Raj Enjoying Sex Surat Babe Kiran

Hello friends, I am Raj Chaudhari from Jodhpur…I am also inspired from other readers and trying to share one of the incident happened in my life. I am a regular reader of human digest. But never tried to share my experiences on site as I was not so much aware that it could give me more chance. Please forgive me for my mistakes in grammar. Please go through the feelings of this real incident.
I am now settled in Jodhpur. Before one year, I was in Ahmedabad working for a very reputed company of telecom. I was working as a manager in that company. I have done my telecom jobs in various company for 10 years and now after all I have decided settled down in Jodhpur with my family.

Friends this incident happened 8 years back when I was 28. I was working as a technical desk support in my company. Since there was not much regular work, we used to browse social networking sites like orkut, facebook and yahoo messenger regularly.
One fine day, I have received a friend request named Kiran Patel from Surat. I was surprised because I did not have any contacts in surat accept one of my chat friend cum sister and she was very loyal for brother -sister relationship. I understand that she could not be my chat friend. But as per our human nature, I have accepted her request and ask her about request.
She told me that she know me very well. Yet she did not ever seen me, but she is fan of mine. I was surprised….could not understand, who is she?? and how does she know me? I have asked her few questions regarding me and to my surprise she has given all the answers correctly.
Finally, I was being restless. I have clearly asked her about how did she got my id and everything. She told me that she will tell me at a exact point of time and closed her chat and left. She did not come online for next two days. I become anger and tried to search her in any of my contacts in all social media. But I was failed.
Finally after two days, again in evening around 7 PM, she came online. I formally greeted her and started our conversation. She was also chatting very formally. I have again asked her about me to her.. but she denied. But on that day, we have chat on various topic like her studies, family and many other simple topics. No vulgarity was happened.
This type of routine chat started regularly. She often waits for me and I also was waiting for her to be online and chats. We have also exchanged our numbers after few days. We became close but I was still not aware about her that how she know me very well.
After my lot of request, She told me that she wants to meet me. She want me to meet in Surat as she could not leave the city. And if I want to know who is she, and how she know about me very well, I have to visit surat. In my heart, I started liking her. I was also now ready to meet her, but more willingness was about how she knew about me. That made me crazy till now.
One day my boss called me and told me that I have to go for surat for router configuration tomorrow due to some urgency. So I have decided to go surat and meet her finally. So I have applied for leave for one day and planned to go surat. So I told her in the evening that I was coming in surat tomorrow. To my surprise, she was very much happy.
She asked about all my arrangements, transportation mode and everything. I have told her that I will be there by train at 10 am. She was readily agreed and told me to wait on railway station for her. As per plan, I started my journey to surat in the morning at 4 AM so that I can reach on my given timing. I reached there on time. In between she has confirmed me twice at 7 AM and 9 AM.
As soon as I reached on railway station, I have called her and she asked me to come outside of railway station and given her car number. I reached near the car. She opened the door and greeted me to come in. She was stunning beauty. I have not expected so much beauty from her.
She asked me my office address where I have to go for router configuration and we reached there within next 20 minutes. During whole this drive, I was freeze. I was just thinking that how did it happen?? She was like a actress, belong to a very rich family and I was from a simple middle class family. Even my looks was also not so much good.
Not even bad but to as compare to her, I was nothing. She knew me very well then why is she so much fond of me? I came out of her car and told her to wait for one hour so that I can complete my work and will be free to meet her properly. She readily agreed and told me that she is going to one of her friend’s house to kill that one hour and will be back whenever I will call her.
As soon as I reached in the office, set up was ready. They simply greeted me and I have started my configuration immediately. I have completed my configuration within 30 minutes and called her. She came in just 10 minutes and as soon as I seat, she asked me for where to go next. I wanted to have coffee first. So she drove to one of the cafe shop and ordered two coffee.
While having coffee, I have requested her to answer that question. She told me that to forget about it. and also promised me that she will reveal everything before I would leave from surat. My return ticket was in the evening at 7 PM. It was only 11:30 while we were having coffee. So she asked me what is my wish for the day. How do I want to enjoy this day?
I have asked her for movie to kill at least 3 hours time. She was ready and we reached in a multiplex. I bought two corner seats tickets and we checked in the cinema hall. Movie was not so much interesting, so we started normal talks in hall in very low voice. I was not able to hear her arguments so went near her and ask her to speak again.
She held my hair with one of her hand, planted a kiss on my lips directly. Before I can react anything, she started to smooch my lips as much as possible. I could not control anymore and I have also started to respond her. That was the first kiss and it was also lasted for more than 10 minutes. She was so much excited that she was not ready to leave my lips.
I also became wild now. I also started smooch her lovely lips and started to press her boobs over her t-shirt. She was getting more and more excited. she wildly kissed me on whole my face and came to my neck and started to bite me there. I was unable to control hence I used some pressure and pushed her back and asked her to stay relaxed for some time.
She obeyed me and rested in her seat. Next 10 minutes, we both were silent. I have several time tried to read her face. She was looking very happy like she has cleared some task or what. I became normal and asked her about her sudden change. She told me that she loves me and this was her wish to kiss me. I was again surprised by hearing this. What was she saying??
I never expected this kind of love from someone to me. She told me do not go in deep right now, till evening before boarding you will know everything. She also told me that she knew I am liking her and came here to meet only. She asked me to keep trust on her and let her enjoy this full day with me. She requested me to be like a lover with her that full day.
I do not why but I agreed with her request and again started to smooch. This time I was more powerful to her. and started to kiss her all over her face and lips. Slowly I came down to her neck and kept my right hand on her left boob and started to massage slowly. she was moaning and liking my whole act. she wanted to enjoy more and more so was giving me full access to her body.
I slowly started to kiss her cleavage and she became more and more horny. She was moaning like hell. Ahh… Aahh… hmmm…… I love you jaanu… I wanted this since a long time… keep it up… please do it… like this she moaned in my ears and it was making me in full mood. I slowly pulled her t-shirt up to her breast and started to enjoy her breast over her bra.
I could not see the exact color of that bra but I was enjoying as well as she. Slowly I have hugged her and unhooked her bra from back. She also co-operated very well so in a single try it was opened. She was now more confident about me. so trying to excite me more and more.
She tried to repeatedly bite me on my neck and then kept her one hand on my jeans’s zip and was trying to massage my dick over my jeans. I understood she wants everything today. She was so much aroused that she might have sex in that cinema hall.
So I have again parted and taken rest for next few minutes till interval. I have offered some popcorn and soft drinks to her and she accepted it. Movie started again and lights again switched off. As soon as lighted switched off, she kept popcorn and soft drink on next chair to her and came close to me and kept my left hand with her both hand and rested her head to my shoulder.
Again a romantic song came and she pulled me to her face and we started smooch again. This time even wild than earlier. She was going crazy. she opened my shirt buttons and pushed me on my chair and kissing me on chest very vigorously. I also kissed her and our saliva exchanged to each other’s tongue.
She tried to open my belt but I stopped her there and told her that not to do all here. She understood my meaning. She tried to become normal. She again wore her bra properly and fixed her hair with band and asked me to get up. I said what happened?? she said she has some place where nobody will disturb us till evening. I have looked into her eyes.
She was so much aroused. She do not want to leave me at any cost. She again asked me get up and follow her and I did the same. We came in parking and she again started to kiss me. but this time she was normal. I asked her where we are going. She said one of her friend’s house. She has given her apartment’s key as her parent is out of station and she is alone here.
She was on her job. So apartment is all ours. Nobody is going to disturb us till 7 PM. She stopped the car near a restaurant and asked me to wait 10 minutes. She came with a packed lunch in parcel. We reached to that apartment. She opened the door. It was the noon time so nobody was outside.
We have entered into the apartment very easily and closed the main door and bolted it properly. She has guided me to bedroom. We entered into the bedroom. It was well furnished and very well decorated room. She has switched on the AC and asked me to stay relaxed. She came back with lunch in a single plate. We both had a lunch together in a single plate.
During the lunch, I have so many times observed satisfaction into her eyes. She kept her eyes on me and my movements. I was not hurrying for anything. After lunch she kept plate in kitchen and came back again. I was sitting like resting on wall side with the help of pillow. She came near me on the bed and kept her head on my thighs.
I was getting aroused as her face was near my pant’s zip and she was very softly touching it. I have again asked her the same question. Now please tell me, how do you know about me?? Why are you so much crazy about me ??? I am not a rich person. My looks is also not that much good. what have you seen in me?? what made you crazy about me??
She stopped me in between and again planted a kiss on my lips. Again action started with more and more lust. I was also much relaxed on bed. She started open my shirt buttons and I have opened her T-shirt. Her figure was 32-28-34. Looking like a milky white bare skin. She was looking like a sex goddess. I have started her to kiss on her tits and she became restless.
She started to kiss me on my chest and kept her hands on buckle of belt. Opened my belt and straight forward opened my pant as well. She was still in her jeans. I started to kiss again on cleavage and came below to her belly. Kissed there and more moved to downwards to her jeans. She understood and kept her thighs in the air so that I can remove her jeans easily.
She was wearing pink panty. I opened her jeans and trough it on to the floor. Started to stare on her bare body. She was a stunning sex goddess. Perfect figure, nice soft voice, Softest skin. I again came to her lips and kissed her vigorously. Now the moment was that I was not in my control. I wanted to have sex with her right now. So I kissed her boobs and few times also bite on them.
At the same time, I have kept my hand into her panty and reached to her love hole. Suddenly she shivered and asked me to be soft to her as this is her first time. She was virgin. I Slowly started to kiss her belly and again went near her panty. Pulled it down out of her legs and thrown on the floor and looked it properly. She was wet there.
I opened her both legs and went near her pussy and started kissed on her pussy. She pulled my hair and again asked me to be genuine with it. It is all yours today. Please do whatever you want. but be gentle with it for the first time. I planted 5-6 small kisses on her cunt. She started moaning.
Aaah….aaah… plss….. ufff….. pls kiss me there…… and kept my head there only… I have kept my both hands on her tits and was squeezing them and the same time I was now kissing hardly on her cunt. She sprayed her first orgasm on mouth.. she became silent. and relaxed for a while. She has asked me to rest on the bed and she came up on me. She started kissing me everywhere.
She started to pinch my nipples with her teeth and more gone down to my underwear. She pulled it down. And my dick was saluting her. She was surprised by my tool’s size but keep it on. She kept it in her hand started to give me handjob. I told her to give me blowjob. and she obeyed. She straightly moved her mouth to dick and started to kiss it from outside first.
She was jerking my road and also kissing from outside.. slowly she kept his mouth on the tip of my road’s head.. wow what a feeling was that.. I was in seventh heaven. My eyes automatically closed and she gave me blow job very satisfying way. I have asked her to come near me. And I came over her…. She opened her legs and welcomed me…
I positioned my dick on the entrance of her pussy. and started to rub it on her cunt… She was moaning loudly… pls do not do this.. pls enter into me… I want it since a long time.. please do not tease me. I have positioned my tool and tried to push it but I was not able to enter fully in the first jerk.
She also screamed in that pain.. but she told me not to stop.. push more…tears came out of her eyes.. but she wanted it fully. so I pushed it more and it gone more than half into her.. in next jerk, I was fully in… and she was moaning in pain. I kept silent… and been there as it is with my tool inside her… I kissed her and again started to massage her tits… she was also now relaxed…
I have again started my action. Now I have started to and fro into her.. she was moaning and enjoying me… She was shouting like.. pls fuck me.. ohhh yess…pls… thoda jor se karo… muje aur chahiye….pls jaanu karo na.. thoda fast… ha aur fast… aur….aaah…ohhh…uff….. I love you jaanu….bahot majaa aa raha hai…… bus aise hi karte raho….muje ye chahiye aap se…
pls do….. aur do….. aaah a… ohhh ma… yess…….uffff…….she reached on her climax….and hold me very tightly.. I understood so I have also stopped my moment for a while.. she was relaxed within a minute…again I started to fuck her and she was screaming more loudly now… I also got loaded fully and about to cum. so I have asked her to what to do…
she told me to released my cum into her pussy…she will take pill… but she want real enjoy of the sex with me only….So I did… we were stayed there in that same positioned till next time… she was looking so much relaxed… and totally satisfied with me. I asked her about pain. She said “Ye pain to muje kabse chahiye tha aapse….dont worry I am fine.”
Sorry guys,, but I will explain further into my next part… please give me the comments and be in touch with me if you really liked my story.

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