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The clock ticked 9:20pm and kajal was anxiously waiting for a call.. she was biting her nails in anxiety and holding the threatening letter in another. She was wearing a sleeveless deep necked top with a long skirt.

Kajal and Kiran

She had told Kiran that she would b visiting her friends house for a function.. the anxiety triggered a headache which she would have from time to time. Kajal searched through her purse and boxes but she had exhausted the headache pills. She recovered the prescription and called out to a servant. But there was no reply. She called out again.. no reply.. in frustration she stormed out of her room and searched her surroundings, there were no servants at sight. She wanted those pill badly. She decided to go and get it herself, but she realized that she was all dressed up. She had no choice now and called out to Kiran.

Kiran , who was in his room , had a mastrubation streak all day. His hornyness had not reduced after catching his bhabhi’s mastrubation performance in shower. He had mastrubated 5-6 times to her bhabhi’s hot songs in movies. Now he was in his boxers hooked up to a headphone and watching kajal’s item numbers on his phone. Kajal, who had called out kiran’s name a couple of times wondered what was keeping him from answering and she decided to check it out. Kiran by now had a bulge in his boxers and was rubbing his fingers on his chest. Kajal reached the door and knocked, still no response. She grew anxious and peeped through the keyhole. The sight surprised her to the core.

Kajal saw Kiran who was viewing her hot videos from films on his mobile and she could even make out the huge bulge in his boxers.. she was confused as to how to react.. should she storm in and catch her brother in law red handed or should she complain to her husband or should she treat him like any other horny fan?…

Her confusion was cut short by her mobile ringing. Kajal quickly moved away downstairs and picked the call.(shreya had called).
Kajal- “where are u shreya?”
Shreya – “ on my way.. I’ll b at your home in 10min.” . The call was disconnected.
Kajal needed those pills badly. She had no choice but to take help from Kiran.. she called kiran on his phone. Kiran, who by now had switched to porn and stroking his penis least expected a call, that too from kajal bhabhi who was downstairs. He received the call without pausing the porn video. There was some technical snag and the audio of the porno got intercepted with that of kajal’s voice which only Kiran would hear.
Kiran – “ aaa.. bhabhi.. what is it?”
Kajal – “ Kiran..{aaaahhhhh..slowyyyy!!!}.. I need a favor.”

Kiran , who was aware of the technical snag was turned on massively at the synchronization of the porno and his kajal bhabhi’s voice.
Kiran – “ tell me bhabhi..{fuuucckkk…you whore!!!}.. what can I do for you?”
Kajal – “my headache pills are over..{ooohhhhh.. fuck me.. fuck me.. don’t wait ..yes!!!}.. can you fetch it for me from the medical store down the street?..{ aahhhh.. I’m cumming!!!.. oohh my gooodddd!!!}.. Kiran was stroking his penis in full swing and on hearing his bhabhi’s sexy voice shot his cum in the air.
Kiran (gasping) –“ sure bhabhi.. will b there in a min.”
Kajal –“ are you alright? You seem out of breath?”

Kiran –“ well.. I’ve been working out “. He cut the call and stared at the porno where the lady was laying on top of the man exhausted and satisfied… he begged god secretly that that would be his bhabhi and himself.

He quickly dressed up and headed downstairs.
Kajal frowned as Kiran descended the stairs. She had no choice than to pretend to b normal. She then handed over the prescription to Kiran and told him to b back asap. Kiran looked into kajal’s eyes and received the prescription and headed out. Kajal checked her purse and sorted out the contents. She had a pepper spray, a water bottle, a cheque book and a few thousand rupees cash. The only thing missing was the headache pills.

Kiran reached the clinic with medical shop and handed over the prescription. The compounder , who was in charge of the medical store, searched the prescribed medicine pills and handed the pills. When he was about to hand over the prescription, he saw kajal Agarwal name on it.. he immediately acted..
Compounder- “ I’m sorry sir, by mistake I’ve given you the stomach ache pill, I’ll fetch the pills for headache from the backroom right away. “. Kiran nodded and returned the pill. The compounder went back, replaced the pill powder with that of an ecstacy and gave it Kiran. Kiran then handed him the money with extra 50rs.. when the compounder returned the change, Kiran refused and pointed towards the pack of condoms.. the compounder was shocked that this bastard might have taken advantage of his ecstasy pill and fucked kajal Agarwal .

With an angry expression he handed him the condom.
No sooner Kiran left, the compounder shut the store and headed towards kajal’s home on his bike. Kajal’s phone rang and it was shreya again.. “ where r u shreya? We have to be there in ½ hour!!”
Shreya- “ relax kaju.. I’m 2 min away from your home”. Call was cut. Raju reached home and was about to enter when he saw a car pull up. He stared on the drivers seat and he did not need second guess to identify shreya saran.. his all time mastrubation favorite.. he had also precided her to his bhabhi. He quickly galloped towards the car and laid his eyes on the sex goddess.
Shreya was wearing a very seductive red saree with a red blouse which protruded her boobs.

If her pallu was slightly misplaced, ¾ of the breast would be showing . Kiran could not take his eyes of the sexy meat in front of him. Shreya waiting for a question from the drooling man at her car finally broke the ice .
Shreya –“ is kajal home?”

Kiran (stammering)- “ yyeeaa..yyeeaa .. yes. I’ll call her right away.. nice to meet u.”. He headed into the house. Kajal noticed a car pull in through the window and wore her heels and in an urgency headed towards the door. Kiran too entered simultaneously and there was a clash between kajal and Kiran. The impact of the clash was such that the milkyness of kajal’s boobs caused a shock wave on Kiran’s chest (lust wave to be precise)..

Kiran was just in the impact mood . Kajal on the other hand snached the pills from kiran’s hand , frowned and headed out instructing Kiran to secure the house.. Kiran who still felt the milk packet on his chest was imagining his dick at the same position..

Kajal greeted shreya and was surprised by the dress code of shreya. She then got into passenger seat and the car driven by shreya pulled out into the road. 20mts away, the bike engine came to life and started to follow the car.

(Remember.. kajal has to meet Murthy (constable) at 5 in the morning at her house back gate.)
What has shreya saran planned towards her lesbianism crush kajal?.. what is the role of the compounder? What will Kiran do next? .. will b revealed in future updates.
PS : lesbianism or threesome?. Keep voting. Which actress to b included in future updates? . feedback appreciated.

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