Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience – 4

Eventually car stopped and because males were already reached their both of them opened the gates for each other’s wives. Shilpi was Ok with that but as Chetan welcomed me with a smile for an instant I went nervous and blushed away.

We entered in the restaurant and Chetan came up with an idea of acquiring separate tables with swung partners and this time failed to avoid getting into that. Sitting across Chetan asked me what I would like to have and ordered food of my choice and for an instant I went away with an excuse of using washroom.

I took little long and relaxed myself, I was not scared, it was just hesitation which was not letting me calm down but as I knew anyhow I cannot step back now, I came out with a thought of face everything with full consent.

Soon once again I was across Chetan, food was yet not served and Chetan started with a compliment “Nisha you are gorgeous” for an instant I looked into his eyes but ultimately blushed away. “Main aapko kaisa lagta hun…” he asked me and I was choked, I looked up and once again blushed “I am waiting for the compliment” he asked me again and looking up I came with just “Good”.

He smiled and gave me another compliment and it was about my body “you have a very attractive body” and I replied with “Thanks…” though I was still hesitant but I was trying. On my left with a gap of few tables I could see Vishal and Shilpi, not at all looking at us they were busy talking and looking at each other they were smiling freely.

“Aap chahte ho sab kuch ek hi room mein ho… ek dusre ke saamne?” (You need everything happening in one room….in front of one another). That was unexpected and I looked up in surprise and sensing my expression Chetan spoke again “No worry…I am Ok with it…” he replied back and after a pause spoke in continuation
“rather its good…group sex is always more exciting” and I failed to look back at him. Thankfully next instant food got served and we all went little busy in eating. I could easily sense over their expressions both; Chetan and Vishal were madly thrilled, Shilpi was nevertheless tickled; it was just me who was struggling but gradually I was also reaching there.

Looking at Chetan sitting across me; with a thought that very soon this man will be fucking me in front of my husband I was feeling soft stream of my love juices coming out of my pussy, certainly I was worried but I was excited too, without much words while eating Chetan was smiling looking into my eyes and by the end of breakfast I was smiling back to him.

Eventually breakfast ended and we all came out to resume our journey and holding my hand Chetan asked me to come along with him. I shivered a bit and released my hand instantly, for an instant thought about saying no to it again but as I wanted to face everything boldly saying OK I accepted his proposal in low voice.
Me with Chetan and Shilpi with my husband, eventually we resumed our journey and with every passing moment my heartbeat went on going high. Apart from feeling insecure about my husband: that what will be Shilpi talking to Vishal I was scared of talking to Chetan.

It was evident in Chetan’s eyes that he is excited and easy to guess that sooner and later it will sex which he will try talking to me and after feeling so much trouble in doing sex chat with a female anyhow I could not think how I will talk to a male over that subject.

“Throughout the way Shilpi se kya baaten hue…?” and Chetan began the conversation by asking what all I and Shilpi chatted on the way and I came up saying “kuch khaas nahi…” (Nothing special) and Chetan smiled over my reply.

Next for few seconds he did not spoke anything and focused on road, I too turned my face started looking out of the window and after few minutes of silent driving he tried giving me details of the resort where we were going and in continuation told me what all places we have to roam around and reflecting little interest I listened to him.
Next he played music and asked me my choice in this concern, we had elaborated discussion over old Hindi Movies Songs and we listened music for some time. I don’t know if I preferred that but certainly I was little surprised that he is not thinking about getting into sex chat with me but ultimately it happened.

After around half an hour as disc ended and I tried changing it to other disc, Chetan abruptly spoke out my favorite sex posture “So… you like being on top”. It amazed me and I looked at him but after a moment keeping my mouth shut blushed away and Chetan spoke out his favorite position “mujhe doggy style achhi lagti hai…” and this time I did not looked at him and continued looking out of the window.

“Shilpi ne bataya hoga aapko…” He spoke again and this time looking at him I moved my head in yes. “please tell me if you are not comfortable in talking to me over this subject…hum kuch aur baat kar lenge” he told me if I am not ok with this sort conversation we can chat over something else,
for me it was an easy opportunity to get rid of sex chat with him and I too wanted to end it but don’t know what happened to me and on very last instant I came saying that I am Ok with it “nahi theek hai….” “Good…” he uttered and smiled while looking into my eyes and once again I failed to retain looking at him and moved my eyes from his face with an involuntary smile.


கண்டிப்பாக .... விரைவில் எதிர்பாருங்கள் ...

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