Kajal agarwal and Shreya saran ( Lesbian Story ) – Part 4

Kajal agarwal and Shreya saran ( Lesbian Story )

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Kiran peeked around the corner and saw the compounder tiptoeing towards kajal’s room window. Kiran gripped the hockey bat and waited. The compounder slowly peeked into kajal’s room expecting to find her in some hardcore action. But unfortunately the room was empty. He decided to check other windows and turned back when he came face to face with Kiran threatening to hit him . The compounder was scared and he folded like a rat. “Please don’t hurt me!!!.. I mean no harm!!”.. kiran said no word but hit him on his knees at first. The compounder collapsed on the floor holding his knee in pain. Kiran said “ I’ll be calling the police now”.. compounder pleaded “ please don’t do that.. I am not a thief!!!”.. Kiran “ then why are you here?”.. compounded “ I’m hear for kajal madam!!”
Back at the park, kajal had walked on and on but none were in sight. She had reached the middle of the park and rested in one of the stops. She turned back and shreya was nowhere to be found in sight. She vigiled a while and pulled out her phone. No signal was the display. There were 3 missed calls and all were from her husband. She was surprised as she had the mobile all the while . She checked the ringing profile . The phone vibrated.
Kajal, who was wet, shivering and was on escasy pill had a disturbing idea. She had such a lustful energy inside her that she had to suppress it. She looked around one more time for any presence and she placed her phone near her croch. She pressed the vibrate button and pressed the mobile over her vagina. It gave her a momentary pleasure. She leaned against the bench and started to press her vibrating mobile and she started to moan “hhmmmmmm”
All this while, shreya was hiding behind a tree and watching all the acts of kajal. She had her middle finger in her mouth and was sucking at it seeing kajal. She then decided to make the move. She emerged from the tree and catwalked towards kajal.
Kajal who saw the saree slutily clad shreya walking towards her, removed her mobile and pretended to be texting. Shreya smiled at her act and walked closer. She sat besides kajal and places her hand on her thies and starts to caress it.
Kajal –“ what are u doing shreya?!!”.
Shreya – “ omg .. stop with your acting kaju..We get enough of that in films.. you know you want this.” Saying this, shreya moved her lips inches away from kajal’s. The hot breath from Shreya’s mouth was tempting kajal who was already under escasy. Shreya played very patently as her hands now reached kajals hip. Shreya slowly guided her hand through kajals top and pleased her chilled hand on kajals navel.
Kajal gasped for air on her touch. She moved forward and both their lips caressed each other. Kajal was breathing heavily now. Shreya was in complete command. She inserted her finger in kajals navel and simultaneously lip locked kajal.
Kajal closed her eyes in pleasure. Shreya was quick to gain access to kajal’s tongue and they exchanged their saliva’s. Kajal was busy moaning.. “hmmm!!” with heavy breath. It had been a long time since someone had kissed her so passionately and that too it was a woman who was doing it.
After kissing for a few minutes, shreya wanted to notch up acts but kajal was reluctant to let her go. Kajal was busy chewing on shreya’s lips. Shreya abruptly placed her hand on kajals left boob and squeezed it.. kajal opened her mouth in warmth of the touch . Shreya now stood up facing kajal. Kajal could not make eye contact with shreya. Shreya now removed her pallu and held kajal’s head . Kajal looked up and saw the sexy divas figure and her mounds supported by the blouse. Shreya pressed kajal’s head onto her bare stomach. “Lick it kaju”. Kajal at first smelled the beautiful aroma of Shreya’s pores and then inserted her nose into Shreya’s navel.
She then started licking Shreya’s navel . Shreya was in pleasure express as she now started to unbutton her blouse. Kajal was licking every area of her stomach and her hands were now placed on shreya’s chubby ass. Kajal gave a tight slap on shreya’s ass cheeks and looked up.
Shreya moaned “aahhhhh!!” and was about to remove her blouse when kajal , who still had her tongue in navel started to travel up Shreya’s midrib leaving a saliva trail behind. She met Shreya’s hands on the last buckle of the blouse. Shreya stopped unbuckling and waited.
Kajal –“ don’t take out that blouse . I like to see you enjoy with you in that” . Shreya smiled. Kajal then unhooked Shreya’s red bra in front and in one go pulled it out of the blouse. Shreyas breasts jiggled as the bra was taken off.
Shreya was now feeling cold as she was without bra and her boobs were hanging in her thin material blouse where her erect nipples were clearly seen. She hugged kajal and liped her again.
Now it was Shreya’s turn. She gripped the torn top of kajal and in a go ripped it off. Kajal was shocked as she stepped back yelling “ what am I to wear now??!!!”.
Shreya –“ nothing”. She popped open kajal’s bra with disingaging the hooks with 2 fingers. The bra flung out and kajal’s boobs popped out in full force jiggling and bouncing. Shreya salivated at the milk tanks in front of her.
It was twice as big as hers and had a lightish brown erect nipples. Shreya could not control after seeing this. She gripped kajal by her shoulder and dragged her to the floor. She pinned kajal by her hands and layed on top her .
Both the pair of perfect breasts were pressed against each other and were rubbing against each other. Shreya was now licking kajal’s neck as kajal screamed “ aaahhh.. don’t stop…hmmmm!”. She had forgotten the whole purpose of their visit thanks to the pill. The tight fabric over Shreya’s boobs was causing a ticklish effect on kajals boobs which she enjoyed. It reminded her of anil Kapoor.
Now shreya sat over kajal with knees on either side of her hips. She bend and pressed her face against kajal’s milk tank. She enjoyed the softness and fermess which was rarely a combination. She started to lick the boobs and suck the nipple. She even bit the nipples and teased kajal by pulling it by her teeth..
kajal screamed “aaaaahhhhh…ooohhhhhh..Yyyeesss!!!”. The moans from kajal only exited shreya who mouth fuked her harder. Kajal held Shreya’s hair and guided her towards her navel which also required attention. Shreya did not waste any time in licking and fingering her navel. Kajal swiveled on the floor with pleasure.. now it was Shreya’s turn.
Shreya got up and sat on the bench. She licked her middle finger and signaled kajal towards her. Kajal got up and went near shreya. She made kajal sit on her , facing her . Shreya was still hungry for kajal’s boobs. She again started sucking on it. Meanwhile kajal lifted Shreya’s hand and parted the blouse to expose her armpit. It was cleanly shaven and was dripping in Shreya’s sweat. Kajal without any hesitation started to lick it.
Shreya for the first time moaned loudly “aaahhhhhhh..Hnmmmm!!!”. After a few minutes of licking and teasing, they had to do something about their wet pussy. The only thing missing between them was a thick huge cock.
Kajal looked into eyes of kajal and wispered –“ did you bring a dildo?”.
Shreya –“ no..U?”.. “no”. Nevertheless they lipped each other again and pressed their bodies together.
Mahesh stood at the infiltrated opening in park fens. He was heldup as his boss had called and thrashed him for not submitting a report. He only knew that kajal and shreya had entered through here. He went in and started to persuit them.
Back home, the compounder was brought inside the home by Kiran. He was sitting by the door shaking in fear. Kiran was on a investigation mood. “ Why did you want to see my kajal bhabhi?”
Compounder –“ I’m just her greatest fan.. I wanted to see her”
Kiran –“ don’t you lie to me damn it!!!.. then why would you peek into my bhabhi’s room? I’m calling police now!!”. He lifted his phone to threaten.
Compounder –“ plz don’t sir.. plz I beg you..”
Kiran – (advancing rashly) “ then what is the truth you bastard?!!”
Compounder (snapped) –“ OK sir.. I’ll tell the truth.. plz be calm!!”
Will the truth b told? What is Mahesh’s role in the park? Will our sex goddesses shreya saran and kajal Agarwal be satisfied completely? Stay tuned for further updates!!.
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PS: should I start a parallel story of another flap queen ? If yes ..Then who?
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