Kissing in Kandivali

Tentative explorations at a sleepover

He had proposed to her a couple of years back and she had gladly accepted. But he didn’t go beyond holding her hands; not displaying sexual attraction or initiative on his part. It was making her doubt her own attractiveness, or have misgivings whether he was asexual or impotent. She was sexually charged but his lack of passion left her frustrated. As it mounted she sought to release the tension.

She had to be circumspect, with her family sleeping next to her. Her breasts would suddenly become stiff at the nipples and even the gentlest of touches would make them more tender and inflamed. Only in the privacy of the bathroom, could she allow her hands free play, taking care to be quiet as she fingered herself to release. But something was missing, it wasn’t the real deal, but just imagination in overdrive.

One fine day when they were alone at her house, she was looking particularly beautiful in a large billowing top. Through the sleeves he could make out vestiges of her bra. Emboldened, he took a make or break decision. Despite his bashfulness, he garnered the courage to state how he felt and asked for permission to touch her in various ways. She couldn’t believe her ears and bursting with happiness, demurely concurred. His wish being granted, he was besides himself in joy.

He stroked his fingers up her arms into the armpits, rubbing them in circular fashion, then whiffed her scent. He moved his hand into her top, gently caressing the contours of the brassiere. She bit her lip with exotic new feelings coursing through her, making her seem even more desirable. They had to go for a movie that afternoon, but rather than the screen, their attention was focused on each other.

Like a man freed after years in gaol, his initial explorations were tentative, like venturing into a new frontier, or uncharted territory, unsure of what lay ahead. But as her body responded to his touch, almost blossoming with desire, his moves became bolder and more frenetic, almost reveling in the danger. Caution thrown to the winds, frantically his fingers explored hidden niches, as if having a life of their own, arousing the flames of their passions.

Too soon the movie came to an end and his ministrations too perforce. He had to leave for a pre planned trip later that evening. On the train journey lying on the bunk, he rocked along with the movement of the carriage, to a release bringing him small comfort.

She had returned home in a daze, aglow with a feeling she had rarely experienced before, all doubts and queries that plagued her mind resolved. Everyone was away, so she came to the bedroom, undressed completely, and with a glazed look in her eyes pleasured herself to a climax on the bed, guilt free,. Not caring whether it was right or wrong, just overflowing with joy, experiencing bliss, with his image imprinted in her mind’s eye.

He was to return later that week, so the time spent apart was sheer torture, as they had just their imagination to work on, literally taking matters into their own hands. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so on the weekend they planned a rendezvous at his Kandivali apartment, with friends as chaperones and a convenient alibi. They got there in the evening and after Chinese takeaway for dinner, games and repartee, he yawned and they bid each other goodnight. The two girls were sharing a room, her fiance and another friend bunked together, whilst he had the master bedroom all to himself.

He had just changed into his pyjamas and was in the process of putting his clothes away when the door creaked open and there she was starry eyed. She had been standing there watching him change through the doorway slightly ajar, quietly admiring his lean body and hirsute torso and rounded buttocks, managing just a glimpse of his manhood between his thighs. Unbeknownst to her, he had caught a glimpse of her peeping at him through her reflection in the dressing mirror and deliberately took his time, languorously shedding his garments as if he had all the time in the world.

He invited her in and closing the bedroom door, asked her if there was anything she needed. Tongue-tied she could only shake her head, a blush speeding across her cheeks. Emboldened, he took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips. It was their first liplock, though clumsy to begin with, they quickly got the hang of it. Hurried at the onset, they learnt to slow down, savour the moment, be gentle, exploring every part in detail, giving as much pleasure as they received. Her lips were sweet and luscious and tasted divine, whether it was her lipstick, something she ate or just nature itself he couldn’t guess. He himself had popped a mint after the meal and was glad as it masked the garlicky taste of the Chinese food.

Soon her lips parted and he insinuated his tongue in between only to find her pearly teeth blocking further access. Slyly he pinched her bottom, her mouth opened wide in surprise, along with her hitherto closed eyes, and he wasted no time in pushing his tongue in between, finding hers. They kissed for an eternity, only separating to inhale and catch their breath, before locking lips again, getting more comfortable with each other, sucking and nipping, from every conceivable angle.

His hands felt the contours of her back through her satiny cream nighty and the straps of her bra inside it. It was quite conservative as nighties go, almost grandmotherly flowing down to her ankles, puffed sleeves and a ribbon across the front, meeting where three buttons descended from the neck. Very conservative in cut and style, revealing very little of her alabaster flesh. His hand strayed lower where the waistband of her pajama bottoms could be felt, just above her dainty derriere at the small of her back.

She in turn marveled at his broad shoulders and taut muscles, stroking her fingers up his arm into his sleeve, finding his upper arm comparatively hairless except for his armpit where a veritable jungle of tendrils lay hidden in the shade. He likewise made his way up her sleeve, her flesh soft and spongy with distinctive feminine curves that he loved. Compared to his hairy forearms, she was smooth and silky except for a slight fuzz in her underarms.

He ventured further afield, but was limited by the gap in the sleeves that offered just his fingers access. Like a contortionist, he tried to wriggle within but without much access to her frontal treasures only getting as far as the borders of her brassiere. When God closes one door, he opens another, and his hands began to open the three buttons at the front giving the whole hand ingress, where only fingers could venture earlier.

Her hand similarly almost yanked open the buttons of his nightshirt revealing his entire torso, from his neck to the curve below the navel, exposing it to the crisp night air. His well defined chest under a soft carpet of hair that extended past his nipples like small pink buttons, peeping out from within the undergrowth. The hair tapered down to just below his bellybutton, where it met the waistband of his pajamas.

She twirled his chest hair around her fingers playing with it, sometimes gently stroking his nipples till they became stiff. She took in a whiff of his manly musk from the pheromones of the sweaty armpit hair. Not to be outdone he first stroked her twin globes through the silky brassiere, making concentric circles around each breast outwardly going in. By the time he reached the region of her areolas, the nipples were like stiff nubs.

Like seasoned pros, after awhile they could go hands free, putting their fingers to better use. Her tits were standing at attention trying to poke their way out of the silky confines that restricted them, as his fingers tried to gain access within, but not much room to maneuver. In a swift move she put her free hand behind to loosen the catch of her brassiere, and pave the way for entrance within. He moved aside the shoulder straps, causing it to fall away. Now massaging unrestrictedly the globes within, till she was squirming with pleasure, like putty in his hands.

They sat on the window ledge, with her nestled between his thighs her head resting on his chest viewing the urban expanse from high above, clouds obscuring the moon and the twinkling lights of the city below. Her sighs werw broken by an occasional moan when he did something out of the blue, pushing the right buttons. One of her hands was guiding and encouraging his in an unspoken code, with deft touches and slightest pressure, while the other stroked his face occasionally getting nipped by his teeth. She ground her bottom against his stiff organ, stimulating it further.

After a while his hand drifted lower playing with her belly button, eliciting a groan from her in encouragement. He reached the elastic waistband of her pajamas but would have to be a contortionist to go any further. Frustrated, he almost gave up the quest, before the answer to his problem struck him like a thunderbolt. The path was as clear as day, in front of his eyes, if only he would look beyond the veils of lust that obscured his vision. The hem of her nightgown at the bottom was the largest and most accessible opening, where not just his hand, but his entire torso could fit in, if need be.

His free hand slowly gathered up the folds of her gown till the thighs were accessible, Then slipped under the hem and massaged her intimates through her pajamas making her thresh around in the throes of ecstasy. The front started forming a damp patch as she started getting lubricated by his touch. His hand insinuated itself into her pajamas, disregarding her protestations, in fact she rose slightly to give him better access.

His hands roamed across her front, meeting wisps of downy fir before coming into contact with her glory hole, her love pot, her slit making her cry his name aloud. He dipped his hand into her crevice, framed by the puffy lips of her labia, astonished at the ease of access. She didn’t want to be left behind, so put her hand behind her back. Her fingers snaked down his jammies, grabbing hold of his love stick, making it twitch and rise to the occasion.

He started leaking precum in response, easing the friction somewhat whilst his fingers probed deeper into her making her bite and moan, bringing her to the edge of orgasm. With a silent scream, he came too, his organ throbbing with a life of it’s own and discharging copious amounts of white gold, stimulated by her touch. The pulsating sensation behind her opened her floodgates as well, hips rising and a sticky discharge erupting out of her, beyond her control. Spent, they reveled in a cosy embrace after their first orgasm together, savoring every moment, every heartbeat.

After a while she went to the bathroom to clean up, hardly able to walk, her privates tender with the friction that had been wrought upon areas that were not used to that type of attention. In the privacy of the bathroom she removed her pajamas, damp with their combined discharge, hers in the front and his at the back. She relished the aroma of both enjoying his strong spicy musky scent, and her own irresistible slightly sweetish one. Then she did something so bold that it surprised even herself, she tasted his cum and hers. First separately then together, much like a wine connoisseur swirling it around in her mouth, enjoying them separately as well as the heady combination they made together like an explosion of exotic flavors. She hung her pajamas on the rack and returned to the bed.

He got up to walk towards the bathroom and naughtily patted her behind as she walked past him, her eyes looking down with embarrassment. He had a big damp patch on the front of his pajamas and was shirtless in a sexy sort of way. Reaching the privacy of the bathroom he pumped his fists up in the air in a silent celebration. He removed his pajamas and took a warm shower to relax, reveling in the spray of water on his skin.

Patting himself dry with the towel he espied her bottoms on the door and with a sly grin brought them to his nose. Their discharges on the front and back were not yet dry and he licked each one, enjoying her taste and his as well. He returned to find the lights out and she fast asleep on the bed. He lay down naked besides her spooning her, too exhausted and completely drained of energy to do anything else, soon falling into a sonorous slumber.

She awoke with a start in unfamiliar surroundings, and a hairy forearm draped across her chest, then a contented smile broadened her lips as the memories of their passion the previous night came flooding back. Her mouth was dry and she got up to sip some water, when she noticed he was sprawling naked right besides her. Her cheeks burned red with embarrassment, yet she couldn’t avert her gaze, greedily devouring every inch of his sculpted body in the darkness, enjoying the thrill of partaking a forbidden fruit. His rounded buttocks, though beautiful, obscured his organ and she was impatient to steal a glance at his private treasure box, having felt it intimately the night before.

Prohibited pleasures are always the sweetest, and she couldn’t bear the wait anymore, so she gently took his left hand and moved it to the other side. He mumbled as she turned him around, giving her a scare of having woken him, but revealing a full frontal view of his anatomy, a free biology lesson for her. She felt her nipples stiffen and a dampness creeping down below, accompanied by an ache that needed to be filled in her nether regions. Her hands moved automatically across her erogenous zones, inflaming her passions as she surveyed his sprawling manscape.

His tousled hair, his face relaxed in slumber, the broad shoulders, arms akimbo, hairless from his shoulders to his elbow ,except for the tangle in his armpits, accentuating his muscles, and then hairy again up to his wrists, tapering down to his fingers that had given her such pleasure the previous night, with their deft touches. Looking back to his torso, the hairy tangle that covered his broad chest, now rising and falling with each breath, nipples like pink dots framing it’s borders, a wave of tenderness washed over her, making her shiver. As her gaze went lower down, the hair narrowed down with his belly button nearly obscured, but still visible, a slight belly forming.

She made a mental note to rebuke him about this, eyes magnetically attracted to his magic stick. Whereas the rest of his body was relaxed, this portion was stiff and at attention, she couldn’t resist a smile at his virility, which afforded her a better view. It rose out of a mesh of undergrowth, like a tall tree reaching skywards, a compass pointing north, a soldier at attention. At its base was a wrinkled sac, his personal seed pouch, to propagate his line. Above it rose his sweet organ, a perfect fit to her love pot. Red, green and blue veins ran lengthwise across its surface. Near it’s tip, his foreskin bunched together like a sheath just below it’s mushroom shaped cap, smooth like a dome with a pinhole at the center.

She found herself getting increasingly aroused and mucous leaking out of her, making it’s way down her thighs. She felt an irresistible urge to touch it, play with it, completely out of control. Against her better instincts, her hand moved magnetically towards it, her touch electrifying him, jolting him out of his slumber. In a flash he pulled her down to the bed and ravaged her from behind, his penis pushing against her buttocks into her crevice, whilst one hand mashed her nipples, and another insinuating lower below, mirrored his thrusts behind, in her dripping vagina. With a shudder he came, creaming her ass and in an instant she tensed up too, gushing cum on his hand, as the morning rays painted their bodies with a rosy glow.

He wiped his discharge from her bottom, tasting some and offering the rest to her open lips. Famished she swallowed this protein rich cream. With her hand she scooped out her cream too and tasting some to make sure it was okay, preferred the rest to his waiting mouth. Hungry for more, he scooped the rest out of her cauldron and turning her around, topped her nipples with it, licking and biting away at his personal dish of strawberries and cream for breakfast. Her whole body awash with love, her vagina pulsating with pleasure, discharging even more copiously, making her squirm.

He kissed her lips intensely, not willing to let go until they were almost blue and out of breath, panting on their release. She stroked his hair ruffling it, both fully awake in every pore, parting quickly, blowing him a kiss goodbye and returning to her room before her companion awoke and bombarded her with awkward questions. Still supine, he watched the sun rise on the new day, savoring her perfume in the bra she had forgotten behind, reveling in the throes of a feeling called love.

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