Rahul Dewan Rapes a girl while Drunk – CHAPTER 1

Warning: This chapter contains Rape. Skip if you don’t like it.
Rahul Dewan was on his way to home. He is the Grandchild of the Famous Dewan Family. They are one of the very rich family in the Chennai area and very influential too. Undoubtfully he was very spoiled brat from his early age itself. At that night he was pretty Drunk while driving in his Land Cruiser.
Then he looks at a very beautiful girl on another car that was passing through him. Naturally he wanted another good look at her. The Girl was already with her boyfriend. She thought Smiling to a stranger would make his BF jealous. So she smiled at him and waved her hand at him.
Now this was the Signal that Rahul needed. He wanted to Fuck her badly. So he drove very fast and overtook their car. Now the girl was pretty frightened. When her BF got down and went to Rahul and asked him sorry that she provoked him. Rahul got angry that the girl doesn’t wanna go with him.
He took his Gun and threatened her BF. Then Rahul asked the girl to come with him or else he would kill her BF. The Girl Started Crying and without another choice, she decided to go with Rahul. The BF wanted to protect her and he came near Rahul to attack him. Since Rahul predicted that he would do something like this, he blocked him and hit in his head and made him unconscious.
Rahul Drove with her to a place where it was isolated. And he brought her to the back seat of his car.The Girl started to cry but Rahul said “Shh, sh, shh.. quiet down, or I’ll make this more painful.”
Rahul undid her pants first, and wrenched his hand down the front of her panties. She struggled and tried to clench her legs shut, preventing his access to her pussy. He gave her head a slight a jerk and pushed down harder till she relented and let his hand freely into her fur covered crotch. He pulled his hand out after he stroked across her slit a few times, just enough to where he could smell her pussy.
He stroked her pussy with his fingers a few more times while he unzipped his jeans to pull his dick out, and moved closer to her, getting millimeters from her lips. “Please…” she whimpered to Rahul. He knew she meant “Please no, don’t do this to me. Please stop, this is isn’t right and you know it.” but all He could think was “Please, fuck me.”
He lurched himself forward, his penis penetrated her and she screamed. He nearly put his hand over her mouth but she had quieted down, now moaning instead of screaming. He started slowly pumping in an out of her, not pausing to think about how wet her pussy already was. She was tight, like a vice wrapped in hot latex on his dick, it felt more incredible the deeper he got into her. The more he pushed though, the louder her moans got. By the time his cock was throbbing deep inside her, she was nearly screaming again. He reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a hankerchief and quickly tied a gag on her mouth. Now knowing she wouldn’t make any noise, Rahul grabbed a hold of her hips and began pounding into her pussy.
He pulled out from her then he mounted her ass higher and forced his weight on her, pushing his dick all the way into her ass. Rahul fucked her this way until his legs were cramping, and then slid back behind her again, pounding nearly as fast and hard in and out of her anus as he did her pussy before. She was moaning again, but it sounded like she was biting her lip to keep from getting too loud. He was getting close when he noticed this, so He pumped his dick into her a few more time and He shot his cream in her ass.
Then Rahul Got her dressed up back again, she was very drowsy from all the fuck she got, he got her back to his BF’s car and placed her there. His BF was still unconscious but Rahul check his pulse, and it was okay. Now Rahul kept there some money so that they would keep their mouth shut about all these thing.
The Next day, the girl was very upset over this and wanted a revenge on Rahul. So she went to the police station and tried to Lodge a Complaint Against Rahul. But due to this being a high profile case, the police refused to take her complaint. So this girl was very sad that she couldn’t do anything, so she wrote a letter explaining all the things that happened that night and hanged herself to death.
And this case got the attention of the media. But Rahul’s family bribed all the police officials and the important media people to keep this news shut. And they succeeded in it. And those who didn’t take the bribe were threatened and transferred. So Rahul easily won the case in court due to insufficient evidence.

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