talking. Raveena said,” Aftab you are very cute. You have a very sweet smile.” Aftab said,”Thank you Raveena.”Raveena then said,”Are you feeling shy?” Aftab said,” No why do you think so.” Raveena said,” Because you look lost and its me who’s talking more.Any problem.” Aftab said,” No there’s no problem.I’m fine.”Raveena then asked him,” Aftab do you have a girlfriend currently? Are yo seeing someone? Aftab said,” Well no. I have just broken up with my girlfriend about a month back.Well actually she broke off…please don’t ask me anything more…please.” Raveena said,”OK I’ll not ask .” Raveena said,”You seem to be working out these days.You have built a really good physique.Nice arms.”Aftab said,”Thanks Raveena.” Aftab then said,”Well I had a big crush on you Raveena when your film Mohra released. I was in school then. I have a been a big fan of yours ever since.I am so happy that today I am doing a film with you.” Raveena said,”Thanks Aftab. I am glad that I am working with a fan of mine.I too liked you from the time I saw your first film “Mast.”Then their dinner came. They started to eat. They finished their dinner and left the hall. Aftab accompanied Raveena and dropped her to her room. Raveena hugged Aftab and kissed him softly on his cheeks and said to him,”Good night.” Aftab smiled and was happy. His face was glowing and blushing simultaneously. Then he left for his room.
The next morning the entire unit went to the studio for their shoot.They shot a few scenes about a business meeting in a board room as Raveena and Aftab were playing corporate executives in the film.By Afternoon, the scene was over. In the evening, Raveena and Aftab’s love making scene was to be shot.The unit ha their lunch and everyone rested for a while. Then the light men, camera people,spot boys arranged everything in the room where the scene was to be shot. After all the arrangements were done, the set was emptied. Only the director,cameraman and Raveena and Aftab were in the room. Raveena was nude and covered in a blanket and lying on the bed. Aftab was barechested. Raveena was impressed by his chest. Aftab caressed Raveena’s back and kissed on her back, which Raveena enjoyed thoroughly. Then he turned her, kissed her forehead,cheeks,eyes,nose and lips, and made her sit. Raveena and Aftab embraced each other and kissed and hugged and caressed each other passionately.Then Raveena was laid on the bed by Aftab and Aftab came on top of her. The scene was projected as Aftab and Raveena were having intercourse. After a few minutes, the director said,”CUT.” The scene was completed. Raveena and Aftab saw the scene on the monitor and were happy with the way the scene was shot. It looked aesthetic and beautiful The shoot was over and it was pack up time for the unit. Raveena was now feeling lust and desire for Aftab. In just a few minutes of the scene, she was drawn to him and feeling sexual attraction for him. She decided that she would do something, she would have to take the first step as Aftab is a shy guy. Raveena was now waiting to get Aftab in bed with her. She wanted him to make love to her. Raveena now wanted to have SEX with Aftab, the chocolate faced,good looking hunk.
While returning to the Hotel from the sets, Raveena constantly thought how she could get Aftab.The next day was Sunday and the whole unit had a holiday and only 1 day’s work was left in Goa, and then they had to return to Mumbai. So Raveena had only 1 day in hand. After a while the car reached the Hotel. Before going to their rooms, in the lobby, Raveena said to Aftab,”So tomorrow we have a holiday, Aftab lets see Goa tomorrow and have lunch some where outside.” Aftab said,” OK , sure.” Raveena said,” OK so lets meet at the lobby at 11 am.” Aftab said,”OK, I’ll meet you here at 11 am.” They then told the Hotel guys to arrange a car for them in the morning for their sight seeing trip. Raveena and Aftab then went to their rooms. Raveena had dinner in her room and went off to sleep. The next morning, Raveena woke up, had break fast, took bath and got ready. She wore a tight blue jeans(to highlight her fat ass), a sleeveless white top(exposing her bare arms) and also a sunglass. She saw herself in the mirror and felt fascinated,she knew that Aftab will be seduced. Then she took her bag,mobile and came out of the room. After locking the door,she went down to the lobby and deposited her room key at the reception. After 5 mins, Aftab also came. He was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and jeans. He said to Raveena,” You are looking HOT Raveena.” Raveena smiled and said,” Thanks for the compliment. You are looking HOT too. You are looking Macho.” Aftab smiled and said,”Thanks.” Then they went out of the hotel and took the car arranged by the hotel and started for sight seeing. In the car they chatted,joked,flirted with each other and also indulged in friendly hugs and pecks on cheeks. They visited a lot of places. They also went to a few beaches and were having a great time. At one beach,while walking hand in hand, Raveena said,”The scene went off very well.” Aftab said,” Yes.” Raveena said,”You were really good,really nice. You made me feel comfortable and that helped me a lot.The scene was shot aesthetically too.” Aftab said,” Yes it was shot well.” Raveena said,”You were HOT.”Aftab said,”Thanks. You were HOT too.” Raveena then spontaneously held Aftab’s face tightly and started kissing him on his lips. Aftab too responded by kissing her and then they embraced each other. Raveena whispered,” Aftab lets make love to each other.I think we can have beautiful sex .Lets have lunch and return to the Hotel and just do it.” Aftab said,”OK lets go. It would be my pleasure to make love to a Ravishing and gorgeous woman like you, whom I’ve always admired so much.”They then rushed from the beach,went to the car and started from the beach. They went to a nearby restaurant and had lunch there. Raveena and Aftab also had some drinks.They had Bacardi. After finishing lunch and having their drinks,they started for the Hotel in their car. After reaching the Hotel, they took their room keys and decided to go to Raveena’s room and started to go to her room.
Once they entered Raveena’s room, Raveena locked the door,kept her bag down and embraced Aftab.Raveena and Aftab hugged and caressed each other.Then Raveena released Aftab and pulled off his T-shirt.Aftab was now bare chested.Raveena was impressed seeing him bare chested and said,”WOW! what a broad chest.” Then Raveena took off her top too.Now Raveena was topless.Aftab was mesmerised seeing Raveena topless. Aftab said,”WOW! You are Gorgeous.You are a strong woman with a well built body.” Then Raveena pushed Aftab on the bed.He lied down on the bed with his back on the bed.Raveena came on top of Aftab and started kissing his chest,neck,face,lips with wild passion. Meanwhile Aftab was caressing Raveena’s bare back.Then Aftab turned Raveena and laid her on her back on the bed. Now Aftab was on top of Raveena. Aftab kissed Raveena’s forehead,nose,cheeks,lips and then started kissing her neck and her breasts with passion.They continued like this for some time. Then Raveena freed herself from Aftab’s arms and stood up. Aftab was sitting on the bed.Raveena sat on her knees and unzipped Aftab’s jeans.His cock had gained erection inside his underwear.Raveena asked Aftab to stand up, and he stood up. Raveena took off his jeans.Now he was only wearing his underwear.Raveena than asked him to take off her jeans.Aftab then unzipped her jeans and brought down Raveena’s jeans. Raveena then came out of her jeans.Raveena was now only wearing her panty.Raveena then took off Aftab’s underwear.He was now completely nude.
Raveena then told Aftab to sit on the bed and he did so.Raveena then sat down on her knees and took Aftab’s big cock in her hand.Aftab was feeling erotic pleasure as his cock was in Raveena’s palm and she was stroking and caressing it.Raveena then gave soft kisses on it and finally took Aftab’s cock inside her mouth. She started giving blow job to Aftab.She started slowly and then gradually increased the pace.Aftab was moaning in pleasure,”oh oh Raveena…You are too good.” Raveena swallowed a whole load of Aftab’s cum . Then she took his cock out of her mouth. Her mouth was filled with cum,some of it even dribbling out and falling on her boobs.But Raveena managed to swallow the cum.Then she stood up and asked Aftab to take off her panty.Aftab took off her panty. Now Raveena was completely nude.She turned and showed her back and ass to Aftab.Aftab was thrilled. He grabbed her ass and said,”Waah kya mote aur pyaare gaand hai tumhaare Raveena.You have a lovely,fat ass.”He gave slaps on her ass and then kissed and licked her ass.Raveena then freed herself from Aftab and said,”You naughty boy Now I am lying on the bed.You give tongue service and finger service to my pussy.” Saying this Raveena came and lied down on the bed with her back on it and waiting for Aftab to explore her pussy.Aftab put his finger inside her pussy and started moving it there, first slowly and then rapidly.His finger was doing wonders and Raveena started to moan,”ooh ooh aah aah.”Raveena’s pussy was wet now. Then Aftab took out his finger.He tickled Raveena’s navel for some time and played with it.After that Aftab put his tongue in Raveena’s pussy and started licking her pussy and the juices coming out from it with all his passion.Raveena was now going crazy with pleasure and moaned,”ooh aah You are so good.You lick so well.Mazaa aa rahaa hai.” After a while, Aftab stopped licking her pussy and started kissing her thighs,further heightening Raveena’s erotic pleasure. Then Aftab lied down on the bed,beside Raveena.
After resting for sometime, he sat on the bed and told Raveena to sit with her legs on his and embrace him. Raveena and Aftab sat facing each other,and started kissing.Aftab put his tongue inside Raveena’s mouth, and she too responded by putting her tongue inside his mouth.They started sharing a beautiful French Kiss. They shared a passionate lip lock for some time. Then they kissed each other’s cheeks,ears,neck, shoulders and hugged and embraced each other.Then Aftab laid down Raveena on her chest on the bed.Aftab massaged and caressed Raveena’s bare back for a while.Then he kissed and licked her bare back passionately.Then Aftab turned Raveena and made her lie on her back.He then came on top of Raveena.Aftab kissed her lips,cheeks,neck and then he moved down to her breasts.Aftab kissed her breasts and nipples.Then he started sucking her nipples.He was sucking Raveena’s nipples very gently and softly.Raveena was enjoying Aftab’s sucking. She said in her sexy,husky voice,”oh Aftab,you cute boy,oh my baby…you suck so sweetly.I love you baby,I love you Aftab.” Then Aftab started licking Raveena’s breasts and moved down to lick her navel.Then after a while,he got up,spread Raveena’s legs and got ready to insert his big cock inside her pussy.Raveena said,”Aftab fuck me,fuck me hard,give me pleasure,but when you are about to leak your semen,take out your cock and drop your semen on my belly.” Aftab nodded his head and said,”OK,I’ll do so.”Aftab then inserted his cock inside Raveena’s pussy.He started slowly and gradually increased his speed.Aftab started humping Raveena with full vigour.Raveena was in pleasure and ecstasy.Her moans were now shouts.She shouted,”ooh aah arrgh oh no!”Then Aftab took out his cock and brought it over Raveena’s belly and leaked his semen on her belly.Aftab licked his semen over Raveena’s belly.Raveena was feeling more ecstatic and experiencing erotic pleasure.Then Aftab lied down beside Raveena,embracing her in his arms.They cuddled each other for a few minutes.
Then Raveena said,”Now I am gonna come on top of you baby.” Aftab said,”Come on Ravs,come on top of me.” Raveena got up,spread Aftab’s legs,sat between his thighs,keeping her legs on either side of his legs.Raveena then took his cock in her hand,stroked it for a while, and then put it inside her pussy.She moved his cock inside her pussy.Raveena started slowly, but gradually increased the pace.Raveena was feeling great pleasure.She did it for a while,and then took it out.She then lied down beside Aftab ,but kept holding his cock in her hand. After a while,his cock was fully erect again.Aftab said,”Raveena once again.This time it will be my way.You get on your fours on the floor.I’ll do you the Doggie way this time.Ab main tumhaari gaand maarungaa.” Raveena got up from the bed, and sat on her fours on the floor,exposing her bottom(ass) to Aftab.
Aftab then came behind Raveena and positioned his cock behind her ass. He rubbed his cock against Raveena’s ass.Raveena felt nice at his cock being rubbed against her ass. He then inserted his cock inside her and started fucking her from behind.He also pinched her ass and slapped it a few times. Aftab said,” Waah…kya mast gaand hai…mazaa aa rahaa hai.” Aftab started slowly before gradually increasing the pace and beginning to fuck her steadily.Raveena was screaming,”ooh aah…kya mast gaand maartaa hai tu…Tujhe bahut mazaa aa rahaa hai meri gaand maarne mein….mujhe bhi mazaa aa rahaa hai tujhse gaand marwaane mein…” After a while,Aftab took out his cock and Raveena collapsed on the floor.Aftab too lied down on the floor for a while.Then they got up and came to the bed and lied down on the bed. Aftab took Raveena in his arms and they both went off to sleep. They slept for about 2 hours. Then they woke up and decided to go to the bathroom and have a shower together.In the bathroom,they were under the shower together and were having fun,getting naughty with each other,exploring each other’s wet bodies.Raveena kissed and caressed Aftab’s chest,shoulder and back and Aftab fondled Raveena’s breasts,pressed her breasts,nipples,sucked her nipples,caressed and kissed her boobs,shoulder,back etc.In the bathroom,Raveena once again took Aftab’s cock in her mouth and gave him a blow job.
After that,they came out of the bathroom.Aftab wore his clothes,got ready. Raveena wore a pink nighty.It was late evening,so Aftab decided to leave,have his dinner in the dinner hall of the Hotel and the go to his room and sleep as the next morning,there was the film’s shooting. Raveena kissed Aftab on his cheeks and also shared a liplock(lip kiss) with him before bidding him goodbye and good night. After seeing off Aftab and locking the door,Raveena relaxed on the bed for a while,switched on the TV and surfed channels.Raveena was feeling very happy and satisfied.She had fun having sex with an younger guy.Raveena was feeling victorious as she could conquer Aftab after deciding to get him. Raveena was also happy because it was great sex and she really liked the way Aftab made love to her,he followed her instructions and treated her like a Queen.After a while,Raveena ordered dinner in her room.After having her dinner,Raveena went off to sleep.
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