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”What a wonderful wife you’ll make someone.” Rakul’s cousin Roma tossed the now empty banana skin into the kitchen bin.
“Well if you can’t help a cousin when injured, when can you help them?” Rakul replied. Roma had hurt her right ankle in a fall recently and Rakul had just completed the weekly shopping for her.
“You’re an absolute doll. Go and wash a couple of glasses and we’ll share a bottle of white.”
“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all morning,” laughed Rakul as she took two wine glasses and began to rinse them under the tap.
“How’s the acting business Rakul? I know you’ve had a bit of a struggle since leaving drama school.”
“It’s tough Roma. You know, the other day I was turned down for a part because they said that I looked uncomfortable with an on screen kiss, and therefore how could I be expected to do sexual nudity? I ask you, with my reputation!”
“Ouch,” said Roma in sympathy as she tugged at the loose long black hair that tumbled around her lovely shoulders. “I bet you’re sick of it aren’t you?”
“No, something will turn up soon. In the meantime I’d better go and practice my sexual technique. At least it’s better than having to brush up on trigonometry!”
Both girls laughed loudly.
“I’ll be seeing you love,” she said bending down to give her cousin a kiss on the cheek.
“Yeah, thanks again Rakul. Oh, and don’t worry you won’t fail the next audition because of a lack of sexual experience!”
“Why, are you going to teach me some new tricks? See you.” With that, and a smile, Rakul opened the front door of her cousin’s apartment and left.
Roma watched the tight faded denim, covering her cousin’s curvaceous rear, disappear through the door, and sighed.
Rakul stood half asleep under the shower. It had been a long morning and she had been up early to visit Roma. Moving her hand to the dial she turned it towards the blue arrow and let colder water splash down onto her naked skin. She gasped and shook her head, her senses clearing a little under the cold spray.
Stepping out of the shower Rakul slowed the speed down to a trickle and then turned it off. Outside the day was glorious and sunshine baked the garden. Rakul admired her unclothed body in front of the shower room mirror before putting on a pair of white knickers. She had a good body, and she knew it. How could she be turned down because of a perceived lack of sexual stage presence? If she were a male then she would definitely fancy herself.
Rakul began to fondle her large breasts making the red aureole stimulate the nipples into a state of solid erection. She was happy with the reflection facing her in the mirror and her eyes glazed over a little as she began to casually rub herself through the flimsy material of her knickers. Enjoying herself, Rakul began to concentrate. Her fingers began to move more quickly as she tried to stimulate her clitoris but she realized that the material between her fingers and her pussy was prohibitive. Rakul slipped her hand inside the hem of her underwear and located the stiff little bud. Closing her eyes with a look of pure pleasure she began to visualize her innermost and most erotic fantasies. Her mind’s eye went from a Pirate Ship to being tied up outdoors and across to having sex in a public place as she frantically worked her pussy up to a climax.
“Ohhhhh, fuck, yes,” she gasped as her thighs clenched around the invading fingers. Her efforts caused her to come, alone and unashamedly, with a look of basic lust on her lovely features as the pleasure ran through her taught body. Rakul ground her hips furiously until she buckled at the knees and collapsed in a satisfied heap on the floor.
Once she had recovered from her orgasm Rakul stood up. The weather was too warm for a bra and so she slipped on a short-cropped vest. Pulling on a pair of brief white shorts Rakul decided to head outdoors into the field at the bottom of her garden.
The lovely young actress breathed deeply as the fresh air filled her lungs. She felt much more awake now as she ambled across the meadow and into the forest beyond. It was a fantastic day and she visibly relaxed as the sunlight beamed down through the criss crossed branches of the trees above her.
Rakul glanced at the numbers on her watch and realized that the time was four thirty in the afternoon. She had been walking for three hours and, looking nervously around, had to admit that she was a little lost. Following her instincts Rakul turned around and headed back. Moving more quickly now Rakul felt a little more apprehensive than she had earlier.
“Shit,” she yelled to no one in particular, as she tripped and fell on the soft leaves. Picking herself up and cursing the old thick stump that had felled her Rakul carried on. She moved quicker afraid of everything and nothing when, suddenly, she fell again. This time she had been tripped by something deliberately. As she lay on the soft earth Rakul saw the glint of the trip wire and swallowed hard. Then, suddenly and shockingly, her head was pushed forcefully to the ground and rough hands turned her over onto her stomach. She tried to speak but was punched hard in the ribs. Gasping for air Rakul felt sharp nails rake her thighs burning into her skin.
A feeling of utter helplessness came over her as she was dragged to her feet and saw a large gang surrounding her. All wore dark clothes and protective masks. She saw no faces, which made the whole situation even scarier, if that were possible. She gulped at the sight in front of and around her. Glancing to the side Rakul looked for a way out but there was none. She looked apprehensively from one to the other but could see only cold, calculating desire in the eyes that stared back.
“Strip.” Came an order. Rakul was struck dumb and could not move.
“P…p…please,” she begged finally, “let me go.” The deep, male voice replied.
“Prepare her.”
“Nooooooo!” yelled the beautiful, cornered girl as the gang advanced towards her.
They stripped Rakul.
Then two strong arms held her to the ground while a body tried to mount her. She could see his large naked erection and she twisted and kicked trying to get out of the way. He battered her legs down, positioned himself between them and clutched her thighs to hold her still. He thrust against her, the head of his cock prodding time after time until her found the entrance to her pussy. Seeking out the dry split between her lovely legs the man plunged in. Rakul cried out and closed her eyes tightly.
“Open your eyes. Look at him,” came a voice from above her, “we don’t like it when you close your eyes.”
She kept them shut as the man pounded her with quick hard strokes.
“You’ll be sorry bitch,” came the voice again.
Rakul opened her eyes. The man’s hooded face was above her as he watched her through the narrow eye slits afforded by the mask, drooling over her superb breasts and narrow waist. His mouth was open and he grunted loudly with every stroke.
She turned her head to the side and saw a second man rubbing his cock while she was raped. Rakul quickly looked back to the man gasping above her. The men pinning her down watched with an eager look in their eyes obviously waiting their turn.
The man pumped harder now. Rakul stared at the body above her trying to put her senses far away from her current predicament, but failing to do so. Then he suddenly thrust hard and remained connected deeply to her, tight against her groin. His mouth opened wide and he growled his delight as his body twitched and throbbed inside her.
“You lovely bitch!” he spat.
The feel of his jerking cock sickened Rakul. When it released its load into her pussy, she gagged.
He pulled out of her and stood. His shiny erection dripped a long white arc of spunk down to her pubic hair. Then he stepped back smiling, hands on hips, cockily looking down at his victim.
The man on her right let go of her arm. Rakul watched helplessly as he got on top of her and prepared to enter her.
“No, please,” she begged pathetically.
She wanted to throw him off, to fight back, but she was powerless. So she lay beneath him motionless as he too rode her to a climax.
Then she watched again as he stood and laughed. He motioned to the man holding her left arm, who took up position and put his cock at the, now soaked, entrance to Rakul’s pussy. She was breathing hard and ragged as the third man pushed his cock into her.

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