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They say you marry a man who is like your father. In my case I married a guy of my father’s choice, he is a successful banker just like my father but the similarities end there. My father would never dream of doing anything like that with my mother what my husband has done with me.

My husband asked me to be part of a wife swapping with his superior and his wife; yes it happens, wife swapping is a dirty secret that exist in real life. Some do it willingly and some do it because they are asked into it by their seniors. I won’t say my husband was asked by his boss, he was asked by his superior and he agreed but certainly I was made to get into this by my husband.
Though in the end it was great pleasure to have sex with a male of different temperament still I would say I was made to get into this by my husband and my write up is about how all this started. Starting from the beginning I would say I am Nisha 36, obviously, mine and all the names mentioned here are unreal but everything written except names are hundred percent real.
Living in Delhi NCR I am married to Vishal from almost 10 years with one eight year old son and my husband is working in a private bank on a reputed post, I don’t know when it came between my husband and his boss but with me it all began when after lot of persuasion for the first time I attended my husband’s office party and there I met his boss.
I am a fair and good looking female with undue tiny pimples over my cheeks. Average height of 5’5″ though not slender but I have attractive body; with bit of belly I have big and good shaped luscious breasts with a striking bottom. That evening I was wrapped in a Sari and the moment Chetan (my husband’s boss) met me I saw a strange glow in his eyes.
Chetan; tall, easily six feet, avarage looking male with a very good heath introduced me with his wife Shilpi. Shilpi; though not fair but a very good looking female with a very good height and a balanced figure, she smiled while looking into my eyes and touching my cheek with her cheek she hugged me lightly with a low voice hello.
She shook hand with my husband and had few words with him and I guessed she has met him earlier too; may be in same sort of parties which are held on regular intervals but I never attended.
Throughout the evening; during party most of the time Shilpi remained close to me and tried to know about me as much as possible and without sensing anything fishy I casually replied all her question and asked her few too. On the other end, I saw that most of the time my husband was with his boss but anyhow that instant I could not make out what all is running in everyone’s mind.
Eventually party came to an end and on the way back Vishal told me that Chetan has given him compliment that you have a beautiful wife, and in continuation asked me did I liked them(Chetan and Shilpi) as a couple and I accepted that with a casual yes.
Even that instant I was unaware what is going on and in the end Vishal adored me in the bed and we fucked before getting into sleep. Next two days were Vishal’s off from the office but he had something important to do in these two days and in the day time I don’t know from where Vishal came up with porn movie and he played that movie in the night on the big screen when were in the bed.
It was not first time I was watching porn with him in the bed and but that was very different movie from what we use to watch usually. It was sort of wife swapping plot, though actors were professionals but they were acting like married couples; two males and two females unknown to each other were behaving like two couples and they were gathered in a vacant house to try partner swapping.
Initially they were acting good and behaving timid while talking to each other’s partner which was very arousing but as movie proceeded and main action started it became ordinary porn movie with two couple fucking on the same bed. With Vishal’s fingers over my fuckhole certainly I was feeling aroused with the kind of start movie was having and eventually we too ended with a good passionate fucking.
Finally time was 11 when we both were exhausted after having sex, I was expecting that now we will sleep but something was running in Vishal’s mind to ask me and to start he asked me for a cup of tea and in continuation told me that he will fuck me one more time.
At my end everything was casual and still I could not sense anything and I came back to the bedroom with a tea and that was the point from where things started to come in my knowledge. Vishal began talking to me with a question did I like the movie and as I accepted, next he casually asked does all this happen in real life
“ye sab real life mein bhi hota hai kya? Wife swapping and all…!” and I came up saying “hota hoga…! I am sure western countries mein to hota hi hoga” and next Vishal said that he thinks that all this happen in India too and I casually ended up saying “may be”.
Next I noticed he looked into my eyes continuously for few seconds, he hesitated a bit but in the end came up saying that he is feeling that our sex life is getting monotonous, I did not replied to him as by now I could sense that he was not normal in saying that and I looked back into his eyes without a flick and next instant, with bit of choked voice he came up saying that he wants to try this partner swapping.
I was shocked and I revolted back instantly by saying “aap pagal ho gaye ho kya?” and he tried convincing me. I can write what all he and I spoke while arguing but without wasting time and energy I would say I ridiculed him every time without listening him and as I was suppressing his every statement many times he even failed to speak and he got irritated with that and screamed over me.
I too yelled over him and I went to the other room to sleep with my son. I was really very upset from whatever Vishal was insisting me to do, even though during argument Vishal did not mentioned with whom he is thinking about trying swapping me but while being alone I could guess that it is none other than Chetan and Shilpi,
that is why Chetan was looking at me again and again with such perspective and Shilpi was asking me so many details. Anyway, with such a filthy proposal from the person I love most, I was moved till my soul, I don’t know about Vishal but while being in weird mind state I slept very late and woke up early in the morning.
It was a Sunday and I was expecting that Vishal will try to express regret and might say sorry for what he asked me to do, and considering it a mistake, up to an extent I was very much prepared to forget all that but it did not happened, Vishal behaved reluctant with me as if I am wrong and I retorted back with a similar gesture;
reluctant and loath and that irritated him even more and somewhere around 12 in the noon he left the house. He did not called me for the whole day, even I did not took his know how and he came back home bit drunk after 11in the night. Vishal was never so casual in drinking, he hardly drink 5-6 times in a year and he never exceeded two drinks, but that night he was fairly drunk,
even though I was not at all thinking about agreeing what he was asking me to do but and I can say that was the point from where I started feeling scared from him. Being a male of particular sun sign he is very inflexible and most of the time it is me who has surrendered next to his wish but anyhow I could not think about surrendering this time as this time he was asking me for my dignity.
Anyway Vishal slept unconsciously for the entire night and after waking up late in the morning continued reluctant behavior and left the house for the work without even talking to me and I started feeling depressed. I spent whole day in strange depression and tried talking to him in the evening on phone but he did not took my call, though not in drunk state but like last night Vishal came back home after 11.
Our child was asleep so I tried talking to him and once again Vishal tried to convince me for having sex with his boss and detailed me everything; that Chetan and his wife Shilpi are into partner swapping from last few years and they are enjoying there sex life up to max and now they want to try this with us.
From the glow of his eyes and enthusiasm of talking to me about all that Vishal looked keen to have sex with Shilpi; possibly because she was far more seductive than me and I was disappointed to see lust in his eyes and words and I once again said no to it.
Vishal continued doing efforts to agree me and after a long convincing speech he requested me to give a try just once and assured me that if I will not be comfortable he will not insist me again. I was not at all convinced even to try that and once again I ridiculed his request and once again we ended with an argument in rough and loud voices and slept without talking to each other.
That night we were on same bed, facing away with each other and once again throughout night I was uncomfortable and failed to sleep sound. I woke up with a heavy head and did all the work with strange fear in the mind. I was scared of myself, although I was rigid in my mind; that I don’t have to do all this but still I had a hunch that somehow Vishal will agree me.
It was an arrange marriage and in last ten years I was fallen deeply in love with him, since beginning my love for him was my weakness and worst part was that Vishal knew this fact very well. Vishal continued behaving reluctant and just like last day he took leave without even talking to me and throughout the day I just went on going into depression.
My mind state was getting miserable with passing time; I was not in mind state to agree to get on bed with someone else and also could not see any way out to make Vishal understand my insecurity and by evening mentally I was reached to the point where I could not take that stress anymore.
Once again Vishal came back home very late and this time I literary begged him for not doing all this with me but he ignored me and slept without saying even a word and I spent almost entire night while looking at the roof. Mentally I was so tired because of all this that for an instant felt like surrendering myself, but how could I do that? How can I have sex with someone else?
And after few more thoughts of this kind I started assuming what all will happen if I will say yes to Vishal and with that fucking scenes; Vishal with Shilpi and I with Chetan started floating in front of my eyes and with a strange uneasiness I remained awake almost for whole night. Deep inside I did not want all this to happen but now I was having an intuition that ultimately it will happen.
Next morning I did not tried talking to Vishal and remained reserved and he too behaved like I was expecting, he once again went off to work without saying even a word to me and I spent entire day with a presumptions of agreeing over what Vishal was asking me.
I am not sure if my thinking was changing as by now with a strange fear and uneasiness I was feeling bit aroused too and in that weird mind state I don’t know when I started finding Chetan and Shilpi on FB and after finding them in Vishal’s friends list saw their pictures for some time.
They were good couple; both of them were good looking with very good height and body and while seeing their pictures my mind went on going bizarre and like last night once again fucking scenes started floating in front of my eyes and this time my imagination was more effective as in couple of minutes I was feeling significant wetness in my panty.
Once again Vishal came back late and behaved like he was behaving, silent and ignorant, by now mentally I was reached to the point where I was ready to surrender but before that I wanted few future commitments from him and I decided to talk to him in the bed.
Eventually I reached to the bed, Vishal was laying facing away from the door, I tried turning him gently to speak to him; he turned and looked at me for few seconds, waited for me to speak but I failed to utter that I am ready for what he is asking for he once again turned and retained his posture.
I lay on my side facing away from him, reconsidering everything and after a minute or two Vishal tried turning me to look at him. I turned and saw him with zero expressions and adressing my name Vishal said be loves me in soft voice “Nisha I really love you” “then why are you insisting me to do all this?”
I spoke with a choaked voice “what I am asking you is just sex… pyar sex se bahut oopar hota hai… (love is far ahead than sex)”. Vishal was calm and sensing his soft mood I was about to request him not to force me to do all this but before that he requested me to give it a try once, and promised me he will not force me again
“I am requesting you…ek baar try kar low…agar tum a bologi to main tumhen dobara nahin insist karunga” and I looked into his eyes for few seconds, just read how will he react if I will say no again and he spoke again and this time it was regarding the couple with whom he wanted to try swapping
“Chaten is a gem of a person aur Shilpi bhi…she is very down to earth…we can trust them…nahi to main tumhen kabhi insist nahi karta…”
To Be Continued…

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