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Vignesh works in one of the biggest advertising companies in all of South India. He is the manager and head of the one creative teams in the Company and his boss loves him very much. He is simple, lovable and down to earth but being a man he too was lusty with woman though he really didn’t have the guts to sleep with a woman in reality but in dreams he had slept with all the beautiful women who are working in his office. As, time went and due to the current Demonitisation the company’s owner started to face Capital crunch and with one month he wasn’t able to pay the Salaries to his employees but being a nice guy he didn’t the people working under him to suffer and so he sell his company to some other so that he can come out this situation at the same time help his employees. Soon, he was able to sell his company to a Australian company who were closely related to Percy Jackson’s company. All the employee were happy but soon their happiness we’re shattered as they received a Mail from new boss saying everybody must attend the office tomorrow as due to the current financial situation they may have to fire many employees.
One hearing this Vignesh got scared because only through salary he is able to take of his wife and her mother, brother who were staying with them without his wishes also he had to send money to his uncle in the village who took care of him and gave him a education that helped him to be in this situation. If this job goes they may be in big trouble. So, with this trouble he came home and was welcomed by his Mother in law, her name was Jenny and she was 56 yrs old but still she looked a 36 year old beauty. There were rumours that both his wife and her brother were born to different man and that she was easy going woman. Vignesh though hated having her with him due to extra spending in his budget but all that tensions flew when he sees his MIL her sexy look. She was a treat to watch.
Vignesh was really tensed because of his situation in office but as he saw his MIL welcoming him in he was spellbound. The nasty woman was wearing low cut tees and small shorts which was giving him a ample view of bosoms and her slim thunder thighs. While his MIL Jenny took fun of him but aggravating his manliness by bending down or sometimes hugging him tight so that her boobs will crush on his chest and as she doesn’t wear any bra over her breasts they just bounce on him which always make his manhood to stand straight and today was no different.
Jenny saw his sad face and she slid over the door and slides her legs which even bought her boobs closer to him and asked him why he was looking sad. The thing you have to know about Vignesh is that though he was good looking he was short and little on the fat side though not fully so it difficult for him uncle to find a girl him but some he found Jenny and got her to give his daughter to Vignesh due their name in the village and though Vignesh was lower on many sides his education and job helps him secure his wife. Vignesh who wasn’t able to take his eyes away from his MIL he told what happened in office. As, they were talking Kashmira came running from the Kitchen to welcome him home. Her name was Kashmira and my god she was one of the few beautiful woman that God may have sent to this earth. She was 5.5 inches tall , slender body and her hips man they are so thin and long which made Everyman in their Colony look her hard due to that body she looked hot in every dresses she wore but Saree looked really good on her. Kashmira in looks, height and talents was more great than Vignesh but his job and how she heard people telling her about his kind heart made her to marry him. Karishma as she came out heard the things her mother and her husband were talking she felt bad for her husband so, she too hugged him and gave a tight smooch in his lips. Karishma was a positive girl so didn’t feel shy or awkward to show love towards her husband so when she was feeling proud or sad for her husband they kissed or made out with thinking the people around them and would they be thinking. Sh consoled her husband and told him that nothing will happen to his job but still Vignesh was really sad so he just ate without talking to anyone and went to bed.
Kashmira finished all her works in the kitchen and went to her bedroom to fresh up and lay down, but she still saw that her husband was still sad due the issues in office. She wanted to help her husband to get over this problem and she knew the only thing that would get her husband over this and it was SEX. Kashmira was wearing a simple cotton saree and s simple make up but still it made glow in the dark and she was seductive.
She lay in bed beside him and snuggled him hard but it seemed that Vignesh was broken up by the news so he tried to push but Kashmira was not one of them to pushed aside when she was trying to help her husband. So, she hugged him even more and started to give little smooches in his face, cheeks and giving small bites to his ear lobes. These were horning him up but the worry was big that he wasn’t mood to act on it and even Kashmira realised it so she knew it was time to make some big more. So, she ran her hands over down his body and slid it into his shorts and grabbed his penis. Vignesh was taken back by a second but he could react Kashmira started to give him hand job. Wow! Vignesh really felt he was in heaven as his wife was given a hand job with her smooth hands. He could feel a tension build up in his groin and he needed a release, also he wanted satisfy his wife. So, he rolled her down and pulled her saree out made her naked and he too removed his shorts and they started make sex. The kissed, blowed boobs and gave services to each other nether parts. While Vignesh with small penis and along with Kashmira’s finger blew her mind. Vignesh was happy with the work and felt proud of his and went to sleep without any thought. While, Kashmira still had some inside her and so she took her Dildo and fucked her hard still she reached a massive climax. Soon she too fell asleep to wake up early to help Vignesh go office.
So, in the next morning Kashmira woke up to make her husband foo. Soon, everyone woke up with a hectic schedule to get ready for office. Vignesh was still thinking about the issues at office but his time with his wife had really bought it down. Now, they ready for office and as they leaving Kashmira called her brother to ask him is he too worried about the arrival of the new boss in the office. The brother replied that he wasn’t worried because he was just a help in the company and they need people like me so there is no way they would fire me but I think I may fall down in the deep pit of her beauty saying this his hands went into his pants and started mastrubating. It was not a new scene in their home as Kishore suffered from CMD (Compulsive Mastrubating disorder). Kashmira seeing this hit his hands in his pant and asked to go wash his hands also to take his medicine before leaving. So, as he left Kashmira turned towards her husband and asked so a lady boss, why sir didn’t you feel to tell me about but Vignesh was notion this world to hear about it as when his Jamai told how beautiful their new boss he had went into his imagination world thinking how beautiful she would be lest hearing his wife. So, as Kashmira continued to speak she saw a spark in her husband’s eyes letting her know he was thinking about his new boss. Kashmira knew about her husband so she kicked him and asked him not to day dream and leave for office. So, both Vignesh and his Jamai left for office and soon her mother too left for the gym for her daily exercise leaving her all alone. Kashmira first cleaned her house and then she sat on couch to see to and cut vegetables for lunch as she was doing she saw Chandan enter. He was a odd ball friend of her husband who always an eye for her which she knew but never tried enter into that arena as she knew that he didn’t have the guts to do and also she didn’t want to cause any disruption in her friendship with his wife Devi and at the same time spoil their marriage. Kashmira always thought how a odd ball like him who looked like a raccoon and bad features land a wife wife her but she rather didn’t wanna enter into it. He, entered as it was his own house and sat near Kashmira. Kashmira didn’t care about it as she knew she could stop him by any means as many a time when men come into their home to sleep with her mom they even tried to hit on her but she had will and girth to stop them so to her Chandan was a toy. So, she continued her work as Chandan sat near her, as Chandan asked her where Vignesh was to that she answered that he had to go early to his office as new boss was arriving today. On, hearing that he grinned using his dirty teeth saying that he too remembered as he knew how Vignesh was scared about it and as they were talking about it she could feel Chandan’s finger running in ass. It had already become a normal affair because when ever she was alone Chandan would become around to her home and take some advantage and today was no different. As, she could feel his thumb finger running through her naked back. Kashmira was wearing a sleeveless blouse and a long gown, the blouse was short that her lower stomach was visible which she felt Chandan was taking advantage of.
As this was happening, Vignesh was in the office thinking about his future but his actual thought was about the new owner from he heard for his BIL and others in the office who had seen her she was really beautiful even she made many of his female compatriots to think about their own sexuality. The time ran and Vignesh was more eager to see her and Crackers started to burst. The office employees had chose him to welcome the new owner, so took the gift bought by them and went out to welcome them. Soon, the car door opened and in front of him was this beautiful stunning woman wearing a hot white dress which was transparent and nought to give speak of her black bra and that V shaped lower part giving a ample of view of golden coloured thighs which was stunning and she being not enough yet a another beautiful woman came out. She was a foreigner and she was both the life and business partner of the early. She was wearing a green coloured dress which exposed her whole mid riff and her some of her breasts. Vignesh had his mouth blown seeing this two beauties the first one’s name was Alex she was a Indian origin who were taken to America when she was 5 yrs old while Amy the other one a billionaire who found love within each other and got married. Vignesh gave her the gift and they hugged them each which really intoxicated him deeply to give him a boner. Now they entered the office and asked all the employees to gather. They informed that since the company is at a loss they would have to let many of the employees to go and the rest of them will have to work under Vignesh who will be the new Head of talents and he would directly in from to Alex as Amy would have to fly back to Australia to take care business there. Saying this they hugged Vignesh who couldn’t stand straight cue to their intoxicating smell and was losing balance but anyway he controlled themselves thanked them also boasted his employees to work hard to take the company back to its old self. Soon, Alex and Amy went in as talked how hot and shy Vignesh was and how much fun Alex she was gonna have to which Amy playfully please pinched her and they started to make out heavy.
Back in the home, Kashmira had cut vegetables and preparations for food and so she went to kitchen to prepare while Chandan was sitting the drawing room watching to and Kashmira at the same time. Kashmira was busy cooking & didn’t look Chandan and what he was doing. She was preparing Sambar and as looked there was no sambar powder, she remembered that it was a box in the attic. Kashmira was tall but even then she couldn’t get hold of it so she took a stool but it shook a lot so she may fall but without powder the Sambar wouldn’t be good so she needed this one and only Chandan was only one there. Kashmira didn’t Chandan any closer to her than he now is but she needed it, so after thoughts she called Chandan to come in, Chandan was estatic hearing his name from her mouth and ran in asking what she needed. Kashmir explained him that Sambar powder was up in the attic but she couldn’t take it and so she needs his help to get it. So, Kashmira after getting up in the stool told Chandan to hold tightly as he did it, now Kashmira was able to reach the attic. As, she was trying to take the box Chandan could feel her ass near his mouth which even Kashmira sensed as she could feel his hot breath over her ass which was making loose focus and she tried get the box soon but it was little far away to make her get it. So, as time went Chandan was getting naughty and guts so he thought now that he was so close to her he must make a move as he may never get this opportunity again. So, as she doing he put his right hand on her bounty full ass and pressed them hard Kashmira was damned as she didn’t think that the guy could this much confidence to do that t, so she looked at him a gave a stern look to which he just smiled and signalled that she was shaking hard so to hold her he caught her ass and kept his hand back. So, Kashmira looked back in the attest that she could take the box and end this but it was very far so now she jumped up to try to hold but as she did her skirt flew up giving Chandan a look of her shiny thighs her white panties which of sexy kind. Now he wanted to feel them, so let some moment pass and now he slowly poked his hands into her skirt to feel her body. Kashmira who was busy looking for the box could feel something up her legs so she saw down to see whether Chandan was doing but it almost looked that his hands were holding the stool. So, she shook her legs to push away what ever it was climbing on her. Chandan kept his hands still for a few mins before doing it again. Now, he reached her upper thighs so without any double thought he ran her finger on them. Kashmira could feel chills all over body. OMG! Chandan bastard was feeling her inner body Kashmira thought she tried to push him but the sneaky bastard was having the time of his life so he rubbed his rough hands all over her thighs now she could feel his hands near her perfect ass and he did as he put his two hands and cupped them. Kashmira could feel wingling in her erogenous organ. So, she knew if let some more time she start to enjoy it and may let out a moan ending up in bed with him forcibly or otherwise as as he tried cup her ass moulds and reach his fingers in her ass hole. Kashmira gave a final push to her whole body and she got the box but due to it she lost control control and box fell down with all the Sambar powder falling on Chandan all over and she falling on her Ass.
So, Sambar powder has fallen on his eyes making him scream in pain, though Kashmira enjoyed his situation but she felt pity for his situation. So, she picked him up and hold him to take him to sofa and asked him to lay down. Now, she ran back to kitchen and got water, a dry cloth and some ice from the freezer to cool it. Now, she rubbed his face with the cloth to remove the powder from it as she did the bastard still tried to get freaky and tried to taste her breasts. Now Kashmira could really feel her wild side get on. So, she did everything and messed his wife Devi saying that her husband was getting closer to her or she may end up sharing a bed. So, please call him by that stopping the action moving any further.

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