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Driving home on a rare afternoon off work, my mind wondering what I was going to do with my evening, was Coronation Street to be the highlight of my week or a quiet night catching up with my favorite novel, neither of which filled me with excitement.
Arriving home, I catch up with the housework before taking a shower then relaxing on the sofa drifting off into the fantasy world within the pages of my book.
The story is about an attractive middle aged women who has a chance meeting with a stranger in a hotel bar. Chapter after exciting chapter I’m totally engrossed and so turned on, wishing something like this would happen to me, who am I kidding, nothing exciting ever happens to me. Dragging my mind back to the pages I carry on reading, things are hotting up between the woman and the good looking stranger. I’m so aroused that I’m struggling to keep my eyes on the page, I want this so much, why can’t this be me?
Looking at my phone I see that’s it only 5pm; if I got ready now I could be in a London hotel bar by 8. What was I thinking, this isn’t me….. or was it!
Running up the stairs to chose my outfit, black corset, stockings, low cut dress and killer heals should get the desired attention. Sitting in front of the mirror I start to do my makeup and hair, what the hell am I doing, I can’t go through with this, pushing the niggling doubts to the back of my mind I get dressed. Stepping back so I can see my reflection in the mirror, I look good, in fact I look hot…. Grabbing my bag and door keys I head for the door and the waiting taxi.
“Where to?” the taxi driver asks.
“Train station, please.”
Before you know it I’m on the train speeding towards London and hopefully a night with a handsome stranger. During my journey I google classy hotels looking for a suitable one.
Arriving at Marylebone I head for the tube to Marble Arch, the hotel is only a short walk from there. Approaching the entrance of the hotel my nerve is starting to go, I don’t think I can go through with this, it seemed like such a great idea a few hours ago, now I’m not so sure.
Standing in the the foyer I can see the bar, hesitating momentarily, I take a deep breath and walk in, quickly scanning the room I can see quite a few single guys, probably business men, a few couples and a group of young men. Taking a seat at the bar I order myself a cocktail, I feel so self conscious sitting alone but I’ve come this far I’m not going to leave now.
Sipping my drink looking round the bar I notice a couple of men sitting in a booth smiling at me, trying to look confident I smile back. The bar tender hands me another cocktail and tells me it’s from the gentleman at the end of the bar, turning my attention in his direction I raise my glass, mouthing ‘thank you’. I hadn’t noticed the guy but can see he’s good looking in a rugged sort of way. Getting up from his stool he walks towards me and says, “Hi, do you mind if I join you?” “Please do,” I reply, pointing to the empty stool next to me. Sitting down he introduces himself telling me his name is James. “Nice to meet you James, I’m Rose.”
Telling me he’s in London for a conference and staying in the hotel. I tell him I was meeting a friend for drinks but she isn’t going to be able to make it as her flight has been delayed until tomorrow. I wanted to tell him the truth, the reason I was here is because I wanted sex with a complete stranger, but of course I didn’t. James signals to the barman for another drink, feeling a little tipsy I lean in closer giving him a good view of my cleavage and crossing my legs revealing my stocking tops as my dress rides up a little. I can tell James finds me attractive so I flirt shamelessly, I can’t believe I’m behaving like this, I’m so turned on knowing this stranger wants me. James put his hand on my knee as we talk, conversation flowing his hand works its way up my leg brushing the top of my stockings, I can feel my pussy getting wet as his fingers touch my bare flesh while his other hand gently traces the outline of my cleavage, making my nipples hard.
Coming to my senses I realize people are watching us, although I find this exciting James suggests we go to his room. As we wait for the lift along with a few other people he gently squeezes my arse. Standing at the back I feel his hand slide up my inner thigh and his fingers slide into my wet pussy, whispering in my ear, “Mmmmm no panties and shaved, your my kind of woman.” Stifling a moan I grip his arm seeing the glint in his eyes I know this is going to be one hell of a night!
Barely making it through the door his hands are all over me, I hear him gasp as he removes my dress, seeing the bulge in his trousers I knew my corset was a good choice.
Reaching to undo his trousers, he pushes my hand away, not yet he whispers as he undoes the front of my corset exposing my tits, flicking his tongue over my nipples making them hard, pinching one with his fingers as he sucks the other one, sending spasms through me. Spreading my legs with his foot and reaching down with his other hand he starts gently rubbing my clit, pinching and pulling. I could feel my clit swelling under his expert touch, having my nipples sucked and my clit rubbed was making me want to cum.
“Don’t you dare cum yet,” he commanded as he pushes me down on to my knees, slowly undoing his trousers I could see his cock straining to be released. Pulling his boxers down my hands gently caress the shaft of his cock as I licked the pre-cum of the tip, my tongue sliding up and down his dick several times. Enjoying the little moans of anticipation, I take his big cock into my wide open mouth. I immediately began pumping up and down, massaging his balls and stroking the several inches left with my hands. I can tell from the sounds he is making that he is loving this and this turns me on even more. James hands found the back of my head, forcing my head further and further as his cock slides deeper into my throat, I was gagging and choking on his dick as my hands and tongue work furiously. His breathing was becoming shallower and I knew it was only a matter of time before he came. Pulling off I wasn’t finished with that cock yet!!
Pushing me onto the bed spreading my legs wide James began licking my pussy, sucking and flicking my swollen clit with his tongue before pushing his fingers into my dripping pussy. Pumping in and out as he sucked my clit, I couldn’t hold back as he finger fucked me. I was his, he had brought me to my first orgasm of the night, my body spasmed in pleasure as my pussy juices sprayed all over his face and hand. Ordering me to turn over and kneel on the edge of the bed, I do as I’m told; it’s such a turn on being dominated by this sexy stranger.
I can feel the heat from his body against my bare arse. Slap! The sharp pain ripples through my body, my pussy twitches with anticipation, another slap and another. Gripping my hips James slams his hard cock into my dripping pussy taking my breath away, pumping in and out fast and hard. “I’m coming!” I scream, as he fucks me harder and harder. My juices squirt all over James balls, running down my legs. I can feel his cock get harder, I know he’s near to climaxing as I reach down to squeeze his balls. Slowing his stroke in and out of my pussy and then pulling out, his cum squirts all over my arse.
Falling onto the bed we kiss passionately, “Well my darling wife, that was the best date night idea by far!”

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