Jonas And Mistress Eve – Chapter Two – Releasing The Old

Releasing The Old

Jonas went directly home from Mistress Eve’s gothic style home silently after being picked up by an Uber ride. The drive home took about 30 minutes and he thought long and hard on each of them as to what had just occurred. The ramifications as to the changes in his life being a cuckolded man would be. In short, he knew that his life was going to be turned upside down – starting with right now arriving home.
It was a little past 9.30pm when the car pulled up outside the house my fiancée Grace and I had shared for the last three years. We really should have been married by now but something always ‘came up’ and we always were going to do it ‘after’ something or another. As I exited the car I saw her standing on the veranda with a very worried look on her face. This was the first time since we had been living together that I had gone somewhere alone at night.
Let me tell you a little about Grace. We had been living together for the past three years ‘waiting’ to get married. I met her whilst we were in university where she was majoring in accounting whilst I was completing my honors degree in banking and finance. She was 21 and I was 24. She was and is an absolute knock-out coming from a Persian background her skin was the color of caramel with straight, long dark hair that fell to the small of her back.
She was the object of desire of many of the students and lecturers alike. You would just fall into those deep dark oval eyes that always had an inquisitive look about them. It surprised me that she even knew I existed as I was not the Alpha male type, more the nerdy man with glasses that was always shuffling papers. I almost died the day she asked me for out for a coffee and until the last month felt blessed every day that she was in my life.
Her shoulders were in perfect symmetry to her body, her breast small but perky, a slim athletic figure were features of envy for many women. She had full and beautifully formed lips, an exotic nose and her teeth were perfect and white. But for all her style and beauty she was not ‘into herself’ in any way and had always been a caring and thoughtful partner. She was the total opposite of Mistress Eve!
As I walked up the garden path Grace said, “What happened? Where have you been?”
I looked up at her and said, “I told you on the phone I had to go to a meeting.”
She said, “I rang the bank and talked to Steve there. He said you just disappeared straight after work. Nobody there had any idea where you were and it had nothing to do with work.”
I said angrily, “Why did you ring the bank? Don’t you trust me? Why are you checking up on me?”
She said in a concerned voice, “Jonas, it’s not like that. I am worried about you. You have not been the same person this last month. And then. Now this. Please tell me what is going on.”
I could not look into her deep concerned brown eyes. Instead, I ran inside saying, “Leave me alone. I need some space.”
As I brushed past her running to and locking myself in the bathroom I sat down on the toilet seat, putting my face in my hands and began to cry. What sort of a mess had I gotten myself into.
I heard Grace walk slowly to the bathroom door and softly tap on it.
I yelled, “Go away.”
She said, ‘Jonas, I need to ask you something?’
“What?’ I spat out.
She said, ‘Did you mean what you said?’
I said in a more controlled manner, ‘About what?”
She said, “About needing some space.’
I said, “I don’t know. I can’t think at the moment. Please just leave me alone.”
I heard her say quietly, “Wrong answer.”
I heard some footsteps and shuffling, whilst I hid in the bathroom and after about five minutes heard the front door close and the unmistakable sound of our Mercedes start up in the driveway and then drove off.
For another ten minutes or so I waited in the bathroom and finally when I opened the door I saw a letter sitting on the floor with my name written on it in Grace’s handwriting. I walked over to it, opened it and read it.
‘Dear Jonas,
I have been really worried about you this last month. Your violent mood swings are so out of character. When I suggest seeing someone or asking what is happening you either get angry or sad. You have avoided being intimate with me and rejected any advances I have made except the once. And then it was worse than not having it as ‘YOU’ were not really there and it was over in minutes.
Something is different, and it is obvious that you no longer feel the same way about me that you once did. Life is too short to live like that. I am leaving you. I am taking the car and staying at my parents house until I find a flat to rent. We can worry about finances after but for now I would prefer that you do not contact me for at least a couple of weeks so that I too may readjust my outlook on life.
Love Always,
Although feeling somewhat sad, I also felt liberated and happy. It would not be up to me to break up the relationship – I can always say that it was her choice. She need not ever know about Mistress Eve. Really, I should have manned up but I couldn’t.
That weekend I stayed home and it was pretty uneventful. Although the phone rang incessantly I didn’t pick it up. I just needed to be alone.
When Monday morning came along I was quite excited by the possibility that Mistress Eve would ring with the words she had used echoing in my head.
‘I will contact you sometime next week by phone at the bank’
Monday turned into Tuesday which turned into Wednesday and I was becoming quite distressed and distraught that my personal life was in total limbo. It was more than just good Grace that noticed something was not quite right with me, I was making many out of character mistakes.
Finally on Thursday morning my receptionist put a call through to my office from Mistress Eve. I almost jumped through the roof in excitement, ‘Yes, mistress Eve’, I said.
She said, ‘Jonas, have you been missing me?’
I said, ‘More than you can imagine. Why did you take so long to call’, I replied.
‘Jonas’, she said, ‘You are forgetting your place again. Never question me about what I will or will not do or how I do it. Do you understand?’
I said, ‘Sorry mistress’.
She said, ‘Now, I want you to listen carefully. Tomorrow you will take a sick day from the bank and come to my home at 4 pm sharp. Do not be late! You will bring with you an overnight bag. In it you will have a casual change of clothes and clothes you wear for the bank. You will be staying with me over the weekend and I will allow you to leave for work on Monday morning. Bring essential toiletries nothing more. Have you got all that?
‘Yes, mistress Eve,’ was my responce.
She said, ‘Good. Now, how are you going to break this to your precious (in voice imitating me) ‘I’m not married’ (her regular voice) ‘partner that lives with you at home?’
I said, “How did you know I lived with someone?’
She said, ‘Jonas, I am getting very impatient with your questions but on this occasion I will answer you. On my first visit to your office I saw many pictures of an exotic looking woman. It was obvious that you were together and many were at the same house so putting 2 and 2 together, means you have a long-term relationship with this woman and you share a common home.’
I said, “I broke up with her.”
“Ha’ she laughed. ‘You broke up with her! You are a spineless creature. Broke up with her! When did she leave you Jonas?”
I said, ‘Sorry Mistress Eve, I did not mean to deceive you. She left me on Friday of last week. After I had met with you.”
There was a long pause, then she said, ‘Where did she go?’
I said, “Mistress Eve she told me she went to her parents house.’
She said, ‘Where do they live Jonas?’
I said, ‘Why?”
She said, “Jonas, for a supposedly smart banker you do not learn quickly do you? You will answer my questions or you will not hear from me again. All your impertinence is having me doubt whether you will in fact be suitable for the cuckold training that lies ahead.’
I said, “Yes, Mistress Eve, I am sorry’. With reluctance I provided her with details of Grace and her parents.
Mistress Eve said, ‘Remember 4 pm sharp at my home. Tomorrow night will be a night you will never forget’.
To be quite honest I cannot recall ever having a sick day – but after the conversation I decided it would be best if I feigned illness and went home. That way it would throw any suspicions that I was taking a convenient ‘Friday – long weekend sickie’.
It was 2 pm when I finally left the bank and headed home that Thursday afternoon. My mind was buzzing with what was to come on Friday. A night I would never forget. My enthusiasm with this whole set up was now boiling over and I felt electrified, aroused and alive all at the same time. In fact I had never felt this thrilled about anything previously in my life. The clock was ticking and I was a willing participant.
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