My New Life as a High End Prostitute – S1 | EP 4

Prostitute : We kissed for few seconds. After the kiss, I just stood there.
He held his cock in his hands and asked me to suck it. I kept a face of disgust.
I knew I had no choice, so I bent. I slowly moved my lips towards his cock.
Meanwhile there was another knock on the door.
He went near the door and said to me “It’s your lucky time…….for now”
He replied to the door “Sir……just a minute…….”
He quickly wore his clothes and I stood behind the door. He opened the door and answered “Sir, just wait two minutes in Room No. D6 ……we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused”
He said he will bring my clothes and he brought my clothes in a minute. I wore those clothes in front of him. I told him thanks.
He said “Madam……never do things like this again……otherwise you know what will happen right?”
I nodded my head and said thanks to him.
He went to the reception and told me to come after a minute. I went to the reception after a minute and asked him for my handbag. He gave the bag to me and said “Madam…….please don’t misplace your things again……”
I gave an awkward look and exited the spa. I called my driver and asked him to drive to my house.
I forgot everything what happened and decided to go to Rahul’s house to distract myself. I asked the driver to stop the car beside somewhere. I took water bottle and washed my face by opening the door.
After that, I slowly reached Rahul’s house. I rung the bell. Rahul answered the door.
Rahul asked “Neha……do you want to embarrass Amit?”
I replied “I am waiting for the day to arrive”
Rahul “Wait no more….”
I smiled and replied “Really?”
Rahul also smiled and replied “Yes”
I asked him “How?”
He said “Today is birthday of our mutual friend” and he started laughing.
He continued “We will ……hahaha……….we have to…..hahah”
I kept a silly face and said “Rahul, either laugh and tell me or tell me everything and laugh as much as you want later…….don’t do both. Its annoying…..”
He kept giggling and laughing “I am just imagining his face when he……..hahaha…….”
I also couldn’t stop smiling and I asked him “What’s so funny?”
He said while laughing “It’s a surprise……..I will tell you when the moment comes……I don’t want to spoil the fun for you”
I said “fine…..but it should be very big embarrassment for him…..”
He said while giggling “Definitely……it is going to be a very funny story for us and an embarrassing moment for him……….years from now…….”
I said “Well…..I am in……is there anything I should do?”
He replied “Just watch…….and have fun”
I replied “Rahul…….I am going to take shower…… you want to join me?”
He held my hand and started taking me towards shower. I smiled and said “You are too fast…..Rahul….”
He replied while taking me “How can I ever say no to that amazing offer?”
He stripped off my clothes and I striped off his. We went inside the shower.
We had a nice shower and we spent over 30 minutes there.
After the shower, we came out and got dressed up nicely.

After we got dressed up, Rahul asked me “Give me keys of your villa”
I kept a confused face.
He said “What?”
I handed him keys without saying anything.
He said “We have to go to the party today at 5PM at a nice restaurant”
I asked “Is it a big party?”
He replied “Nah, it’s a private one……..see Neha…..her birthday was yesterday but Amit felt that it should be celebrated……”
I replied “Does Amit want to get into her pants?”
He replied “yes”
I smiled.
He smiled back and said “oh… is very easy to talk to you Neha…..”
I said “You were saying something about embarrassing Amit? You are going to embarrass him in front of this girl?”
He replied “of course! Neha……I feel like you are catching things from my mind very fast….”
I replied “So what are you doing to do?”
He said “surprise….”
I kept a sad face and replied “You don’t want to tell about it to your cute girlfriend?”
He sighed and said “ok fine……….when you ask like that, I can’t say no to that”
I raised my eyebrow and said “So?…..”
He said “Basically, Amit is terrible with girls especially at being romantic…….”
I replied “I can easily imagine that…….from the way he narrated the hospital incident to you…..ok go on…..”
He continued “He asked me to select a gift for him……….so that he can present it to that girl”
I said “So did you select the gift?”
He excitedly said “oh yes……” while smiling.
I understood that embarrassment has something to do with this gift.
He continued “I will talk about more of this later…………ok? I want you to have fun right in the moment……if I tell you now……your face may leak out what is happening……he may get suspicious”
I asked him “So you don’t trust me?”
He replied “No……..”
I sighed and said “Rahul! I am hurt by your words”
He said “Neha……..see…….remember last time what happened? You almost wanted to punch him in his face………you may lose control this time and start laughing at his face……..while he hands over the gift to that girl…….I don’t want that to happen ok?”
I replied “ok fine……..”
I asked “So what’s for lunch?”
He said “there’s no lunch here……….we are eating outside”
I kept question mark face.
He said “You, me and Amit are going to meet at this restaurant and I have to teach him about the gift ok?”
I nodded my head.
He went outside to get the car ready. Meanwhile I locked the doors and turned off lights, fans etc.
I also got out and locked the main entrance. I went outside and asked my driver to leave.
I got into Rahul’s car and we started to the restaurant. There is a cover in back seat. A big one. By the time we reached there, it was 2:30 PM already.
We got into the restaurant. Amit was waiting for us.
We said hi to each other. Amit asked me how the meeting was in the morning. I simply said fine because I felt embarrassed to tell him what really happened after the actual meeting.
Rahul opened the cover and the gift is wrapped nicely.
Amit said “She will be here in half an hour…….so tell me how I should give the gift”
Rahul said “You said that this girl is a book worm right?”
Amit replied “yes”
Rahul said “This gift is actually collection of many nice comic books we read during the childhood. You know tinkle books, navneet story books, chandamama etc. right?”
Amit said “yes……some of them”
He said “She is going to love this gift… will remind her of her childhood memories…… will be a great reminder of how sweet you are and how you care about her feelings a lot…..”
Amit replied “Rahul………thanks……….I like what you are saying……”
I giggled. Rahul said “what?”
Amit replied “Neha dear……….looks like you are the one who selected this gift……thank you”
I said “I am actually hearing about this for the first time……..”
Amit said “Come on!”
Rahul said “yes Amit. She selected this gift……ok?”
Amit replied “I knew it…….you are never this thoughtful…….”
I kept a cute face and kept listening to their conversation.
I asked “Amit……are you in love with this girl?”
Amit replied “yes…….”
I asked “Is another name for love is sex in your dictionary?”
He replied “What?”
I said “Come on Amit! You know nothing about her…….I had to select the gift for you…….you just want to get into her pants”
Amit said “No!” with a frown.
I said “ok fine…..I will tell her to tie a rakhi to you then”
Amit said “ok you can tell her that……..”
I said “I will tell her first thing when she comes here”
Amit replied “Neha dear……you got me……..ok?”……he kept a pleading face and said “…..but please don’t tell her about rakhi”

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