Meena Upset and her dramatic recovery

(Tetralogy)  (Cast – Meena, Laxmi Menon)

Meena Upset

At the Kameshwar fertility clinic. Saturday afternoon, 3 PM
As usual, the clinic was full with appointments for the next two weeks. Each case was a new learning both for the patient as well as the doctors. Like in case of Mr.GK, it was a rejuvenating experience for Mr.GK in bring out his true hidden potential. For Sneha, Meenakumari and Archana, it offered a chance to learn more and in turn it satisfied their thirst for ultimate knowledge. They explored different techniques and lessons on the patients. Reading their mind sets and stimulus to each of the action performed was a great fun for doctors. As they kept attending to several patients, we got a feedback that all the 3 of the senior doctors were very happy and satisfied. In fact they said, seeing so many issues brought a great satisfaction to their sexual life.
Saturday day noon were usually dull. Most of the doctors will be out with only scheduled appointments going on. Just as the receptionist was about to leave for a break, she saw a car stopping at the entrance. A fair woman around 40 years of age, stepped out with a Ray-Ban cat eyed coolers. She had a broad frame, well built and very fair. She walked gracefully and wore a rich cotton saree. In a single word, she is just Outstanding. As she neared the reception, she removed her glasses. The receptionist noticed that she had marvelous eyes. She introduced herself as Mrs.Meena and she intended to get an appointment at the earliest. As the schedule for consulting was available due to lesser crowd, she got one slot in the next 15 minutes. Meena sat at the waiting room waiting for her turn.
The wait was very brief and she was called upon in less than ten minutes. She went across the lobby towards the room of the chief doctor Dr. Kameshwar. The lobby was brightly illuminated by sun light. Her fair yellow complexion with a rich brownish black hair made her look awesome. A pale golden lipstick added beauty to her already seductive lips. A chubby cheek with a tint of rose powder. Broad eyes with eye liners extending her lashes. Again a pale golden colored bindi in between her eyes brows. Saffron on her forehead just at her center scalp lines.
Her neck was steep with a few chains dangling. A pale yellow blouse adorned her on top of a pale golden cotton saree. She had big curves which were faintly visible on her covered cotton saree. It was a low armed blouse, and most of her fleshy arms were visible except for her sholder joints. There were no hair and it looked as if she waxed it out. Very shiny with some sweat and area of her armpit looked dark brown against the pale yellow blouse because of sweat. Her breasts and ass jiggled as she took long steps while walking and her arms with a thin strapped titan watch was the perfect definition of a dream aunty whom we all wanted to fuck one day.

A high heeled footwear with a neatly pedicured toes and Elle 18 pale golden splashed toe nails. Meaty thighs and she was around 5’10” in height. Meena entered the doctor’s room and was indicated by the doctor to have a seat. As usual the chief nurse Mrs.Raji or fondly called sister Raji was present. The conversation started.
Dr: “Hello Mrs…”, he saw the name on her file given by the nurse and continued “Mrs.Meena. Good Afternoon”
Mee: “Good afternoon doctor. “
Dr: “So, may I know the purpose of your visit?”
Meena was a bit hesitant looking around and at the nurse Raji. Her eyes conveyed her feeling real straight.
Dr: “ It is quite natural for anyone to feel uncomfortable sharing details in front of people. But you see, the moment you stepped into this clinic, all the conventional rules of people are gone. I can assure that. Whatever is your issue, however complicated, can be shared with utmost confidence. Our clinic values your privacy! In fact that is the tradition of our Kamapuram town”
His words added confidence on Meena’s heart. She initiated the conversation.
Mee: “That is good to know doctor. Very reassuring. I came to know about you clinic from my friend. Actually… Actually.. My.. My .. Personally I have some troubles with my husband”, she hesitated
Dr: “That is understood. You can go ahead explaining us. The clearer you tell about your worry and express it frankly, the sooner you will be alright. So just come clean with your heart”, the doctor continued his free advice.
Mee: She smiled and continued, “Well! How should I put it? This whole thing is not like a physical problem for me or my husband. But is more a behavioral problem. How should I put it? You see everyone have got preferences. I do have mine. But there are points, where I was totally frustrated when my husband insisted or forced to come out of my comfort zone and do certain things I do not like”, she paused twisting and waving her arms.
Nurse pitched in as usual with her epic reply. “Well honey! Frankly speaking it was like reading some engineering books. I did not get a single word of what you told ? Also it looked to me as though you need some counselling rather than some actual stuffs like balls cleaning, getting erection to a dead rod.. You know, I respect your concern, but most people come here for naughty things. You know! The kind of mid night stuff. But baby, with you sizes and your seductive voice, you look totally epic. Just by seeing you I think you can make any man jerk like a donkey.”, her words slit Meena’s ears like a knife.
Mee: “Mam! Well! I find that a bit embarrassing and partly gratifying. To be frank, sexually, our life is good. It was even better some years back. You know I am 40 now. With our age, we recently agreed upon, I mean my husband, that since we will be on to our 50’s and both sides lose their sexual side, we actually planned to engage more on sexuality. It worked as expected. But until two months back. “
Dr: “Now, that is straight forward. This is what we wanted to hear. Please continue”, the doctor was very attentive.
Mee: “Yeah. Like I said, recently the problems started. My husband is active sexually. But there are certain things which I do not like but he wanted me to do”, again there were hesitation and fear on Meena.
Nurse: “Oh dear lady! Why hesitate? Just come out of it. Is he shaking on you all the times ? Is he disturbing you a lot? Did he have his cock on you while you was asleep? Or is she calling you for a gang bang or swapping ? Come on!”, this time the experience did not stand on her positive side for Raji. She sounded bitchy! The doctor controlled her saying,
Dr: “Oh come on lady. Mind your tongue. Please continue Mrs.Meena”
Meena was little annoyed but continued.
Mee: “Ok. So, my husband has some sexual preferences. When is too.. too full in mood, he does.. unh! Anhh! Asks me to myyyy.. “, with a final hesitation, she overcame it clean, “my.. my… armpits. “
Nurse: “Thats real hot stuff? What is wrong lady? You know many a time I never use a razor. My husband took care of it with his tongue. This is so common place”
Mee: “Mam! Will you please shut up. I have come here for my problem”, she attacked with words. The doctor waved his hand directing her attention on him. He then asked,
Dr: “Well, so you kind of hate that ? I mean you have your preferences and licking on armpits is not on that ?”, he is a pro.

Mee: “Yes. I mean at first I kind of allowed but then it became a routine. But to be frank, I felt it disgusting. And I cant keep doing it all the time whenever he wants it. Moreover, there are a few more things. The other one is the butt hole thing. God, I feel like puking.”
Nurse: “So, there comes another common place thing. Dear, while he is riding on your pussy, isn’t it a delight to get pleasure on the other hole too? Like buy one, get one?”. Meena was devastated by her reply. Understanding the complication, the doctor ordered the nurse to leave. Now Meena was more open and continued
Mee: “Thanks doctor! That woman sounded so alien to me. As I was saying, butt hole is another thing that I avoid. I find it unhealthy. Our problems reached it peak when he tried to insert his dick into my butt hole. I resisted multiple times and once he even acted so rude and forcibly tried to do that. But I went so rude. From then on, more than a sex affair it became a debate. What is wrong in having preferences? “. she was genuine with the issues.
Dr: “Okay, time for me to clarify. I respect your concerns mam. But what is in it for us ? I don’t find a medical context in your case. You can sit and sort it our. Or seek counseling. As simple as that!”
Mee: “No sir. I have not yet finished. The last one is spitting. I treat it as a disrespect. I will not do that and did not let my husband do it on me. With that being said, we tried to talk it over. It reached a dead end with both of us still arguing. He felt I needed a medical advise and asked me to take a course. But what is wrong with me? Nothing right? I asked to test himself. Seeing his nasty thoughts I asked him to have control over his porn stuff. He sees it daily and wanted to use me to try out all those dirty things. I am not a fuck material. Am I”, anger seethed on her voice.
The doctor would have thought, yes, you are a bomb and a perfect fuck material. But in his professional way, he said, “So, did you visit an Alopathic clinc ?”
Mee: “Nope doctor. As soon as I thought of this, your clinic came into picture. My friend sent me here and gave some idea. As long as it does not involved medicines, I am okay. And that is why I came here”
Dr: “But sadly madam, I do not find anything wrong and no need for you to be here. May be, we can just have some custom courses for you, but you see, people who come here has sexual problems. But you look totally fine. It is just the case of some likes and dislikes. What can be done? “
Mee: “I totally agree. I read about the town and its custom treatment procedures. Are there something that can be tailor made for me? Is there some way that could make me avoid or deny my when my husband does that? Main thing is I dont want a problem because of this”
The doctor thought for a while. “Madam, there is no way we can help avoiding that. If you need that, we need to treat your husband in controlling his wild thoughts”.
Meena replied in a flash, “But that is impossible. I thought I will finish this. It is not at all possible to make him accept. That is like beginning another world war. So, I think this is the end of it.”
Dr: “Oh no madam! There is another way.”
Mee: “And that is?”
Dr: “We can make you adapt to that?”
Mee: “What? You mean for anal and licking stuffs?”
Dr: “yes. If you need any help from us, this is one possible way which we can help. Otherwise, you need to ask him or loosen your preferences”
Meena thought for a while. Her eyes said she was confused. Just at the right time, the doctor interrupted. “Do you want me to hear what I personally think ?”, asked the doctor’s
Mee: “Very well yeah! Please!”
Dr: “As you said, you just have got another 10 or 12 years of active sexual life. So, why not you enjoy it to the fullest. It is just the physical thing. Though we don’t have a regulated course for this, we can do some tailor made course just for you. I am pretty sure, you can be alright just in a day or two. Our experts will cure even hopeless cases in a month or so. But I bet you will be alright in a single day. Think it this way! Just a day of practice, to sort out the problems of your whole next 10 years. But the call is yours madam!”
It made perfect sense and after much of thinking, Meena agreed to the idea.
Mee: “Sir, can you give me some idea on how it will be like? “
Dr: “Sure. Madam you see, we have international experts and tie ups with experts all over the country. Whenever a patient comes here, we analyze his state of mind. Because, for sex, mind is the only control and you cannot cure it with any medicine. So, we deal with the mind with our experts. Depending on the problem, our experts will interact physically with the patients. It may include talking, touching and even intercourse.
Meena was shocked. “What? Sex? I heard a little about the treatment. But how come sex? Will there be misuse? What about sexually transmitted diseases?”
Dr: “That is the whole point madam. Kamapuram knows how to cure people. We can’t solve a problem until we act to it. Our experts are trained specialists. We have patented herbs which can do wonders. Say if some expert had sex, it is just to provoke the mind. They use herbs in form of floss, soup, soaps, powders which includes even rare stuffs like a vaginal floss, anal floss. We even have a herbal skin layer over the actual skin. Whatever they do, will not transmit or get a single bacteria. Our process is patented and hence you are here madam. The decision is yours and you can take your time. Talking is easiest and least expensive. So better you try that and then come back if you need help!”, he terminated the talk.
Mee: “I have decided sir”, while the doctor waited to hear her choice. “ I decided to go ahead with the course you recommend. I am very sensitive but let me see what your course can do”, she smiled.
The doctor explained the general process for any treatment and the costs. She was to undergo preliminary screening and with the clean reports, she has to schedule an appointment for this customized course. Meena completed the formalities the same day and came out with a clean report. As she said, just a matter of preferences. And the doctor gave an appointment next Saturday same time for the course. It was totally a customized course with only a few things to cover up for Meena. He has called up for a specialist to treat her and that will be on next Saturday.
Just before she confirmed her appointment, the doctor explained the conditions.
Dr: “Madam, your course will be on 3PM next saturday. Just use this pouch while bathing that morning. It is a herbal powder and use it full. Eat well, but vegetarian food only. Bring some spare dress as you might need to take herbal bath and some procedures here. It is routine to ensure you are hygienic. We will introduce you to the expert and there will be a dedicated nurse to help you out. You will not feel uncomfortable at any point of time. I will ensure that”, he gave lot of hope.
Agreeing, she left with hope.
So, what happens next week? The action beings. Stay tuned for the Next Page.⇓ 

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